80 Brunette Hair Ideas to Fall In Love With


Each  person has a shade of brown hair that would fit them perfectly – knowing the right shade of brunette is probably the most important when going brunette. It would be an awful thing when you’ve changed your hair color only to realize that the shade of brown doesn’t match your eye color or your skin color. Most experts advise that you work with your skin tone when trying to choose the right shade of brunette. Here you will find a number of shades and tones of brunette hair as well as the hairstyle to go with. So sit back and enjoy.

 Top Notch Ideas

brunette hair

The first shade here strays to the darker side (you will see a number of dark brunette hair here). This medium-to-dark tone has rich swirls of auburn highlights

This shade is known as blackberry; it features traces of reddish purple as well as a dark brown layer of hair. It has an intriguing feel as a classy look.

This shade of brunette is a blend of hazelnut and root beer, leaning more to the sun-kissed syrupy and warm feels of the haze in you

Cocoa butter is a classic brunette shade, featuring a rich beautiful base as well as number of subtle additions.

This is a shade of brunette that has a lot of inspiration with neutral biscuit balayage features that are matched perfectly with the dark brown layers.

Dark chocolate; warm, sun-kissed, a trendy look, a classic back into the fold – this is going to be one shade that would make for a great companion this summer.

Bronze is a popular shade of brunette hair and it is easy to see why

Another hairstyle featuring the warm feel of the hazelnut shade. 

This metallic bronze balayage features luster and looks sun-kissed when polished.

This is a great look during the summer, with a chocolate brown base.

Ideas for Summer

Hazelnut is shade of brunette that can breathe new life to your season – the left side is straight while the left features syrupy swirls.

Jennifer Lopez wearing a brunette look that features a great deal of blonde is exactly what we didn’t know we need. And you can definitely pull this look off too.

Angelina Jolie smiling while wearing this shade of brunette known as Cocoa Butter is everything. The shade features a number of layers such as beige blondes and caramel.

This shiny shade of brunette known as rose brown features soft blush rose as well as a shiny caramel brown that looks sun-kissed.

Do you have a fair or light skin and you are looking to match with the right dark brunette shade? Then this dark espresso is the look for you.

Another celebrity spotting the increasingly popular rose brown shade of brunette.

Ideas for all Seasons

This multi-dimensional shade of brunette features a number layers ranging from light-to-medium.

A great multi-dimensional look that features a rich dark base splashed with some caramel and bronze.

This unique brunette look features a number of tones which encompasses all – light, medium and dark.

Root beer is the shade for females with pale skin, matching seamlessly with their skin.

This short hairstyle won by ever graceful Jennifer Lawrence features a shade of brunette known as bronze.

Beyoncé’s iconic brown hair is a must-have; this shade is lighter shade of mushroom brown. The layers of golden brown gives it a spark of royalty and nobility.

Another shade of mushroom brown – here, the focus is on the brown more than the golden. Throw in the black strands and you have one of the most sophisticated

This shade of medium brunette hair is a combination of subtle balayage, toffee, caramel, with the layers of black running wild to form the perfect harmony of brown hair.

Fun Ideas

Silky, multi-dimensional and full of layers – this hairstyle has all the makings of a great brunette hair. And it is.This short brunette is everything – it makes use of all the usual suspects, you can find elements of black, brown (shiny mushroom).

This is the perfect shade of brunette for women with pale skin, it matches seamlessly with the skin by letting the black layers do much of the work.

There is no denying the beauty that this shade of brunette hair is – the cinnamon is everything you want.

This brunette hair is undefeated – it makes use of all the usual suspects, you can find elements of black, brown (shiny mushroom).

Curly, dark, and silky – this shade of brunette hair screams class and sophistication. The vibrant colors make it very easy on the eye.

Looking for a mix of blonde and brunette? This is the ideal shade for you. Think of it as a hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds. This particular hairstyle goes from a vibrant dark shade at the top, and as it runs down, it transitions gradually to a mixture of brown and cinnamon.

This is a textbook dull brunette shade, which would be an option if you are trying to keep things low key. It perfectly threads that thin line of medium-to-dark.

This is a classic dark brunette color which lets the layers of color – ranging from black to blackberry brown – do the talking.

 This is another hairstyle that presents several shades along the hair – the bottom part features gray and beige while the top part features brown and black.

Trendy ideas

Another dull brunette shade, which would be an option if you are trying to keep things low key. It perfects the art of medium-to-dark.

Some call it the tiger eye, I’d prefer perfection. This stylish and trendy brunette shade is one that epitomizes bold and beautiful.

This shade of brunette hair features bronze color with a touch of light brown and strands of black.

You can never go wrong with light brunette, and would be a great change for anyone who usually wears medium and dark shades.

This sun-kissed brunette hair wouldn’t look good on only Nina Dobrev, it fits anyone perfectly – all you need is some carriage and charisma.

Another light shade of brunette hair that which is typified by layers of faded brown and a subtle touch of golden brown.

This shade of brunette hair is made interesting by its elements of gray and subtle touch of blonde. You cannot miss the elements of mushroom brown spread casually in the hairstyle.

cinnamon-inspired brunette hair never go amiss – and this particular shade stay true to that notion. Looks great on anyone with radiant skin.

Casual Ideas

This shade of brunette hair features all the characteristics of bronze – vibrant and would be a great addition to your summer.

Greige – this is masterfully created combination of gray and beige to form a new school of brunette hair that typifies just how cool and in vogue the brunette hair is.

Another great mixture of black layers, touch of rose brown and unmistakable mushroom brown. This particular shade also shows how multi-dimensional the brunette hair is.

This shade of brunette typifies the vibrancy of the brunette color – dark and bold are some of the features of this hairstyle.

This faded brown shade of brunette looks great on females with vibrant skin, creating a sort of yin and yang energy.

This is a mixture of unusual recipes to wonderful cuisine of brunette hair – you can see elements of peanut butter and jelly.

This is one hairstyle that features all the tones of brunette hair color – you can see light, medium as well as dark. The hairstyle also features several layers of black, bronze and brown as well as beige. Talk about being multi-dimensional.

Heartrob Ideas

Another short multi-dimensional brunette hairstyle which features elements of biscuit blonde and cocoa butter to form one beautiful brunette look.

What do you get when you elements of hazelnut, cinnamon and bronze? You get the Rolls Royce of hairstyles. Bold, vibrant and never out of touch – might this just be the look for you.

This dark shade of brunette hair features element of dark chocolate and a touch of cinnamon to make one beautiful and tasty hairstyle.

This vibrant look on Jennifer Garner can be you – this radiant shade of brunette features a lot of black splashed with brown and bronze.

Forget that joyous Jessica Alba smile – this is one for the ages. It is simple but still classy and would fit perfectly for any type of event.

One the left side, we have a blackberry shade of brunette that shows just how beautiful the dark tone of brunette can be. On the right side, we have another dark tone but with elements of rose brown and golden brown.

Vibrant Ideas and Looks

Ariana Grande is great but Ariana Grande sporting some unique shade of brunette is even better. This time around she’s letting the cocoa butter inspired brunette do the talking.

Another short multi-dimensional brunette hairstyle which features elements of biscuit blonde and cocoa butter to form one beautiful brunette look.

brown hair color for pale skin 472330 The Most Flattering Brunette Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

This shade of brunette is known as rose brown – it features element of caramel brown and some soft blush. The shine and slime of this hairstyle cannot be overstated.

Every princess needs a gorgeous hairstyle and this blackberry shade of brunette is the ideal look for you.

Another gorgeous look at how beautiful the rose brown shade of brunette is – and it even looks wonderful when it matches the eye.

Stylish Ideas

There are several multi-dimensional shades of brunette, and they are usually layered with several colors – this one features hazelnut, ashy gray, brown and some black.

This purple-inspired blackberry shade of brunette looks great from every angle – and brings some bit of mystery into the mix.

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Cocoa butter shade of brunette looks great on any skin, but it fits perfectly with warm skin, which brings out all the elements of the shade such as caramel, toffee, and a subtle brown base.

For this unique brunette hair look, the shades getting lighter as you go down the hair. It features rich swirls of caramel mixed with a touch of blonde.

Another peanut butter and jelly inspired brunette look that typifies the uniqueness and radiant looks of brunettes.

Greige is a new brunette look that is becoming more and more popular – and it easy to see why. It is simple yet fun, quiet yet vibrant, and a perfect mix of neutral colors.

This ultra-dark shade on brunette is a type of brunet look that is becoming increasingly popular. It is a brilliant combination for light skinned – a dark hair against a fair skin.

The cocoa butter shade of brunette is one of the most popular shade, but it remains unaffected by over-exposure. It is timeless and evergreen.

Another greige look that features more faded version of gray and beige.

What more is there to say about the cocoa butter look other than it looks great.

Mushroom brown is a great shade of brunette hair, this shade is characterized by both highlights and lowlights featuring several layers of color to form a rich multi-dimensional look.

Radiant Looks

This particular hairstyle features element of black and cinnamon to form a rich-layered look.

Another radiant brunette hairstyle that looks perfectly with fair and light skinned females. You can do no wrong wearing this look.

This brunette look features element of root beer and bronze with each shade contributing to form a multi-dimensional hairstyle.

This faded bronze shade is one that features element of balayage, caramel and some touches of blonde.

Another classic Ariana Grande brunette look – this shade is just as grand. It features a medium-to-dark thread, going from black to medium brown as you go down the hair.

Multi Layers Look

The stunning swirls will melt your heart – this is a brunette look featuring bronze and brown curls that would stays perfect in any season.

A splash of cocoa butter never hurts – and this shade stays true to this notion.

This refreshingly dark shade of brunette that features some subtle additions such as icy babylights which fits perfectly with the rich black expressions at the top.

Jessica Alba might just be our favorite brunette of all time – she doubles down on this classic brunette look with a shade of bronze.

This mushroom brown inspired look is becoming the go-to summer look.

A rich layer of dark tone of brown, with subtle additions of gray and smoky ash – all of the making of a beautiful brunette look.

More Simple Looks

Another classic multi-dimensional brunette look.

Rose brown has never looked this good.

This light-to-medium brunette look could be your go-to look for spring.

Dark shades of brunette are becoming extremely popular and one of the reason their ability to bring the spotlight to the smallest of details or subtle additions.

Think of this light-to-medium shade as a bridge between mushroom brown and rose brown.


This is the last question that you need answers to before deciding to change your hair color to brown. It would be pointless to do something that isn’t worthwhile or something that would make you feel uncomfortable. You need to determine if you would be able to deal with the extra attention that a new hair color would bring especially in your working place. Your loved ones would be surprised when they see the new color – while you need nobody’s permission to dye your hair (you are a grown up allowed to make your own decisions yourself), your loved ones may not appreciate the color change.   

So after getting the necessary answers to all these questions, you are good to go. Brunette awaits you.

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