10 things you must do to make the first date successful


First dates are always associated with the most pleasant and magnificent emotions. This is a totally special event for every woman and man. The tasty dinner in a cozy cafe, an interesting film at the cinema, kisses and hugs – what can be more romantic and exciting? Despite the fact, that this event is full of positive emotions, smiles, and laughter, some people really nervous and feel very uncomfortable on the date. Hopefully, there is a small list of the first date advice that can make you feel much more confident and impress your partner with sincerity, openness, and kindness.

  1. Always have a plan

One of the most effective dating tips you can get is always to have a plan for a date per se. It means that you both need to decide where to meet, at what time, and what to do after. For instance, if you’ve decided to have a walk in the park, but suddenly the rain has begun, you shouldn’t cancel the date! Be creative, visit the cozy cafe, drink some hot coffee and have maybe the most romantic evening of your life. Also, you can ask online assignment help in Melbourne to help you find more ideas.

  1. Look good – feel good

It’s a well-known fact that the more comfortable cloth you choose for your date, the more confident you feel yourself. It’s increasingly important to avoid some unusual cloth that you never wear in your everyday routine and just put it on in order to impress your partner! But the whole point is that it doesn’t work. Wear what you want and what is really comfortable for you personally!

  1. Be yourself, don’t pretend

Don’t think that you can become someone other than you actually are just in one day! Stop pretending you are cooler, stronger and just better. Be yourself with your words and manner, that’s much more significant!

  1. Start to prepare in advance

Try not to be late for your date! Just be on time which means that you have to start to prepare in two or three hours before it. Take a shower, prepare you cloth, do your hair and makeup, relax and have fun!

  1. Be polite

Although it seems obvious and too easy, you don’t have to forget that every date requires politeness and openness from you and your partner. Always respect other person’s words and beliefs you are dating. It’s the most crucial things you have to keep in mind!

  1. Don’t be annoying

Despite the fact that you don’t have to keep silent all the time during the evening, it doesn’t mean that you have to talk a lot! Try to be reserved but sincere, and never annoying, asking thousands of questions or something like that.

  1. Ask simple questions

Try to ask as many simple questions as possible, for instance:” What your favorite color?”, What is your hobby?”, etc. You really don’t know the answers even on such elementary questions, consequently, why you have to answer something more difficult, and secondly, it won’t make your partner become nervous or feel uncomfortable.

  1. Be positive

Despite the fact, that it’s simple and clear, it’s really important. Be positive, smile, laughter, and have fun. Stop be angry or complain about everything that goes wrong in your life to your partner. It can only ruin everything.

  1. A smile is your must have

Your smile is your main weapon! Never forget about it and use it a lot!

  1. Forget about the smartphone

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine that we can spend more than 3 hours of our lives without smartphones, Facebook or Instagram. The interesting talk with your partner is a great cause to drop the smartphone and just enjoy the real communication without pretending and lying.


The list of first date ideas comes to an end. Hope these dating tips will be useful for you!





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