60 Auburn Hair Color Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With


Modern, elegant, and youthful, auburn hair is a great way to pull off a deep, red hair color. A great thing, the stunning hue can be tailored to your skin tone whether you’re blonde or brunette! Since this hair color is a head turner, keep reading for the 60 auburn hair color ideas you’ll fall in love with and rock the look this autumn.

Auburn Hair—and Different Shades of Red

Described as reddish-brown in color, auburn hair is a variety of red hair. In fact, auburn is a deep shade of red between medium to dark brunette category with a “cool tone” because it has a slightly blue undertone to it.

To add some dimension to an auburn hair, you may mix other shades with cool tones like mahogany and violet that will complement the undertones. If you wish to cool down the hue or get a deeper shade of auburn, think of adding hints of mahogany or violet to your auburn hair.

If you want some color change but not sure what shade of red will suit you best, keep in mind that rocking a red hair doesn’t have to be too bold or bright. For a more subtle look, go for red in an undertone of a hair color to add vibrancy to your look.

The Myths and History of Auburn Hair

Do you know that in Christian Europe, many people associated red hair or auburn hair with witchcraft? In medieval times, the distrust for redheads was common and there were lots of manuscripts like “Proverbs of Alfred” and “Secretum Secretorum” that warned people to beware of redheads. Also, medieval minds associated red hair with magic and superstition.

Apart from it, some cultures associate redheads with vampires. We all know that this prejudice rooted from the redheads’ minority status in society. Regardless of the myths and history of auburn hair, the hair color is now viewed as modern, elegant, and sophisticated so it’s time to rewrite the history.

Reasons Why Having Auburn Hair Is the Best Look You Can Have

  1. Women with naturally auburn hair are unique and rare.

According to studies, only two percent of the world’s population has red or auburn hair, and if you wish to join the circle, you can easily dye your locks with a flattering auburn color. Do you know that redheads actually age gracefully too? The pigment of their naturally auburn hair takes way longer to go gray. Instead to turning into gray or white, the naturally auburn hair simply fades to a rosy blonde.

Celebrities like Emma Stone have made auburn hair her signature look even if it’s not her natural hair color. In fact, she sported different shades of red like strawberry blondes and almost-brown hair colors.

Apart from it, redheads are the muses in the world’s greatest art like Elizabeth Siddal in the ‘Ophelia’ painted by Sir John Everett Millais. Since naturally red hair is the rarest in the world, this hair trend will never go out of style. Yes, it’s time to be an inspiration too, whether you got that naturally auburn hair or an artificially colored one.

  1. Auburn hair is the easiest red hue to pull off.

There are lots of shades of red—crimson, maroon, merlot, bold red, wine, scarlet, bloody red, currant, rosewood, ruby, brick—but auburn is flattering to most skin complexions. Typically, auburn is more of a reddish brown, and actually the perfect balance of red and brown tones which you can customize to flatter your skin tone and bring your boring hair to life.

  1. It can make any outfit interesting.

Just like your accessories, an auburn hair can dress up your most casual looks even if you wish to wear tee and jeans on the weekends.

  1. An auburn hair makes a bold statement.

In a sea of blondes and brunettes, auburn hair is the most eye-catching yet elegant shade you can have. Do you know that according to research, redheads are always remembered whether it comes to auditions, dinner dates, parties, and even job interviews?

Things You Need to Know Before Switching to Auburn Hair

  1. Auburn hair is high-maintenance and more expensive to maintain.

Unlike browns and black, auburn has a specific hue that will look flattering for you, and if the color fades it’s also just easy to make your stunning shade unflattering. Apart from it, your hair roots will show within four weeks so you need to pay frequent visits to the salon to retouch your hair color.

You can surely think of a DIY project on coloring your hair to save money, but do some research first to avoid color mishaps. Yes, auburn hair isn’t easy to maintain, so consider the effort you’ll do for keeping the shade from fading before making the commitment of becoming a redhead.

  1. Different shades of auburn will look different on your skin tone too.

auburn hair

Auburn hair complements a range of skin tones, but keep in mind that different shades will look different on your skin tone too. Do you know that fire engine reds will look flattering for women with darker skin tones, while dark, cool-toned reds can make pale complexions look sick?

According to a hair expert, auburn hair color can neutralize the pink tones of fair skinned women, while light to medium shades can warm up olive skinned women. So, if you’ll get an auburn hair, don’t be too generic. You must know your skin tone and skin complexion and pick the most flattering shade for you.

  1. Don’t forget to bring visuals to your hairstylist.

To make sure your hairstylist understands what you really want with your hair, bring some photographs. Remember, a shade that seems beautiful in the eyes of your stylist might not look appealing for you. To give both of you a good guide, bring one photo with the red shade that you love and another one that you don’t like. This way, you’ll have a clear discussion before committing to auburn hair.

  1. Any shade of red starts off darker then eventually fades.

The reason why it is more challenging to do the hair coloring project yourself is because the red dye always looks darker when it’s fresh. According to experts, it’s because of the large red hair molecule which makes it strong and bold. If you’re experimenting, it’s just easy to make a big mistake since you wouldn’t know the accurate shade of red on the time you’re coloring your hair.

  1. You shouldn’t wash your newly colored hair too soon.

Of all the hair color, auburn is more prone to fading, so expect that your red hair dye will fade with every wash. As a rule of thumb, wait at least four days after your colored your hair before washing it. Also, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to make your hair color last longer. Some women even use color-deposit shampoos when their auburn hair gets dull.

Remember, auburn hair is the most difficult color to maintain, so this beauty trend is not ideal for someone who doesn’t want to keep up their hair color.

  1. You should be prepared with cold showers even in the cold months.

Do you know that heat whether it’s a hot bath, blow dryer or flat iron can fade your hair color faster? Yes you should think of cold showers or lukewarm showers instead of a hot bath to preserve your stunning hair color. If you wish to use some hair styling tools that uses heat, think of heat protectors. Also, auburn hair will fade easily when exposed to UV rays, so you should lessen the days you spend outdoors, or think of applying a UV protectant spray.

  1. Highlights and temporary tints are a great way to try out the auburn hair.

If you want to test the waters, think of getting some highlights or temporary tints so you’ll know which hair color will flatter you best. A great thing, experimenting with red hair color and streaks can also give you a gorgeous, multi-dimensional finish. Also, some shades of auburn are lighter or darker than your natural hair color, so it would be better to check first if a full-on auburn will work for you or not. After all, you wouldn’t want to get a too flamboyant red color for your skin tone.

  1. Fall season is the perfect time to rock auburn hair.

If you love playing with color and want hair make a bold statement this season, this hair trend is for you. Auburn hair is a great beauty trend everyone can play with, but you have to know which red is right for you. Think of fall colors like rust, orange-red, olive green, and such that will look great with your auburn hair. You’ll not only blend in with the autumn scene, but also look chic and fresh with your hair color.

When it comes to makeup, you don’t have to get matchy-matchy, so forget pairing your eyebrows, eye shadows, and lipstick with your hair color. This way, you’ll keep that natural and subtle look, and able to rock the auburn hair without being too fiery.

How to Find the Perfect Auburn Shade for Your Skin Tone

Hair color is tricky as one shade can make you look sick and washed out while others can make you look trying hard. While it is best to leave the hair coloring to the professionals, you can still pick the right shade for you as long as you know your skin tone and which shades of auburn flatter it. Since your hair color can add glow or years into your face, determine which shades work best for you.

Do you know that a certain color can make you look like naturally redhead, brunette, or blonde? However, auburn is a cool violet red and it might not be the most flattering shades for everyone. Most of the time, hairstylists consider your natural eye color and skin tone to choose the perfect auburn shade for you. Remember, a good hair color should make you glow and flatter your skin tone.

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Cool Skin Tone

Women with cool skin tones have more blue veins visible in their wrists. Women with pale complexions with no color in cheeks or ones with pink undertones belong to cool skin tones. Are you a woman with medium complexion with golden undertones or pink cheeks, or a woman with true olive complexion? You’re in the cool skin tone category too.

But with so many reds out there how would you know which shade will complement you best? According to hair experts, going for cool auburn reds, ‘mulled wine’, burgundy, bordeaux, along with reds with more violet tones work better with your skin. You may also go for reds with intense warm brown base or honey. On the contrary, you should avoid reds with gold, yellow, or bronze tones that will only make you look sallow.

Warm Skin Tone

If green veins are more visible in your wrist, then you have a warm skin tone complexion. Generally, Indian women, Latin women, and women with golden beige skin belong to this category. However, some pale women with peach or gold undertones have the warm skin tone too.

According to hair experts, women with a warm skin tone should go for auburn, as well as reds with rich browns base like chocolate and chestnut. You may also think of warmer reds with less violet or less blue. On the contrary, you should avoid reds with blue or violet base, as well as jet-black hair that will only make you look washed out.

Why Auburn Color Will Fade Nicely on Brown Hair than Blondes

If you’re a woman with naturally brown hair and wish to go auburn, you’re lucky. Do you know that the auburn color’s vibrancy will last longer in a brown hair? According to experts, your naturally brown hair itself has hints of red and auburn that shine though. The darker the hair, the more auburn you’ll see, but a great thing, it will fade nicely too. If you want to refine the auburn tones again, simply visit the salon every few months.

If you have a naturally dark brown transitioning into an auburn hair, the hair coloring process is easy and effortless. According to hairstylists, if you have a naturally brown hair, all you need to do is apply the auburn color and that’s it.

However, if you got a black or darker hair, you still have to remove the darkness of your hair color to some degree so the auburn shade will show up. Unfortunately, bleaching and lightening can damage your hair if done frequently.

Do you know that redheads can still experiment with their hair color? Think of highlights, lowlights, balayage, and even ombré that will bring your naturally beautiful hair into life. If you have a naturally red hair color, you can still enhance it with red hair dye to bring out the richer, brighter hues like Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher did.

Amy Adams and Emma Stone have naturally blonde hair, but they set themselves apart from other actresses by coloring their hair red or auburn. If you have a naturally blonde hair, then you’ll have a harder time to transition into auburn hair. If you’re a blonde, then expect more maintenance for your auburn hair, which means monthly visit to the salon to keep your hair color stunning. Blondes have a harder time keeping auburn hair color vibrant because the pigments tend to fade quicker.

How to Take Care of Auburn Hair

  1. Opt for color-safe hair products.

To keep your locks in tip-top condition, skip those harsh clarifying shampoos and conditioner that can alter the shade of your hair color. If you have newly colored hair, using color-safe hair products will make your hair color last longer. Though purple shampoos are ideal for keeping blonde hair less brassy, you might want to avoid them if you’re rocking an auburn hair as they could alter the overall tone of your hair.

If you like, you may even think of a hair mask two to three times a week. To keep your hair color rich and vibrant, you may think of visiting your hairstylist every month for color boost and retouches.

  1. Skip hot baths and heat styling tools.

Do you know that hot temperatures can strip our hair’s natural oils along with your hair color? It would be best to take cold showers during summer months, but in the fall season you may think of lukewarm showers instead of hot showers.

It might be nice to get some curly, beachy hairstyle while sporting your auburn hair, but too much heat styling can lead to damage. Instead of blow-drying your hair, simply let it dry naturally. Some women even do the hack of braiding the hair to get natural curls sans the heat.

Indeed, fall season is the perfect time to take a walk on the red side and get an auburn hair.


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