6 Ideas For Simple and Healthy Breakfasts For College Students


Mornings are hectic, especially when you are a student. Doing homework through the night regularly leads to oversleeping and hurrying to class without proper nourishment. But this is wrong. A good breakfast can make you wake up far better than black coffee. Even more important advantage of eating in the morning is the fact that a healthy breakfast would certainly provide you with energy to cope with an enormous amount of information provided to you at school. It can also be much cheaper than buying coffee on the go in the long run.

Wise people of old considered breakfast the most important meal of the day. Modern nutritionists heartily agree with that opinion. A good breakfast helps with a lot of things:

  • helps with waking up;
  • allows you to ponder the plans for the day;
  • provides you with energy for learning;
  • boosts up your brain cells;
  • helps you save on junk food and coffee
  • keep you healthy overall;

We advise you to perform an experiment on yourself. Try to use the easy breakfast ideas we suggest. And then ask yourself: will you be searching for an admission essay service to get into that college graduate program or would you have the energy and motivation to produce every application by yourself?

First, we should consider what is a good breakfast that would be both good for your health and your budget? First, it has to be relatively cheap. Second, it has to contain important nutrients: healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, protein, etc. Third, it has to be quick – either easy to heat up or prepare. Fourth – the ingredients have to be easy to obtain. Now we know what we will be looking for. Let us start.

  1. Fruit and vegetables are excellent snack alternatives.

Bananas, apples, berries, carrots are all easy to buy and easy to carry. Besides, they are usually quite cheap. You can even buy them on the road at the nearest grocery store. Some stores would sell them already washed and cleaned so that you could eat them straight away. The advantages of fruit are obvious. Not only are they tasty, but they also provide vitamins, microelements, and fiber. Eating good fruit and veggies would help with your grades. Berries are known for improving vision – so they may give you the necessary boost for improving your writing. Avocados are famous for containing potassium and healthy fats – so your avocado-supported assignment would certainly be better than then the one produced on pure coffee. And if the season is wrong for greenery – you would still have Paperial for support and assistance with your admission essay writing.

  1. Oatmeal and yogurt are your trusty friends.

Oatmeal, as well as any other kind of natural porridge, is a part of traditional breakfast dishes for a reason. Grain-based porridges are an excellent source of fiber that helps with your digestion. Fiber was discovered to be a component for many crucial metabolites and was also recently reported to delay brain aging. Yogurt is also a nutritional treasure besides containing bacteria that assist digestion. Another great point about those types of dishes is that they can be easily mixed with berries or nuts. This way they are much more palatable. Moreover, it is a great way to avoid adding sugar. Try to eat such meals and see for yourself if you need writing help more or less compared to before.

  1. Pancakes are a tasty and convenient food.

There are a lot of great things to be said about pancakes. They can be prepared from the simplest, cheapest components: sour milk, yogurt, old bananas, vegetables and even apples. They can be frozen or stored in the freezer. Another plus is that one can experiment with pancake endlessly. If you do not have the right equipment for them, a good frying pan in particular, you can make use of one of the excellent studying tips for college. As you may know, it is highly advisable to study outside of your own house. Why not go do some studying at an affordable pancake cafe in the morning?

  1. Never underestimate toasts!

Many excellent ideas were known to come to a beginning essay writer while relishing a nice toast with a cup of tea. When you are in need of a quick and hot snack, toasts are the go-to food. Toasts with a fried egg, peanut butter, avocado, pate… The possibilities are endless and the enjoyment pure. Especially if you have a reliable toaster. Personal tip: toasts made from multigrain bread are not only healthy, but they also have wonderful crispiness to them!

  1. Nuts and dried fruit – universal healthy snacks.

Nuts are easy to store and carry. They contain a lot of nutrients as well. They are not suitable for everyone, as many have allergies to peanuts. For those people, dried fruit can be an excellent, convenient alternative. One can buy them in bulk and add them to other dishes such as porridge, yogurt or pancakes. Dried fruit can also be used to make good healthy drinks.

  1. Pitas – a wonderful Eastern invention.

A pita is, basically, a flatbread with a pocket. One can stuff everything there. I once even tried a pita with French fries. Pitas are good with everything – meat, fish, fruit. They are also easy to carry and are often sold frozen. Pitas can be served for breakfast or taken on the road as lunch. Other types of flatbread – tortillas, naan bread or tamales are also convenient. Whatever is available in stores near you works!

There are also some other tips for having a good breakfast:

  1. Go for the food that you can prepare beforehand and microwave later;
  2. Prepare a lot in advance, too. One can freeze pancakes, flapjacks; ravioli, etc. and then quickly heat up, boil or microwave as needed;
  3. To get your breakfast ingredients cheaper, but whatever is in season;
  4. Do not forget your greens or veggies!
  5. Avoid refined sugar as much as possible;
  6. Herb tea can wake you up, too. It is not necessary to have black coffee every time!

You are welcome to use the tips provided. It would be even better if you suggest your own. We are sure that after regular healthy breakfasts you would stop looking through paperial.com reviews in search of admission essay writing help, for you would have enough creativity to help both yourself and your classmates.


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