15 Fun Baby Shower Games That Everyone Will Love


When your close friend or sister is about to have a baby, you must plan a baby shower. And no one likes the ideas of a shower without baby shower games! You may have noticed that guests tend to get bored faster in these kind of parties as there is nothing to do but talk. So you have to make sure that they are entertained well. We are here to help you with that part! There are some fun and some absurd options here, and we are sure you will find the ones to include in your ceremony. Try to make it as festive and fun as you can and spread the joy around!
Here are 20 fun baby shower games ideas that will not break the bank and leave you smiling and happy!

  1.  Do not name the baby game!

In this particular game, you need to have some diaper pins handy! Yes, you heard it right! You need to assign a pin to the guests as they enter. The game begins when you ask your guests not to say ‘baby’ until you guys are ready to open the gifts! You need to make sure that everyone follows that one rule! If anyone accidentally says baby, then the one who heard it first can take their pin. At the end of the game, the one who has the most pins will win a gift!

This is a game that can break the ice between your guests who may have never heard of each other! You can also enjoy the energy in the room. We are sure you will see people breaking into laughter when they fail! So make sure you add this on your list for games to play.

  1. Guess who the baby is!

This baby shower game will make you feel excited. This is great not only for the guests and the hosts, but it also makes the mother-to-be feeling good! You need to start soon with these games though! As you send in the invite to your guests, we want you to put in a request as well. You have to ask them to bring in a baby picture of themselves to the shower!

And when your guests arrive, you need to take these pictures, number them and place them on board. The game starts as you ask each guest to figure out who the baby is! You will surely have a good time talking about how one has grown up in. The ones whose baby pictures most people figure out are rewarded in the end.

  1. Guess what is in the bag!

This is a gift idea as well, and so it will fit in well with the baby shower games. When you head on to arranging this shower, we want you to take a bag that one cannot see through! Pack it up with some common and readily available items for the baby. You can add on a bib, a baby toothbrush, diapers, and some other teething instrument.

After this, you need to get all of your guests to form a circle. You get your phone out and keep a timer of two minutes. You can give each person this time to touch the bag and find out what is inside the bag. Take the bag around, and the one who guesses the most items gets a prize. You can then hand over the bag to the parents to be, and they will love it as well! It is a win-win idea for everyone!

  1. Bring the parents together game!

These baby shower games are lovely not only for the ones who attend but also for the parents to be. You can make everyone feel good and included in this game, and it makes everyone a winner in the end as well. For this, you need to ask the parents a bunch of questions each and make sure that they do not hear the answers of the other! The secrecy is the key to this game!

You can ask things like what do you want to name your baby? Do you want a boy or a girl? What would you like them to be when they grow up? After that, you bring them together and ask the other to guess what their partner said! The guests can guess the answer as well. This is a cheerful part of baby shower games, and it makes everyone feel excited too.

  1. Ready to draw the baby?

When you plan a shower and arrange for baby shower games, you want your guests to have fun and not sit around being bored for sure. If you want a game where there is no competition, and everyone is having a good time, then this is it! You can say that this is funniest baby shower games ever!

You need to start by getting all of your guests something to draw on that is sturdy! This is usually done with a paper plate. You can start by giving them markers and then asking them to draw what they think the baby will look like! But you will not let them use a desk to draw on; instead, they will be using their heads to hold that plate and draw on it. We are sure you will be rolling on and laughing as you see what each one draws!

  1. The dirty game of diaper licking!

Are you ready to present to you a baby shower games for kids? Then this is the best one so far! You can also ask your guests to add on to the fun here. There are certain things you will need if you want to get this game started! The first thing is to take on some candy and make sure they are ones that melt well. Take candies of different colors, and you can try them out!

You can also get some diapers that would fit a newborn. Add on some candy on the center and make the chocolate melt. This way, you create a messy goo in the middle. Now the game is that every kid tastes the chocolate and then guesses which flavor it is! We are sure you will love the game as it is a dirty diaper game. Baby shower games are incomplete without the mention of these!

  1. Guess this baby food here!

Are you one who has a knack for a fun game that involves eating? Then we suggest you head out and buy some baby food from different brands. You can take the labels of these containers off. Then you need to add numbers on them so that you know what brand and flavor they are. You need to start by placing these on the top of a counter. These are too easy for those who are parents already.

So make sure you play it with those who are new to the baby thing! Now give your guests a spoon and make them taste these out. As they guess, you will note the ones that made correct guesses! The guest who gets the most right ones win these baby shower games!

  1. How big is the belly?

When a woman is pregnant, people usually let go of most boundaries. They feel it is ok for you to head to the woman and comment about the growing size of their waist. You can include this habit of people a part of these baby shower games. These little things are what make this a good bunch of games! Many think that these are the inappropriate baby shower games that makes one feel giggly! For this one, all you need is some toilet paper or a piece of yarn!

Start by asking your guests to guess how big the belly is growing, and they need to make an estimate. Ask them to cut out the yarn that they think fits. You can then ask the guests to wrap that thread around the waist of the mom-to-be. Then the ones who get it right get prizes!

  1. The game of drinks for all

When there is a game that goes around with drinks, people love it! You can get the idea of these games from anywhere. And you do not need to worry since you can make it perfect for a baby shower as well. For this, you can buy some baby bottles and then fill them on with drinks. The ones for adults can have some beers on them. If there are kids, you can add on some soda.

Get your guests who want to participate around. Then you can ask them to get ready to chug all of that drink in a go! This is a fun drinking game, and it relaxes everyone too! Here you can have a clock and run the game for at least three rounds. The one who gets it fast most times will win!

  1. Baby shower games with bobbing involved!

This game is sure to get you excited, but we think it is perfect for the baby showers you plan with men on them as well. The game is suggestive on the name itself, and you can have fun with this. The bottles you had for the drinking game will come in handy here too! So save them up and get them in this part of the gaming session.

You need to dunk all of the nipples of the baby bottle on a big bucket. Make sure that it is filled with some water. This way, you can get the guests to bob for most nipples with their hands on the back. You can try keeping a timer as well. Usually of two minutes. This way, you can get a winner and reward them with a box of chocolates.

  1. The ice melting game for all

This is one baby shower games 2018 gave birth to! You may not know, but there is a pun here! As with each game, there is a bit of thing you will need here too. A night before the shower, you can buy some baby toys. The small ones are the ones to get. Put them in the freezer to make ice cubes out of them.

When your guests arrive, and you serve them drinks, add on these cubes on top. You can ask them to not mess with the melting process here. The ones that get the ice cubes melted first are thought of as the new faux parents. You can surely add that tag of the parents whose baby was born faster label on them. So it is a birthing game!

  1. The art of wrapping a diaper around

    When you choose this as one of your baby shower games, you are sure to see the guests laughing out loud! The reason is that this is a ridiculous idea. You need first to get your guests on some groups. These are usually a group of five people in each group or at least three. You can also assign names to the groups for ease.

    Then you will ask your guests to wrap a member of the group in some baby diapers. The catch is they need to use toilet paper and available and other things. They each have only five minutes to do it as well. The ones with the most creative ideas win! But the laughter here is highly contagious!

  2. Guess the correct price of products

    This is as simple as a game of the price is right that you may have seen countless times. It is time for you to host the same and head on to the baby shower games with it! To stick to the theme, you can take the items that relate to a baby. So you will take a bottle, a bib and things of that sort.

    After this, you will place the guests in teams. And ask them to guess the price for each of these items. When you ask them to make sure you create suspense as to them being correct about the answer. This way, it is more fun. You can also add on some fun items on this game. As the game finishes, you can reward the winner with the most right answers with a title and a bottle of beer!

  3. Pin the baby on the board!

    Here we are moving on to the Modern baby shower games, and they are sure to make you excited. For this, all you need is to get a cutout of the mother-to-be in cardboard. You can also get a drawing on a board that placed high. Also, get a cutout in the shape of a newborn baby. Get ready some napkins to put on the blindfolds!

    You can start by asking your guests to get blindfolded without cheating. Then you will spin them around and give them the baby. Ask them to reach to the poster and place the baby on it! The ones who get closest to the mother’s belly on the cutout wins this round. You can get it done in three rounds to choose a winner out of best of three!

  4. Baby shower games that include diapers

    There are a lot of games that involve diapers in baby shower games. This one is not an exception. Here you will need to take the dolls that you can get for cheap on the market. The baby dolls that are so popular will do. Place diapers on them and divide the guests into teams. You will need a napkin also to get them blindfolded again!

    This time you will ask each of the team members to get the diaper out of the doll and secure a new one in. All these without them taking a peek! You will see the toys being knocked down and the diapers being put upside down and inverted even! The ones who get as many dolls done in a matter of two minutes wins the game.

  5. The spill and dribble game

    When you feed a baby, there is so much mess. The parents to be will surely see how it looks once they watch this game! You need to get small cups and fill them in with applesauce! Then you will divide the guests into teams of two. For this you also need them blindfolded. Get bibs for one of the members in each group as well.

    Now you will start by making one of them sit and asking the other to feed them that applesauce. There is so much spilling that goes on in this, and that is the fun part. You will see some will struggle to put it in the mouth of their blindfolded partner! This is a messy fun part of these baby shower games, and we love it!

  6. Baby shower games with onesies

    When your baby is fussy and irritated, you want to put them in a onesie and carry them around till they cheer up. These are a great piece of clothing, and they are surely going to come in handy. So for this game, you can add in these clothes as well for the baby. It involved the need for decorative items, so get the safe baby items for it as well!

    Get all of your guests to come in and add on a piece of detail on the onesies. Make sure you buy multiple with different sizes. When the guests are done decorating, let the cloth get ready and place it on aboard. You can then get them out when they are available. As young parents, the couple will surely enjoy these gifts!

  7. The game with the potty!

Are you looking out for unique baby shower games? Then this is as good as it gets. You have some options here, though. You can get balloons and quarters for each of your guests. Then you will tell them how there are so many potty breaks in a pregnancy. Mothers are usually heading on to the washrooms in a matter of minutes at times.

So we will make a game out of this. Set a small stool on one end with a jar. Ask your guests to blow the balloon and tuck it in their shirt to look pregnant. Then they will place a quarter between the knees and rush to the jar. They will drop it there as if they are peeing! This is one weird game, and you can also do it with water-filled balloons.

  1. The game with a lot of cupcakes!

    For this game here you need to buy or make a batch of cupcakes. This way, you can also start the game! You need to buy a small plastic baby on a random cup. If you are buying, then ask your baker to do it for you! Make sure there is no frosting or decoration of any kind there though!

    You can make a counter for decoration on here. Ask your guests to use the items of bakery for decorating the cupcakes. They should not know which the one with the baby is. Afterward, the mother-to-be chooses her favorite design, and they win the prize! When everyone eats their cupcake, the one who gets the baby is lucky! Tell them they will have a baby next, and you can laugh about it.

  2. Baby shower bingo games

    If you are looking for baby shower games amazon can help you with then there are undoubtedly a lot of ideas that you will find. The one we are suggesting is the baby shower bingo that they offer. It is a fun game, and everyone knows how to play, as well. It makes it an easy one to try, as well. You can also take part in the festivities and rest for a bit between all the hassle there is!

These were all the fantastic game ideas that we had to share with you. Make sure you have fun as you play them with the mother to be and enjoy each moment! These are the days that bring people closer after all!


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