10 Reasons You Should Try Clip-in Hair Extensions


If you’ve never used clip-in hair extensions, you may be wondering if they are right for you. As with many things, hair extensions are one of those you just need to try them to appreciate them types of products. This curated list of the top 10 reasons you should consider adding clip-in hair extensions to your collection of haircare products may just make you a firm believer in the good that they can bring to your hair care and styling routine.

  1. Endless styling options

Hair that is lacking in volume and length can make it hard for you to try some of those charming hairdos that you’ve been longing to try out. Perhaps you’ve lacked the needed volume for cascading soft curls, or you’ve not had the length needed to work on the perfect French braid? With extensions you have so many more options to explore.

  1. Added styling versatility

Perhaps the best part of using extensions that add volume and length is that you’ll get much more versatility in style. Your clip-in extensions can see you alternating between looks, in a snap. Medium-length hair, long hair, beach-inspired waves or soft curls. Any type of style is possible when you have the right styling tools at hand.

  1. It’s a breeze to use extensions

Some of us don’t have the skills of a hair stylist, which can sometimes prove intimidating when considering new hair tools and styles. According to the experts at the Jadore online store for hair extensions, clip-in extensions are so easy to put in place. In just a few minutes, you can go from office elegance to nighttime romance, using extensions. Be sure to watch a few online tutorials so that you can get it just right.

  1. Easy to remove, without committing to sewn-in extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are just as easy to remove as they are to clip in place. They don’t need the same time commitment that sewn-in extensions do. You can keep them in all day or take them off after just a few hours of fun at dinner. You can experiment with new looks and new styles, without any commitment to the new look or style.

  1. Boosting your self-confidence

There’s no denying it, great hair can make you feel like a brand-new person and give you that confident pep in your step. Whether it’s finally getting that volume nature didn’t gift you, or simply feeling good because you no longer spend hours agonizing in front of the mirror, you may just be surprised at how good you feel when you look good.

  1. Bad hair days are a thing of the past

If your hair is just not cooperating with you, use a combination of clip-in hair extensions and dry shampoo to conquer a bad hair day. There’s no need to run for the headscarf or the hat. Simply pop in your extensions, pull your hair up into a chic messy bun and you’ll be all set to take on your day.

  1. A cost-effective choice

You may just be surprised at how cost-effective clip-in extensions can prove to be. When they are cared for properly, qualify hair extensions can last for well over a full year. Compare to other types of extensions that last for just a few weeks and may cost more, clip-in extensions are a good long-term investment.

  1. Add highlights in a snap

We’ve all felt like doing something a bit different with our hair, but decide against it because of being concerned about the potential for damage to our natural hair. Perhaps you want highlights that are several shades lighter than your natural color? Perhaps you want a color that’s a bit wild and certainly not suitable for daily wear in the office? Clip-in hair extensions can allow you to get fun highlights, without worrying about permanency or the potential for damage to your natural locks.

  1. They look natural and are almost undetectable

Once your clip-in extensions are in place, they are virtually undetectable. If you match the color perfectly to your natural hair color, then no one will be likely to figure out that your lush length and vibrant volume aren’t your natural hair. There are plenty of styling videos to be found, so that you can learn the best methods of ensuring your clip-in extensions blend in naturally with your own hair. Experiment with a number of hairdos so that you can find the best options that reflect your personal sense of style.

  1. Recover from a bad cut and style, or hair loss

Clip-in hair extensions don’t harm your scalp, so they are a great choice for those who are struggling with hair loss. They can restore volume and length while your hair recovers. If you’ve suffered at the hands of a stylist who didn’t understand your instructions, you may find yourself burdened with a really bad haircut. Your extensions can get you through the rough months until your hair has had the chance to grow back.

Be sure to take good care of your clip-in hair extensions. They are fairly low maintenance, but just a little bit of care before and after each time that you wear them will see them lasting for many more great looks.


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