5 great reasons to consider living in Wandsworth


If you are thinking about moving to London with your family then you need to think about the area that you’re going to live in. Whilst it might be nice to start off with living in an area like Mayfair or Paddington, eventually the crowds and noise might get you feeling a little claustrophobic and sick of hearing how loud the world can be. That’s why you should think about moving to Wandsworth. Not only is it a great area but it a fantastic area for a fresh start. Here are the top reasons why you should think about moving here!

Safe Community

Did you know that Wandsworth was named one of the safest boroughs in inner London for recorded crime? This means that it has a lower crime rate than big areas like Oxford or North Lincolnshire. If you are looking for a secure area to start a family, this is the place to do it.

Fantastic commute routes

No matter where you need to be in London, it could be at an interview in Covent Gardens or a quick trip to the local dentists In Balham, Wandsworth has a number of commuter’s routes that are ready for you to try – it is really well connected to other parts of London. There is a strange misconception that south London is really difficult to get to. But in reality, it isn’t. There is the Northern Line and District Line on the tube if you are looking to get to the eastern or western side of the borough, but there are also a number of buses available to pick you up. Some even run 24 hours a day. There are also trains that you can catch all the way to Gatwick Airport in under 30 minutes from Clapham Junction.

Great place for a day out

Whether you want to play in the Battersea park in the large fountains to escape the heat, or witness the beauty of the Albert bridge, Wandsworth is known as a very cultural area. You can enjoy picnics out with your kids in the good weather and settle down for a pub meal with them if it starts to rain. Either way, exploring the area will make you feel like you are on a brand-new adventure.


One of the biggest problems about living in London is the cost. Not only do flats normally cost an arm and a leg, but that combined with your normal expenses and daily commutes will send your purse into a recession. But Wandsworth actually is significantly cheaper to live in, in comparison to the rest of London. Wandsworth even has the second cheapest council tax in the whole country! Your wallet will certainly be thanking you for moving there.

Great Shopping Areas

Putting aside the great selection of pubs and restaurants in the area, if you go across Northcote road, you will find that this area hosts a great marketing at the weekend. You are also in commuting distance of the farmers markets in Balham and Abberville Road. If you are looking for a more eclectic marketing, make sure to visit Tooting Marketing and Broadway market as well!


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