160 Splendid Armband Tattoo Designs That Make A Noise In Your Arms

You make a statement with your arm having an armband tattoo. As the name suggests, an armband tattoo is a tattoo that you get around your arm. You wear a band with an art. This concept of the tattoo has been popular since the old days of the tribal tattoos. And of course, they are still famous now- because of one simple reason. They are splendid.

Having an armband tattoo also means being innovative with a simple design. Which means making simplicity beautiful. So, if you think of having one, good thoughts and here are some of those tattoos which will intrigue you.


Celtic Armband Tattoo Design


What about a Celtic design for a bicep armband tattoo? This tattoo most particularly means eternity.

Thin Lines

Just some minimalist thin lines. Simple and alluring for anybody.

Barbed Wire

A little creative with your armband tattoo and you get one which everybody is going to remember. These spikes look like they really pierce his biceps.

Good Old Classic Lines

Being a common means, they are good. Otherwise, people don’t prefer them.

Knives And Target

There is a lot going on this design. Like knives and crystalline shapes- everything has been stretched to make perfect.

Abstract Lines

An armband tattoo is stretching to his hand making a sleeve tattoo, in my eyes, I see this abstract drawing as countries of the world. Well, common, these are metaphorical, so I am free to make a guess, right?

Tribal Queen

A tribal feminine design with a bird feather. It looks lavish and splendid.

Tree Growing

You armband tattoo is actually a land surface where this tree has been rooted on. Take this as an idea- you could stretch out many other designs through your armband tattoos.

Tribal Geometry

This one, an art with a hidden meaning, but it looks os good when she has combined so many elements together. Coloring choices are also excellent, shoutouts to her tattoo artist.

Celtic Lines

Spearhead and mountain landscape- there are so many ways you can design your tattoo.

Different Sort Of a Tribal Tattoo


I know you found something different in this one. The way that the design has been approached looks familiar, of course. Just that in this case, ink makes the background and your skin makes your tattoo.

Minimalist Pony

A cute design, of course. And on top of that, this tattoo with a horse also signifies agility, strength, and beauty.

Floral And Band

Flower and a red band tied that make up her upper armband tattoo- so attractive and impressive.

Three Lines

Just a simple three lines are all you need sometimes. And still, that makes an epic armband tattoo.


Cunning and powerful- here is a traditional fox design approach for your armband tattoo. Different from all others, and still looks super amazing.

Celtic And Word

Your favorite word- which means a word which has made a lot of difference in your life. That could be a great idea which could make your tattoo.

Hourglass And An Ancient Tribal Design

Well, it is a common practice to have your armband tattoo backed up with abstraction. You will also need to try that; it always comes out to be excellent.

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Lines and Black Armband

What is good about this design idea is that adding a new line or taking one out- it makes a whole new design.

Band And Color Splash

Incorporation of watercolor to a black armband- what a great tattoo idea he has had. There are so many things to combine are will have to find a perfect way for them to go together as he did.


Musical string or what? Whatever it is, she knows. And all of us know that this is a great idea for you, too.

Tribal Sun And Arrow

Your armband tattoo will allow you to put in any length. Like like in this one, here’s Sun and arrow, it stretches out, lengthy and proud.

Japanese Characters

Honestly, I don’t know what these characters mean, but if you do, then I think you are pretty impressed.

A Garden 

Your ink armband- it is not only a tattoo but also a beautiful garden where flowers grow. A nursery on your arms.

Three Lines On Bicep

Here we go on, exploring more ideas of these classic line armbands.

A Thick And Think One

How many variations do you think you could include on your tattoo? Here is one he did.


Structures, right? And if you look closely, there are those classic lines backing up this design as well.

Polynesian Armband

Never overlook Polynesian designs- I know you won’t. There’s a reason they have famous in the history and still are now.

A Leaf Stem

You love nature, don’t you? If you do, then this is a tattoo you could consider as well. Leaves themselves signify life- because of the oxygen they let us.

Bold Lines

The design could be bold, but they are not taking a lot of space- I am talking about their thickness.

Mountain Landscape

And those structures surrounding the design look like some mountain frames where a picture has been enclosed in. So good to see.


A Turkish work in that classic design we are so familiar with. And this one looks exceptionally shiny- more than any other similar ones.

African Island

Tribal design from the islands, this one looks like some tribes themselves entrusted you with their best designs.

From My Finger

Smeared with fingers- never needled, this is the type of feeling that is created in a lookers mind. Anyway, another innovative way of getting those classic two lines.

Incomplete Love

A Celtic design- that almost says, love. This tattoo represents many of us.

Golden Bracelet

Made of gold- it seems like this. Because of the shine that the object has within it.


What do you think about having some simpler outlines inside your classic frame? An extra band beneath everything adds on this simple yet fabulous design.

Mountain And Galaxy

Dot gradients- they make an amazing design. This somehow doesn’t look like Earth’s surface. Titan would look like this if humans actually could make a residence in there.

Flowers And Mazes

A mix of traditional and tribal design, that combination is always going to look good. And that happened for her, too.

Circle And then Curves

Did you hypnotize yourself when you looked at his tattoo? I guess not, but it almost messes up with your mind.

Matching Armband Tattoos

Two members of the same team- you also can have matching armband tattoos like this dedicated to your lover.

Floral Made In A Black Background

What do you think about using your skin to make your tattoo? But, for that, it will have to substitute its duty with the ink. Anyway, you will get a unique design, don’t worry.

Complex Tribal Patterns

All of them look perfectly in sync with each other. Everything goes along so perfectly together. This tattoo is almost a piece of a small architecture that the artist devised.

Tribal Religious Armband

Tribal tattoos could be complex. And it is just natural that the complex designs are tougher to pull off correctly. But, when they are done, they look like this.

Words And Landscape

Which one would you take? Make your pick. Bother these designs suit for males as well as females.

A Single Cube

A cube is a geometric shape that exists in different dimensions. So, they might as well represent your thoughts.

Classic Tribal Armband

Classic ones will always remain cool. Just look at this, and you will know what I am talking about.

Floral Crown

Well, it almost looks like a crown, doesn’t it? Anway, a great idea the ones who are looking for to have some ancient Indian culture in their tattoo.

A Strap

Here is a splendid member of our team of the armband tattoos meaning strength. It almost looks like a real strap around his upper arm.

Dots And Tribal

What he has included inside the border and what outside of it- they make the difference here, don’t they?

 Classic Strap Models

What do you think that mountain like structure is? Anyway, the inclusion of that makes this uniquely different from the others.


Well, yes- this good old lines- they are models of one simple design idea. But, still are it gives you an infinite way of being innovative and making your tattoo stand out from everything else.

Celtic Cross

It looks cool, and it also represents the Jeter’s faith. What do you need more?

Smeared Lines Everywhere

You can have armband tattoos all around your hands- which means you really will have to love this particular tattoo idea.

Her Lines

On small band surrounded by two larger- that makes it look like there is a lot going on in it, there indeed is, but not as much as our eyes take them to be as. If you get what I mean, you will take this as a design option, I guess.

A Forest

Birds are flying and trees growing- some sort of a view that would soothe everyone’s mind and make them calm. Even if that be looking at your armband tattoo.

Trees Armband

Tree tattoos make great designs for your armband arts- you already know that till now, and still here is another design backing the fact up.

Heaven’s Landscape

Another innovative way of getting one. She has the sky tattooed on her bicep, and it looks amazing with its unique texture. Something you could do as well.

Celtic Classic

Good old classic Celtic design- that is enough to let you have an epic tattoo, of course. Just make it as good as this one.

Floral Armband

The little space left between these tattoos- it looks like a part of this tattoo itself. Creative use of one’s skin.

Flowers Ductape

Yes, you will see a lot of these tattoos, too. Of course, you are interested, because flowers on your biceps and they making your armband tattoo- this is very popular these days.

Mountains Give You Direction


How many times do you go out to nature, and ask the mountains about where you should go? And bet, most of the time, what direction they show is exactly the right one.

Irregular Painting

Colors don’t have been evenly matched out- and that is what makes this one colored perfectly. Arts of an artist make us say weird things, don’t they?

Traiditional Classic Celtic Armband Tattoo

Here is another tattoo adding on to its type. Something still as impressive than any other varieties of armband tattoos.

Flowers Strapped

Look at the line closely- that is supposed to be a tape, and when you concentrate a little, it is almost a 3D design. Of course, I am saying slightly, but still, it is.

Two Lines

Two lines of almost the same size- nothing different. Everything different from the other lines we have seen.

Armband Tattoos Female

A feminine design, super cute for a princess. What do you think about it?


This tattoo is all about the triangle. A single geometric base shape-modified into so many design variations, and that gives birth to a great tattoo.


More than just a word and also more than what it means. Smile- it is always a beautiful thing that you say, even if that be in your armband tattoo.

Tribal Designs Mixed

This one is an incorporation of the Celtic design with a Polynesian armband tattoo. Bringing two designs together is always a good thing you can do.

Dots That Make A Strap

Pure leather made out of tattoo ink. And f course, your skin. What did you think of when I said that?

Tribal Shapes

Bumps and Triangles- hills and mountains respectively. Different landscapes that we have on our beautiful planet.

Taped Rose

These flowers mean love and they have been taped in your arm. Why not represent your arm as your heart, if you know what I mean.

Celtic Islands

Dude is proudly showing off his tattoo- this is obvious. But when you get one like it, then the same can be said of you.

Landscapes and Spearheads

Another- and another one. We, we never get tired of looking at impressive designs, do we?

Foreign Words

What country do you live in? You already have realized that the script of your mother tongue itself makes a great design.

A Single Small Line

It is an armband tattoo, a minimalistic design, won’t hurt a lot and very impressive. So, what more statements would you want to support this design?

Another Celtic Strap

Made up of leather and steel. A perfect armband for the biceps of a muscular man.

Scattering Color

Wind blowing the color off- don’t worry, it will remain like that forever. Well, isn’t this just superb?

Bees And Flowers

She definitely knows what she should be doing with her armband tattoo. I mean what she wants to signify and how to make it look impressive.

Smaller Lines

Here’s a forearm band tattoo. Another great adding on to the options you have.

Rubrics Cube And Thron Plant

Someone strong playing mind games- if a person can use his physical strength as well as the mental capabilities, then he is going to make a change. And also if you see that man inside yourself, this is the sort of tattoo you should get.


Full blossom attached to your arm and they make your armband tattoo.

Some Patterns

Different types of patterns are revolving around your arm. This is what you can do when you have a lot to say with your armband tattoo.

Birds And Flowers

Only beautiful things to show and see. Here, her tattoo represents beauty, freedom, and purity.

Spiked Lines

Rugged design- this one is different from everything else we have seen for these lines. Impressive? Of course, if not- we would never have included it in.

Freedom And Direction

Even when you are free, you are still never going to forget where you should be going. Which means you still; know what things you should be doing to make it right.

A Paper Bird

Of course, this means freedom, but a great tattoo to have on your wrist. Everybody is doing bird tattoos, yes they are- and you do something different. Have one for you, just draw it uniquely.

Ancient Counting

I bet you know this method of counting. I just wonder how much all those designs sum up to and what that means to this guy.

Lines That Make It

Here they are- regular lines and a lot of them. Adding on to those great options you always have.


I wonder what the inclusion of those two circles means. One color of yin and another yang, darkness, and brightness, maybe?

A Pattern

Everything evenly mapped out- an artist has to make sure that the area of other counts of each part of this structure is perfect with the others.


Stairways o anything- I don’t know. But, I can still say these patterns are impressive, and distinct from other classic ones.

Classic Spikes

Another tribal armband tattoo here- another impressive one, of course.

Birds Chilling

Lines when you see from one side- and when you see from another one, there is a small world of birds having a chit-chat.



Just some remarkable outlines making a geometric armband tattoo- that concept is not rare, but this design obviously is.

Dragons’ In

These figures are just how you take them to be as, and for me, I feel like a dragon has swallowed me.

Color Transcend

areColors are slowly changing themselves- a smooth one. Really feels like the man doesn’t miss any color in between.

A Country House

A great relaxing feeling just as you see in its art. What do you think about this house hidden in the woods making up your armband tattoo?

Gold And Leather

What is good about this tattoo is those details of how the gold has been structured inside the strap.


What about this splendid view of a town? Most probably his hometown? I bet your place also deserves someone to pay tribute to it like this.

Whale And Symbol

This looks so sleek, looks like it has been designed using a supercomputer. The man definitely is proud of his tattoo like nobody else.

Trapezoid And Different Gradients

Two sides and variations in both of them. Grains a solid lines, they have been brought in such that they make it seem a different tattoo at all when viewed from different angles.

Another Mountain Landscape

The Sun that just rose, it takes us back to the morning sky, that is for sure. And on top of that, this is an armband tattoo design made entirely of dots if you notice.

House And Doors

What do you think those patterns signify? I have said my thought in its title itself.

Colors Blowing Off

We have seen this design concept before, but this time, there is not a lot of space taken by the grains. A tattoo still making the difference and also a place for you to get others if you want.


An armband tattoo meaning depends on what element you have. Wolf tattoos look super cool, just like this animal itself. And it also represents a  lot of things like family, loyalty, strength, and leadership.

Points and Floral

A floral design, a different type of experimentation, and it came out just right. An example for everyone searching for a unique armband tattoo.

For now, you have seen almost all of the design concepts. Now, take a look at other design ideas for your outline and approach.


















So, here were some of the best armband tattoos we gathered from the internet? What did you think about them?

If you liked any one of them, or even if you have already made your decision, that is a very happy thing for me; I am not kidding. And don’t forget to go to the best tattoo artist and be patient choosing your design. If you are, then you are good to go and have fun till the next time.



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