107 Stunning Braided Ponytail Styles to Rock Every Day


If you are looking for a new style, something that you can use for almost any occasion whether it’s casual or dressy, then you have come to the right place. Braided ponytails are one of the hippest trends right now and there is a reason for that, they are gorgeous. There’s also a hundred different ways that you can rock the style out.

The great thing about braided ponytails is that you can wear them anywhere. Whether you are going to your best friend’s party or to a wedding, these styles are very versatile. They can be low-key and be great for a day of running errands, or they can be glammed up for a wedding, the sky is the limit for what you can do. We have all the styles that you are looking for.

Tips For Braided Ponytails

No one just wants a simple ponytail any longer. The style is to be bold and especially creative. It is meant to upgrade your current style and take it to a whole new level. There are so many different styles to choose from. There are fishtail, 4-strand braids, French braids and Dutch braids, just to name a few. Check out these 107 Stunning Braided Ponytail Styles to Rock Every Day:

1. The Crown Braid

This is an elegant and detailed crown braid that sweeps back and goes into a wavy ponytail. This would be a great style for an event or a wedding because it has that romantic look to it.

braided ponytail

2. Fun Styles

If you are a kid at heart, you can try this style out or use it for your daughter. It’s the perfect ponytail to have if she is involved in sports or gymnastics.

3. Cute Braids

Another cute look for someone who lives an active lifestyle. These tight pigtails will stay intact no matter what you are doing.

4. Tight Styles

This ponytail style is compact and well put together. There are two braids one on each side that come together for one ponytail.

5. Side Styles

This is another style that is more suited to a child. It’s a triple threat that is swept off to the side.

6.High Styles

The whole head is braided in one of those protective styles and it’s pulled together in one glorious ponytail. We love how long it is and you will too.


7. Bold Hair

When you have two contrasting colors, you are sure to make a braid stand out even more. This is a gorgeous style to take to your next event. 

8. Small Braided Ponytail

This is a really cute and messy style. The braid is only partially in the ponytail which creates a very different look.

9. Top Braids

These styles are cool for outdoor events or sports. They keep the hair out of your face, plus they give you a look that is totally fashionable.

10. Fishtail Love

We find that fishtail braids are always classier and elegant than most other braids. You could even see this style used as a bridal look. It’s only a partial fishtail ponytail, but it has all the beauty and class you need for your next event.

11. Loose Styles

This style is very loose and messy, the braid almost gets lost in it. If you want something that isn’t traditional, then this is the look for you.

12. Cool Looks

This is another example of the trendy top braid. It’s a very compact look.

13. Interesting Looks

If you want an edgier look that is sure to turn heads, then you can’t go wrong with this bold style.

14. Classic Styles

This is a very popular style that you can wear anywhere.

15. Basket Weave

This gorgeous braid reminds us of how they weave the baskets. It’s sure to be a look that gets you lots of compliments.

16. Double Braids

This look is so cute and so stylish that you will want to try it out immediately.

17. Intersecting Braids

Another great look that allows you to show off some cool contrasts.

18. Ribbon Styles

This is another great style that’s created with the use of ribbons.

19. Loose Designs

This outside braid creates a very different look. It’s an elegant style that you can wear anywhere.

20. Multiple Styles

There are multiple braids in this style and the rest of the ponytail is loose and flowing.

21. Messy Looks

A great style that is messy, there is no sophisticated with this style.

22. Icy Braids

This is an awesome high styled ponytail that has an awesome braid. It’s another contrasting colored style that is truly mesmerizing.

23. Stunning Styles

These double braids look great with the ponytail.

24. Blonde Styles

This gorgeous blonde hairstyle has a top braid. If you want a goddess look, then try this super long ponytail with plenty of waves.

25. Super Tight Braids

We have super tight braids that sit against the scalp and a high ponytail. It’s a gorgeous style that has a rock star vibe to it.

26. Soft Styles

A great style like this is practically a work of art. It’s loose and special, a style that is perfect for an event.

27. Tight Fishtails

A high ponytail that is created in the fishtail manner. You will have to have really long hair to create a style like this one.

28. Pretty Looks

A soft braid on the side of the head is a perfect style.

29. Different Sizes For Black Hair

Another outside braid that looks more like a rope. This style has a braid on top of a braid.

30. Pretty Looks

The long braid looks amazing in this ponytail style.

31. Elegant Styles

Like we said, these styles can totally be worn to a fancy event. They can be both casual and elegant all in one. In this case, it’s a great style choice for a wedding.

32. Pigtail Style

Two tight ponytails that turn into pigtails. This is a cute style that would be perfect for a casual day. Seriously you won’t find a cuter style that is also stylish.

33. Protective Styles

A tight style that has tons of braids and an awesome ponytail.

34. Simple Style

Remember the old days when you used to put your hair in a braid, this is about as simple as it gets. It’s a classic look that you can wear anywhere.

35. Viking Styles

If you like the braided styles from the medieval days, then this is a look for you.

36. Children’s Styles

This cute kids style completely takes a braid and a ponytail and rolls it into one.

37. Art Work

There is no other way to describe this style other than saying that it’s a work of art.

38. Stunning Looks

This stunning style is truly one of a kind.

39. Simply Straight

Another elegant style that is also romantic.

40. Edgy Looks

This edgy style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

41. Sweet Crown

If you want to feel like a Princess, then try this crowned style on for size.

42. Lemonade Braids

Beyonce is a huge fan of braided style and she will often use them in her music videos.

43. Basic Braid

A simple style that you can easily create at home. Use this style for the gym, to run errands or to head over to your friend’s house.

44. Bold Colors

We have to admit that the best part of this style is the color, it’s amazing.

45. Heart Styles

Now that the school year has started again you can try these cute styles on your daughter.

46. Underneath Braids

This is a unique because we are used to seeing the braids on top, but this one has them underneath.

47. Stylish Top

This is a gorgeous style and it’s sure to get you compliments all night long.

48. Sweet Braids

This sleek style is polished and well put together.

49. Amazon Styles

This sexy style is going to make you feel like you’re an Amazon.

50. Double Top

If you are looking for a style that is unique, something that people will be talking about, then this is the style for you.

51. Softening Looks

This is a really soft and innocent style that will have you feeling amazing.

52. Accessorize Your Style

This would be a great style for a bridal or bridesmaid hairstyle.

53. Loose and Braided

We love the braid on top because it’s loose and has that Mohawk vibe to it.

54. Waterfall Braids

This style is really popular right now because everyone wants their hair to look like a waterfall.

55. Rock Star Hair

What an amazing style! You are sure to feel like the life of the party with this hairstyle.

56. Bold Looks

This is a unique style of braid, but it’s very awesome.

57. Simple and Pretty

A cool look that is simple and easy to put together.

58. Unique Styles

How can you not like this braided style that could easily be hung in an art museum? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

59. High and Beautiful

A great style like this is really beautiful and it has enough edge to it to make you feel like a rock star.

60. Amazing Pigtails

If pigtails are what you crave, then you are sure to love a style like this one.

61. Side Braids

One simple braid on the side of the head that will put a smile on your face.

62. New Fishtail Styles

These fishtail styles are beautiful and thrilling. These new styles are one of a kind.

63. Triangle Styles 

We love these unique styles because they are one of a kind. You can take this style to the next event and blow peoples’ minds.

64. Cool Protective Styles

If you need to give your hair a break from styling, then try this protective look. You can keep it in for a couple of months.

65. Middle Braid

A simple middle braid that is pretty and easy to style at home.

66. Pretty Braids

A pretty braid that is in the middle and ends in a ponytail.

67. Insane Styles

These braids are so intricately put together that it creates an insanely beautiful look.

68. French Braids

A gorgeous French braid that only goes to the middle of the style. The rest of the style is a simple ponytail.

69. Beach Styles

A stunning braid like this has an amazing beach look to it. This is a simple look that you can wear to the beach or to a pool party. It would look perfect in a sundress.

70. Sleek Styles

A sleek style like this would be great for a fancy event or even a professional one.

71. Heart-Shaped Style

This cute style is perfect for a special day for your daughter.

72. Celebrity Style

From one side it is polished and you don’t even see a braid, but from the other, it has the edgy braid. It’s a very cool style.

73. French Styles

A special style that is easy to put together. We can’t help but love a style that brings us back to our youth.

74. Special Sides

A simple braid that is long and pulled back into a ponytail.

75. Bunched Styles

A cool look that has a braid all bunched up, we love it.

76. Loose and Wavy

This sexy style is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s loose, modern and one really cool style.

77. Checkered Style

This is a polished style that would be perfect for the school year. Your daughter will thank you for it.

78. Shiny Styles

Another cool top braided style that is sure to put a smile on your face.

79. Elegant Fishtails

Fishtails always look so elegant so you could easily wear it for your own red carpet event.

80. Middle Styled Braids

This unique look goes right now the middle in a triangle style.

81. Simple Process

A three-step process to get you the braided style that you have always been looking for.

82. Pink Styles

There’s a lot of dimension to this style because there are so many different colors.

83. Stylish Looks

A great style that can not only protect your hair but it’s sure to make your child the popular girl in class.

84. Mohawk Styles

This awesome braid looks like a Mohawk style. It’s pretty cool and unique.

85. Bold Choices

This is another really unique choice for a braided ponytail. This style will have you getting compliments all night long.

86. Swirling Styles

This style has a braid that goes from the top of the head, down the side of the head and into the ponytail.

87. Polished Styling

Talk about a polished style for a kids hairstyle. You don’t see too much of these styles around. You also won’t find a more unique style than this one.

88. Sexy and Bold

This is a stunning and sexy style that anyone would love.

89. Diagonal Braids

How awesome does this diagonal braid look? We’ll answer that for you and state, it’s pretty awesome. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime style, then this is it.

90. Pretty Flowers

This unusual look has some unique hair flowers all through it.

91. Twirling Style

A simple ponytail that is a twisty braid.

92. Pretty Unique

This pretty style has a simple braid on the side.

93. Fresh Styles

This is the perfect look for a day at the beach. It’s simple and messy and we love every bit of it.

94. Scalp Braids

A simple style with a lot of braids and the rest of the hair is loose and pretty.

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95. Cool Designs

We love how this braid is only in the middle while everything else is loose around it. It’s stunning and sexy and a style that is going to get you so many compliments at your next event.

96. Inside Fishtail

We love this fishtail braid and it’s on the inside of the ponytail. It’s a unique look that is sure to steal the show.

97. Different Braids

This awesome style has basic braids on the sides and a much larger braid on the top.

98. Loose and Large

A large braid that is loose on the side and pulled into a sexy ponytail. You are going to want to try this style out for your next party.

99. Upside Down Braid

The upside down braid is another popular style right now and one that you should definitely try at your next party.

100. Tight Braiding

There are two tight braids that are pulled together and the rest is left curly and loose.

101. Fun Braiding

A bundled-up braided style that any girl would love.

102. Simple and Cool

A great style that is truly one of a kind.

103. Sweet Looks

Another great style that is Simply sweet. It’s bold and unique, a look that you will love.

104. Inside Styles

You probably won’t find a braided ponytail much easier than this one.

105. Cool and Short

You don’t even have to braid all of your hair to enjoy the benefits of a ponytail style.

106. High Mohawk

If you like hairstyles that are edgier but also high fashion, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

107.  Stunning Styling

Another braided style that will make you the life of the party.




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