CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?


The Farm Bill of 2018 put CBD, or cannabidiol, in the marketplace. The product is everywhere and there are many anecdotal reports of the health benefits. However, testing has been slow to take off. Currently, CBD is only approved by the FDA as a treatment for seizures.

Health Benefits of CBD

Those who use the products find that CBD helps with

  • Chronic nerve pain
  • Sleeplessness and insomnia
  • Anxiety

Referring to CBD as a cure-all for any health condition is short-sighted, as each person reacts differently to the product. However, with a journal to track your symptoms and a logical dosage plan, it is certainly worth trying.

What is the right amount of CBD for Consumption?

Start small. Be aware that CBD can’t help you until it enters your bloodstream. If you try the 10mg CBD capsules, you likely won’t feel the effects of the product until you digest them. Take one capsule and track how you feel in an hour, then in two. If you need to up the dosage at that point, try two capsules.

If you use a topical, such as a lotion or a cream on sore joints or inflamed skin, the benefits of the product will be a bit quicker. A sublingual dose of CBD oil or a vaping pen will get the product into your bloodstream almost immediately.

Dosage Tips

For those with chronic conditions, it may be a good idea to stack your CBD intake. For example, if yesterday was leg day and your knees are pretty sore, you can

  • take a sublingual to help you fall asleep
  • take a capsule or a gummy at the same time to help you stay asleep
  • use a CBD cream in the morning to help you get moving

You may also have good luck microdosing. For example, if you struggle with anxiety and insomnia, you might use a full dose to help you fall asleep. However, a full dose during the day may make you too drowsy to function. Instead, consider microdosing from a vaping pen. Many disposable vaping pens require 25 puffs for a full dose. Take two puffs to better manage anxious thoughts and get through your to-do list.

How to Calculate Dosage

To start, take 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. Keep a journal or notebook to help you track your response to the product. Is your pain lessened? Are you sleepy or just relaxed? CBD is highly personal; every person needs to set their own dosage.

Side Effects

A full dose can make you sleepy, which may or may not be helpful. A microdose can energize you, so don’t microdose in the evening. Too much CBD can give you the munchies and diarrhea.

Buy the best CBD products you can afford, preferably from a producer that uses third-party testing. Keep a journal and start with small doses. Once you know how you’ll react to one form, consider upping your dose or stacking for a longer impact.



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