5 Home Safety Things Every Senior Should Check Out


Your home should be the one place where you feel the safest, however, once you reach senior age, there are potential dangers and hazards that can be lurking around your property. Here are five home safety things every senior should check out, along with useful tips and techniques to avoid injury.

General Home Safety

There are various general home safety tips that may be useful to you, keeping you out of danger. These include never smoking when alone or in bed, keeping a smoke detector on each floor, wearing shoes that are properly fitted with low heels as well as tacking down or removing all scatter rugs. Extra tips include removing telephone or electrical cords from busy areas, as well as using a correctly measured walking aid. Take some time to look around your home for any potential hazards so you can rectify the problem immediately.

Bathroom Safety

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind. If you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night, it’s best to leave your bathroom light on, especially if you have poor visibility. Make sure to label cold and hot faucets clearly to avoid any injuries. There are bath aids that can be securely installed onto your bathroom walls, or on the sides of your toilet. Also, use door locks that can be accessed from both sides, should you find yourself locked in or in danger. Check this link for more bathroom safety tips.

Kitchen Safety

There are all sorts of kitchen hazards that you should be aware of, especially in your senior years. These include keeping floors uncluttered and clean, illuminating work areas, marking ‘on’ and ‘off’ positions clearly on appliances (you can use bright colors to make them stand out), using a kettle with an automatic shut-off as well as storing sharp knives in a rack. Also, ensure to avoid clothing that is long or loose, especially if you are cooking over the stove. You should also keep note of expiry dates on your food. Any heavy objects and equipment in your kitchen should be kept at waist level to avoid injury and ensure that any hazardous items are kept separate from food.

Drug Safety

There are various drug safety tips that can keep you out of danger too; these include frequently reviewing your medicines with a pharmacist or doctor; ensuring medicines are clearly marked; reading medicine labels in good light so you can be assured you have the correct medicine and are taking the right dosage; disposing of any used or old medicines; and having medication dispensed in a convenient dispenser or bubble pack. Ensure you consult with your pharmacist or doctor before mixing prescription and non-prescription drugs. It’s always best to seek help should you have any concerns.

Medical Alert System

Whether you live by yourself, with your partner, family or friends, having a medical alert system installed in the home can add an extra level of safety and security. When reaching senior age, there are all sorts of challenges and risks that you can face, so it’s important to have equipment installed to keep you out of danger. There are a range of choices to pick from, so ensure you spend time looking at the different options available to you. If you are unsure on which alert system to pick, you should ask your family or friends for some help.

If you live alone, it’s important that you take onboard each of the safety tips listed. Your home should be where you feel most comfortable, so ensure you are aware of all the warning signs to keep you out of harm’s way.


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