60 Cute Hairstyle Inspirations to Make You More Adorable


Our hairstyles are an extension of our individuality and personal style—and it matters to go for ones that will make us feel more beautiful and more confident. Whether you wish to add a girly spin to your everyday looks, or you’re dolling up late for a dinner date, keep reading for our cute hairstyle inspirations to make you more adorable.

Things You Must Consider When Selecting Cute Hairstyles

  1. Does your cute hairstyle reflect your personality and mood?

Most of the time, a hairstyle is a part of one’s identity. Even if you’re not aware of it, others think about your facial features and your hair. That’s one of the reasons why others can’t help to give comments when you drastically change your hairstyle, and you also give a new statement with your look.

Have you heard about the physiognomy, or the art of knowing one’s personality and characteristics from your natural features? In fact, this art has been used by writers to describe their characters in their writings. For instance, women with very short hair like pixies are known to be bold, confident, independent, strong, adventurous, and sociable. After all, we can perceive the very short haircuts more masculine.

On the other hand, women with mid-length hairstyles are perceived to be more straightforward and fearless. However, if you’re a woman that will do everything to get your goals in life, probably you have a long hair too. According to experts, women with long hair are very careful, dreamy, and patient.

While women with curly hair are perceived to be energetic, romantic, and exciting, women with straight hair are known to be more elegant, practical, and sophisticated. Have you noticed that you usually sport a sleek straight style at the office? According to psychologists, this hairstyle look more conservative and wearing this at work will help to give you a more professional look and others take you seriously.

If you’re a woman with a more creative and carefree personality you probably love cute wavy hairstyles, but if you’re more effortless, high pony tails, messy buns, and tightly pulled back hair are your preferences. A great thing, the latter will still give you an image of an organized and goal oriented woman who doesn’t want to waste time on unnecessary things.

If you love unconventional and cute hairstyles, then you might be an unpredictable person too who thinks outside the box, and shows your creativity in every aspect of your life. You might also love cute braided hairstyles that will show your sharp eye for details, giving you a more attractive appearance.

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  1. Does your cute hairstyle flatter your face shape and bring out your best features?

Before getting cute hairstyle inspirations from your favorite celebrities, fashion icons, actress, models, and influencer, you must know that your face shape matters when choosing a hairstyle. There are actually six face shape categories you might fit in: heart, oval, square, diamond, round, and long.

The most ideal face shape is the oval face that will also look great in all haircuts and hairstyles, so your goal is to opt for a cute hairstyle that will create the illusion of having an oval face.

Do you know that square faces photograph the best? If you’re a woman with a square face, think of playing down your strong, angular jaw with cute curly hairstyles and choppy ends.​ If you wish to get some blunt bangs, cut them longer, preferably on the sides to soften your angular features, or embrace side-swept bangs that will surely flatter your facial features.

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, you may go for cute hairstyles that accentuate your features like space buns and high top knots, or make the bottom half of your face appear wider with loose curls. Most of the time, heart shaped face has a widow’s peak, so never go for a sleek middle part that will look awkward and unflattering. You may also draw the attention to your eyes and cheekbones with flattering bangs.

Do you know that round faces are usually “baby-face”? If you have a round face, your goal is to create the illusion of longer hair, and you can achieve that with cute hairstyles that add volume on top or haircuts that fall below your chin. You may also go for curls, but skip ones that fall on the sides that will only add more width to your cheeks.

If you’ve got a long face, your goal is to make it appear wider with your cute curly hairstyles. Most of the time, cute hairstyles in shorter lengths are great as they add extra width on the sides. If you got a wide forehead, balance your features with cute bangs, giving the illusion of a shorter face and draw the focus on your eyes. This is the reason why Carrie Bradshaw always looked beautiful as her curls make her face look more proportioned.

  1. Does your cute hairstyle suit the occasion you’re attending to?

Cute hairstyles can put on the spotlight regardless of the event or occasion you’re going to. It might be fun to explore and try new looks, but some cute hairstyles might look over the top if you’re just going to run errands on weekends, while some will look informal for a corporate work environment. Before selecting that cute hairstyle, consider what type of occasion you’re attending to, and the statement you wish to make.

If your workplace has a strict business dress code, it makes sense to go for a cute, yet polished look, so forget those messy buns and woke-up-like-this hairstyles. After all, your workplace is a place where every bit of your look matters. According to stylists, cute bob hairstyles, side swept bangs, and sleek ponytail will take you from board meetings to weekends.

If you’re attending a wedding, whether you’re one of the bridesmaids or guests, think of cute hairstyles that will add some playfulness and sophistication to your looks. You may think of cute braids, buns, and French twists that look romantic and feminine. To glam up your hairstyle, think of cute accessories too.

Tiaras, beaded headbands, cute hair pins, flowers and such are great for adding some personality to your glamorous look. If you’re just need a stylish yet practical hairstyle for the weekends, think of going for dynamic hairstyles and asymmetric cuts that are low maintenance yet fashion-forward. If you wish for feminine yet cute hairstyles, go for easy braids that won’t require hours to complete.

  1. Do you have enough time to prepare and get the desired look?

Most of the time, we need enough practice and time when it comes to achieving a cute hairstyle. So, make sure to plan ahead of time so you’ll get the perfect look. If you’re going to style your own hair, spend more time on looking for inspirations and practicing the look with your own hair.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but you might want to be careful on doing some drastic changes that would be hard to reverse just like coloring your hair or cutting your hair. Hairstyles are very personal, and big occasions usually call for thoughtful preparation. If you’ll plan to get a pro to style your hair, make sure to secure your appointment the same day of the occasion for a fresh look.

If you just want to look chic on casual weekends, don’t stress yourself on cute but elaborate hairstyles, as sleek ponytail, messy bun, simple braids and such are perfect. If you’re the star of that special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding and such, own it with your cutest hairstyle. After all, it’s your perfect time to shine, and feel beautiful and confident.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Some women think that the of styling options on a short hair fall a bit short too, but you just have to be creative to get cute hairstyles that will look best on you. Do you know that even the updo hairstyle options for short hair are possible too? Regardless of your hair length, adding a cute accessory will make a statement.

If you think the hairstyle is too harsh for your face shape, simply keep those face-framing strands loose at the opposite side of your face. If your hair is too short to be styled in an updo look, work it with headbands instead of pins, giving you the same swept back look of longer hair. If you can’t go for a top knot or high bun, go for a lower placed bun that will keep your hair pulled back.

If you wish for a more feminine and romantic hairstyle, go for cute curly hairstyles. A great thing, the look is also packed with life and personality, perfect from dinner dates to weekend errands. Just be creative on getting your cutest curls, wildest waves, and springiest coils. If you wish to channel you inner ’60s babe, go for French twist or add a headscarf to your short hairstyle.

If you wish to add some braided spin to your short hair, think of getting some braided deep side part or even braided crowns that look pretty and sweet. Do you know that braids can also add some volume to your thin, fine, and flat hair? To make things more creative, you may even add some twists to your cute braided hairstyle that will add some dimension to your looks.

If you wish to revamp your bob haircut, think of a cute braided bob. If you want for a more daring yet cute hairstyle, think of getting some cornrows that will take you from Sunday brunches with the girls to your night yoga class. For an edgier style, rock some side braids, but keep the look a bit feminine with cute hair accessories.

If you want to get a more unexpected look, think of getting some zig zag part, giving a nod to ’90s look. If you want a more conservative look, think of a braided chignon that will look perfect from weddings to board meetings and beyond.  However, if you’re a woman on the go and doesn’t want to fuss with your hair, think of a braided brown that looks cute yet effortless.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you’ve got a long hair, you’re lucky as the ways of styling it are endless. If you’re a woman on the go, you may go for top bun or chignon that looks put together and sleek, or add some twist to your typical ponytail.

If you want something that’s cuter than a typical messy bun, go for a braided bun. If you want the practicality of a top bun, yet find it too plain think of a wrapped braid crown that can take you from weekends to formal parties.

If ponytail is your favorite as it keeps your hair away from your face while keeping everything sleek and effortless, then you may also think of a braided ponytail. If you have a thin hair, and a typical ponytail makes everything look flat, think of adding some volume with twists and braids.

After all, good volume will make your hair look healthy and bouncy. If you love a romantic hairstyle, think of getting some curls that are light and breezy that will make your think hair more voluminous and beautiful.

If you’re looking for a cute hairstyle that will take you from day to night, think of getting some cute wavy hairstyle. Long hair will let you rock those cute looks for both short and long locks, just like a half up and half down hairstyle that will look great on any outfit and occasion. For a more creative look, think of an infinity hairstyle where others wouldn’t know where it begins and where it ends.

If you want a more carefree look, think of bohemian hairstyles that will make you look like stepping out of a fairytale book. Most of the time, you’ll need a sea salt spray before French braiding your long hair. But if you want a more relaxed look, simply opt for a French braid styled in a bun that’s perfect for afternoon tea with the girls to dinner dates.

Cute Braided Hairstyles for Women

Braids are one of the most creative and cute hairstyles you can get to make a statement on any occasion you’re attending to. A great thing, it will be easier to get cute hairstyles with braids whether you’re looking for a sleek office look or a glamorous party look. You can even think of simple or elaborate twists to make your cute hairstyle more personal.

  1. Cute Three Strand Braid

This type of braid maybe the simplest and the most common hairstyle you know, but you can actually add some twist to the look, making it more creative and fresh. Generally, you just need to take three sections of your hair to be braided, passing each part over the center section.

Once you completed the base braid, you can create various twists and knots to your braided hair, as well as adding some cute accessories to complete your statement. It doesn’t have to always start on the sides or at the back, as cute hairstyles often call for creative yet unexpected three strand braids. Just don’t be afraid to experiment and explore the cutest hairstyle for this braiding method.

  1. Cute French Braid

The difference between the standard three stand braid and French braid is the latter will require you to grab more hair to add into your braids while passing the sections of your hair over the center strand. Yes, this braiding method continuously uses the braiding technique in a three-strand braid, leaving an appearance of pulled hair from the sides.

A great thing, you can experiment with this braided hairstyle to create the cutest statement. Think of getting side braids, back braids, or even crown braids, and add some twist to the look by making swirls, creating top knots, adding some bouncy curls, donning a half up half down hair, going for a messy bun, or even rocking a high ponytail.

  1. Cute Fishtail Braid

If you’re a fan of complex and intricate of braids, go for a cute fishtail braid that can be perfect from romantic dinner dates to Sunday brunches with friends. To create the look, this hairstyle calls for weaving thin sections of hair, looking like scales on a fish tail—yes, that’s where this hairstyle got its name.

Generally, this cute braided hairstyle is achieved by sectioning your hair into two parts, and taking one part underneath one of the parts, and braiding them. Once you finish the rest of your hair, the final look will give you a more deconstructed hairstyle yet cute and dreamy.

  1. Cute Dutch Braid

If you already mastered the French braid, then this hairstyle is just easy for you. Basically, the Dutch braid is just the opposite of a French braid, but you’re braiding the hair under, not above. The goal of this hairstyle is to add some dimension and volume to your hair because it sits on the top of your hair, giving you an inverted French braid look.

A great thing, Dutch braid can be more creative by incorporating some simpler hairstyles like ponytails, pigtails, crown braids, and even half down half up hairstyle. Just be creative on experimenting with this braid to get the cutest hairstyle you want.

  1. Cute Four Strand Braid

One of the most challenging and confusing braiding method is the four strand braid. Do you know that five strand and six strand braids even exists? In this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair into four sections and pass each section without creating a jumbled hairstyle.

Most of the time, you should know where your first strand, second strand, third strand, and fourth strands are, so you’ll be able to follow the braiding pattern. Since this hairstyle is already complicated, you can actually get away with it and finish your looks with cute accessories, unless you want to make things over the top.

  1. Cute Milkmaid Braids

A milkmaid braid is more of a braided updo that’s elegant and classy. This hairstyle might be popular on weddings, debuts, and formal occasion, but you can actually rock the look everywhere. All you need is to create two regular braid pigtails, but this time pinning them on the top of your head just like a headband.

A great thing, milkmaid braids are cool and versatile. If you like, you may even incorporate your look with fishtail braids to make things more creative, or add a rock and roll edgy with a messy braided look. You can start by pulling your hair into two low pigtails, then, pick a side to work on. Once you finished the pigtail braids, you have to pull them on your crown and secure them with hair pins, finishing the hairstyle with hairspray.

According to stylists, it will be better if you’ll make your braids closer to the forehead instead on just top of your head. If you like you may even go for cute hair accessories like floral clips and bejeweled barrettes. Some women even add some pop of color to their braids with fabric that can be achieved by braiding it together with your hair.

  1. Cute Waterfall Braid

If you’re a big fan of dreamy hairstyles, go for a cute waterfall braid. This look actually resembles the waterfall—a waterfall of hair on the side of your head. This hairstyle will work whether you’ve got a short or long hair. This dreamy hairstyle is perfect for weddings, dinner dates, prom, or even Sunday brunches with friends.

If you have a thin hair, you can add some volume with the help of clip-in extensions that will add thickness on the sides of your hair. You’ll do the typical braiding technique here, but to create the waterfall effect, you’ll leave the section of your hair that you’re supposed to cross in a regular braid. Yes, you’ll always get new strands from above the braids then put it in the middle, and hang it down.

Indeed, the hairstyle you’ll choose will reveal your personality, so go for these cute hairstyles that will make you look more adorable and style.


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