Best Online Citation Tools to Format Your Academic Papers


Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offense which is fraught with such consequences as suspension and even expulsion from an educational institution. That’s why it’s crucial to properly reference another author’s thoughts and ideas to maintain academic honesty and avoid unwanted penalties.

Notwithstanding the fact that nowadays gaining education is easier than ever, lots of students resort to plagiarism for a wide variety of reasons. Of course, it’s faster and more convenient to copy another person’s ideas and subsequently represent them as your own original work. Such “stealing” can save you lots of time and effort. Nevertheless, it also may cost you reputation and your place at a college or university. Still, sometimes, students commit plagiarism accidentally, when unfamiliar with rules and conventions established for documenting sources you use to write your paper. Luckily, there are plenty of handy online citation machines that can help you cite your sources in a specific style. Check out the most popular tools below.

# 1 PapersOwl Online APA Citation Generator

As you might know, APA is one of the most popular styles used to cite sources within social sciences. Lots of students opt for PapersOwl Online APA Citation Generator, which spares them the hassle of familiarizing themselves with APA citation guides and manually create citations for their papers. If you’re buying college papers online, make sure to check their uniqueness via APA style citation generator. Head to the PapersOwl website and create a reference for your textbook, newspaper, magazine, journal, book, anthology, or online source.  

# 2 BibMe

Another citation tool that may come in useful to document your sources is BibMe. It’s one of the most popular and efficient citation machines available on the Internet. Take advantage of BibMe, if you need to format your paper in the Chicago, Turabian, APA, or MLA style. Make sure to pick the required documentation style, as well as the type of a source you’re citing in you work. Once you have entered the necessary details, select the “Create Citation” option. In a second or two, you’ll be provided with the correct reference that will appear on your Works Cited page.  Moreover, BibMe features an excellent plagiarism checker wherewith you can check your paper to make sure it’s unique. Still, to take advantage of this option, you’ll need to subscribe to BibMe. 

Most of features are available in the free version of BibMe. Still, if you want to use an extended version of a plagiarism finder or check your paper for grammar, stylistic, or punctuation mistakes, feel free to avail yourself of a premium version.  

# 3 Citavi

Another bibliography and citation generator worth mentioning is Citavi. This multipurpose tool helps you not only to create a bibliography, but also import various sources and properly cite them in a specified format. Moreover, Citavi allows you to allocate tasks to your team members and manage your content in the most effective way.

Citavi features a vast variety of reference options to choose from which saves you more time and makes your work more efficient. You may either create your references manually or rely on the function of automatic generation of citations.

A free version of Citavi will help you create citations for up to one hundred papers. Once the limit is exceeded, you’ll need to pay to continue generating citations. There is also a vast array of paid premium membership options to select from.  

# 4 Citation Machine

Citation Machine is a time-tested online bibliography generator used by lots of students from different corners of the world. You need to generate a reference in MLA, APA, Turabian, or Chicago? It’s not a problem with Citation Machine. But if you’re working with a less popular style you professor required you to use, you can also opt for Citation Machine boasting thousands of additional citation styles. Those who are not familiar with the subtleties of citing sources are welcome to refer to the guides explaining how to cite in major styles, which are also available on the Citation Machine website.  

There is also an accurate and easy-to-use plagiarism scanner on the platform. As is the case with BibMe, you’ll need to sign up for Citation Machine first to be able to use the plagiarism detection feature.

# 5 Citefast

Citefast can become the best free online citation option for those who need to reference their work properly. Citefast boasts a relatively simplistic but user-friendly interface that can help you promptly reference the sources in both print and digital format using APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. This tool is also good at generating in-text citations you also need to incorporate into your paper. A cherry on top is that Citefast doesn’t require you to subscribe. You can use all its features for free.  

Hope our selection of the best citation generators will help you produce brilliant, plagiarism-free content.


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