10 Useful Tips for Your Dental Implants


Dental implants first came into play in the 1980s. During that time, they were quite expensive, and you were only able to see a specialist to make and place them. Today, they are more common.

In reality, implants are complex, but can also be easy to understand if you have the right dentist explaining it. If you are planning to get them, then you certainly need some tips. Below are tips that you need to keep in mind before and after getting one.

1) Clean Twice a Day

Once you have a dental implant, do not treat it as an artificial tooth. Take care of it like it is a natural one. You need to clean it at least twice a day, and look after it like you would with your natural teeth. Keep in mind that your dental implant is there to replace an absent tooth, and the fact that you are spending money to have it placed only makes more sense as to why you need to take care of it.

2) Visit Your Dentist

This is definitely the most important thing you need to do. There is no certain formula as to how often you should visit your dentist, but a general rule of thumb is discussing this with him/her so that you can get advice on how frequent your visits should be. Remember that it is possible for your implant to become loose. So if you want to fix it again – or prevent such a situation from happening – visit your go-to Dental implants Miami fl specialist regularly.

3) Use Mouthwash

After your dental implant procedure, there is a possibility of bacteria growing in your mouth. Killing it is a necessity, as you do not want to have issues like bad breath. Your best course of action is to use mouthwash. You may also take suggestions from your dentist, though he/she would tell you the same thing. But the idea is to know exactly the right way of using mouthwash, let alone which type to use.

4) Flossing and Dental Brushing

Yes, that is right – even with a dental implant, flossing and dental brushing are essential. These methods can help in cleaning the interdental spaces that are quite difficult to reach. The same thing can be said for those cervical regions located on the mesial. To keep your dental implant and your natural teeth healthy, remember to practice flossing and dental brushing. You may do so after every meal or whenever you eat something.

5) Best Brushing

Your dental implant tooth needs the right amount of care, and the best way to do this is brushing it regularly. You can do so twice a day or after a meal. Again, talk to your dentist and ask the right techniques for brushing. Also, it is best to consider using a soft brush for your implant. If unsure, visit a Dental implants Miami fl specialist.

6) Avoid sugary food

For good dental health, eat variety of foods avoiding those that contain sugar and starch. These food products produce the most acid in mouth and the more they stay in the mouth the more they damage the teeth. Snacking on sugary foods can lead to tooth decay, because most people do not brush after snacks. Starchy snack food like potato chips, stick to teeth. Avoid snacking on:

-Candies, cookies, cakes and pie

-Sugary gums

-Crackers, breadsticks and chips

-Dried fruit and raisins

7) Cleanliness

Keep dentures, retainers and other appliances clean. This includes brushing them regularly. May also need to be soaked in a cleansing. This help in killing of germs that might have developed in them.

8) Eat a healthy diet

You are less likely to get gum disease if you eat healthy diet composed of all food substances. Eat food contain calcium such as chess, almonds, and leafy green. Also food on how phosphorus such as meat, eggs and fish.

9) Drink a lot of water 

Water is not only important for your overall health but it encourages saliva production which is important for the health of your teeth. This keeps mouth, eyes and nose moist. Prevent friction and damage. Drinking water also keeps mouth clean. Water does not only help this organ but also other part of body like kidney that are more fictional.

10) Get plenty of calcium and vitamin D

Calcium is important to our healthy living as it improves the bone density and strong teeth. You can get them more readily from nuts and various dairy products. To absorb calcium your body need vitamin D. So make sure you that you are getting in good amount. Sun is the most natural source of Vitamin D that everyone to reach out to without many hassles.


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