104 Most Impressive copper hair color for every skin tone

The copper hair color has been a showstopper for ages. The word “copper color” comes from a popular mold-able metal called copper. It is in pleasant warm goldish pink tints. Copper hair shade is a vast and extensive phrase and style for the various and uncounted assortment of hair color. Ranging from blazing, intense copper to subdued subtle shade, rich ginger to a tanned copper shade copper hair color will attract attention and admiration and grab the spotlight wherever you go. The copper is a head turner hair color.

Picking out the right shade of copper could be a problematic and complex affair for you. If you select the wrong and unsuitable copper tone, then your hair color may end up looking cheap, dull and boring. But, if you select the suitable and appropriate shade of copper, your hair will illuminate and light up your skin. It will also bring life to your dead, dull and boring locks.

Lots of people seem to have a complex and mixed relationship with copper red hair color. Amidst the natural red-heads, many do not approve of this special hue. One of the most popular trends in copper shades these days is reddish orange color. You can spot this color everywhere from a celebrity on red carpet shows to normal people on the streets. It will take confidence, grace, and elegance to pull off this copper shade. This copper hair color will catch hold of people’s thought right away. It is an extremely rich color. So, if you ever get this shade of hair color just is prepared to grab everyone’s attention.

There are so many trendy examples of copper hair color that you might wanna give it a try.

  • Office Elegance

Sadly most of the ladies who do a job at corporate offices don’t have the opportunity or favorable circumstances to experiment and explore with their hair color and cuts. The reason is the strict dress codes and the conservative working environment. A deep shade of copper tone is appropriate, stunning and outstanding for an office look. Harmonize this deep copper shade with a sleek and simple haircut. This is the perfect color for the working women as it is not too loud yet not boring.

  • Voluminous copper hair color waves

This ginger color is a beautiful combination of golden blonde and reddish tone which delightfully mixes to develop an energetic and refreshing orangey shade. This shade of copper is perfect for ladies who have pale and porcelain skin accompanied by blue or green eyes. It is a very eye-catching hair color. This hair look definitely stands out from the crowd.  

  • Smooth and sensual copper ombre waves

There is just something special about these smooth and sensual ombre waves. They throw in the perception of a lazy bed hair yet manage to give an effortless trendy vibe. For a simple natural look, you should experiment with a faint, smooth and sensual copper ombre hair look.


  • Light copper hair color

This vibrant copper hair color in a long length is perfect for fall hair look. The long locks will help you to keep warm as well. This bright color is hard to maintain and could easily fade away in a few weeks. To keep up with this dazzling hair color you should not wash your every day and be sure to use cool water and a sulfate free shampoo.

  • Toned down copper-gold color

The light combination of copper and golden resulted in this dandy and splendid shade. This toned down copper-gold hair color looks very pleasant and wonderful against the fair skin shade. To make this hair color stand out, you should either go with red lips or natural pink lip tints.

  • Reddish brown copper ombre

If you want a hair look that is not entirely copper then this reddish brown copper ombre is the perfect choice for you. In this hair look, the warmer tone of copper shade is at the bottom. This hairstyle will look excellent on ladies who have olive skin shade. It is a refreshing hair look ideal for people who want to change their hair look and get ready for a new season.

  • Dark copper hair color

With brunette hair color at the roots and dark copper at the ends, this lengthy waves will give an abundance of dimension to the hairstyle. This dark copper hair color will stand out when you put on a neutral makeup.

  • Copper ombre

If you already have copper hair color and want to try something new then this is the perfect option for you. Dark copper shade at the roots and lighter copper shade at the end tips will give your hair a refreshing look. This hair look is very interesting due to the contradiction and divergence between the dark and light copper shade.


  • Copper hair color on short hair

Ladies with short hair must put on dimensional copper hair shade in another way than the normal ombre and balayage approach. The fluffy textured style will look very stylish on women who have a prominent and slick jawline.


  • Golden copper hair color

Copper hair shade has various tones ranging from light, orangey shade to deep shades. This blondish golden shade hair color will bring out the primary yellowish tone which will never be misinterpreted and confused with natural hair shade. The gold tone will look impeccable on people with fair skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, it will perfectly bring out your eye color.

  • Copper strawberry blonde hair

This hair color is the combination of copper and pink color. It adds a fresh unique and charismatic look to your previous blonde locks.

  • Medium gold-copper

Dazzling and flashing copper hair shade can be hard to carry out to people who have warm skin tones. It could be excessive and too much for quiet, reserved and introverted people. This medium gold-copper shade will look excellent on people who fall under the above two categories. You should definitely give a shot to this sober, toned down yet tasteful hair color.

  • Copper hair dye for dark hair

If you have a dark hair but wish to dye it copper, then this is the ideal choice for you. You can highlight your dark or brunette through your hair with little contrasting copper tone. It will create a summery and sizzling hair look. This summery, warm and sizzling hair tone adds a sophistication, tenderness, and compassion to your look.

  • Copper hair color at home

You can dye your hair this copper dye at home and get a result like the below picture. A tremendous shift from normal, everyday brunette hair, this hair shade will heat up and glow your skin tone. This rusty hair color will look flawless to the point that makeup will not seem necessary.

  • Deep copper reddish brown shade

This deep copper reddish brown hair shade will look exceptional on women with intermediate and light skin shade. Smoky eyes with a nude lip are the go-to makeup for this hair color.

  • Foxy copper hair look

This hair look will perfectly compliment the fair skin tone. The contrast between the fair skin and the lengthy copper sensuous waves will look impeccable and flawless. This classic look is completed with red lips and lengthy lashes. The foxy copper hair look is a strong, sexy, bold and sophisticated look.

  • Copper with blonde ends

This copper with blonde ends hair look is another somewhat normal, everyday hairstyle. But it is not fully natural looking due to the blonde shade which is applied on the hair ends.

  • Whiff of copper

This faint and exquisite shade give prominence to highlight in copper color over a radiant intermediate brunette. The highlight is worn from the roots to the hair ends but it is mainly concentrated on the end tips of the hair. Even though it is a subtle hair look, this can be a very glamorous one if the styling is done in a correct way.

  • Blonde highlights on copper hair

Blonde highlights on copper-colored hair will look outstanding on fair complexioned people. Rather than wearing a flat copper colored hair, blonde highlights add a bit dimension to your normal hair. It will look perfect on porcelain skin.

  • Deep wine copper hair color

Despite the fact that this deep wine copper color appears to be quiet and sober in comparison to the other unnatural, outlandish and extravagant, this deep copper with wine and burgundy hue will be a brilliant and ravishing change. This dark rich shade is most excellent appropriate for people who have medium to olive skin tones.

  • Blackish Copper

This Blackish copper accompanied by the whiff of red and honey put together a polished, stunning and impressive result. Create a soft curly hair look which will assist in looking the dark shade more flawless than it already is. This hair color is an everyday hairdo but can also be worn to formal events.

  • Lightest copper

Every now and then, copper in a light shade looks almost like the blonde color. The copper color in the photograph and in real like looks completely different. This copper shade is a perfect combination of ginger, orange and copper shade.

  • Flashy copper

This hair look is a combination of orange and red shade. It is a very vivid, colorful and rich hair color look. The flashy copper hairstyle looks appealing no matter the hair is straightened or curled.

  • Blonde copper streaks

Blonde copper streaks go a long way. The light copper highlights will make the copper hair look vivid and brilliant making a dazzling radiance.

  • Copper arising out of brown

Copper is an ideal complement and balance to brown hair color. If you want to make your brown hair look more interesting and increase glamour and elegance, then adding copper streaks is an excellent idea. 

  • Exclusive reddish copper shade

Various hues of red blend jointly magnificently. The rich red and orangey copper shade combine to develop a lively, cheerful and dynamic hair look. If you want to have an eye-catching look, you should mix the dark and light shade of reddish copper shade. This combination color will look definitely good on people with a pale complexion. 

  • Intense light copper with an orange tinge

Copper hair shade can include all variety of tones from the red shade clan. This intense light copper with orange tinge is perfect for ladies who desire and want to keep up with the ginger trend. It is a combination of gold and copper which will give you a beautiful result.


  • Ginger color with a copper tinge

The ginger hair color has many dimension with sensuous tones of oranges and rust. You should try this hair look if you are looking for a multidimensional hair look. This look and shade are beautiful, modern and resplendent.

  • Edgy copper

The edgy haircut signals for an edgy hair color. A distinct, outstanding and exceptional hair shade suits best accompanied by the signature haircut.

  • Faint Copper

When you color your hair in the copper shade, it is not necessary that your hair looks like a new copper penny. This hair color is a very subtle and faint shade of copper. It looks very polished and glossy.

  • Fierce copper ombre

Ombre is still a blazing and hot style trend. It looks wonderful and excellent if ombre is done in the copper shade. This hairstyle will look more amazing if two shades are combined such as copper and red.

  • Ninety’s copper Bob

The copper bob hair look was a hit during the ninety’s. So, if you are trying to get inspiration from the 90’s look then this is the must-try look for the ladies who prefer short hair. This is the perfect hair look for women with sharp jawlines and pale to medium skin shade.

  • Copper highlights for brunette

For people who have the dark olive skin tone, the copper highlight looks normally the most complimenting and flattering. This hair look contains copper shade which illuminates and liven up brunette hair at the same time continuing to look natural.


  • Combination of orange, pink and copper

This hairstyle is a versatile and adjustable hair look. If you want to play with bright and eye-catching colors for your hair, then this is just the perfect option for you.

Long Copper Hair With Orange Highlights

  • Short copper hair look

Short haircuts and copper hair color compliment each other very beautifully. It will look good on both straight and curly hair. Depending upon your face shape, you should cut your hair.

  • Copper hair color on black hair

When the usual and typical black haired people go redhead then this subtle copper shade is the perfect choice for you. It brings out the edgy image in you. Instead of being clean, intact and done up, this hairstyle creates a fascinating opinion on fashion and style regime.

  • Copper highlight on natural curls

Curly hair, for the most part, does an absolute and skillful task of displaying highlights but it needs to be put in a particular and precise approach. You should ask for an experienced hair colorist and not take a chance if you have a curly hair. Request your hair colorist to apply the highlight in the same direction which your curl falls. This will enhance your highlight on the curls.

  • Rachel McAdam’s copper hair

Rachel McAdam’s signature hair color has always been a copper hair shade. Many youngsters at the time were inspired by her hair color and dyed their hair copper. The shade goes very well with a medium skin shade complexion and green eyes. You can complete your look with pink lip tint, faint blush, and light brown smoky eyes.

  • Long copper hair and bottom curls

This hair look is one of the most common hairstyles seen on the ladies who have copper color hair.  It is also the most versatile hairstyle. The long copper hair completed by bottom curls can be worn everywhere whether it is a casual hangout or any party events.

  • Curly Copper

This hairstyle is a beautiful example of how to carry out curly copper hair. When you have a naturally curly hair then color a deeper shade of copper at the roots and a lighter shade of copper at the lower ends. It will look excellent on people who have lighter skin tone. The look can be completed with a nude glossy lip and a neat liner eyes.

  • Bohemian copper

This bohemian hair look is the go-to hairstyle for most of the ladies. It is an extremely easy and an effortless look.

  • Natural looking copper

If you are a light skin tone woman, then the copper shade will suit more wonderfully. It will perfectly compliment your freckles.

  • Copper bridal hair look

Copper hair color is an excellent choice for brides. Bridal hair look can be styled with a beautiful Rhinestone hairband. You can complete this hairdo by making a low messy hair look.



  • Copper on models

Since it is a very bright and eye-catching color, the copper hair shade is used in a lot of photo shoots. The look is usually completed with a dark lip and kohled eyes.         

If you have always thought about dying your hair red, then you should definitely try it once. Copper red is an eye-catching color, so get ready to turn the heads. There are so many shades of copper. Therefore, you should get the help of a good colorist and select the right choice of color for yourself. Copper hair color has always been in trend.


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