15 Fun Baby Shower Games That Everyone Will Love


An impending arrival of a baby is a reason for everyone to celebrate—and fun games are great for keeping the party spirits high and memorable. If you’re still in the early planning stage of your baby shower, keep reading for the fun games that everyone will love to keep the celebratory occasion fresh and memorable.

  1. Don’t Say Baby

A baby shower might be the perfect reason to scream the word “baby”, but in this game, it’s the forbidden word that you cannot say throughout the night. It’s up to you to decide if you want to last the game the whole party or not. Is it possible to make it through the entire night without saying the word “baby”?

To get started, you should give the guests a diaper pin the moment they come in. With each guest, explain the rules of the game, so they will be aware that they can’t say the word “baby”. If someone hears the forbidden word “baby”, then he can gain the rule’s breaker diaper pin. At the end of the night, the guest with most number of diaper pins will win.

The key of this game is to be self-controlled and be a good listener so one won’t say the forbidden word, and catch the other guest who will slip up. As a prize for the winner, you can give him a brooch since it’s related to the diaper pins. Or, think of fun stuffs like keychain, picture frame, home décor, and even cash prize.

Do you know that your guests can get really aggressive catching each other with this game? That sounds a lot of fun.

  1. Baby Stroller Olympics

Do you plan to hold the baby shower game on a bigger venue—park, backyard, hotel lounge, garage, car parking, big living room or somewhere outdoors? Then think of this Baby Stroller Olympics that will make for a great time, especially if you’ll have a lot of guests that can run and be active at all times.

The things you’ll need in this game are baby stroller, a baby doll, stopwatch, markers, and stuffs that can be used as obstacles in the game—mono block chairs, small tables, and such. You have to prepare the area by marking the starting and finish line and setting up the items that will serve as the obstacles in the game.

Since a pregnant mom couldn’t run, let her be the judge of the game. The game is more of a car racing-like game where each guests will need a stroller with a baby doll in it—and she will run to the finish line as fast as she can without letting the doll fall from the stroller. To make the game more exciting, you may even add some penalty when the doll falls from the stroller or the guest hits the obstacle.

At the end of the game, the person with the fastest time reaching the finish line will win. To make the prize related to the game, think of something an active person will always need like a gym towel, water bottle, sports bag, or even a tech watch.

  1. Name That “Baby” Song

If you love music, then you’ll surely enjoy this game. The things you need are a music player, pens, papers, and a list of songs with “baby” in the titles. You have to mix different song genres to make the game more enjoyable.

Do you still remember the lyrics of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”? What about “I Got You Babe” sung by Sonny and Cher, along with Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” and Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe”? You could also include Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” and Dave Matthews Band’s “American Baby” to make things more fun.

Just give each guest a pen and paper to take note of the song title and artist. Or, to make the game more active and aggressive, you may instead ask the guests to shout out the title of the song right away instead of writing them down. It’s up to you whether you like to play the intro, chorus, refrain, or middle of the song, but first ten seconds will be enough for guests to listen to them.

At the end of the game, the guest with the most correct answers will win and get the prize. To make the prize related to the game, you could give him a CD of her favorite music that will be created after the game.

  1. Who’s That Baby?

If you love cute babies, then your guests will truly enjoy this game. The things you need are are baby photos, along with pens and papers. It’s up to you whether you choose to use your guest’s baby photos or use celebrity baby photos.

Your guests must guess who is who—and the one with most correct answers will win the game. If you choose to use your guest’s baby photos, you may simply request them to email their photos prior the night so you can arrange them in a photo slide show. A great thing, it’s a perfect icebreaker, and you’ll how cute your friends are when they were still a baby.

If you like to use celebrity baby photos, then cut images from the magazines or print them from the internet. Just include their parents too so your guests will have fun in learning. To make the prize related to the game, you may simply think of a picture frame where your guest can put a nice photo showing off his cute baby pictures, along with his kids if he already has.

  1. Baby Items in the Bag

If you like the concept of guessing, then you’ll surely love this game. All you have to do is put the baby items—diaper, rattle, pacifier, milk bottles, bib—in the bag before starting the game. Distribute some pen and paper to your guests, and as they touch the bag, they’ll list the items inside. The guest will pass the bag one by one, but they couldn’t open it. They can only shake or feel the bag with their hands instead.

At the end of the game, the person with the most number of correct answers will win. To make the prize related to the game, you can give the bag filled with baby essentials to parents-to-be, or give a cute tote bag instead.

  1. Birthing Babies

If you want more fun, but lesser need for your guests to move, then simply think of this game. It’s actually more of an “ice-melter” game where your guests will have a frozen cup with tiny plastic babies. As a preparation, you need to freeze a bunch of cups filled with water and tiny plastic babies as a toy.

When your guests arrive, give the frozen cup to them. The ice will begin to melt, revealing the plastic baby—and the first guest who gave birth to the first baby will win. To make things trickier, think of letting your guests guess how long will it take for the ice melt and reveal the plastic babies. The person with the most accurate guess will win.

  1. Drink Up, Baby

If you want something hilarious, then go for this game. Just pay attention to the average age of your guests so you can choose beverages between beer, soda, apple juice, and milk as your props. You’ll only need is the drink and baby bottles that each guest must consume, along with a stopwatch.

The guests must such the bottles dry as fast as they can—and the first person who consumed the drink will win. To make the prize relevant to the game, you may give the winner his favorite drink. Think of a bottle of wine, a can of soda, a fresh box of milk, apple juice and such.

  1. Feed the Baby

If you want more challenge, think of this game. You’ll literally have your guests drooling food and making messes in a more fun way. All you need is to pair your guests—one that will play as the mother, and one that will play as the baby. The mother will feed the baby, but both of them must be blindfolded.

You may think of a jar of apple sauce, oatmeal, porridge, fruit salad, macaroni salad and such as your food props, along with spoons and bibs. The fastest pair to finish their food on the bowl or plate will win. To make things more exciting, think of food prizes that your guests will surely love like chocolates, cakes, and pizza.

  1. Diaper Raffle

If you want some fun and functional game, think of a diaper raffle. Do you know that a newborn baby needs at least 30 diapers a week? This game will give some functional gift to the parents to be. As a preparation, you must require your guests to bring diapers as many as they can. The guest with the most number of diapers will get a prize—it’s up to you what is it.

To start the game, you’ll have to give each guest a pen and a diaper to write his punch line, jokes, fun quotes, words of love, encouragement and such. Then, the one with the most fun and creative answer will win. A great thing, the personalized diapers can be used by parents to-be—and they could be inspired with the things written on the diaper on a late-night change.

Yes, the parent-to-be will find this game fun, practical, and economical, giving silent thanks with each fresh diaper for their baby.

  1. Baby Cupcake

Do you love sweets and love to bake? If your guests have a sweet tooth, then they will surely enjoy this game. As a preparation, you need to bake a lot of cupcakes, but include a harder cookie in a baby shape form in one cup secretly.

When your guests arrive, tell them that the game is all about decorating the cutest and most creative cupcakes. Simply give them the plain cupcakes that you baked, and give them all the essentials for decorating it—icings, frostings, chocolate syrup, honey, kisses, balls, candies, gummy bears and such.

After everyone has finished, the mom-to-be will choose the cupcake with the most creative design—and that guest will receive the prize. Upon eating each baked goodies, tell them that they must find a baby cookie inside the cupcake to receive another prize. To make everything more appealing, think of real cakes, sweets, and chocolates as the prize for both winners.

  1. Don’t Drop the Egg Baby

Are you a fan of a relay race game? Then this will be the perfect baby shower game for you. All you need is to prepare a lot of hard boiled eggs, coloring pens, watercolor paints, markers, and large spoons. Each guest will decorate their egg—and the most creative one will get a prize.

To make things more fun, you may opt for fresh eggs, but to avoid spills, hardboiled eggs will be better, plus you can eat them after the game. To extend the fun of the game, the guests will carry their egg babies on a large spoon. It’s up to you whether you want the spoon to be held by teeth, but since it’s a bit heavy, a hand will do too. Just decide if you like the game to be a standard point-to-point race or a relay race.

  1. Balloon Babies

Looking for more childlike yet fun for the adults game? Then think of this “balloon babies” game where your guest will need to blow up the balloon and place it under his shirt. All you need is a lot of balloons and pins. Divide your guests into teams of five or six, and give them balloons.

You must say “go” so the team will start blowing up the balloon and stick them under their clothes. After all of them are finished with their balloon babies, they have to pop them by using a pin. The first team to pop all the balloons will win the game. To make things more fun, simply require them to bump with each other just to pop their balloon babies.

  1. Baby Birthday Pool

If you want something more personal, then guessing the mom-to-be anticipated due date will sound more exciting. The things you need are pens, papers, and calendars. Do you know that 6 percent of babies are born exactly on their due date, but the rest are not?

By predicting the day and the time her baby will be born, the guest will have a prize waiting for her. Just give her a small prize as an appreciation for participating in the game, and save the bigger prize for the much awaited date. The rule of the game is: Do not forget to send prizes after their baby is born. Most of the time, baby items like diaper bags, milk bottles, rattles, baby bib, baby food, baby toys and such are great.

  1. Baby Word Unscramble

Are you a fan of scrabble, mixed words, crossword puzzles and such? Then this game is just perfect for you and your guests. The things you need are a timer, a list of scrambled words, and pens. The key is to opt for words associated with the baby to make the game more fun. Think of bananas, stroller, cry, mama, teddy bear, stuff toy, pacifier and such—but they must be jumbled when you present them to your guests.

Baby Shower Games

It would be better if you’ll print copies for your guests for them to think well. The game will have a time limit, and the guests must submit their answers whether they’re finished or not. The guest with the most number of correct answers will get a prize. You may opt for scrabble board and other word related game boards as a prize.

  1. Nursery Rhymes

Are you familiar with nursery rhymes like: “The Grand Old Duke of York”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son”, “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived Under a Hill”, “The Lion and the Unicorn”, “Round and Round the Garden”, “London Bridge Is Falling Down” and such? Then this game is just perfect for you.

For instance, you may think of Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme like: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a _____, Humpty Dumpty had a great _______.” (You may stick to a one line rhyme or continue it with the “All the _____ horses and all the _____ men, Couldn’t put ______ together _____.)

All you need is to print copies of nursery rhymes in fill in the blanks style. When your guests arrive, simply distribute the copies with pen for them to fill the missing words. Just give them at least seven minutes to complete the answers—and the guest with the most number of correct answers will win. It’s up to you whether you wish to give a book, a cute pen, bookmark, notebook, and such as a prize.

Indeed, games will make any party fun and exciting. With these baby shower games, you’ll surely enjoy the celebration with a lot more joy and love with parents-to-be and friends.


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