122 Super 70’s hairstyles that you’ll love

The 70’s hairstyles are popular for discos, bohemian and glam rock hair look. Similar to the prior sixties, the 70’s hairstyles were a divergent decade for the different hairstyles. The 1970’s has come to be recognized and acknowledged for a great deal of eccentric, bizarre and extravagant styles and the hairstyles were not omitted out. New, unusual and strange hairstyles were being invented during the whole of the 70’s decade. There was a lot of tests and error trial and hair was frequently a forthright interpretation of time. The hairstyle of women ranged from long sleek straight hair to the Afro, short and edgy hair.


The 1970’s era was a wonderful time for many things: maxi gowns, women’s rights, rope wall arts and next there was the hair. The women of the 1970’s era were absolutely and undeniably upon something especially the hairstyles. Budding and youthful people shocked the community with their artistic, extraordinary, bright and vibrant but exaggerated and outrageous hairstyle selection. Present day’s 70’s retro hairstyle is somewhat cleaner and even displays a trace of grace and sophistication. You don’t have to go completely retro to apprehend the 70’s hairstyles. People who lived through this era usually laugh and snicker looking at the pictures of their exceptional hairstyles they donned and promised to never duplicate the same hairstyle again. But those rare and exclusive 70’s hairstyles were quite cool and fascinating in those days,and people who carried out those looks were pretty proud of their hair look.


Every new era has introduced its contribution to fashion style, but usually, one distinct look becomes compatible amidst the age. 70’s hairstyles can be hard to illustrate in merely a few words as the era accommodated an amazing variation of well-known hairstyles. The wonderful news is whether you have a short or long, brunette or blonde, straight or curly hair there’s a charismatic 70’s inspired hairstyle to create your classic retro hair look of your dreams! Whether you are decking up for Halloween, going to a themed party or plainly in the state of mind for a retro action look, the suitable and ideal hairstyle can guide any woman to accomplish the correct 1970’s disco glamour. Even though many people usually relate the 70’s hairstyle with huge, exaggerated and outrageous hair-dos, a few of the hairstyles from that decade displayed restraint.


Movies and it stars were not only a huge influence on the 1970’s fashion but also on the hairstyle. Television and movies were a national craze in most of the western countries and were usually the central mark of the home. With drama series in all categories, advertisements, movies, music shows television was a big influence on the lives, style options and the outlook of people. Ladies hairstyle were generally long and straight for the first five years of the decade and bulgy and combed over for the later years of the decade. For example, Farrah Fawcett-Majors with her long feather cut, Jane Fonda with her androgynous shag hairstyle, Liza Minnelli with her short feather cut, Cher with her long, straight and sleek hair look were a major influence on the 1970’s hairstyle.

This 70’s hairstyles were developed by the curling iron rod by twisting and twirling the layered hair off the face. This lengthy feathered hairstyle is one of the most popular and classic  70’s hairstyles all due to the amazing fame and recognition of Farrah Fawcett. It looks perfect on every hair color ranging from blonde to brunette.

  • 70’s Afro party hairstyle

During the 1970’s, Africans-Americans no longer had to keep their hair trimmed off near to the head. Rather than trimming off their hair, the Afro hairstyle was the style option of the decade for the Afro-American people. Very clearly, those people who wanted to carry out this hair look simply let their hair grow long and let it spread out from the hair.

This 70’s hairstyles requires zero effort and can be created when you are running late. This hairstyle was best efficient for people who had intensely frizzy, curly and untamed hair which would stand out in the air.To make the hair more frizzy, curly and kinky as much as possible, the hair is braided and curled. This Afro hairstyle can be seen on many celebrities not only in the past 70’s but also at present day. Celebrities like Beyonce, Solange, The Temptations, The Jackson Five Marvin Gaye, Demond Wilson and Richard Prior are few celebrities who can often be spotted with this Afro hairstyle.

  • Long, straight hairstyle with a middle partition

Long, shiny, straight hair accompanied by the middle partition grew to be quite popular at the end of 60’s era and continued to thrive in the 70’s era as well. This 70’s hairstyles were usually carried out by the teenagers and is still extremely popular among the youngsters. It is the go-to hairstyle for everyone when they are running late. As the saying goes “A little color hurts nobody”, in this picture the look is completed with a faint chestnut brown hair color.

  • Bob cut with flicked fringes

The exact technique which was applied to invent the lengthy feathered hair look also implemented to create the bob cut with flicked fringes hair look. This hair look is suitable for ladies who have small face size and oval structured face shape. It is perfect for party looks and people who have blonde hair. The side flicked fringes is the hero of this hair look. It is extremely easy to create this hair look. You just need an iron rod and hairspray to create this look. This 70’s hairstyles will easily make you stand out from the crowd. If you are a blonde, make sure that your makeup and dress is subtle so

  • The wedge haircut

This 70’s hairstyles was developed by a hairdresser named Trevor Sorbie in 1974. The haircut consists of tiny, short hair with abrupt and sharp-angled layers chopped throughout the front side and the posterior side making a triangular outline that was elongated on the upper part, flowing into the densely layered situation at the posterior side and sides with plenty of activity. Popular wearer of this wedge haircut was American skater named Dorothy Hamill. She achieved a gold medal at the Olympics and people all over the world and desired the same haircut as her’s.

  • The Shaggy Haircut

The shaggy haircut was invented by the hairdresser named Paul McGregor. This look was debuted by an actress named Bree Daniels for Jane Fonda’s characters in the movie called Klute. It is a unisex hairstyle with no frills cut which involves equally advancing layers accompanied by the progressive edge and a complete full fringe. The lengthy version of this exact shaggy haircut with waves is called the gypsy haircut.

Shag hair

  • The Cornrows Hair look

In this hair look, the hair is braided very closely and compactly to the scalp either in solid straight line or complicated and sophisticated designs. This hairstyle does not need any hard hair chemicals or relaxers. The end tip of the braided hair can be tied by a rubber band or beautified by colorful beads. It is an old, traditional and classic method of styling hair for African. The cornrow hair look became very popular in the 60’s and 70’s due to the Black Pride Movement. This hairstyle could be done in both long and short hairs which can be called short cornrows and long cornrows. It is called cornrows because the hair is braided in various types of straight or intricate rows. These days, cornrows can be seen not only on black people but also for whites.

Cicely Tyson


  • Enormous Glamour Curl Waves

These luscious waves are still popular and can be seen on so many people even today. This look can be carried out for a casual hangout to the party events. It is a perfect hair look if you want a sultry, attractive and elegant hair look of the 70’s. The enormous glamour curl waves look best on long hairs and suitable for any face shapes and skin color.

  • Bob Cut with Dense Fringe

Although Deborah Harry became a style icon in the 80’s, her bob cut with dense fringe hair look was the cutting borderline of fashion in the 70’s. This hairstyle combines a dense fringe with the standard, vintage, funky and a rough bob cut.  This rough bob cut is much less structured than the pageboy hairstyle. It looks great for people to have blonde hair blue eyes.

  • Disco Afro

Carrying over in recognition and demand since the 60’s, Afro remained and persisted to be carried out in the 70’s developed into more of a general and prevailing hairstyle and less of a civic statement. Solange’s appealing hair look in the picture is the excellent combination of classic retro elements and modern style. The look is completed by adding the natural flowers on the top of the hair at one side of the head. It is suitable for a casual hangout or parties.

  • Short shaggy with a fringe

The extreme vintage and classic short shaggy with a fringe hair look is a perfect look for women who have thick and dense hair and wants to flaunt their full volume of the hair while keeping the volume at a controllable and manageable length. The fringe brings out the quirkiness and adds the freshness to the whole hair look. It is suitable for people who have a small head and oval face shape. This look will not look flattering on the people who have round face shapes.

  • Cher’s iconic sleek and straight hair look

Cher’s sleek and straight hair look was extremely popular among the ladies varying from teenagers to the mid 30’s ladies. Cher gave a long hair classic look by straightening the hair accompanied by a middle partition with no bangs or side fringes.

  • Pageboy short hair look

This famous bowl-like hair look was seen on an actress named Joanna Lumley in her role as Purdey in the show called The New Avengers.  So, this hair look was also known as Purdey in the U.K.  The famous, smooth and rounded hairstyle was also worn on a little longer hair length which was known as pageboy hairstyle. This hair look is suitable for people who have slender face shapes.

Purdey hairstyle

  • Eyelash Gazing Copper Bangs

If you desire for a 70’s stimulated bangs which do not have middle partition,then this is the perfect hair look for you. The bangs are not cut sharply and bluntly. They hung loosely near to the eyes but do not cover the eyes completely and disturb your vision. It perfectly combines with a short or longer length hair.

  • Chunky High Updo

If you desire a high updo from the 70’s for a wedding or some special events,then this is the perfect hair look for you. This bouffant look will maximize your height and is completed by the center partition. The hair surrounding the face is let loose which gives a relaxed look.

  • Pink Mohawk

With the beginning of the punk, edgy and rowdy movement, progress and action came exciting, the counter-culture hairstyle that had the capability and skill to absolutely surprise. This new, up to date Mohawk hairstyle mixes that rebellious attitude with modern trends. This 70’s hairstyles will turn people’s heads. In Mohawk hairstyle, the side edge section is shaved or trimmed while the middle section is left to grow out.

  • Huge 70’s hairstyle

This huge 70’s hair accomplishes utmost thickness and bulk while safekeeping the curls and loops more controllable and convenient. The hair is not curled on the top section of the hair. This 70’s hairstyles is completed by the big, round, retro glasses.

  • Bouncy Playful Voluminous curls

This hairstyle was first seen on Beyonce and everybody loved it. I mean what’s not to love there right?! She looks beautiful. Even though she was seen wearing an Afro hairstyle for the movie Austin Powers, she was first seen donning this hair look off-screen in 2002. This retro, vintage hair look was certainly played a great role in her voyage to her fame and greatness. The look was completed with a bright golden shimmery eye with lots of mascaras and a bold gold lips. It is a perfect party look.

  • Modern Pageboy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a modern version of the 70’s pageboy hair look. The current, textured, up-to-date page boy hair look gives the 70’s vintage hair look a modern spin. It was a very popular hairstyle in the 60’s and the 70’s. This hair look has a circular shape similar to the vintage, sleek pageboy hair look of the 70’s, But the textured layers alleviate to give it a fun and lighter look than the 70’s. This 70’s hairstyles will look best on people with slim face shape and a pointed nose.

  • Piled Perm hairstyle

Perm was very famous and favored by not only women but also men. One personification of the chemically coiled 70’s hairstyles was the piled perm hairstyle. In this hairstyle, only the lower and middle parts of the whole hair were curled with the perm rods. While the top section of the hair was straightened to a natural look. This hair look gives a softer and modern look accompanied by the brushed out curls while still refreshing the memories of 70’s hairstyle. This is a party look!

  • Feathery Bangs

If you want this feathery bangs hair look then just section your long side bangs into the middle partition. This is a simple technique and can be created at home without even going to the parlor.

  • Lengthy Shaggy Voluminous loops

If you have a long and voluminous loop then there’s no need to perm your hair. It is a very glamorous hair look perfect for a night out. The bangs and the shaggy cut assists you to get rid of the unnecessary volume of the hair. This 70’s hairstyles should always be created by the professional hairdresser who is well known with this particular loop pattern.

  • Short length Afro

This short length Afro is perfectly suitable adaptation of the 70’s hairstyles carried out by stars such as Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson.

  • Punk chic pageboy

The combination of the punk and the pageboy hair look did not bond well together but singer Karen O carried this hairstyle really well.

  • Beaded Braids

This 70’s hairstyles is a perfect look for vacation. In this hairstyle, a small section of hairs is divided and braided. Each and every braid is decorated with beads. This 70’s cool hairstyles can be carried out by everybody but is popular among the black people.  It looks cute on both long and short hairs.

  • 70’s Edgy Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is certainly a love it or leaves it hair look. But, when it was seen on Joann Jett everybody craved it. In this hairstyle, the upper section of the hair is short which helps to maximize your height and will make your face look long. The lower section of the hair is cut up to the shoulder and the bangs are parted in the middle,

  • Shaggy with Bangs

This 70’s inspired hairstyle consists of lots of ruffled, tousled and disheveled layers. The bangs are subtle, not blunt and cover the eyes. It is a very alluring and captivating hairstyle of the 70’s.

  • Bo Derek’s 70’s Braid Hairstyle

When Bo came out with this cornrows braid hairstyle in 1979, everybody loved and wanted it. You can create this 70’s hairstyle when you have enough time. It is simply a multi french braid. This hairstyle is completed by tying all the braid ends together by the hair itself.


  • Scarves As Headbands

In order to look different and stand out from others, ladies from the 70’s used colorful scarves as headbands. The more colorful, bright and vibrant, the better it was!

70s hairstyles, Womens 70s Hairstyles


Hairdressers from the 70’s created hairstyles that became very popular. Many people still imitate 70’s hairstyles with a modern twist by so many people. Youngsters caused revolutions with the hairstyles. The 70’s hairstyles were sometimes too over the top but there was a hair look that showed restraint as well.


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