80 Blonde Balayage Inspirations to Revamp Your Look


One of the best hairstyle trends you can get on board is the blonde balayage that we are going to be talking about today! This is an excellent way to let you know about the elegant ways to add some light to your hair. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that has been around for quite some time now. But people are still confused as to what it does. This is a way to add highlights to your hair that makes it look naturally beautiful. There is a subtlety to it, and you can get them on with any color.

Here we are bringing to you the blonde balayage, and we are sure you will love to get them on yourself. The best thing is that you will not be left with any harsh lines of color. You cannot see the dark and the lighter colors transitioning, and they are flawlessly done! You are sure to love the way your locks appear when you follow this popular coloring technique. There are a lot of Youtube videos out there that can teach you how to get them done at home. But we do suggest you take it up to your stylist to get them done.

Here are the best of these blonde balayage hair ideas you can get on board with.

Braided hairstyles on blonde balayage

Adding some braids is a comfortable way to arrange your hair and get them on line. You can try out any form of twist that you are satisfied with. You can get the same look for yourself, and it has this relaxed look to it. Especially if you have a liking for subtle blonde balayage. Here are a couple of ideas that we compiled for you.

blonde balayage Long hair with blonde balayage

If you love the idea of having long hair, you will love this section here. You can add hair extensions on if you have short hair to get this look. They are readily available in the market, and there are many options to choose from. So here are some ideas that you can start with. They are simple and still look captivating enough to try them out.

Short wavy hair

If you are looking for blonde balayage short hair, this is the part you need to pay attention to. Here are some curved, textured hair ideas that you can try out for yourself. This is a fantastic way to make sure that your hair looks extra special in every occasion. Add dark or light hues of blonde and get the ease you want with these haircuts!

Touch of gold

There are shades of dark blonde on top of these lighter shades here. You can see that they are working well for the hair and they have a charming effect on it. The lighter shades are making darker ones shine through even more. No matter how you like them styled; be it straightened or curled, you can look perfect! Here we have some options for you!

Medium hair length

If you are not one to love the extremes of anything, then you can try these hairdos out. They are not long, and neither are they short! You can enjoy this moderate look and enjoy the ease that comes with them. Here are some ideas that you can check out. The blonde balayage is the ideal hair color to try on for such a haircut.

The long bob

The blonde balayage bob is one hairstyle that will stay around for a long time. You can see that these are the styles to follow if you are looking to gain an outstanding look. These were loved by celebs back in 2018, and we see it going on strong now as well. If you are looking for a low maintenance look, this is an ideal look.

Adding some bangs

One casual way of adding on some fun to your hair is by adding some bangs on them. You can see that the section of hair you keep shorter can add dimension to your locks and make them look drastically fabulous. If you have never tried them on, we are sure you will love this section. There are ideas for full frontal bangs for you that have a youthful charm to them.

On the lighter side

These shades of blonde are what the vast majority of people are used to seeing. You can see the light blonde balayage on these images, and you can try them out this season. They are trendy and are gaining popularity as several stylists are reinventing the look. We have the best of these looks on the section below for you to navigate through. We are sure you will find the one that you can sport!

Hints of brown hues

If you are looking to get the shade on your hair that is subtle and has a charm to it, then you can try on this look here. There are sections of light blonde on half, and the rest has a brown tone on them as well. The colors are marrying together well, and this is the work of a professional stylist. This is a closer look so you can check the hues out well too.

Play of colors

There are hair colors on the market, and you need to play with them to make the best of them. You can create a custom look and get it on your hair as you try on this fantastic blend of hues. Here are some dark and light blonde tones on them and they are merging well. This is a well-balanced look here and one that most women try on. Take a screenshot of this look to recreate it.

Sleek hair with blonde balayage

Here are some blonde balayage straight hair ideas that are going to rock your world! If you are looking for a no-nonsense hairstyle that looks gorgeous on all face shapes, then you will love this section here. All you need is to keep your hair sleek, and you can show off the blonde balayage off in a smooth fashion. This is an idea that we adore and teenagers love this look as well.

Try the ombre like a balayage hair

You can try out a mix of two of the most stunning hair coloring trend. The ombre hair coloring method is going to be accessible for a long time for sure. You can see the way your color transitions in this look, and it looks fabulous. Here we have a couple of hairdos that show you how you can get the best of both worlds. This is a great idea for girls who cannot choose one.

Salon styled blonde balayage

There are ways to make your hair get the beautiful balayage back at home for sure. If you have been doing this for some time now, you can get it done yourself. But if you have never tried on the same for yourself, then you need to take help from stylists. They are going to help you get the shade that you want for yourself and help you achieve the look that you aspired to reach.

Layered hair with blonde balayage

If you have thin hair, you are going to love this look here. You can add layers to your hair is an easy way to make your hair stand out. This way, you can get your hair some volume and make it look thick as well. We have some ideas you can try out for yourself. Check them out in here and find the look that you can get on board with.

Blunt cut balayage

This can be the blonde balayage 2019 look that you try on for sure. There are blunt edges on the base here, and that makes it look extra special. There are straightened hairstyles in here, and we are sure you will be able to get the same for yourself. If you are a working woman, you will be able to get this look effortlessly. You will look polished and perfect in these blonde hairdos.

The party hairdo

Having a stunning color on your hair gives you the freedom to try out any hairstyle and rock it! You are sure to love the festive one in here. There are braids in here, and they look beautiful. The hairpins in here are what makes the look stand out. If you are to head out to a special event, then you can try to recreate this look. The dark color on the roots is adding needed depth as well.

Beachy waves for an evergreen look

Adding waves to the hair is an easy task. All you need is a good hair curler and you are set. They add volume and dimension to the hair and are capable of making your hair look extraordinary. Beach waves are casual and are perfect to be sported as everyday hairdos. If you have not tried them on, you should try them out with the balayage here. Head out with your friends in this look, and you won’t regret it.

Get them as highlights

You can try out the best of these hair colors here, especially if you are not looking to try them on your full hair. This is an easy way to get it done, and you can look fabulous as well. Adding highlights to your hair is a convenient way of making them pop. We are sure you will love the way your hair looks when you add some blonde hues on them to add dimension.

On darker hair

When you have dark hair naturally, then you are looking for ways to get them to show colors off well. There is a chance that any hue you try on may not seem so bright on you. So you can bleach your hair to make them look lighter beforehand. Here are some of the best ideas to try out for you! Blonde balayage on dark hair looks magnificent, and here are some images to prove it.

Pretty in pink

Getting bold shades on your hair is a new trend, and we are sure you have seen them around for some time now. The pastel pinks are one of the best colors to make the round on Instagram as well. You can try out adding some pastel shades on you if you are looking to get that girly vibe. Here is an idea if you are looking for some inspiration to change your hairstyle.

Caramel shades

If you have never tried on caramel shades, then here is your chance. You can add them on to your blonde balayage, and it will look stunning. If you have no idea how it will look on you, then you can check out these sections in here. They showcase the slightly golden and darker shade, and you are sure to love them on. They are a great color to try on for any season as well.

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Ashy shades

There are grey to ashy tones that are gaining popularity over the years. Celebs are making this even more famous by wearing them in different ways, and we are recommending you try them out as well. The one in here has this charm of grey hair with the blonde balayage. This is a stunning example of how you can make a simple hairstyle look extra special. This way, you give them a trendy touch as well.

For thick hair

Women who are blessed with thick hair need to be grateful for sure. There are a lot of women that desire the fuller and voluminous look. You can get your hair to look extra special if you add on some hair extensions with the blonde hues on them. Here is an idea that you can try out if you are looking for inspiration. Make sure you try them out with your stylist to get the flawless look.

Everyone’s favorite

Here are a couple of ideas if you are looking to try out some balayage hair colors. You can see that there are darker brown hues on top and the one on the bottom has this dark black on the roots. They are followed with the light shade of blonde on the bottom. These work out for women of all ages and skin tones. They are closer to what most women try out, so this is a loved look!

Looking up close

There are a lot of options of blonde balayage, and you are here to check them out, and so we are giving you a close up look. This way, you can see how it will look once you get them completed. Here are different hues and undertones. If you are looking for lighter tones, then they are here on top. The darker ones with golden undertones are there on the base here for you to enjoy.

Casual everyday style

When you have healthy hair, and they are shiny too, you are going to look your best no matter what method you try on. Here is a look that works best for women who are always on the run! There is a knotted look here, and it will take only some minutes of your time to get it done. So this is an approachable look that doesn’t have a lot of complexities to it.


This is as close to perfection as you can get. You can see how stunning these hairstyles are in blonde balayage Pinterest too. Blonde balayage is a trend that can get you looking as stunning as the women in these images. If you are intrigued by them, then you need to get them on yourself as soon as you can. So make sure you book an appointment today! You can style them any way you like, and you will end up with this stunning color.


The bob

This one here has the charm to it that we adore. The bob took over the internet, and people are looking on to try this out always. Thus we recommend you give this a try as well. They never seem to go out of style. Celebs are still trying on varied versions of the bob and making it look amazing. Get it on your blonde balayage hair and get ready to receive compliments from everyone.

Outdoorsy look

There is something fun and casual about these hairstyles as well. You can see that the hair here has this easy and breezy appeal to it. You can try the same for yourself if you are always in a hurry to head out. So check this look out and get inspired today! You will be looking good no matter what hairstyle you try if you get your hair in this mix of blonde balayage.

Textured curls on blonde balayage

One fun way to make your hair look stunning is to add some curls to them. You are sure to make an impression when you get your blonde balayage hair on to these waves, the colors shine through well, and they give off a healthy shine. Here we have compiled some looks that you can try out if you are heading out for a romantic date or a special day as well. We are sure you will love these!

For thin hair

We have a lot of concern when it comes to our hair for sure. If you are looking to get your hair colored, then you will need to do some research for sure. Women who have thin hair are usually concerned about coloring as they can make your hair prone to damage and cause more fallout. So make sure that you take care of your hair. Another tip is to get them layered out to give off a thicker appeal.

Maintenance of blonde balayage

There is no hairstyle on this planet that needs no maintenance. You are sure to need to take care of locks, especially if you are going to get them colored and bleached. If you are looking to get rid of your damaged hair, then the first thing to do is get rid of any split ends that you may have. Make sure you get regular touch-ups and oil treatments to make them healthy.

After you finish the article here, you are sure to have gotten enough ideas about the blonde balayage trend. We suggest you take your time analyzing the shades and undertones before you get on with the hair coloring. If you are looking to make any changes to the hair but do not want it to be too extra, then you should try this one. We are presenting you with ways to get a new look that you can get on at the back of your home. There are DIY options here too, so we are sure you will be excited!

Make sure you carry whatever look you try on with confidence. That is the only way to enjoy your look and appear in your best shape. So be sure about the colors you want and rock them! No matter what age you are, you are going to love this look. You can try it on in any length of hair, which makes this trend easier and approachable. So this is an ideal one to try out for everyone!

This blonde balayage are shades that are not going to scare anyone away. They work out for women of all skin tones, which is another bonus of trying this look here. We decided to bring to you the best collection of hues and cuts there are so we are sure you are pleased with our effort. If you think we missed something, then you can comment down below to let us know. We always appreciate your feedback. Give us a thumbs up down below and make sure you are following us, for we are always bringing out more of such exciting content for you. There are other fantastic reads on our website, so check them out before you leave!


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