86 Crochet Braids Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind


Are you looking to try on a braided hairstyle? Then we have these intricate crochet braids for you. These are also known as the latch braids. The reason is that the sections are added on to the hair through hooks that are called crochet most of the time. It is easy to get the look to elevate your look in a matter of some hours. You will surely need some hair extensions to get the look, but you can also get it done on your natural locks. If you are new to the idea, then you need to check out this article.

There are other forms of the hairdo as well, which is known as crochet twists that deal with the manipulation of two sections of hair onto each other. They sure do take some time to create. You can get a bouncy look and also a full body of volume when you get yourself these hairstyles. You do not need to worry about the length of your hair to get on board with this do. So there is nothing that can hold you back as it can be molded into any look that you want to achieve. You can enjoy a perfect hairdo as you wake up!

Here are 86 fabulous crochet braids ideas that are perfect for women of every age group.

Getting your braids to look cute!

This is the part of our article in which we are going to talk about the crochet braids with straight hair. You can try out something fun and cute as these space buns once you get your braids on. The sections in here are the boxed up squares, and they are adding a whole new dimension to your hair. The top is rounded off with two delicate yet well-secured buns. You can wear them as your gym look and also for days when you want to try out something adorable.

crochet braids

Pin it to the back

Crochet braids are an iconic style, but there are so many ways that you can manipulate it to look stunning. Here we are showing you how the hair can be pinned back and secured for a fun hairdo that only takes a couple of minutes. The top one here has a puff on as well, and it ends up into a sleek bun. Take some section out on the front, and it can give you a romantic appeal as well.

Live Life to the fullest!

You may be scared to try on some activities once you get these braid latched on. It may feel like they can get off, and you may be left with a patch when you are outside. But we are here to let you know that you can get on with all the activities and live your life the way you want. Head out to swim, and you can feel better as you show off your new hairdo as well.

Crochet braids with short hair

If you are looking for some short crochet braids, then your search ends here. You are sure to love the fun hairdos in here that have the sleek appeal to it. Women love trying on some precise cut, and they are gaining a lot of popularity over the internet. Head out to the salon, and you can get your hairdresser to set you up with this cute attire here. Style them by sweeping them on the side or even by adding on a fun headband on the top.

Thick style of crochet braids

The fun thing you can do with the crochet braids is that you can get them on as thick and as thin as you want. So here is an idea to try out for all those women who want a healthy hair appeal. The thickness of these crochet braids can give other some hair envy as well. We have three images in here that show off the fun hairdo and the width that you can opt for. Make sure you pick the look that got you the most excited after you go through this pile in here.

The fun colors to try

In today’s times, you can try out any funky and fun hair colors and manage to pull it off. Here we are showing you some entertaining ideas. There is everything from sea foam green to light and dark purples in here. You can also add on the neon on top of these shades to get that stunning shine. If you are not so keen on trying out these hues, then you can get the browns and blondes on as well.

The bigger, the better!

You can get your hair to a thickness that you have never tried on before buy getting them in these beautiful braids. There is a charm in following the trends of these huge hairdos and looking your best. So we carefully put down some ideas that you can adapt and try out for days when you want to be the center of attention. You can spot many women trying on the same look and adding their touch of perfection to it.

Intricate details in crochet braids

Adding on some fun designs on the hair is always a good idea. You can see that there are some braided sections on the top of this wavy hair and it adds that mysterious touch to the whole attire. You can get the same by getting your locks on some beach waves first. Secondly, you can get the crochet braids attached to the front. Tie it up and secure it on the crown section of your hair to get this fabulous look.

Mid-length beauty

If you are were wondering how to crochet braids for beginners, then you can try out with the standard form of these braids. They will take smaller bundles of the extensions to get done and will also give you an idea of how it suits you. The best thing is that they are easy to style and add that vibrancy to the whole look. Here are some ideas to take inspiration from if you are looking to try them out soon.

Clasps on crochet braids

These are the forms of braids that can make your hair look detailed and intricate. You can also add on some clasps on the hair along with the twists to give the touch of an authentic traditional hairstyle. Most teens try adding the buckles on their hair, and it also helps to break the monotony of the look. Take ideas from these images in here if you want to change the way your hair looks.

Ready for parties

The best way to get your hair ready for a big event is to style it by adding on some glossy curls. We are sure you will adore the way your hair looks when you add the chic factors to it. Here we have a beach wave that has a shiny finish, and it looks great on its own. The length of the hair is also ideal for women who want nothing too extreme. Check this out for inspiration for your next party.

The extensions to buy

To get the fabulous crochet braids, you will need to add on some hair extensions for sure. They play a significant role in how your final hairdo will look. According to the pattern you choose to get the bundles you need for the look will also change. Get more if you want to opt for some jumbo braids. You can choose the colors that you desire the most. Here are some stunning ideas that are suitable for women of all tastes!

The one for kids

Here we have an adorable idea that you cannot get your eyes away from. The crochet braids for kids are an easy option for parents who are always in a hurry and want an easy hairdo for your kids. These are also ideal for school days. So you can be stress-free for about eight weeks without having to look after their hair! So get the weave that you want from the internet today and give your baby a precious look.

Ready to head out

When you need to head out and are in a hurry, you can try out these stunning crochet braids hairstyles we have here. If you got the colored option, then you can also leave them out loose to get a fun look. The top choice here is beautiful and has the volume to die for as well. The next one has the hair pinned down on the back with some cute jumbo crochet braids on it. These are great for youngsters who are always in a hurry.

Tiny crochet braids

Want to get a fluffier hair look, then you can try out the small braids we are showcasing them in here. You can see the top has a blonde hue on them and the ends are loose as well. If you want a short look, then this is ideal for you. They are easy to handle and will make for an excellent look for your office as well. But you need to make sure that your natural hair is not too dry.

Crochet braids with the volume!

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and voluminous hairdo?  They add a fun lift to the locks and also get your locks to look healthier and thicker! So here are some options to try out. Get them in colors or get them curled and you are done! You can head out to look your best. For a cheerful look, you can take sections out from the side and pin them in some chic twists. Doing so shows off the scalp a bit and gives you a fun hairdo.

Styling your hair

You need to make sure you style your hair to look fabulous on days when you want to stand out. If you have colored hair, you can curl them and get a look that stuns everyone. The top image below is an inspiration for all of us. You can also get your locks in a thick braid before you style them. Take a deep side part and then pin the sections on the back to get a look that is flawless and neat.

Crochet Senegalese twist

Are you ready to get you hair revamped into looking its absolute best? Then check out these crochet braids twist ideas in here. They add that thin layer to the hair and give you an edge over every other look. You can spot celebs with the same hairstyle as well. So be assured that you are heading out to try a look that is trendy and fun at the same time.

The fun side!

You do not need to go through a lot of steps to look good. All you need is a fun idea, and we are showing you one in this section here. You can take a part of your hair and get a bright and bold hue on it to make it stand out. Here we have some accent blue tones added to dark hair, and it all merges to look outstanding. We are sure you will love to try it out with some temporary colors for a fun party.

Short twist braids hairstyles

We talked about the braids for quite some time now, and we are moving on to another significant aspect of the crochet braids, and they are the iconic twists! They are different in many ways from your regular braids. Here you take sections from your hair and then place them on top of each other till you reach the ends. There is no form of braiding involved in this hairstyle here. So it is perfect if you want to try a simple hairdo.

The use of blonde hues

Blonde hues are like the safety net in terms of hair coloring. You can add them on to any other dark shade, and they work well. They suit every skin tone and make us wonder how color as simple as that can lift one’s hair to a whole new level of beautiful? Thus we are showing you some stunning tones of blonde that you can add on to the crochet braids.

 Fashionable looks from back in the day

The crochet braids are a long protective hairdo, and thus they have been around for a long time and remain popular even now. Women try on these hairstyles now as they did in the past, and you can also take inspiration from them. We gathered up a bundle of the braids from the era of the ’90s and are bringing it up to your attention. This may be a bit too absurd to try out but keep in mind that fashion always manages to make a comeback!

The top bun

As the summer hits, you want to get the hair away from your face for sure. And we are showing you one way that you can get on quickly. Why not get your hair up in a top bun? We are fond of these stunning hairdos, and they are chic and chill as well. They are perfect for parties and a day out with your friends as well. So what are you waiting for? Get them on today!

Casual colors and curls

Tired of looking for crochet braids curly hair options and not finding anything relaxed and approachable?  Then your search ends here! You can see that we have some comfortable styles in here that you can try if you are a person too shy of trying on something too bold. Flaunt your natural locks around and keep them frizz free. You can also get the top section of your hair colored in some blonde hues to add that element of fun.

A fun look to try out

Here we have two hairstyles, and they are quite different from one another. You can see that the top one is casual and more fun to style with the golden blonde hues on it merging well with the black. And we have the ashy grey hair with beach waves on the bottom. You can be sure that these are the hairstyles that set you aside from all others and give you a beautiful outlook.

Charming crochet hairstyles

The connection of hairstyles with looking great is inseparable, and we are sure you guys agree. There are thicker sections of braids in here and some voluminous natural hairstyles as well. All of these are ideal for women who want a charming, bubbly appeal and show off a fuller hair. You can get it to look different by adding on some well-sectioned braids and even trying on new forms of hair partition.

Be a bit different!

You need not be unique out of your way, but it is nice to try out something fun and different once in a while. If you are feeling a bit curious and want to try out something funky and fresh, then here are some images to take cues from. You can take on a big ponytail that you place way high and add some golden clasps on it as well. Or get a well-sectioned hairstyle like the ones on the bottom here.

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For thin hair

Are you one of the many who love to have a thin hairstyle on yourself? If you are not a fan of the bulk, then you can try out this stunning hairdo in here. Add on some hair extensions and get the braids done but keep it sleek and smooth. Here is an idea to follow if you want to keep it to a minimal volume. You need to make sure that the hair underneath stays hydrated though. So regular cleaning and conditioning is a must to protect them.

The fun, youthful vibe

No one on this planet wants to look old and out of their age. We are sure that you also want to look your best and have a youthful appeal to yourself. It is safe to think that we, as women love to look younger, and there are a few ways to get that done. You can take these images in here as a reference and try them out if you want to get the same fresh vibe!

Looking gorgeous

Did you check the images below and think that these women are looking fabulous? Then you are right, and we want you to look the same! You can get the same wow response from others if you wish to by getting your hair done in these crochet braids. They are an excellent way to make your hair look fabulous by doing the minimum. Get these photos to your hair stylist and then watch as the magic happens!

After you finish this article, we are sure you are excited to try on these braids as soon as you can. We suggest that you check out profiles of some hairdressers and go through their work before you choose them to do your hair. You have the world in your hand with your smartphone, so make use of that and search for ideas and artists that you can trust. Check the reviews and ratings they have received before you book them for an appointment. Once you believe your stylist, you can try out any hairdo that your heart desires for sure.

These crochet braids can last for anywhere between four to eight weeks and even longer. It all depends on the way you have styled your braids. Things like having more details on them and what pattern you have followed can also make a big difference. You also need to take good care of your hair so that you can avoid a ruffled look. The natural hair underneath the braids can be strained if you add too much pressure on the hair, so you need to be mindful of it. Make sure you get extensions that work with water as well so that you can head out to swim with ease!



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