6 Tips For Colleges Students Traveling Alone


One of the best things a college student can do is travel. It opens the mind and allows one to wander. At such a young age, the world seems limitless, so why not explore it?

Traveling abroad, though, brings specific challenges itself. From getting schoolwork done to planning a travel budget, many factors go into traveling as a college student. Use these six tips to explore the world at ease.

First things first: Always tell someone where you’re going

The number one rule of traveling alone – whether you’re backpacking through a national forest or winding your way through a foreign city – always tell someone your itinerary. Despite positive thinking, the world is a dangerous place, and traveling alone makes one very vulnerable to that danger.

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Research destinations and where to stay

There are so many places in the world waiting to be explored and so many places to stay within those destinations. Research your ideal place to travel. That can be multiple places, like a backpacking trip across Europe. Find out the cost of buying food and souvenirs, and especially look into how much staying there will cost.

Hostels are a cheap way of staying places and saving money, and you’ll meet many people there as well. Many hostels offer private rooms, but sometimes staying in a dorm-style room will help you meet new people and form new friendships with people from all around the world.

While there are some great positives to staying in a hostel, it’s important to research a hostel before booking a room there. Look up recent reviews. Has there been a lot of stealing? What’s the quality of the rooms? Try to get a detailed picture of the place before you officially decide on it. Most cities, especially in Europe and Asia, have countless hostels to choose from, so don’t choose the first one you find.

Be fearless – talk to new people, forge a path alone

The most important part about traveling alone as a college student is to practice fearlessness. Traveling alone is in and of itself terrifying, but once you book that first trip and head out alone, it opens up so many doors. One of the first things to do when you decide to travel alone is to put aside any fears. Fear is what will hinder someone from enjoying life to the fullest.

Don’t be afraid to head to popular tourist destinations alone. It might seem like people are staring, but they’re more worried about the sights than judging someone by him or herself. Don’t be afraid of eating at a restaurant alone – sit at the bar if there is one, or enjoy the food at a table. Eating alone is customary in many places, so people most likely won’t bat an eyelash.

Most importantly, don’t be scared to talk to new people, especially other young, lonesome travelers. Chances are you’re both looking for friends, and a simple conversation will spark a new relationship.

Travel wisely, travel cheaply

Traveling as a young college student has many challenges, including money. Don’t fret if there’s not much in the bank account – travel smartly and use your money wisely. Don’t overspend on kitschy souvenirs, and save the fancy, expensive meals for parental visits at school. There are many cheap restaurants in all cities with food way more delicious than those Michelin-starred eateries.

When it comes to transportation, consider all options. Though that bus ride might be eight hours long, it’ll be far cheaper than the more convenient but overpriced train or plane ride. Look into every option before choosing one.

Most importantly: Have fun!

Traveling is all about enjoying the experience, so do exactly that. After the research is done and you’re on your way, there’s nothing else to do but sit back, relax, and let your feet take you to a new adventure.

Use these six tips to set off on a new adventure. Use a cheap college essay writing service to get schoolwork done and out of the way, research the most economical and best places to go and stay, and you’ll soon enough be on your way to a great journey.



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