127 Best Collar Bone Tattoos Designs That You Could Get in 2021


Making a statement- that is what the collar bone tattoos are all about. When you have a tattoo on your collarbone, everybody who sees you will see it as well. So, the tattoo itself is a symbol of confidence and security.

When everyone is set to see the tattoo that you have, it is mandatory that you select the best design and after that, it should be done in the best way possible. So, to help you with that, we decided to make a list of the best collar bone tattoos that you can have in 2018.


The Three Phases
collar bone tattoo

What this collar bone tattoo shows is how we mature over a couple of stages in our life just like the rose petal does.

With Direction

Well, quotes as tattoos in collarbone also are many people’s choice. For, it reflects exactly how they have been living their lives.

The Matching Outfit

Having a tattoo on your collarbone means people being able to see it and you make a statement with it. So, wearing matching outfits with the art may be a good idea.

The Flowers

Flowers are beautiful, and the flowers in your collar tattoos make your collar look beautiful as well.

The Milkyway

Don’t you think that this collar bone tattoo is perfectly done? The colossal galaxy has been turned into something adorable.

The Hands

Well, these are the two hands of the people who love each other very much- the mother and the child.


Even the longer quotes can be fitted into the collar tattoos which make it look more enriching.


This definitely is one of the best feminine collar bone tattoos. The heart, lifeline and the paw of the animal that the woman loves so much.

Rose With Stems

The rose tattoos also suit really great on your collarbone, this is an example of the claim.

Your Heart

Well, messages in your collar bone tattoo- they are something that the person you would want to get them would definitely do when they met you once.

The Pattern

Small, cute and profound figures in this tattoo- something that the girls would obviously love getting.

The Disney

The collar bone tattoo matches with Micky and Minnie on the back- with the font. Isn’t this a good idea as well?

What You Value

Just one word on your collar bone- and it tells the onlooker everything that you value in your life.

The Eye on The Fortune Ball

So, what do you think about this metaphorical collar bone tattoo? This is one fine example of them.

One Word

The collar bone tattoos do a good job reflecting your character- just like in this one.

The Broken Stem

And, if you like the rose collar bone tattoo designs, then here is one specifically for you.

What I Am

This tattoo has just been done and, see- how it already makes a robust announcement.


This collar bone tattoo suits perfectly with the looks of the getter, it can be the same for you.

Flower and The Hummingbird

Here is another of the great collarbone tattoos that you would definitely like to have on your skin.

The Coffe Branch

So, what do you think about getting this collar bone tattoo? The plant and the fruit have been done perfectly.

The Marks from The Paw

If you have a pet that you love dearly, then you might consider dedicating your collar bone tattoo for them.

The Leaf of A Shrub

Would you like a leaf as your collar bone tattoo? Well, many people prefer to have this amazing design tattooed on their collar bones.

The Sun And The Planets

The galaxy on your collar bone tattoos don’t only look good, but they also help to reflect the vast knowledge that you have in your mind.

One Heart

Only one heart can also make a huge difference to how people see your collar bone. If you liked this tattoo, you might also like to take a look at our heart tattoos as well.

The Foreign LanguageWe

Well,  sometimes when you ink quotes in foreign language, it may seem a little more lavish. Take a look at this one- it says “Life is Beautiful”.

Quotes All Over

If you are a person that loves losing yourself between words, then you can do what she does. Have a quote tattooed on your collar bone and wear apparel that matches it.

In Me

Well, every time the people take a look at this tattoo, then they are going to be a little more secured seeing that making people believe you is your motto.

Surround the neck

Well, this quote around your collarbone looks like a borderline between your chest and your neck, a perfect look.

The Flower Plant

Having a flower tattoo on your collarbone doesn’t only look beautiful, but very artistic as well.


So many roses- they have been set perfectly on the collar bone. If you want to know the meaning of this tattoo, then you can check our rose tattoos- they are all yours.

For the Close People

Smaller fonts are not used in the collar bone tattoos without any reason- people do so such that only the people who stand close to them get to know the words that hold much significance to them.

Tribal Collar Bone Tattoos

The tribal tattoos suit anywhere on your body, and the collar bone is no exception.

Pain and Strength

Not only this quote, but you may also print other strength quotes in your collar bone. Just select the one that is relevant to you as well as your soul.


The details in this flower tattoo have been done very carefully. You can almost feel the soft petals. What a great way to decorate your collar bone.

The Half Crescent

The Moon looks perfect in the sky and on your collar bone as well.

Lines Of The Star

The beauty of this collar bone tattoo is that the people can decide the meaning in their own words by their own thoughts.

Here is another of the great collarbone rose tattoos that you would definitely like to have on your skin.

Maybe Someday

The unheard messages and quotes- if they mean a lot to you, then your collar bone is there for you. I hope you know what I mean.

Collar Bone Arrow Tattoos

Everybody loves the arrow tattoos- especially when they have been done with this perfection.

Two Arrows

The arrows on both sides of the collar bone in this design look natural, just like how the archers used to design them back in the day.

The Leaves

Two different leaves- two sides and two seasons- well, this tattoo is too deep.


You are very loyal to your organisation, especially when you have a collar bone tattoo dedicated to their name.

Here is another of the great roman numeral tattoos that you would definitely like to have on your skin.

Love Quotes

The love quotes don’t only suit the books, or on the cards, they are also a great way to embellish your collar bones.

Collar Bone Sister Tattoos

So, why not dedicate a collar bone tattoo to your sister like this?

The Flower on The Collar Bone

A flower is always beautiful, whether that be a real one or a collarbone tattoo flower.

The Words On The Stem

Tattooing the words on the rose stem in your tattoo- this is a really prolific idea. A great way to tattoo and also look amazing.


Only one word tells a lot to you- don’t you think? This also could be a great way to tattoo your collar bone.

One Plant, Many Flowers

So many flowers- this is one of the most recommended collar bone tattoos for females.


Well, how the heart makes up a letter of the world is amazingly poetic in this tattoo. Here are some similar designs in our heart tattoos.


The design of the heart symbol is itself very different which makes this one of the most sought out collar bone tattoos.

The Flying Birds

Fly high- be free- maybe these are the words that this tattoo wants to convey to us. Anyway, this design is amazingly gorgeous.

The Mixing Of Words And Feelings

We have seen bird tattoos, and we have seen quote tattoos- now this here, has both of them.

The Birds And The Flower

It seems like the tattoo artist painted these figures with crayon and pencils, so good to watch.

The Dewdrops

Look closely at the leaves of this collar bone tattoo- don’t the dewdrops look like diamonds?

A Figure

An entire rose can take up your collar bone- only that the design has to be incredible, take this as an example.

The Wish For You

Every time your loved one sees this, the affection that he has for you grows even more.

The Wing

A wing of a bat- how do you feel like having this design on your collar bone? This is a really superior style.

Peacock Feather

The peacock feather is itself stunning, and you know it. And if you get this on your collar bone, it will make up one of the best collar bone tattoos worthy of a review.

The Guards

The thorns and the roses on your collar bone- they look like they are the guards of your heart.

Crest Collar Bone Tattoos

How do you like the Irish Culture? Or Scottish? I would say this is also a great collarbone tattoo design idea.

Watercolour Collar Bone Tattoos

First, the solar system has itself been done with a lot of passion and see the colours- it is hard to say you won’t fall in love with this tattoo design.

The Faith

She is you- your tattoos can also do a great job motivating yourself.

Lights On A Stick

This tattoo is beautiful, it really is. How do you perceive this, I will leave it up to you.

One Of Each

“Collarbone tattoo female”- if that was what you typed in the Google search box, then here is one for you.


You are not afraid of your identity, here it is. Let everybody know your damn name without them even asking.


One word- really vast, also makes a great collarbone tattoo design idea.

Fox Collarbone tattoos

Foxes are cunning, shrewd and wise and they look stunning. So, you don’t need more reasons to have this tattoo on your collarbone.

Flower For You

A small rose flower on the collar bone, big announcements- what do you think about this one?

Five Steps

Collarbone claw tattoos- now, this one is another of them which proves that they are indeed amazing to have.

Your Own Kind

Inspiring people with your collar bone tattoo- how wise can you be?

Have Courage

This is another one of the collar bone tattoos that will keep the people thinking about the words and the design itself.

Butterfly Collar Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are in the choice of the females as well as the males. Sleek designs like this one are the reason for it, of course.

The Coloured Plant

This tattoo is beautiful, and it is colourful- those are the two things verified by the most girls before they get one.


Don’t you think that this cat design on the collar bone looks really cool?

The Beauty Of The Plant 

Well, here is another one of the flower tattoos for you to decorate your collar bone.

The Feather Pen

Even if we can’t see all of the design, we can easily confer that this tattoo looks very good on her.


The man has his own set of words in his collar bone tattoo which he thinks that the females should follow. You can do the same.


Girls, after getting this collar bone tattoo to make sure that your man doesn’t kiss this during the time of your wedding.

For Who I Am

For any person trying to get near to you, this is a tattoo for them to see.

The Flower Representing Love

This rose tattoo is really candid on the collarbone, don’t you think?

Baby Boy

Well, I don’t have to add any words to the collar bone tattoos like this. This is really sweet.

Here is another of the great collarbone word tattoos idea that would definitely suit you if you had one.

The Two Birds

It seems like the both of them are looking to land in your body after a tiring flight.


If you were interested in more collar bone flower tattoos with words in the stem, then here is another for you specifically.

The Lives

The tattoo looks like the level of your heart in a Nintendo game. People will definitely get to see how many times have you lost your life.

The Freedom

Well, get your word out there when you get yourself out there.

I Am

I am and three times- this is another idea for the quotes in your collar bone tattoos.


What is good about this tattoo is the getter has really gone into the depths of her heart before getting this one.

Flowers in a Stem

The colour and the black outline of this tattoo is what makes it really special to see and have.

The Important Thing

Well, Family collar bone tattoos also are in the choice of many individuals who value the people closest to them really highly.

The Flowers And the Berries

Moving on with the plant tattoos for your collar bone, this could a preferable design as well.

Too Beautiful

Is it like the person is referring to her life or is it something else? Even if a little bit, the people will be intrigued with collar bone tattoos like these.

The Naked Branch

What’s unique about this collar bone tattoo is that the branch has been outlined perfectly in the place the person’s nerves are supposed to be.

A Present Ribbon

This tattoo is beautiful, it is cute and is also different from what the other people have. So, grab the chance already.

Support The Movement

If you are a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, here is a way you can support the man.

A Picture

Well, the artist didn’t have to do a lot- he just made a heart shape and then the tattoo turned out to be more than what he did.

The Beautiful Creature

Well, this is another one of the butterfly collar bone tattoos that you may like to get.


Well, some collar bone tattoos that you have might be able to change the lives of the people around you.


A vague tattoo- yet a masterpiece. The getter has encoded their feelings in a metaphorical piece in this one.

The Compass

Direction- that is what you have been looking for your entire life. What about having a compass on your collar bone?


You have already seen this collar bone tattoo concept before and here is a sleek design idea for you.

Collarbone Whale Tattoos

Whales symbolise a lot of things- so this could be on your wish list as well.

Another Flower Design

The flower collar bone tattoos are really impressive, and many people want to have it, I know. And if you are the one of them, maybe this also made it to your consideration.

A Signature

This collarbone tattoo looks like a signature of the person herself.

The Blurred Design

What do you think about this blurred flower design? It was definitely a challenge for the tattoo artist to pull it off, but we are glad that he did.

The Adventure

Well, you travel for thrills and for your love- this one is a cool concept for your collar tattoo as well.

The Tribal Arrow

Arrows under collar bone tattoos make a great design, here this is an example of that.

One Word

Energy- that is what we need to survive, right? And that is the only word needed to make an epic collar bone tattoo design.

The Lotus

The message is written beside the lotus- here is a clear example of purity.

Two Branches

What we need to notice about this tattoo that the corresponding roses on both sides of the collar bone are of the same size, they are perfectly matching to each other.


This tattoo tells exactly how you live your life like. So, you might consider getting this to spread your message across.

The American Eagle

Well, the patriotic collar bone tattoos also are many people’s desire. They show what your country means to you.

Your Joy

Here is another idea for your collar bone tattoo quotes. This is what many people have to hear.

Me and You

The apparel of this wedding bride suits perfectly with the tattoo on the occasion.

Geometric Collar Bone Tattoos

A geometric bird- a simple tattoo design idea yet so good.

The Shitty Quote

Well, how about having fun with your collar bone tattoos? This guy is a legend.

The Knife

This could be one of the best collar bone tattoos for a male. The knife design on this one is a classic.

The Flying Hawk

Its face looks calm and equipped with a lot of wisdom.

The Old Friends

The mountains under the moon- this is a sight that would melt anybody’s heart when their eyes get to take a look at them.

Birds From The Feather

This collarbone tattoo is 2D and 3D at the same time depends on the angle you are looking at it from.

The decision to have a collarbone tattoo is firm- and this shows the person’s belief in his or her own decisions. That is the reason most of the people are ready to face the collar bone tattoos pain that occurs when the art is being made- for the results are definitely worth it. Pinches on your skin for just some time, and boom! You are left with a tattoo that you are going to feel proud of having for the rest of your life.

So, what about you? After seeing the tattoo designs, did you make up your mind? Which one these collar bone tattoos do you think best suits you? Let us know, and till the next time, have fun.


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