60 Auburn Hair Color Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With


If you are one to try out new and fun things often, then we are sure you will love these auburn hair ideas in here. These are the shades of red that are not pure and fierce but have this tone of brown to them as well. The mix of colors in here is what separated it from all other looks! Women of all ages prefer red hues, but they are not sure as to if they want to try it out! It can be a bit fierce and bold for sure. So we are here to show you your options!

You can try out these shades and adjust the ratio of the reds and brown hues. There are ways to make these hues suit everyone as well. The mix of earthy hues in here is the reason why these shades are perfect for women with medium skin tones as well. If you are looking to check out some ideas, then there are ways to get it done. There are options for women with all types of hair! No matter what hair texture and shape and length you have, you can try out these hairdos! You will find all your options here!

Here are 133 auburn hair ideas that are sure to make you excited and inspired this season!

We are keeping it fun!

If you are looking to try something that is fun and yet not too extra? Then there is the brown hair with highlights that are ideal for you. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you get the auburn hair with some lighter shades. We love the way your locks look with the perfect addition of dark and bright hues! Here is an idea to try if you are looking for something new.

auburn hairRihanna’s take on auburn hair

Rihanna is an unstoppable diva, and her ways are iconic as well. You can see that the hair in here that she tried on has this impact on the viewers! Her styles are ideal for auburn hair black girl as well. You can see her fans follow on her footsteps and try out these stunning shades with the haircut too. If you need some ideas, then we are here to show them to you.

The view from the back

If you are looking to see how your hair looks from all angles, then you can see it here! When you are looking to try on shades that are as bold and fun as the auburn hair, you do need to check it out from all angles. Here we are showcasing how you can add on these colors to your hair in a uniform fashion. The back view is ideal for checking out any colors!


Demi Lovato’s hair

The pop icon Demi Lovato has always experimented with her hair in a lot of ways.  You can check out how she gets them done in here. If you are looking to make your hair stand out, you can try out these shades. We are sure once you get them done, you will look and feel as beautiful as the singer. Here are a couple of ideas that you can try out!

Natural curls and waves!

If you have textured hair as the ones in here then, there are so many ideas for you to try out auburn hair. As curly hair is usually thin, they are more prone to breakage, and thus you need to be careful about how you get your hair conditioned and colored! Make sure you make your hair deep conditioned, as you get them done. This way, you can achieve luscious hair that shines well too!

For the ones with long hair

If you want to try out brown auburn hair, then here are some ideas for you that come with the long hair! These are ideas that you can check out for yourself. When you have long hair, you can enjoy the colors and cuts with ease. The shine in these hairdos is what sets it aside from all other looks. These auburn hair ideas are ideal for vacation days when you need to look great in pictures!

Add some bangs on

If you want to make your hair and even yourself look different, then you can try out some bangs here. You can see that the hair in here has been added on with some beautiful shades of red auburn hair. They also add up to the face-framing idea here. When you add on some bangs, they make your face look chiseled and adds that slimming effect to it. These are ideal for women of all ages!

You can add some braids!

The easiest and the most way to add on some spark to your auburn hair is to add some beautiful braids on them. There are a lot of options out there for the style you want to try. And we are here to show you which ones are the ideal options for you. We are sure you will find these to be useful when you are in a hurry. Check them out in here!

Picture perfect every day!

You can look your level best each day if you try out the shades we have in here. We are sure you can look excellent in any hue you try on. But these auburn ones in here are different and have a beautiful factor of balance to them. Here are some ideas in here that you can look at for inspiration. We are sure you will be showered with compliments when you wear this look!

We are adding some fun jewelry!

If you want a quick fix for a hairdo, then here is an idea you cannot say no to. You can accessorize to make yourself stand out. There are leaf-like headgears in here, and they make the best look for an authentic appeal. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you add on some beautiful styles. If you have long hair, you can look stunning in this hairdo.

Darker tones of auburn hues

If you are not one to love some lighter shade on yourself, then you can try on the deeper hues! There are dark auburn hair dye options out there that can give you a uniform look. We are sure you will love the depth it adds on to your locks. These are colors that work out well for women who have fair skin. It adds that warmth to the skin that it may be lacking!

The short bob

Bob is an ideal hairdo for women of all ages. The style is evergreen, and the women who love it never seem to get enough of it! Once you try it, we are sure you will want to wear it for a long time. There are natural auburn hair shades in these images here as well. If you’re going to look gorgeous, wear them!

Extraordinary auburn hair

Every woman dreams of looking special. We are sure you have the same desire too. If you want a sultry look, you can try out these deep and alluring hair styling ideas we have here. These are carefully compiled for you to check out. You can get inspired by them or even take them on as an idea for your next hairdo. These are the images that make us want to try out wild haircuts!

Fun and free!

When it is a hot summer day, and you are sweaty and annoyed, you would not want to leave your hair loose for sure! But we are sure you will want to wear these out. These auburn hair ideas are simple, and there are not a lot of complexities to them. You can get them done with ease and wear them to any occasion! If you want to, then you can also add some waves on before you let them be!

Layered auburn hair

These are the hairstyles that work well if you have the desire for thick hair! You can see that the auburn hair we have in here is cut into short and long layers of hair. These are a great way of adding volume as well. If you have not decided on a haircut yet, this can be helpful for you. There are options for all hair lengths in here too so we would love for you to sport them.

Taking some professional help

There is a different factor in the auburn hair dye that they use in the salon to get your hair colored. That is why the results are also varied and lovable out there. If you are looking to make a change and look your best, we suggest you head to a salon instead of trying on these shades back home. Here are some images that can show you the results of professional work.

Central parted hair

When you try on auburn hair color, you can also keep it classic and simple by adding on some central partition here and there in your hairdos. Here are some ideas that you can try on if you are looking to try on something that has a transitional effect on you. These are ideal for women who have a round face shape, and you should try this one as it helps to create an oval appearance on the face, which is recommended by most stylists.

Taking inspirations from celebs!

Whether they are singers or actresses, we adore all celebrity looks! They make every hairstyle look exceptional, and there is no doubt that there is a charm to trying them out for yourself. Here are some famous personalities who have tried on the auburn hair idea and are rocking it! We are sure you will love the way your celeb and you twin together in these shades. Make an appointment soon and get the same hues on youself.

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For teenagers in a hurry!

Teenagers are also attracted to a color that is as bright and bold as auburn red. You can see that there are some subtle ways to keep your hair in place and make them stand out. There is no denying that there are ease and comfort in the hairdos that teens try out. We have compiled the best of the auburn hair ideas for you to get on board with. We are sure you will love them!

Auburn hair with medium length

If you are not one to love short or long hair, then here are some medium auburn hair ideas for you to settle with. You can see how these auburn shades make the skin pop and make you look unique. There is no boundary to looking good, and these images prove it. We are sure you will admire the hues on yourself too. These hair ideas are ideal for working women, as well.

The shine in these hairdos!

When you color your hair, you need to make sure that there are shine and luster in them. To get this look, you will need to work hard as well. For it won’t happen in an instant. You can see that there is some beautiful shine in these hairdos. And the way to attain that is by getting proper hair treatments after you get your locks dyed. We are sure you will find ways to deep condition your hair.

Go bold and be bold!

If you are going to express yourself, it’d be best if you did it to show off your inner personality! We are here showing you ways in which you can try out the bolder shades of red and make them the auburn hair idea you try on this season. Here is a fiery shade of red on this image that works to make your hair shine and stand out as well. You can try out the same if you want to be unique.

As relaxed as one can be!

You can try out any of these hairdos in here if you are going for an effortlessly beautiful look for yourself. There is no denying that your hair will have this sorted outlook to it already when you try out the auburn hair. Thus you can opt for not doing a lot with the hair to keep it to a minimum. Even the simplest of hairdos will make you stand out and look extraordinary.

The play of colors

If you are looking to add on some hues to your hair, let us make it a special one. You can see that here we have the colors from reds to the dark black and a lighter shade on the ends too. The way the hues show up in here are admirable and also approachable. It is not a color that you would be scared to try out. So keep it in your saved images and head out to a salon!

The angled bob

Some hairdos never look bad. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks on them. You will look your best and will not have to change the hairdo over and over again, which is a relief as well. The angled bob in here is perfect for that. Here are some ideas of the same that we are showcasing to you. Make sure you sort through them to make them the one you try!

Getting ready for a special occasion!

When there are some special events, then you want to amp up your style and look your best. Here we are showing you ways to make your hair look polished and perfect for days to come. There is no denying that your hair will have this radiance to it once you get them into a bun or an updo. No matter what your choice is, your auburn hair will help you out and make it look good.

A day out with friends

A day out with your friends can solve a lot of problems and set your mind free as well. Thus it is advisable to try a fresh hairdo for such occasion. Here are some ideas for a fun day!

The ponytail

There is something fundamental and fun in these hairstyles, and we know you will want to try them out. There are bangs on the forehead, and they are well suited for all. You can try the same fun look for a beautiful effect. You can wear them out and so can your daughter!

Retro look

Here are a couple of hair styling ideas that can try out when you want to get the retro vibe. You can see that the hairstyles that are stunning and we are rooting for these to make a big comeback anytime soon. You can also try them out if you want to look a bit extra at a themed party!

Sleek straight hair

There are curls and waves and all other forms of hairstyling out there. But the silky, straightened hair is a classic, and we are not here to underestimate the class and chic of a perfectly smooth hair. You can see the colors better in this look, and you are also going to love the way your hair looks when you have a flat platform of perfection. Here is an image to show you how it looks.

Some hair color ideas!

Auburn hair can have a lot of options, and you do not need to make your hair look the same as many other women do. You can change things up and try to make the best of these different fun shades in here as well. So if you are looking to change things, this is the section to get on board with. From softer shades to darker ones, we have it all in here.

More variations of auburn hair!

As you reach the end here, we are sure you are inspired to try on these auburn shades. But if you are not yet there, then you can check out some of these fantastic shades in here. They come in varied styles, and you can find anyone that you think will look good on you. All hair lengths and hair textures are present in here so you can be sure you will find the hairdo that you can try out.

You can go through the article here to find the one look that you can try out. We are sure you will find the ones that you can wear for yourself. Make sure you take the time to navigate here and find the one that you love! You would not want to regret your decision once you get the shade on! So you can make the correct decision before you get on board with the idea. If you want to make your hair stand out, you can try out these bold hues for sure! These are the easiest ways to make your locks stand out!

When you get your hair colored, you will need a lot of time to reverse it back to the original shade. You will need to wait for a long time if you want that hue removed. So do not go fast and hard into deciding the tone to try out. If you think you need some assistance, you can talk to your hair stylist and also get on communicating with your friends. They can help you decide what color and cut would look best on you! So you can make the best of the salon appointment you make!

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