50 Cool Inspirations to Rock the Blue Black Hair Trend


Colder season inspires us to go darker on our roots, on contrary to summer’s golden blondes and sun-kissed brunette shades. Black may be timeless, but a deep, rich blue black hair color will bring a cool edge to your typical look. If you want to add some daring attitude to your hairstyle, keep on reading for the 50 cool inspirations to rock the blue black hair trend.

Reasons Why You Should Try the Black Blue Hair Trend

  1. Black blue hair color is one of the most natural choices.

If you wish to add some edge to your looks, this hair color will still look natural yet a bit cooler, giving you a rich black hue with a hint of blue under light. A great thing, this hair color is perfect for ones with a cool skin tone and light eyes. Even though you want to rock the funky hair color, it’s not that drastic so you’ won’t be going away from your comfort zone that far.

In fact, with a black blue hair, you can dress however you like, and don’t have to worry about your bold colored outfits clashing with your hair color. If you like, you can even match it with your beautiful blue nails. If you want to make things a bit trendy, think of a peek-a-boo blue or ombre.

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  1. You can rock the hair trend at work, and still look professional.

There are a few vibrant hair colors that are office-friendly, and blue black hair can look professional. Do you know that in color psychology, blue evokes a sense of confidence and intelligence? It makes a perfect reason to add a hint of color to your hair. The blue hair trend is not just for rock-chic women, but also for professional women. Yes, you’ll be able to wear it at work whether you have a conservative, creative or casual dress code.

  1. It fades beautifully and complements naturally black hair.

We all know how hard it is to maintain a bold hair color as you need frequent visit to the salon for touchups. If you can, opt for a hair dye with natural oils to retain moisture in your colored hair, making it look healthy. A great thing, blue black hair complements your natural hair color, so you don’t have to worry refreshing the hue whenever you’ve got a new hair growth. According to some women, blue black hair fades beautifully so you’ll be able to rock the trend even your hair changes its color.

  1. It works well with most skin tones.

Blue black hair color might not be a natural color, but it doesn’t mean the trend won’t look great on you. You might be familiar with some techniques used in determining the best color for you whether you have cool or warm skin tone. A great thing, there will be the perfect shade of blue black hair for you whether you are of a lighter or darker skin tone.

According to hair experts, if you have a fair skin complexion, better opt for a purple blue, while women with olive complexions will look more flattering in a deeper cooler blue. Black blue hair is less striking than jet black, making it perfect for fair skinned complexions, and it also complements darker skin tones beautifully. In fact, blue black hair will look great from brunettes to Asians. More than that, black blue hair works for both men and women.

Blue Black Hair Inspirations for You

Blue black hair features specific color combinations that should be left to professionals. If you’re still unsure whether the color will work for you, better seek help from professional hairstylists. After all, the black blue color has a specific color combination that will bring out the best in you. Also, professionals know which hues to mix, and they are able to bleach and apply the dye on your hair.

Do you know that women with naturally black hair might need multiple sessions to get the perfect black blue hair color since the bluish tint might not be able to show in your dark tresses? Ideally, your goal is to get a hair color that’s close to black, but looks closer to blue when you walk in the sunshine or under lights. Yes, this hair color transforms in different lighting, giving your hair more depth and shine.

A great thing, there’s a lot of blue black shades you may opt for to personalize your hair color. While women looking for the edge of the brown-black spectrum seek for soft black hair color, some opt for blue black hair that looks natural yet edgy. If you like, you may even go for a blue black hair color that will give you a high gloss finish.

If you want to make things bolder, think of getting a blue black hair, where you’ll have some ultra reflective blue tones, highlighting your hair color. You can also get that blue black base, then, intensify the look with blue highlights that will surely pop. A great thing, these blue colored highlights will look great in a layered hairstyle, giving some depth, movement, and volume to your hair.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that seamlessly fades to blue at the ends, go for ombre trend. To make a fashion-forward statement, try the intense blue black hair featuring the boldest hues of blue, or go a bit metallic with an icy platinum black hair.

How to Get Blue Black Hair Color

If you have dark hair, you have to bleach it just to get the exact black blue hair color you love. If you have a naturally black hair, the hair color might not appear the way it would on a light hair so you have to bleach it first. Do you know that according to studies Asian hair more resistant to hair coloring products compared to Western hair?

Who would have thought that there’s a big difference on the hair shaft when it comes to Western and Asian hair, along with its thickness? According to studies, the cuticle on Asians’ hair is stronger on Asian hair while Afro Caribbean hair is the most difficult type to work with. According to experts, the process of bleaching actually removes the natural pigments in your hair which is why it goes lighter. That’s also the reason why a naturally lighter hair is more versatile as there are less pigments in their hair.

If you’ll do the hair coloring process alone, then you should follow the rules on the bleaching kit you’ll use. Make sure you have the perfect black blue hair color you want. But, if you’ll do the hair coloring process yourself, don’t expect it to look exactly as it does on the box.

When you bleach your naturally dark hair, it will change first from red to copper before getting the yellow shade that you need so you can color it with vibrant hues. Before everything else, you should protect your skin by applying petroleum jelly to avoid getting the skin around your hair stained.

Most of the time, you’ll have to do a patch test first before coloring your full head with a permanent hair dye. According to experts, you have to color your hair from ends to the roots, or else your roots will have a different color. Leave the hair color for some time and cover your head with a shower cap.

If you like, you can even add some personal touch to your hair with highlights or balayage. Most of the time, you have to use foils to keep the colored hair from getting mixed with the rest of untouched hair. After the dye sits on your hair, rinse it with cold water and allow it to dry. Don’t forget to deep condition your hair after coloring it to keep it healthy and nourished your hair.

Do you know that you can also get the black blue hair color from henna, vegetable dyes, coffee, tea rinses if you want to skip chemical based hair colors? After all, bleach destroys your hair by zapping its moisture, making more vulnerable to damage. If you’re experiencing some hair issues, better consult with your hairstylist before taking the plunge as he or she can tell you what’s feasible and what’s not.

In fact, henna is an all-natural dye extracted from plants, and even used for tattoos and hair colors. A great thing, it also protects your hair from sun damage. Unfortunately, they normally won’t take that long so you’ll need frequent touchups.

If you want to skip the use of chemical dyes, use colored hair extensions. A great thing, high quality hair extensions will let you wear the blue black hair without damaging your strands. More than that, it’s just easy to constantly switch up your hair color if you opt for extensions over traditional hair dyes. If you wish to get permanent extensions, seek some help from a professional to avoid scalp issues and hair loss problems.

If you wish to go a few shades lighter than your naturally black hair, you may also try tinting your hair. Do you know that a tint will be able to deposit the hair color faster than the traditional process of hair coloring that involves bleaching? Also, it is less damaging than the bleach used in coloring your hair.

If you like, you may also change the color tone of your hair if you’re not ready to commit to blue black hair trend yet. Most of the time, an old hair color will show the orange undertones as it fades. Instead of getting a new hair color, you may tone up or tone down the shade itself. Or, go for a temporary hair color with hairsprays that will stain your hair yet you’ll be able to remove them easily.

How to Maintain a Blue Black Hair

  1. Avoid washing your hair too often and opt for cold to lukewarm bath.

If you just got your hair colored, hair experts recommended avoiding shampooing your hair for 72 hours. Remember, the more you wash your hair, the color will likely to fade sooner. According to science theory, your hair needs some time to close and lock in the dye for it to last longer.

While hot water opens your pores, hot water opens the cuticles of your hair too that can strip the dye off, which is why you need to opt for cold to lukewarm baths instead. If you wish to lessen the frequency of washing your hair, opt for a dry shampoo that can also absorb grease and keep your hair fresh and clean.

  1. Think of using color safe hair products like shampoos, conditioners, and treatments.

Do you know that getting your hair colored will also require you to switching up your hair care routine? When you got a new hair color, you should say goodbye to your standard shampoo and conditioner too. Do you know that some ingredients in hair products can actually strip your hair of its color?

This is especially true with clarifying shampoos which contain a high level of detergent that will likely dull your hair color, though they are excellent for deep cleansing and removing dirt and product build-up in your hair. Also, avoid hair products with sulfates, which contain salt that can strip color and moisture from your hair. After all, moisture loss is one of the main causes of color fading.

To make your blue black hair last longer, opt for hair products formulated for color-treated hair that will also keep your hair nourished. If you dyed your hair mostly blue and don’t take care of it, your strands will likely turn green sooner, so it’s really essential to use color-safe products.

  1. Get a good quality hair treatment once a week.

Do you know that a colored hair needs more moisture since the dye stripped off some natural oils in it? It would be better if you’ll use a good conditioner that will protect your tresses and keep your hair color vibrant and long-lasting. As a hair hack, experts recommended bathing in cold water as it helps lock the moisture into your hair, while keeping your hair color safe from fading.

If you like, you may even add a hair mask to your weekly hair care routine to restore the moisture in your hair. Most of the time, you’ll have to apply the hair mask after shampooing, leaving it for five minutes before rinsing it.

  1. Avoid using heat when styling your hair.

Most of the time, factors like the sun and chemical exposure are the culprit for fading your hair color, especially heat. That’s the reason why you should avoid taking hot baths, blow-drying, hot oil treatments, and flat ironing your hair. Not only it could fade your hair color faster, but also cause some damage to your hair. After all, the chemical you used on coloring your hair is damaging, and your hair gets more brittle than before.

You can actually go for natural ways of curling or straightening your hair. If you can’t avoid using those heat styling tools, think of heat protectant hairsprays and serums too. Chlorine and salt water can also change your hair hue so be more careful when you plan to spend your vacation on the beach. If you can’t skip the adventure, better use a color-preserving conditioner or UV-protectant before going outdoors.

  1. Be creative yet careful on styling your newly colored hair.

If you like, you can even embrace your natural hair texture whether you have a naturally straight, curly, or wavy hair. If you like, you can still create effortless waves with traditional curlers or tease your strands a bit to add some volume to your hair. After all, adding shape and body to your newly colored hair will amp up your hairstyle.

Or, ditch the heat styling tools in favor of braids that will draw to focus on your blue black hair. Think of fishtail braids, French braids, Dutch braids, waterfall braids and such that will add some romantic flair to your looks. Just don’t forget to pump up your hairstyle with hairspray that will make it shiny and fresh.

  1. Book touch-ups at the salon.

Over time, your blue black hair color will fade and you’ll get new hair growth. Most of the time, you’ll need to visit your hairstylist for touchups after a month or so. Do you know that vibrant hair color will likely fade faster than darker ones? Thankfully, you can simply use the same shade of hair color you used before, but if you mixed some hues to get the hair color you love, better ask a professional to do the job for you.

Hair color grows out differently, but you’ll likely need to touch up your roots every three to six weeks. If you’re too busy to squeeze time for salon touchups, have roots cover-up yourself with root cover sprays. Yes, it can keep your new hair growth covered until you have the time to refresh your hair color. In fact, hair experts even recommended at least four weeks in between hair colorings.

Indeed, a blue black hair will easily transition your looks effortlessly while injecting some edgy attitude into your style.


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