50 Cool Inspirations to Rock the Blue Black Hair Trend


If you are not sure how to get the deepest color to rock this season without it being too boring, here we are to help you out! There is no need to surf the net for countless hours to find something worth trying on for yourself. You can check our collection of the blue black hair to get a clear picture of what is worth loving and what is not this summer! You can get that in-depth sultry look or also opt for that gothic glam when your hair color gives you that liberty. Are you still not sure how you can get it done? Then take cues from this beautiful collection of hairstyling ideas we compiled here.

You will find yourself to have gained a new perception as you scroll through these options. Cut your hair short or get these long locks that stand out and you can style them in any way you like. There are some remarkable ways to add on some curls and texture out here. If the sleeker option is what you want, then get your hair straightened out and get it to work! You can live out all your dark hair fantasies with the blend of these hues. If you tilt more to the lighter side, then here are also some pastel shades to adore!

Here is our collection of the best 102 options for blue black hair options that you will surely adore.

Dark options of blue black hair

Head out to the world of brilliant black and blues, and you are sure to love this combination here. There are some excellent ways to get them on your natural locks. Leave everything else to look subtle and enjoy the perks of being at the peak of your youth! The touch of blue that is at the ends will surely get everyone else to look twice at your hair. So make this your choice as soon as you can.

blue black hair That edgy wave

We all adore a hairstyle that has an edge to it. If you want to get that side trimmed hairstyle for yourself, then what better than this one right here. These are an excellent option for a girl who wants to enjoy that bold touch of elegance. Add some voluminous waves, and you are ready to head out. Take ideas from this hairstyle, and you can look as good as this every day.

Tilting to the violet tones

There are some beautiful colors here that can accentuate your skin tone. There are some dark tones we have here that accompany the purple-blue shades perfectly. You can see the waves add on to the elegance of the whole hairdo. Make sure you look your best this season with the colors that inspire everyone.

Teal influence in blue black hair

When the blue hair colors tilt more to the shiny neon side. You can see the darker black tones in here that coincide with them. Style them as you please, and you can get ready for any occasion that needs your presence. These are styles that even celebs like Demi Lavato have sported so it can be inspirational for you as well.

For dark natural hair

If all you want is that tinge of dark colors on your hair that readily has a black base, then this is the section for you. There are countless images that you can take inspiration from the internet. We are sure you will adore these colors and the ways they add that mysterious touch to your locks. These are the blue black hair natural styles we love.

Add these bangs

Want to spice up a hairstyle without getting much done? Then we suggest you pay attention to the fantastic range of bangs haircut ideas that are floating around on the internet. We want to encourage you to have a face-framing pair of bangs. For all seasons, it will keep you looking and feeling secure and stunning. When you pair it with blue black hair, you are set for days.

Black braiding styles on blue black hair

Braids and twists can have a more profound significance, and we know that anyone who is on the social media sites knows that these are the hot new hairstyles to pick. Our favorite celebs tend to rock these styles with so much elegance and grace. It can leave you stunned as well. Check out this image here that shows off the great use of blue and black hair to get that oomph into the hair.

The soft romantic style

Not everyone wants to look extra special and stand out into the crowd. You may be wanting to get that more delicate appeal into your hair rather than making it look extra. If you also feel the same way, there are some soft romantic ideas that you can try out. You can see how the hair transitions from the side and turns into a seamless color that deserves nothing more than your attention and appreciation. You can rock this look for those date nights to impress everyone!

Highlighting at it’s best

You may think of blue black hair as something that can be used only to add depth and not get that highlight on. There are some excellent colors here that help the hair to look transitioned and makes us want to head out to the salon and get this done as soon as we can. The teal to neon touch in these hues is something to get inspired by this season. The dark tone on the top is also working good to add depth.

Try it with the bob

The short length of hair makes it easy for everyone! There is less hair to take care of, and thus you need less time to worry about it as well. HereYyou how you can get the short hair with the best highlights on them. The lighter tones are beautiful as they add that ashy tone to the whole attire. Check these styles out here and get on board these bob hairdos today!

We are keeping it short and sweet!

If hassle-free hair is what your heart desires, then here is a look that is going to be loved and adored by all for a long time to come. You can see the elegant and bold hues of blue here. The short layers are working well to make a face look younger and give it that chic vibe. So if you are ready to chop off some layers, start here, and you will look gorgeous.

Dark appealing style

These are some shades of blue black hair on dark skin that looks good on pale skin tone as well. There are some beautiful options here that can help you look your best. Here the shades are dark, and they blend well with the blue tones too. You can attain these deep alluring hairstyle and take it to a whole new level by styling them. Take cues from these images and learn how to get it done when you can. These are styles that never seem to go out of fashion.ere

For a braided look

Braids have lasted the test of time, and for centuries, they have been around. You can take ideas and create new looks every day with the multiple braiding styles that we find on the internet today. If you are also interested in that idea and want that bold braided style, then make sure to check out these soft twisted hair. This one here is a simple look, but there are some beautiful options out there that you will surely find if you look well enough. Doing so will give a girl next door look.

The Kardashian- Jenner style

You can love them, or you can get irritated by them, but there is no way you can ignore these beautiful Kardashian-Jenners! They are always coming out with new fashion trends and giving us ideas as well. You can see for yourself why we adore and admire them. Here we have Kylie Jenner showing off her long, sleek blue black hair. Following her is Kendall Jenner with the model poses she is so good at. These sisters are rocking this look for sure.

Be extra!

Here are some ideas for midnight blue hair dye on black hair that we are sure you will love. These are also some edgy styles that you may not have seen anytime soon. You can see there are some casual styles in this collection, but this is not one of them. The cuts and edges are excellent, and they are forming this beautiful frame for your face. Models usually sport them, and they are sure to make you feel that attitude.

Natural hair textures with blue black hair

Choosing a blue black hair dye for African American hair is not that hard. You need to make sure that it has that color pay off and intensity though. They may be packed with a lot of chemicals and thus are well capable of damaging your hair and causing breakage. You need to treat your hair thoroughly after you have colored it and that way you can enjoy a fuller longer-lasting color along with the hair that shines!

Long hair to swoon for!

When someone passes by with long hair, we usually are swooning over them! For ages, women are attracted towards ideas of long hair, and it causes a big stir till today! You can experience the feeling of having long hair by growing out your locks. Or if you want fast and easy results, then you can get some beautiful hair extensions and call it a day. Here are some beautiful ideas that can get you inspired. Check these out for fun if not to try!

blue black hair

Ombre and balayage styles we love

You know there are some popular styles of hair coloring out there. Ones that we cannot turn away from is the ombre and balayage trends. They are the tricks that even celebrity stylists cannot keep away from. The first one is a trick of using dark and light hair colors and making them merge to look beautiful. You can check out these ombre styles here. If you are more into highlighting, then the trick that will intrigue you is the balayage. It adds on lighter shades well and gets that dimension on it.

Sleek, straight locks

The silky tones in these hairstyles are ideal for days when you need to head out and party with your friends! Colored hair in itself has this charm to it, and there is no way anyone will be able to keep their eyes off from this one. Here is some long hair sleek laid back look to try out for all teenagers. But that doesn’t mean there is an age limit to trying out these hairstyles!

Teenagers choice for blue black hair

What is the best blue black hair dye with the bluest tint in it? Then here is a color that we love that anyone can pull off. You can see there is a dark tone of the color, and it has a touch of light to add that dimension. You can wear this color as a pop of the bright tone, but it also has this nice edge to it.

The bowl cut

Have you ever seen a haircut as easy as this? It is a bowl cut if you are intrigued by it. There are some beautiful layers on them, and they frame the upper section of your hair thoroughly. You can see there are not a lot of ways to get this look done if you do not have that precision. The blue tinge on the top here is what attracts us. The short hair was loved by women back in the day as well.

From a different angle

When you look at blue black hair ideas, then you may think that these colors can only look deep and black mostly. And we are here to help you out to change your mind. You can see nicely that there are some dark tones of blue and there is a tinge of purple on them. There are touches of blue and paler tones on the bottom too. These are not your standard hues as they have a distinct feel to it.

Easy and fast ways to style your locks

When you have a hair color that stands out, you can look good each day. Even if you want to get that simple pinned up hairstyle, you can look good. You will be getting compliments. This ombre hair with the bold touch of bright blue is admirable in a lot of ways. Here you can take a section of hair and pin it back to get this subtle and straightforward style. The waves on end also add on to the charm of this hairstyle.

The vast forms of style!

You can style your hair in many ways, and they will all look good when you add them on blue black hair. Here we are showing off some of these stunning ideas for you to check out. There are some sleek, straightened looks here, and there are some medium length waves too. These blue black hair pale skin ideas will be helpful for many women as well. So consider it when you can.


Fun and vibrant blue black hair

There are so many colors that are getting hyped nowadays, and we are in love with these hues. There is no way anyone can take their eyes off from these shiny tones. You can try out bold bling of blues. Along with that, there are some dark tones on the bottom portion too. No matter what you like, you can try out a longer length or keep it near your shoulders. They are ideal for a day out.

The different approaches to coloring

You do not need to get intimidated to try out any form of hair coloring nowadays. You know that there are some fun, bold ideas out there. You can see we have collected a different type of styling here. Half of the hair has the darker black on top, and the rest has this brilliant blue on top. There is a chance you will look different each in any event with this punch of colors.

Big waves and curls

Some ladies carry on any hair texture well. And one that we love dearly is that high tight curls and ringlets. You can see there is some big, voluminous touch of hair. There is an added height on this look as well. The feel of black, blue tinge is lovely, and it makes everything look extraordinary. You can check out these ideas and get on with it to embrace your natural side.

Bright and light colors

Bright colors can be intimidating for a lot of ways. But if you do not try them on, you will never know. Thus you need to make sure you take the chance and try out any shade that excites you. You can try out any of these bold shades nowadays since it is in fashion. We have our take on dark blue black hair, and it has these neon shades on as well. Check out these options here for a quick idea.

Everyday styling for the girl next door

The girl next door idea is perfect if you want that subtle nonaggressive hairstyle. It makes you look gorgeous, and it has these delicate soft layers to it that adds that everyday appeal to this hairstyle. You can also opt for some dark blue black hair with a bit of curl on top to accentuate the look. If you are already intrigued by the idea, then you can take ideas from these images we have here.

Wavy bob styles

Looking for a hairstyle that works for all occasions? Then here are some stunning ideas of the short bob with some gentle waves on them. You can take any hair curler or even straightener to get it done. You can walk out of your home looking fabulous each day. And the best thing is that it is perfect for all occasions irrespective of whether it is formal or informal. Try it out for a change of looks!

Extra cute hairstyles

There are so many ways to style your hair and get them to look extra special. And thus we are keen to see how you guys will look when you try on something as cute and adorable as these short buns on the top. There is no denying that some hairstyles are for moms and daughters alike, and this is one such look. We are confident you guys will love the idea of these stunning hairstyles! So make sure you try them out and post pictures to let us know how you looked in them!

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Other options to check out

There are so many options if you go looking for the perfect color to try out. But we are here to show you that there are a lot of subtle possibilities that you can get inspired by from this collection as well. If you are yet to find that perfect match of colors and cut, then check out these shades we have here to get some idea. You can go for anything from a darker tone of blue black hair to a teal tone over it. If you are one to love your bright hues, then check them out here too!

We hope we answered your question of how to get blue black hair for yourself easily today with this article. Some cuts and colors touch everyone’s heart. The options for short hair is cute and girly, while the ones that are longer are elegant and alluring. Choose different forms of partitioning your hair and style them in varied ways too to get your blue black hair to stand out. Take all the inspiration you need from the collection we have and head to your salon to get that ever so gorgeous look.


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