8 Fun Ways to Travel Around European Cities


Europe is home to some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, from historical Rome and bustling Barcelona, to vibrant Dublin and ancient Athens. With so many fascinating cultures, ancient sights and natural beauty to uncover, it’s little surprise that millions flock here each and every year. However, although European cities offer incredible getaways, if you really want to fully immerse yourself in local life, then it’s crucial to choose the right travel options.

While you may need to board a flight to reach France, Italy or Turkey, the way you get around when you arrive can change how you interact with and experience your destination. So, rather than walking or jumping in a cab, see more and enjoy a unique holiday by trying these fun methods to get around.

Enjoy Cycling

Bikes are a popular form of transport in loads of European cities, from London’s Boris Bikes to thousands of bicycles in Amsterdam. Good for both your health and the environment, bikes are a greener way to explore and perfect for more eco-minded tourists. They’re also great for travellers in general as they’re cheap and make it quick to get around, helping you see more during your stay.

Hire Two Wheels

Don’t fancy cycling? Then think about hiring a more powerful set of wheels. Mopeds are a favourite way to travel around Europe, allowing you to zip in and out of traffic and get more of a feel for the city you visit. Plus, whether you’re in Italy or Norway, hiring a moped could provide the opportunity to take an unforgettable European road trip.

Go for Electric

Sure, you could consider on a bike, but what if you want to stay close to the action without doing all the work? If a bicycle or moped aren’t for you, then electric skateboards or scooters could be ideal. Providing an easier way to cruise along the city streets of Germany or Portugal, you can enjoy the weather and see the sights without breaking a sweat.

Consider Cable Car

While it’s amazing to explore Europe on the ground, cable cars can provide you with a different perspective of an entire city, as well as an amazing photo opportunity. No matter which European destination you’re heading to, there’s loads of aerial options to choose from. This includes the Stanserhorn Cabrio in Switzerland and the Dubrovnik Cable Car in Croatia.

Board a Boat

If you feel more at home on the water then you’re in luck, as Europe is home to a vast network of rivers and canals. So, to explore in style, why not cruise some the most scenic waterways? From picturesque Utrecht and Bruges to romantic Paris and Venice, you can sit back and relax as you meander through the sights.

Try a Tram

A great way to get around, trams are a prevalent form of transport across Europe. Depending on where you’re going, you can ride the tram in cities such as Casablanca, Prague, Lisbon, Geneva, Istanbul and more. Some cities also offer tourist cards that allow you to travel freely for a designated period, so you can jump on and off as you like.

Enjoy a Balloon

If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junky and none of these ideas have been exciting enough for you, then a hot air balloon ride could be just the thing. From the world’s largest hot air balloon in Paris, to floating over Turkey’s Cappadocia, as well as a journey over the jagged peaks of the Swiss Alps, this is a really special way to get around.

Take the Train

Alternatively, if you’re planning on travelling between multiple locations and really want to see as much as possible, then Interrailing could be the way to go. Buy a pass and you can board trains to visit destinations in 30 European countries, making it the perfect adventure. Additionally, the global ticket also includes ferry crossings to locations in Greece and Italy.

Hopefully these travel options have inspired you to see Europe in a new and exciting way. From hot air balloons and cable cars for adventure lovers, to bicycles and boats for a more leisurely experience, you can explore in a whole new way. Happy holidaying!


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