7 Tips to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party


Planning a fantastic surprise birthday party can be tricky and involves a lot of secretive planning. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Our surprise party checklist has all the top tips you need to plan a memorable – and secret – birthday bash.

This article is by our author Kevin Cochrane, an expert surprise party planner with a flair for creative and out of the box thinking. Read on to find out how to plan a surprise birthday party for friends or family that will leave a lasting impression!

Choose a Theme

Before you start planning the party, you need a theme. It’s the perfect starting point and will help you determine location, music, and invitations, to name a few.

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Don’t be afraid to get creative! For a red-carpet affair, hire a limo to pick up the guests and hire photographers to snap photos as they call out guest names. You can also go vintage, add swing music and flappers, and invite guests to dress up for the occasion. Just remember to have a costume for the guest of honour!

Date, Time, and Venue

When are you going to have the party, and how many guests are coming? With an estimate of the number of attendees, a date, and knowing what your theme will be, you can start looking around for a venue.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having the party at your, a friend’s, or a family member’s home. You can also use the guest of honour’s home if you have someone on the inside and can get them out of the house for long enough!

Consider your needs carefully before you confirm your venue. Do you need it to fit a specific theme? Does it offer catering, music, or entertainment?  These are all criteria that a surprise birthday planner needs to consider. Once you find the perfect spot, don’t hesitate to make your booking, or someone else might just reserve it before you do.

Guests and Invites

Now that you have a date, theme, guest list, and venue, it’s time to invite everyone! At this point, you stand the highest risk of the guest of honour finding out about the party.

There are several ways to invite folks to the bash without sending physical invitations. You can create a private Facebook event that has a sneaky name or send invites over email.

Invitations should include the date and time, the venue, dress code, and the appropriate RSVP contact details. Ensure that all the invitees know that it’s a surprise party and that they shouldn’t reveal anything!

Music and Catering

Are you going to buy all the food, or will the venue be catering for the event? Do you need a DJ? Must the food and music be theme specific? Some places can usually provide catering and entertainment if you let them know what the theme is.

If you’re having the party at home, get snacks, drinks, or ask everyone to bring a little something along. Don’t forget the cake!

Other Activities

Depending on the theme and the venue, you can plan several fun activities for the party. If it’s going to take place at the guest of honour’s home, you’ll probably have to keep it simple. Board games and homemade party games can offer up hours of entertainment and laughs. If all the guests are adults, you could even include a few drinking games.

Some venues will include entertainment services. Book a DJ, have a pool party or book professional entertainers. The options are endless.

Designate a Fake Event Chaperone

Someone needs to keep an eye on the guest of honour until it’s time for the big surprise – that’s where the chaperone comes in. They’ll be escorting the guest of honour around for the day, keeping them far away from anything that could give the secret away.

Once everything’s ready, it’s time to let the chaperone know that they can come to the venue.


You’ve done all the planning, invited the guests, readied the venue, and the guest is on their way. All you need to do now is make sure the guests are ready to yell, “Surprise!” as the guest of honour arrives.

Don’t let your guard down yet, because things can still go wrong at the last second. Ensure that the chaperone gives you enough of a warning so that you can do a quick double-check and ready everyone for that perfect moment.

If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be hailed as the best surprise birthday planner in your social group!


If you weren’t sure how to plan a surprise birthday party, hopefully, you now have a better idea of what you need. You can also use our article as your surprise party checklist!


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