115 Epic Anchor Tattoos That Every Tattoo Lover Must See

Anchor tattoos- a great combination of design and ideas into one. First, they look splendid and then, they give you a lot of meaning. You can tell your complete story with just an anchor tattoo. And on top of that, you can combine them with any other tattoo elements or design them in any approaches such that to make your unique and better than everyone else’s. these are some reasons that the anchor tattoos are getting more popular these days.

So, if you are also interested in anchor tattoos or you are even willing to get one, we are here just to help you with that. For the internet, we have brought in some of the best epic anchor tattoo designs that have been made.


Love, Cross, And Anchor


Everything that matters to you in your life- love, journey, and adventures, it in this tattoo.

Octopus and Anchor

For those people like the members of the navy who are closely related to the sea life, this is one they could go with.

Family Love And Anchor

Even if these letters don’t explicitly state a family, I still think it is one of those anchor tattoos dedicated to one’s family.

Hawaii Elements

Welcome- anchor tattoos with flowers can’t get more beautiful. Great incorporation of all of these elements.

Anchor and Date

Water bubbles give a great ambiance of the sea. And also, you can have a very important date tattooed on your skin along with your anchor design.

Rose And Anchor

Here is another incorporation of these three things. And also, don’t forget, having an anchor show a cross sign- this one is a clever design regarding that.

Anchor and Compass

Means you have a good sense of direction as well as stealth. You are very careful with where you are leading in your life; this tattoo tells that.

Skull And Anchor

Skull tattoos are very famous- they can be combined with any other tattoos to give special meanings. And how you do is how creative you are.

Badass Still Beautiful

Skull tattoo with your anchor- generally means that you are interested in the pirate culture. And when you have a mermaid as well, this shows the variation in your thoughts that are present.

A Rotating Wheel And An Anchor

You are captain of your ship- and also it’s navigator. Your ship is your life.

Bell And Anchor

Combining religious and anchor tattoo is a very common practice, and you already have seen a lot of tattoos of that concept. Here’s another one with traditional hues.

Tribal Anchor

What a great way of including a tribal taste in your anchor tattoo. It looks so clean in his forearm.

Anchor Leg Tattoo

What do you think about her tattoo? She has got a perfect place to have her tattoo on and also; it is amazing how only some shadings give it a feminine look.

Anchor And Flowers

Everything colorful, everything beautiful. With all these elements in this tattoo, it signifies a page full of wonderful things.

Feminine Red

She just got her tattoo, and the man she must be proud of it. Anyway, this is one for those who are interested in red color- color of one’s blood.

Rose And Anchor

Those dots- they give it a classic look. The cross- anchor looks realistic even if it is a black and white design.

My Mama

A tattoo she dedicated to her mother- a great gesture, of course. Also, take a look at our mother-daughter tattoos.

Anchor MAde Of Wood

An anchor tattoo isn’t only used to represent sea life. It represents various other things like composure, stability, and journey. So, you could have an anchor tattoo such that it holds a unique meaning for yourself.

Anchor Hand

 A similar design, but this time it is about his placement. Having a hand anchor tattoo is a great idea- if you truly want to make a statement.

Anchor Tattoo Art

Ancient geometry- calculations made about the path of one’s ship, maybe. Anyway, an artistic design.

Bright Colors

Having an anchor tattoo and surround it with those beautiful shiny watercolors- they go so well together. Those linings inside the anchor add on to it.

Metal Music

Music life and love in a dark heart. What do you think about this tattoo?

Sea In the Thunderstorm

Your life indeed is a struggle, and this anchor tattoo represents just that. You have been driving yourself even in those harsh conditions, and you would like to represent that.

Blue Watercolor

The color of the sea- and see, incorporating that black hue just made this bestowed with incredibly beautiful variations.

Traditional Anchor Tattoo

An anchor tattoo, done in traditional style approach and still talking proudly about love.

Anchor Cloth That Surrounds

Another traditional design, it suits so well with her, especially when it is on her upper arm.

Anchor and Navigator

A blue watercolor splash is famous with anchor tattoos. And this one also has a precious name in it.

Pearly Anchor Tattoo

She definitely has a great anchor tattoo design on her back- and also that lotus talks about purity. A great way of stretching a mandala design.

Flower With Anchor Tattoo

Pink and red- different colors of these roses represent different things. Red is for love, and pink rose is for elegance, just like this tattoo itself.

Finger Anchor

These three things, they have been included a lot in these anchor tattoos, I know. And also that most of you are interested, this is a creative way of incorporating all three of them on your finger.

Octopus And Anchor

An octopus also represents vision among the many other things, so I guess now you can understand this tattoo is more than just an interesting design of an octopus with one eye and anchor.

A Tag

Elegance and exquisite- this one has been designed in a perfect sense exactly to suit her.

Anchor Body Tattoo

For a bigger design of these three things, you definitely could be intrigued by this one.

Infinite Love Symbol And Purple Flower

A purple colored flower usually represents feminine beauty, about an innocent girls heart.

Rose And Berry And Anchor

What you do is add on things that you want to. Elements you put in your tattoo, and they will give a unique meaning representing yourself.

Red Watercolor

Maybe it is to show that the qualities represented by an anchor tattoo are in his blood. You already know what an anchor tattoo can mean, right?


Maybe it is his name, or it is someone else dedicating this piece to Oliver. Anyway, a great way to have a name included in anchor tattoos in a simple way.

Anchor And Tower

A watchtower- one that keeps a look on the sea and makes sure that nothing unusual is going on. A traditional design and the purple pearls make it even more of a treat to one’s eyes.

Skull And Anchor

A skull is mostly supposed to be related to the prate culture, but this one could mean that he will be composed and will belong to Jesus until he dies.

Love And Anchor

For female anchor tattoos, take a look at this small design. Small but cute- and shows the same intensity of love that some bigger ones signify.

One Good Punch

Finger anchor tattoos- even if they are small, they are still visible, it is like they make a noise- see me.

Anchor Ankle

When anchor tattoos are matched with apparels that suit, it is a treat to anybody’s eyes. Art mixed with a great fashion sense- that would make anybody happy.

World And Anchor

You know about this anchor, and a wolf also signifies various things, which could be loyalty, family, and strength. So, I guess this tattoo also represents you.

Busy Anchor

An anchor that he always uses- somehow, it seems like rusty. And actually, that is what makes it so special.

Female Beauty

What about this one? It doesn’t have any outlines; it is all made of colors- props to her tattoo artist for getting it right.

Leg Anchor

She indeed has a great one on her foot, and it goes so good with the Polynesian tattoo on her leg.


A man’s favorite thing. Every tattoo looks sweet when they are dedicated to one’s family.

A Traditional Anchor

Nothing much- just a traditional design of an anchor. And that is enough to blow your mind.


An infinity design made with an anchor and flowers- this is a very creative one, we will have to say. And again, this one tells that she is going to be there for her family forever.


If we are progressing, we are better than perfect. He has had a great selection of quotes for his anchor tattoo.

Flowers Decoration

It seems like these flowers are rooting for this anchor. They have been arranged perfectly.

Anchor And Rose

Another traditional design of an anchor and rose tattoo. You will find more of these in our rose tattoos as well.

Wooden Anchor

Not only an anchor, but there are also crosses all over. Anyway, a great tattoo to represent his gifts and faith.

One Outline

A bold color outline it looks so clean on his upper arm. Makes you want to have one if I am right.

Vulture and Anchor

This bird represents protectiveness and resourcefulness when you have tattooed it.

An Anchor Drive

Especially, the proud members of the navy prefer getting tattoos like this referring completely to the sea life.

Sharper Outline

Sharp, smooth and sleek. What about this for one? A floral design with your anchor does go incredibly well.

Cloud And Anchor

This is rather interesting. An anchor tattoo is supposed to be something that represents an ocean, but this time, it’s a different story. Anyway, there has to be uniqueness in a tale you say with your tattoo.

World Atlas

For people with a dream to travel around the world, or for those who are always up for visiting new places, this design also tells your love.

Anchor And Ropes

When it comes to bringing fashion and design together, the girly ones are ahead of anything else. They know their placement more than anyone else, and this is just an example of that.

A Traditional Bully Anchor

Different body parts have different shapes, so having tattoos at different placements will give different orientation. I guess you have already noticed that till now.

Colorful Energy

Brighter Watercolors done in a bolder sense. This is just incredible. Her tattoo is the talk of her town.

Drivers Anchor

Another one of this idea. You already know it’s meaning, don’t you?

A Direction Compass

Anchor and direction compass- so closely related things, everywhere, and also in your tattoos. They seem perfect match not only in the sea but also in symbolism.

Smeared Color

For those interested in some thicker outlines and borders, what do you think about this?

Traditional Sea Waves

This particular design approach especially makes great anchor tattoos for guys. This one has the entire sea inside an anchor frame.

Hope In Your Anchor

Well, yes- an anchor tattoo also represents hope. There are so many things it does, and if you want to explicitly state one single thing with your anchor tattoo, this is what you do.

Matching Anchor Tattoo

Thinking of having king and queen tattoos? All you need is matching simple anchor tattoos.

Made Of Wood

One good old anchor- and that is all that’s needed. But, anyway, however you approach it, you will try your best to make your design different from everyone else’s.

Locket Of Love And Crest

Combine your tattoo- do it, with everything that you consider precious for you. That’s the secret of getting an impressive tattoo.


These matching designs could as well make great mother-daughter tattoos or sister tattoos. A message that you print on your arm, for the other one and it also turns into some determination such that you will keep on loving them.

Teenage Dream

Words that matter a lot to you- which you have valued very highly, those are something that you really should try to have on your tattoos.

Butterfly And Birds

That “F” definitely stands for freedom. Those birds represent that and the butterfly- it is beautiful and never giving up.

One Outline

One simple anchor outline- there is a huge possibility that you are interested in it. Regarding any tattoo, you don’t need to go too deep. Just one simple design will do.

Surrounded With Flowers

One that represents your beautiful soul. What do you think about this?

Rooted Anchor

A great anchor tattoo for your leg. Especially when it is with a heavy chain and pierces right into your skin and bones.

A Bold Anchor

This is just splendid. And also, she is so much dedicated to her tattoo to look the best, that she even has matching socks.

Neck Anchor Tattoo

Everywhere you go, everyone is bound to notice your tattoo. Having a tattoo on the neck is just for those who are outgoing and confident. Do you think you have that in you?

Anchor Sleeve Tattoos

Mermaid and anchor- both of them are gold. Royal colors in his tattoo.

Hold Me

This one, she dedicated to one she loves. A minimalist anchor tattoo, when done this perfectly, is fun to see and have as well.

Driver Traditional

Most of the traditional anchor tattoos were revolving around red color- but not on this one. Yellow and brown- they make it look unique.

A Mermaid With An Anchor

Maybe she is curious what that is, or maybe she loves helping sailors. Anchor tattoos with mermaids look so good.

A Sparkling Black Ink

A darker color that brightens up the design. Maybe that is how we can represent this glittering feminine design.

 Rugged Anchor

Outlines that have been sketched with a measurement. This would look good on everyone’s forearm.

Rope And Anchor

Here is another one for these classic rope and anchor designs. Something that would impress anyone looking at it.

Anchor Tattoos With Names

Colorful anchor tattoo -with a name. We have already seen many designs which have both of these single concepts, this time around; it is their incorporation.

Traditional Mirror

Life in the sea and a mirror made in the anchor tattoo- this is a great way of representing what you want to say.

Growing Weed

A particularly old anchor, the ship has already drowned, but it remains there. Underwater.

Anchor Linings

A smaller anchor sizewise, but a design where the artist had to do more than any other bigger designs.

Splashing Water

Those with no color feelings- they already look cool and what’s good is that we could add on colors if we think that we will need to.

Anchor Brother Tattoo

Just like sister tattoos, you could get brother tattoos. It is all about getting matching ones.

A Direction Compass

One in the middle of it. What a great anchor tattoo on arms would it be if you would get one as well.

A Closer Angle

Here, this time it is a clock and an anchor tattoo. By every means, both of these combine to give a very classical design.

Finger Tattoos

One of his fingers has an anchor tattoo, and we will need to focus on that one here. Simple and sleek.

Colors In One’s Life

Different colors in the sky representing different things that a person has to go through in his journey named life.

Anchor For Someone’s Memory

Having a tattoo for someone that you have lost- it is also a sign of eternal love that you will always have for them.

Shaded Shadows

Some unshaded lines- or maybe that is what we call them- they actually make this amazing to see. Add also the tattoo artist has done an awesome job to make it feel that those design cuts actually exist.

Balloon And Anchor

You would fly high with those qualities that you have in you which are also represented by an anchor. A classy design to tell your feelings. Anchor tattoos on wrist and surrounding areas must be made this good to make a difference.

A Sea Strom

A sleeve tattoo stretching to your hand which tells everything about the sea and finally ends with an anchor. This is supreme.

Pearly Love

For feminine, traditional pearly pieces, what do you think about this on her back? This is certain to intrigue many girls.

Spider Web

Once trapped, nothing can escape a spider web. Maybe this time, the spider web is a representation of your own heart.

Anchor Of Green Jewel

Not such a colorful or a watercolor design in the first look, but when we look at all these elements carefully, this is a design where many colors combine all together to give something unique.

Anchor Tattoo And Eagle Claw

One for those who are strong. You can combine so many things to give unique and distinct anchor tattoos meaning.


First, you have a neck anchor tattoo, which means people are always going to notice that when they see you. And next, you also state specifically for whom that tattoo is for.

Flowers And Colors

Beauty, love, and nothing else in one’s journey of life. This is what this tattoo signifies. This is all the work of tattoo colors.

Cuter Anchor

For cute girls looking to have an anchor border tattoo, the designs should be as good as this, right? Simple and good to see.

Rugged Pencil Color Anchor

Sketched out of a pencil color- that is how this tattoo design seems. And that is it’s beauty after all.

I sincerely hope you liked these anchor tattoos. And if you did, then go on- you definitely should go and have one. But, first, still, you will have to make sure of that. Reflect on your choice- once, and a couple more times. You will have to be sure that you really like it. And also, look for the best tattoo artist. These things are mandatory. And when you finally understand that, you are good to go. Have fun till the next time.


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