Coconut Oil for Hair: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Can fat really be good for you?


The advantages of coconut oil for hair certainly outweigh its disadvantages. I haven’t found any cons of coconut oil, to be honest, especially for hair.
Coconut oil has a variety of uses from cooking to nourishing your skin. A must-have beauty product (or if I am may say such a lifestyle product), coconut oils give uncountable benefits for your health.


All our lives, we have been traumatized by the fact that ‘fat’ is terrible for you.
Today, I would like to burst that bubble and let all of you know that fat can be useful for your body. Yes, there is right kind of fat and wrong kind of fat.
And, you guessed it right, coconut oil is the right kind of fat.

Coconut oil is one of the most abundant sources of medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids have antimicrobial properties that only benefits your hair or your body. Coconut oil especially is very rich in lauric acid which is fantastic for your hormones and cellular health. If it works for your hair type, it can produce surprising results rapidly. It can also prevent protein loss (again given that, if it suits your hair). This leads to my next point, coconut oil, and its disadvantages.

coconut oil for hair


As I have mentioned before, benefits of coconut oil for natural hair is a lot more than its cons. What we need to understand here again is that it shows its advantages for the right suitor. For the hair, well hair type is essential. The reason why some approve coconut oil for hair and the others disapprove is mainly due to hair type. Coconut oil can retain natural protein in the hair follicles. So for those who have medium shiny hair or fine, coconut oil can give more luster, volume, and strength. An ideal hair, indeed. Answering your question (that I know you already have on your mind),’Can you put coconut oil on dry hair?’, It might not be that appropriate. It may lead to brittle hair and hair loss, which apparently no one wants.

But, I would like to mention, it is always great to try. It can work for your hair. You can use the above mentioned only as guidelines.

It is already given that those of us who have allergies to coconut, you just cannot use coconut oil for hair(or for anything).

Coconut oil can be more disadvantageous when used in a wrong combination. They seem to promote more hair loss and frizz when combined with argan and marula hair. Aragan and marula hair are then again, great for your hair. If you have dry hair, instead of coconut oil you can go for marula or argan hair oil.
Honey and simple works great with coconut oil which can result in best hair quality.

Coconut oil for hair also may not be a good idea for those, who use natural or homemade products.These products cannot remove excess fat, so the use of coconut oil for hair may result in greasy effects.


We have listed out best ways to use coconut oil for hair for you.


Coconut oil can be amazing to make your hair grow faster and longer. They can give quick results and give your hair that everyone will want. It also nourishes your scalp. The best way to use coconut oil for hair growth is on a regular basis. You can do it daily, but the timing can be as flexible as two/three times a week. The way to use coconut oil for hair growth is as follows:

At the end of your day, firstly wash all your hair with shampoo and condition. Gather natural organic coconut oil. You can melt it by placing a scoop of fat (coconut oil)  on your a bowl over a bowl of hot water. After that, make sure your hair is detangled. Once all your hair is tangle-free, use the oil all over your hair. Make sure you apply the oil at the roots. You can wrap your hair in a towel or a cloth and leave it overnight for best result. If it leads to greasy hair, you can shampoo in the morning as well.


Coconut oil can work as an excellent hair mask. There are two ways to use coconut oil for a hair mask.

The first way is first to melt the oil and apply it all over your hair, thirty to forty minutes before shampooing your hair. Make sure you massage your scalp as well. You can wrap your hair head with plastic foil or a warm towel to get best results. Shampoo and then condition your hair.

The second way to use coconut oil for a hair mask is first to shampoo your hair then apply coconut oil. After applying the oil, again shampoo your hair. You can then lastly, use your regular hair balm or conditioner.

People in Thailand use hair mask made of coconut on a regular basis, but you can use these masks twice or thrice a week. It will give you results within a month.

For mixed hair type, apply coconut oil on the dry part of your hair and wash it off in the morning. You dryness requires a lot of moisture, so make sure you always moisturize and nourish your hair.

For shiny hair, you can add lemon juice to coconut oil. Combination of almond and coconut oil can result in healthy and lustrous hair. Also, olive oil/castor oil plus coconut oil make another excellent mix for a hair mask. You can keep on experimenting and find the best products for your hair. Always run allergy tests and consult a doctor before trying something new. Prevention is still better than cure (you know it).


Tangles in your hair can be a constant battle that you have to fight every single day. Either straight or curly hair, if you have long hair detangling your hair is difficult and painful. Coconut oil here can help you detangle your hair as well. This is also another best use of organic coconut oil hair. Follow the instructions that I am about to tell you. First of all get your hair oil ready. You can do it by melting it using a bowl of hot water. Once you have melted oil ready, gather your essentials. You can have a hairbrush or a comb or hairpins. After that, start with your ends. Flip your hair for ease. Massage minimal amounts of coconut oil on your ends. Then detangle. You can detangle using your comb or your fingers. Work your way to the roots. You don’t need to shampoo to remove the oils; your hair can absorb it.


Sun, the abundant source of energy, also has a high power to create significant damage. It can cause substantial harm to your skin and your hair. As someone who suffers from sun allergies, I tell you it is not a pretty sight. It can lead to dry hair, hair loss, and brittleness. It is terrible. So, we need to protect our hair from the sun for which we have the coconut oil. You can apply coconut oil every morning as a form of hair sunscreen. Again, the amount is significant. You should not use so much that it will leave your hair greasy. Use only to detangle and make it frizz free meanwhile, protecting your hair from the sun. In the morning, make time to melt your oil at room temperature. Apply in a minimal amount at your roots and then brush your hair. Style it the way you want it too. Coconut oil is also high for styling your hair.


An anti-dandruff shampoo is not sufficient for your hair to remove dandruff. You will need extra help. We have always had coconut oil triumphant when there has been a battle of the oil and dandruff.

Dandruff can be a result of over-styling or chemical products. Some can have inherent dandruff problems. Whatever be the reasons, you will not want those itchy, dry white flakes on your hair. So, you need to find a sure shot way to remove those monsters.

One of the best ways to remove dandruff using natural coconut oil is by first shampooing your hair and conditioning. After that, you need to apply the oil to your hair. You need to get your oil at room temperature. That is important so that the lubricant uses with ease. Detangle your hair while applying the oil. Once you have involved your oil, you can cover it with a warm towel or a cloth. Let it stay overnight and then wash it in the morning. You can go for further treatment with Epsom salt that nourishes your scalp.


Coconut oil has the property that allows it to penetrate deeper and faster. So, it can be used as a base for hair coloring. This not only protects, nourishes your hair but also can help your color look more bright and vibrant. It can even protect the color from fading. To make use of coconut oil as a base for coloring your hair, follow the following instructions.

You need to collect all the materials for your hair color. Get a pair of gloves, bowls, brushes, color mixes, shower caps and natural organic coconut oil. Melt the oil using another pot of hot water. You should use enough amount of hair oil in this case, meaning don’t be stingy. Use a generous amount of oil so that it completely covers your hair. Mix your color with the oil and apply it regularly. Use gloves for protection and vaseline for your hairline. Wash off the color once it has set. You can wrap your hair in a shower cap overnight as well for better results.


After understanding the benefits of coconut oil for hair, there are best ways to use coconut oil for your hair. Rather than best you can term it as safe ways.

  • Use in small amounts. Only use the quantity of oil that can only be handled by your hair. Do not overuse as it will only lead to greasy hair. It will take a lot of hair washing to remove oil from an extra greasy hair.
  • For those who have skin allergies or allergies, you can avoid your scalp. Coconut oil on the scalp can clog your pores and create irritation/itching. So, it is best to prevent scalp.
  • Combination of hair oils is great for your hair. You can use a mix of oils that work well. For coconut oil, I would suggest to combine it with yogurt or honey.

You can even eat coconut oil for excellent results. Yes, EAT. As I said, coconut oil is one of the right kind of fats. Also, more than our hair, our digestive systems can digest coconut oil and give its nutrients out. I have even heard that eating coconut oil is not only best for your hair and skin but can result in weight loss. I am not guaranteeing anything here, just stating the facts. Apparently, eating coconut oil can give you long-term solutions to a lot of your health problems.


Coconut oil for hair use has got a lot of reviews. You can find a lot on the Internet or even from your friends. Most of them claim to have a longer and healthier hair after the use of coconut oil. Some claim to have gotten rid of dandruff. You can even find a lot of before and after pictures of hair post the use of coconut oil. Well, whatever be, we can safely say that coconut oil is an excellent option for your hair.

It is time for you to start using coconut oil for your hair. Use it to style and protect. Give your hair the care it demands.



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