87 Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles Your Friends Will Love


If you are standing up in a wedding and want to figure out your bridesmaid hairstyle, then you have come to the right place. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up for a big party? Weddings are always fun, and we know that you like being apart of them as well. If you are working with a hairstylist on the day of the wedding, they usually like you to have a photo of the hairstyle that you are looking for. Even if you are planning on doing your hair yourself, you have to have some type of inspiration to work with.

There is a lot that you need to take into consideration when you are picking out a hairstyle. Think about what kind of dress you are wearing whether it’s really fancy or more low-key. You have to also keep in mind the venue that you are going to. All these things play a part in what kind of hairstyle would be appropriate for the wedding that you will be standing in.

There are many different kinds of weddings that you could be apart of and they will also determine what kind of dress and style that you will have. The wedding could be bohemian, formal ballroom, beach or an outdoor affair. We have many different ideas available to you. Check out these 87 Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles Your Friends Will Love:

  1. Bold Looks

A stunning style like this one is going to need a pretty fancy dress to go along with it. You wouldn’t wear this to a beach wedding.


bridesmaid hairstyles

2. Elegant Looks

If you are looking to leave your hair down, then this side swept look would be a perfect choice. It’s elegant and beautiful.

3. Twirling Braids

This is one of the romantic styles that have become popular over time. Braids will always be popular and this is a beautiful style.

4. Different Options

You should try to choose a hairstyle that suits your own sense of style and personality.

5. Tight Styles

If you want a polished style for a fancier wedding, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous bun. It would certainly suit any type of ballgown style.

6. Stunning Looks

We have tons of beautiful looks here and they all have individuality. They have the same accessories which tie them all together, but the hairstyles are different.

7. Simple Looks

A style like this would be perfect for an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding. It’s a little more casual and pretty.

8. Long Styles

If you are looking to leave your hair down for your bridesmaid style, then these are some great options to choose from. They all sort of match each other.

9. Pretty Looks

A very simple look that you could easily put together at home.

10. Floral Styles

These are very individual styles and the floral crowns really make an impression.

11. Romantic Looks

This is a stunning style that is all pulled off to one side. It’s simple to put together and yet very pretty.

12. Braided Buns

This is a style that is a little more formal and braids will always be in style.

13. Curly Styles

Another side style that is romantic and beautiful.

Be careful that you don’t have too many ideas to show the stylist or things can be confusing. “A common mistake a bride can make is showing the stylist too many inspiration photos. Narrowing it down to 3-5 at the most will give the stylist a good idea of what the bride’s style is and will give the stylist room for creativity.” -Jennifer Fernandez of Charleston Events Hair and Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina.

14. Curly Styling

Crowns like these are very popular for outdoor weddings.

15. Bold Buns

Now this bun style is very different and very dramatic.

16. Vintage Looks

A gorgeous style like this is all about the theme of the wedding. Vintage looks are very popular and so are Great Gatsby themed weddings.

17. Waterfall Braids

This is a more popular style now and it’s a cool one to try for a wedding.

18. Loose Styles

These are a few different styles that are a little different from each other but basically have the same theme.

19. Loose Braids

Braids are a popular look and this loose is loose and unique.

20. Special Looks

Bridesmaid styles don’t have to all be alike, it’s best to choose a style based on your personality.

It’s best to let each bridesmaid choose their own hairstyle because not everyone looks good in every style. “One of the most common mistakes I see brides do is pick hairstyles that do not go well their haircut or color, meaning that their hair versus the person in the photo’s hair is not a match. . . what in my opinion actually happens is that they fall more in love with the person in the photo and the way that person looks.” -Renata Estepan of Renata Miami Hair & Make-Up Artist in Miami, Florida.

21. Messy Styles

Just because you are standing in a wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a polished style. This messy braid is a great style to choose from.

22. Side Bun

This style could be used for a more informal style as well as a formal look.

23. Simple Ponytails

You may not think that you could wear a simple ponytail to a wedding, but actresses are doing it on the red carpet all the time.

24. Side Braids

Another simple style that you can totally use for your wedding style.

25. Soft Looks

This is a very simple style and one that can be styled at home. It’s more of a precious style and could be used on young bridesmaids.

26. Glamorous Styles

A glamorous updo is great for weddings and if you are standing up in a formal atmosphere, this would be a great style for you.

27. Cool Updos

This is a stunning updo that should probably be created in a salon.

28. Bright Styles

The color of the hair is what makes this style stand out more than the actual updo, but it’s still a beautiful look.

29. Pretty Styles

Whether you have short hair or long hair, you can find a style that you love here.

30. Crowning Styles

A great style that has multiple braids crowning in the back of the head.

31. Stylish Designs

If you are looking for something that is a little bit different, then this is the updo for you.

32. Pretty Buns

It’s a well put together style that has a pretty side bun.

33. Bold Looks

It’s a very unusual style but one that is sure to make an impression at the wedding.

Make sure that you have reasonable expectations of the hairstyle that you want. Hairstylists can’t work magic. “Unrealistic expectation. For example, I had a client with really short hair that wanted a hairstyle of an updo that requires a much longer hair length. Everyone has different hair length, texture, density of hair, so results will not always be the same as what they envision or expect.” -Cammy Lau of Blooming Beauty by Cammy in El Monte, California

34. Original Looks

Weddings often have themes and this one has some pretty unusual hairstyles.

35. Unusual Braids

If you want something unique and beautiful, then this hairstyle with the braid id the one for you. We love the fact that the braid goes down the part and across the forehead because it’s truly different from the rest.

36. Multiple Braids

This is a gorgeous updo created from two different types of braids.

37. Simply Braided

This is a very simple and loose look, one that would not take a lot of time to create.

38. Creative Updos

How could you not love a style as pretty and unique as this one? Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, don’t try to get too many opinions on your hairstyle, or you will just end up confused.

“Common mistake a bride makes when trying to decide on a hairstyle is that the bride considers too many opinions, mom, sisters, friends, fiancé. She should consider one person who has a similar style.” -Jennifer Fernandez of Charleston Events Hair and Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina.

39. Loose Curls

Be careful that you are aware that a stylist can’t make you look like a celebrity. “Sometimes when a bride comes in wanting their hair to look exactly like that actress from the red carpet photo at the Oscars, they are unsatisfied with the final product despite it being exactly what they asked for. No matter what hairstyle you have it’s a tall order to look exactly like Taylor Swift or Charlize Theron, so my best recommendation would be to get to know your own hair and what looks best on you.” -Maria Sung of Behind the Veil, LLC in Severna Park, Maryland.

40. Loose and Pretty

This updo is pretty and it has some loose tendrils in the front.

41. Braided Crowns

This is a simple and romantic updo that has a crowning braid.

42. Bold Designs

This is a unique style that you can create with colored extensions. It’s a fun way to create a cool look for one day.

43. Pretty and Loose

Another great loose style that anyone would love.

44. Stunning Romance

This is a very popular wedding style and the romance of the style is the best part.

45. Side Braids

If you want an edgier style, then this is the style for you. The one side is braided to mimic the shaved look and the rest is long and loose. It’s sure to be a style that draws the eye.

46. Wide Braids

This braid is wide and it’s only a partial braid as well.

47. Pretty Bows

You would really need a very formal wedding or an over the top theme to pull off a style like this one.

48. Gorgeous Mess

A messy style that is brilliantly beautiful.

49. Bold Curls

A great style that has tight curls. Curly styles are always popular for weddings.

50. Fishtail Braids

If you want an eye-catching style, then this is the look for you. Regardless of the style that you have chosen, make sure you do a trial of the hairstyle before the day of the wedding. “A bride before a trial should have her hair clean and blow-dried and ready to be styled! No flatiron!” -Renata Estepan of Renata Miami Hair & Make-Up Artist in Miami, Florida.

51. Big Curls

A gorgeous style that has some bold and big curls to it.

52. Glamorous Curls

You will need a fancy dress and a fancy venue to pull off such a glamorous style.

53. Gorgeous Locks

You will need a ton of hair to pull off a style like this one. If you don’t have it, then you should invest in some extensions and a lot of them.

54. Pretty Contrasts

Contrasting colors is what makes this style stand out the most.

55. Partial Updos

If you have long hair, then you are sure to love this curly style.

56. Simple Waves

A simple style full of waves that you can style at home.

57. Abundant Styles

There is a lot going on in this style and we love the abundant curls.

58. Subtle Waves

A style like this is not wavy and it’s not curly.

59. Simply Wavy

If you are looking for a subtle style, then this would be a good choice.

60. Different Braids

“Keeping in mind the type of hair accessories and the gown. Will it complement or match well with the hairstyle you have in mind? And does your wedding have a theme (vintage, rustic, modern, etc.) to match with the hairstyle?” -Cammy Lau of Blooming Beauty by Cammy in El Monte, California.

61. Beach Styles

This would be the perfect style for a beach wedding.

62. Cool Braids

This cool style has a braid amongst loose hair.

63. Ringlet Styles

Ringlets are also a popular choice for wedding styles.

“Remember to be open-minded. Our stylists have done hundreds of weddings and if you allow them the freedom to expand on your ideas, who knows what amazing styles will result.” -Maria Sung of Behind the Veil, LLC in Severna Park, Maryland.

64. Simply Beautiful

Another style that would be great for a casual wedding or a beach themed wedding.

65. Cool Accessories

A great style that has tight curls and a pretty cool accessory.

66. Subtle Beauty

Blake Lively is the Queen of amazing hairstyles and her looks are ones that you should follow.

67. Sweet Updos

This sweet style has braids in the updo.

68. Fun Styles

These are great styles that you can use for a beach wedding.

69. Afro Styles

You can just let your afro fly free and we love the bold colors.

70. Fresh Styles

We love this gorgeous side braid, it’s beautiful.

71. Curly Styling

Even if you have really curly hair, you can still have an amazing style.

72. Simple Styling

A great updo that is messy and simple.

73. Bold and Braided

This is a very simple style to create and the braid is what makes it stand out.

74. Cool Braiding

This is a very unusual looking braid but it’s also a show stopper.

75. Beautiful Updos

A beautiful updo that has a braid crowning the front.

76. Polished Styles

The bun is polished here and so is the crowning braid.

“A bride should not deep condition or color hair the night before. The hair could be too conditioned and slip out of the bobby pins and not hold the style well.” -Jennifer Fernandez of Charleston Events Hair and Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina.

77. Floral Elements

If romance is what you are looking for, then you sure to love this style.

78. Unpolished Upods

A great look like this is unpolished but perfect for a bridesmaid hairstyle.

79. Short Styles

If you have short hair, then you should try out this pretty style with waves and a braid.

80. Loose Waves

Scarlett Johansson is rocking this short style and it could totally be a bridesmaids style if you have short hair.

81. Creative Styling

“Don’t tie your hair or do anything to your hair that will leave kink marks on the hair, that can sometimes be hard to manage when styling the hair.” -Cammy Lau of Blooming Beauty by Cammy in El Monte, California.

82. Twisted Curls

If you have tight curls, you can just leave them loose like in this photo.

83. Simple and Wavy

A short style with very simple waves and that’s all you need.

84. Soft and Polished

This is a soft and pretty look, one that is also polished.

85. Twisty Braiding

If you love braids, then you are sure to love this cool style.

86. Formal Looks

“The bride should not forget to wash their hair to rid it of any product from the days prior. Nothing else is really required, just don’t forget to take a deep breath and remember that we have it under control.”
-Maria Sung of Behind the Veil, LLC in Severna Park, Maryland.

87. Unique Updos

If you are looking for an updo, this is a pretty one that isn’t polished.


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