An amazing holiday in Greece on a Yacht


Greece is simply a spectacular country to behold because of its deep cultural heritage and a bountiful natural resource endowment.  Despite the historical significance of Greece, it has a modern appeal providing for an authentic shopping experience and a diversity of recreational activities. The country is strategically located at the meeting point of Europe, Africa and Asia accounting for an exceptional sailing experience. In the Mediterranean, it has the longest coastline with multiple islands which redefines your perception of adventure as most of these islands are uninhabited. Our yacht rental in Greece is keen to facilitate your luxurious expedition giving you a world-class experience in the great European tourist destination.

There is minimal chance for an uneventful day in Greece as the country is packed with interesting sites to visit and activities to indulge in. The country has sustained its mediaeval architecture with multiple castles and orientation of its urban centers.  Some of its sites are listed in the UNESCO world heritage Centers and the museums let you travel through time.  There’s also an incredible range of mountains and places to explore in the interior without getting security concerns as the local population is very receptive to visitors.  There is so much to cover in your first visit to Greece chances of missing out on once-in-a-lifetime experiences are quite high. To maximize your time in grace, however, sailing in the deep blue lets you access places that are inaccessible by land.  Our yacht rental services are at your disposal offering a variety of boats at very budget-friendly prices.

Elegant Yachts for Rental in Greece

Custom Amer 92

The 92-foot mega yacht is the epitome of lavish sailing in the calm waters surrounding Greece.  It is an exclusive yacht in the market with an extravagance of comfort features and technological advancements.   It has a total of 4 roomy cabins each with an independent toilet which suits it for family fun.  The terms for renting the Custom Amer 92 are incredibly flexible and can be adjusted to suit your preferred durations. Hang out in the Jacuzzi placed on the deck or sunbathe while enjoying your novel as the distractions of life fade away with every moment spent in the beautiful vessel.

San Lorenzo Sl72

This is another informed choice guaranteed to give you back in kind for your investment. It features a very classy interior with 5 cabins each with an independent toilet for your convenience.  The San Lorenzo S172 turns fantasy into reality with its futuristic design that accentuates stardom.  It is provided with a friendly skipper to ensure that your expedition is as comfortable as you well deserve. Other than being spacious the yacht has a very powerful engine enhancing your sailing speed for an improved sense of adventure.

Mitsubishi 270

This is a powerhouse on water with a total of 14 cabins each with an independent toilet, 30 berths, and 30 places.  This is a lucrative choice for parties on the sea or corporate events with a huge number of participants.  It can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people and comes with a professional crew that ensures a first-class sailing experience. The sun deck provides for ample space and is fitted with a Jacuzzi.  It also has a neat layout of cabins with 1 master cabin, 1 executive suite, 4 VIP suites, 5 double cabins, and 3 twin cabins, all with ensuite restrooms. Brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime as facilitated by the rich variety offered by our Yacht rental in Greece!



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