45 Of The Best David Beckham Haircut Over The Years


A good haircut is probably the best makeover to build a man’s confidence and reflect his charm. And when we talk about attractive hairstyles, a David Beckham haircut is undoubtedly the first thing that strikes our mind.
Apart from being known as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, the world also recognize him as a fashion symbol! Beckham has a way of pulling off every style he acquires. When it comes to trying out a new outlook, the majority of men seek a David Beckham haircut name.

We are here to take you through pretty much every David Beckham haircuts and hairstyles. Almost every hairstyle that Beckham has introduced, from the classic David Beckham haircut in the 90s to the Beckham haircut 2018, let’s analyze why we refer him as the style icon!

1. Beckham’s Double Ponytails

david beckham haircut

David Beckham is born with a talent to improvise! Whether it is in a world cup game or to introduce a new style, he does know how to deliver! This David Beckham haircut style possesses double ponytails, one at the top and the other goes down along a layer of hair.
You need a long hair to portray this Beckham hairstyle. You might as well dye your hair blonde. The front hair is properly combed back to the top, and you tie it with a rubber band. Then, you brush off the side hair and take it parallel to the remaining hair below the top bun and tie it similarly. The remaining hair at the bottom is left hanging. This David Beckham haircut long and double bun was first practiced by the star in 2003.

2. Uneven David Beckham Haircut 2002

A David Beckham haircut short or long or medium delivers a different outlook, but the appealing personality always remains the same. Beckham used to cut his hair short in 2002 before he came up with double buns.
All Beckham hairstyles are unique. However, this haircut adds more uniqueness to its uneven hair length. As you can see, Beckham has trimmed the front hair shorter in comparison to that on the top strand. The cut portion catches the eye of the viewers, and they are left wondering as to why he did that, and only to one side. Then, he has used a hair product to give a spiky and pointy touch to the top hair
This Beckham style goes along a well-trimmed face, and wearing shades shall add consistency to this look! You might as well keep up with a smile for a better vibe and interaction.

3. The Intense Outlook

When it comes to reflecting a bold and sexy avatar, David Beckham tops the list. He has justified this look with his roughly maintained hairstyle, and his decent eyes support his frame! You need to trim the hair short, and you cut the top hair longer in proportion. This outlook goes along better when you have a thinner hair that can give a pointed and wide look at the same time. A properly trimmed beard could be a plus point in this look. However, all the eyes would be set somewhere else if you could justify this David Beckham haircut. You might as well use a hair cream to brush the top hair to the back. It is better to present an intense look if you were to  pose for a photograph. I mean, just take a look at Beckham’s attitude in this one! He came up with this haircut while he played for PSG during 2013.

4. Beckham Haircut Long and Blonde

Whether it is a short hair or a longer one, you can’t deny the fact that Beckham makes us wonder if this hairstyle was made for him! He resembles style as he parts his long hair in both the sides. This David Beckham haircut long and blonde gives you an appealing vibe in a not so specified pattern; some rules of this style can be bent, and you will still look amazing!
You need to have a long hair; a length that surpasses your neck and goes a bit down your shoulders. The nature of the hair should be soft, and you might as well use hair wax to increase the shine in your hair. Then, it is better to give a blonde color to your hair for an extra appealing out glow!

5. Beckham Haircut Short and Rough

David Beckham has had numerous hairstyles over the years, and this is apparently one of his recent hairstyles. He has emphasised on making his hair look precisely short and has added some roughness to it. The hair becomes the least focus since the face looks thick enough and grabs the maximum attention.
This hairstyle looks good if you have thin hair, and you might as well give it a dry look. The side portion is cut short, and the top strand is comparatively more extended with precise measurement. It is better to use hairspray to make the hair spiky.

6. Beckham Haircut Long;Ready to Roll

Beckham can be considered as the pioneer when it comes to long hair. He presents a sexy avatar with this look. With an adequately combed top hair tied into a bun and the side portion brushed off neatly, this outlook indeed takes the long fashion to the next level.
You will need a long hair, precisely to the edge of your shoulders, and you need it to be smooth and silky. The silkier your hair, the more it succeeds to reflect your sensuality. You might as well colour your hair blonde. However, other hair colours work perfectly fine since this hair justifies any avatar you want it to present. Brown, Green could be some good options. Then, you need to use some hair oil to make it easier for you to comb your top hair precisely. Then, brush off the side hair correspondingly, and you’re ready to roll!

7. The messed up Sexiness

This David Beckham haircut includes a completely trimmed side part, with a thick section of hair at the top portion. The strand is generally tangled, and it goes pretty well with beards.
This hairstyle has been a traditional trend ever since it was initiated, and Beckham adds another level of class to this haircut. The side parts are neatly clipped. The side hair and the top has a visible separation. The top-front section is styled upwards, and given a messier style.
This haircut makes you look stylish and straightforward. The unrestricted makeover includes the hair being complete rumpled, thus highlighting the sexiness, and reflects a steady style.

8. Long and Partitioned

There is a visible partition at the middle in this hairstyle. The hair is long as usual. Beckham has applied a blonde highlight to his hair. This haircut resembles a lot with that of Nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain. It takes a proper maintainece and effort to justify this look like these stars.
For proper maintenance, you need to wash your hair three days in a row. It is better to use hair oil to improve the quality of your hair. You might as well add color to your hair. The top portion has a full highlight, while the edge has a comparatively lighter shade.

9. Intensify the coolness

This haircut of David Beckham works best in your favour if you have an elongated facial structure. If you want to present a fresh look, you might as well go with this hairstyle. Beckham has trimmed the side portions that go along to justify his face.
He has maintained a certain length at the top and used some hair gel to give a spiky look above. His intense stare has equally added a proper compilation to this hairstyle.
This hairstyle is better for a thin hair, and you can try this David Beckham hairstyle undercut or overcut, as supported by your personality. It shall give you a refreshing and intense outlook.

10. David Beckham Medium Hairstyle; Mixed Highlights

David Beckham came up with a similar hairstyle long before he was famous. However, he has had this haircut on multiple occasions after that.
This David Beckham haircut is a medium haircut that focuses on reflecting a classic vibe. The extent of the strand is usually above your shoulder. You need to have your hair long enough to turn it sideways, any position you like. David Beckham usually colours his hair blonde. But you can try a different colour as well. In this medium haircut, Beckham has highlighted the top portion blonde. This portion is the one he slants sideways. The inner strand, however, is not coloured as you can notice it in this picture.
A better idea for this haircut would be to highlight the top portion with a light colour. Blonde, green, grey are some good options. Similarly, you should apply a dark colour to the hidden part to grab the attention when people notice it!

11. Classic David Beckham hair 2018

David Beckham haircuts have a considerable impact if you take care of some essential minor details. It is better to know the David Beckham hair product to reflect an almost similar outlook.
This haircut helps you ponder class and intensify your charm if you pull it well enough. Facial hair acts as a bonus and goes along adequately in this look.

12. Why so Serious?

David Beckham hairstyle undercut or overcut or medium-cut, no matter which one you prefer, you will need to add your aspect and make the audience emphasise on the look you reflect as well!

13. Young, Wild and Free

Beckham had this hairstyle back in 2008, and it has been a trend ever since. You need to use hairspray to mess up the top hair, and a thick beard with a corresponding length as in the picture adds compliment to this look.

14. Short and Rough

The hair is short, and the facial hair is what makes this outlook rough! The top strand is trimmed short, and you slant it to the top. Then, you might as well keep the facial hair long and adequately visible up to the neck to add roughness.

15. Maintaining Sexy

This David Beckham Haircut requires proper maintenance and some effort from your end. The side portion should be well trimmed, and you need to take care of the edge as well. Then, put some gel and comb the top hair backwards. A stylish facial hair acts as a compliment to this David Beckham haircut.

16. The Innocent Cut

David Beckham has pulled off an innocent look with this haircut. However, you cannot deny his eyes that do most of the work in this case. You need to highlight your hair to any colour and use a comb to slant your hair to the side.

17. Here, there, Everywhere

Apart from being a famous Beatles song, this is one of the most practised David Beckham hairstyles over the years. You need to add a hair cream and then mess up your hair in any way you desire. However, you do need to possess a considerable length of hair.

18. Keep it appealing

Beckham adds a more graceful look in this hairstyle with his neatly messed up hair. You need to slant your hair sideways, and your hair might as well be dry to ease up this process.

19. David Beckham haircut Royal Wedding

This sexy haircut of David Beckham is likely to be your choice for formal attire. A well-maintained beard goes well with this Beckham haircut, and you might as well suit up to regulate the cherry on the top!

20. Comfortably Simple

If you’re looking for a comfortable haircut which goes above in the list of styles, this might be the perfect choice for you. You do need to use hair cream to adjust the top hair.

21. The pointed cut

The pointed Cut is one of the most famous David Beckham hairstyles over the years. You need to use some hair cream all over your hair and brush them in style. The side portion is given a subtle touch too!

22. The Zigzag

The zigzag hair usually requires an adequately trimmed haircut, followed by applying some hair cream. Then, you need to comb your hair at the front to give it a zigzag look. The side hair is slanted down.

23. Bring it back

You may recall this David Beckham hairstyle as one of your childhood interests. You need a sufficient amount of hair and a hairband. Then, you use it to brush off all your hair to the back forming a pile at the upper end of your head, giving you a unique outlook.

24. Simple cutting, Sexy looking!

This David Beckham hairstyle does not require much effort as you can quickly pull off this look with a simple haircut. You need to apply some hair cream and slant your hair downward, and you’re done!

25. The Partial Partition

For “The partial partition” haircut, you will need a medium size hair and a hair cream to make it wet. Try making a partition at the middle and slanting the hair at each ends to their respective edges.

26. The Directed Cut

This is David Beckham short hairstyle, which looks quite simple and does not seem to require much styling. However, if you look closely enough, the top hair and the side hair have been styled to point at their respective directions. The side hair leads to the front, whereas the high hair slants upwards.

27. The subtle strike

David Beckham proves why he is the style icon with this hairstyle. He has applied a subtle style in his hair followed by a sterile finish. You might as well color your hair and maintain your facial hair to justify this hairstyle.

28. The long-haired Gentleman

This haircut is similar to the long and partitioned David Beckham haircut. However, this is a more classic version of the hairstyle. You need a straight hair, and a partition is applied in the middle. This haircut also goes along a suited outfit!

29. Tying it right!

Whether it is a single ponytail or a double ponytail, you cannot ignore the charm Beckham brings with him! You need a straight hair and tie a ponytail and the upper end of your head for this outlook.

30. Point out the hair

You shall require a short hair, with a comparatively longer upper portion. Then apply hair gels to make it wet, and style it as Beckham does! Looks simple but is it!?

31. Comb it off

In this Beckham haircut, you need to have an adequate amount of hair at the upper portion and comb them to the back. A beard that is well maintained adds up a compliment to this hairstyle.

32. Spiky Highlights

As this David Beckham haircut name suggests, you need to highlight your hair first. Then, you need to use some hair gels and add a spiky style. You might as well look fresh and reflect a boyish charm.

33.The Precise Haircut

The precise haircut is a fashionable haircut among men since the day it was introduced. The girls go crazy over men with such a hairstyle. You might as well trim your beard precisely to justify this outlook.

34. Brushed off Long Hair

The hair is long enough to be properly tied with a rubber band. Then, a highlight to the hair is another essential feature of this hairstyle.

35. Long hair and a hairband

David Beckham was seen in this avatar mostly on the football field. He used to put a hairband to ease up the scenario and keep his long hair from disturbing his game. However, this hairstyle also became popular among men in time with its unique features.

36. The After-bald look

Hair or no hair, David Beckham never fails to showcase what his eyes can do from time to time. This outlook might as well be your perfect haircut for this summer. No maintenance and no any effort are required.

37. Front long Cut

In this David Beckham haircut, the entire portion of the head is cut short, and the front part is kept longer. Then, it is better to use some hair cream and comb the hair to add up style.

38. The long ponytail cut

This David Beckham long hairstyle goes well if you add a little highlight to it. You make a ponytail at the upper end, and it is better to apply it on a straight hair.

39. The Beckham Bun

The Beckham Buns is similar to his long haircut with a ponytail. However, you do need to replace the ponytail with a visible bun. Then, some alternative highlights to the hair is an essential feature.

40. The Traditional Army Cut

This haircut was widespread among the armies in the past, and it is still trending at present among numerous men. The top hair is slanted sideways, and the side portion on both ends are turned down.

41. Upper long, side trimmed

David Beckham has cut his side hair short, and he has left a precise amount of hair at the top. He has used hair gel to add a more graceful outlook and established a classy style out out simplicity!

42. Another level of Mohawk

This hairstyle is a David Beckham short hairstyle, and people don’t witness this much often. The star went for this haircut during the year 2013. This is another version of the famous Mohawk. Beckham has trimmed the top hair to the edge, and the pointy middle part is perfectly visible!

43. Thin and sharp

David Beckham haircuts usually prefer a thin hair to regulate the perfect look. This is one of those hairstyles. You might as well use hair wax to slant it in different ways.

44. Ready To Operate

A thin hair would be great if you want to try this David Beckham Haircut. You need to colour your hair brown. Trim the sideways and part a visible layer before you move up to the top hair. Use a comb to brush off the top and your hair is ready to operate!

45. Resolute and Powerful

David Beckham reflects a more resolute and powerful outlook with this hairstyle. You will need a short trimmed side portion and hairspray for a spiky top hair. You might as well maintain your beard, and you shall occupy the vibe!


David Beckham has emerged in the front pages of magazines and newspapers over his career. His diverging interest in hairstyles is one of the main reasons for his popularity.
Beckham has not only acquired fame in football, but he is also referred to as the style icon. Even in his forties at present, he never fails to astonish the spectators with the simple look in his eyes.
Beckham has succeeded to shun the limelight with his charm and craving personality, and the above list is some of the best hairstyles of David Beckham that add value to his intense personality.


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