101 Interesting Dutch Braids Perfect for All Seasons


This is undoubtedly one of the most common type of braids, and has remained so for a very long time. It is not hard to see why; the Dutch braid has a classic feel, makes for a great fashion statement while still remaining simple as well as bringing the right amount of attention to your face.

There are lots of ways to achieve this braiding technique and a number of Dutch braid styles would be properly touched here.

The Dutch braid hairstyle is often attributed as the opposite of the equally popular French braiding hairstyles, which is also known as the pineapple braid hairstyles.

The technique for Dutch Braid makes it the special and unique. Yes, the Dutch braid is a form of art.

Difference Between Dutch Braid and French Braids

This is our main course; basically the Dutch braid is the reverse of the French braid.

The main difference is that where you the side tendrils are brought in the middle one in the French braid, the strands of hair are brought underneath the three sections of the braid (the left, right and middle tendrils)

This makes the very special and attractive Dutch braid.

  • First, the Dutch braid presents a sort of 3D impression while its French counterpart gives a flat form of the braid.
  • Secondly, the Dutch braid gives a thick bunch of braid at the middle while the French gives off a very smooth appearance.

 Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Here are some Dutch Braid ideas for you to choose from. We have done the hard part for you – all you have to do is read through the guide and decide which one best suits you.

Fancy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Tiger Eye Dutch Braid

The first hairstyle on our list is one with an impressive shade of brunette. The tiger eye like shade makes this a befitting way to start.

Double Dutch Fishtail Braid

For a hairstyle like this, all you need is a comb, some elastic bands and a section clip. The hair is partitioned into two and then braided down to form something like a fishtail – hence the name.

Double Dutch Pigtails

Another Dutch braid hairstyle where all you need is comb, sectioning clip and elastic bands. Finally, the hair is parted in the middle and then separated into two different portions – just make your braids along the portioned hair.

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Special Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Multi-Colored Dutch Braids

Sometimes you have to let the colors do the talking. This particular hairstyle incorporates several colors that gives it a rainbow-like feel.

This is a great hairstyle for females looking to express themselves in a new way. The multi-colored braids are as beautiful as they are colorful.

Fiery Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Updo

This is one hairstyle that requires the use of hair pins, and of course a comb.First make a simple Dutch braids – double, and then warp both the braids to form a bun. You have your double Dutch updo.

A great hairstyle choice for females looking to keep thing low-key.

Dutch Braid with Bouffant Updo

This is a bit complex hairstyle and it requires quite a number of things – you need a chignon maker, hairspray, elastic bands, hairpins and a comb.

First the hair is backcombed at the crown of the head, from top to bottom and the top hair is combed gently. This is then pinned below the crown which creates the bouffant.

The make the Dutch braid in a horizontal pattern and chignon maker is used to make the bun. The updo stays in place because of the spray. 

More Fancy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Undercut Dutch Braid

The undercut Dutch braid is the ultimate fashion statement when it comes to this hairstyle (Dutch braids). It allows you get creative and it embodies the stylish and sophisticated modern woman.

This would go well for any event – corporate events, wedding parties, and girls’ night out – any.

It is easy to see why the hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger females.

Fancy Dutch Braid

From the name, it is obvious that this is a hairstyle that lets you get your fancy and style on. This hairstyle screams smart and badass at the same time. Fancy Dutch Braid is fashion at its peak.

Swirly Dutch Braid

For this hairstyle, the hair is allowed to spring into curls as well as the added Dutch braids. Here, the focus is on the curls with the braids acting more like a subtle touch.

New Dutch Braid Look

The Curved Dutch Braid Look

The Curved Dutch Braid Look is of course suitable for the girls with round face shape (it rhymes perfectly with their face, making you look absolutely beautiful) and girls with diamond face shape. The hairstyle makes them look beautiful. 

Multiple Dutch Braid with Two Knots

This is a multi-dimensional hairstyle that shows the complexity of Dutch braid hairstyle. There are multiple braids which feature subtle purple bands in between. Finally the braids are gathered into two different sections which is now tied into a knot.

A great hairstyle idea for summer or spring.

Stylish Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Mohawk Dutch Braid

This Dutch braid takes the Mohawk hairstyle and makes its own. The Mohawk has never looked more at home than in this hairstyle idea. Try this out and you’d find out you can do no wrong with a Mohawk.

Double Dutch Braid Bun

This look should be preferably worn to corporate functions because it looks formal.

Any member of the female species from the age of 23 to 45 can easily rock this look and look exquisite.

Double Dutch Pigtails

The double Dutch Braid look would suit perfectly with your summer party season and can be worn by all females of any age group.

You can wear this look to a bridal or wedding party (though you run the risk of outshining the bride).

This particular Dutch braid look works seamlessly with any ethnic wear. 

More Stylish Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Multi-Color Dutch Braids

Hairstyles like this one are usually worn by females who are not afraid of attention. The combination makes it the ideal fashion statement. Why? You become the subject of attention of the room. A great look especially in a season like a summer.

Ponytail Dutch Braids

For this particular hairstyle, the long hair is braided into an elegant looking Dutch braid. Then the hair is gathered at the back and tied to look like a ponytail.

Many females looking for a versatile choice go for this look. Any career or working woman can easily switch her look with the help of this hairstyle. 

Dutch Braided Ponytail

This interesting look is one that might just be for you. The hair is braided and gathered into the shape of the tail of the pony. This look is interesting as it incorporates elements of a different style.

Side Dutch Braid

This look is more appropriate to some certain face shapes such as oblong face shape, round shape and heart shape.

It is suitable for formal parties and matches almost any type of dress. 

Bold Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dual Lock Dutch Braids

Are you a bridesmaid looking to wear a simple but yet attractive look? This is the right look for you.

Note that the dual lock look is mostly suitable for round face shapes and heart shape faces and would perfectly match any type of party dress.

Pretty Dutch Braid Crown

This look is most suitable for round and diamond face shapes and would go perfectly in the office and could even work during after-work activities like parties.

Platinum Dutch Braid

The platinum color is becoming the go-to hair color in recent years and when combined with the Dutch braid, it makes for a very stylish choice.

This look would be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a change of style.

Casual, Self-Tied Double Braid

This gives double the amount of thickness that a normal (single) braid would give which is what makes it very noticeable. The simplicity in the hair is what makes it attractive.

Black Tight Double Dutch Braiding

The Double Dutch Braid Look is one unique look that reigns supreme as one of the trendiest, fancy and stylish Dutch Braid looks.

This look allow you to flaunt your  hair in the most stylish of ways. The black color makes it even more appealing – which is why the hair is popular in urban culture.

Brazen Dutch Braid Look

Messy Smoky Dutch Braid

Messy Dutch braids are actually one of the most common type of Dutch braids. The carefulness in intentionally making them messy is the reason behind their appealing nature – messy Dutch braid are also a strong fashion statement.

Now throw in the smoky color and you have a perfect hairstyle for summer.

Pink Double Dutch Braids

Sometimes a girl just has to go pink. This lovely hairstyle is a feminine one, with the pink color of the double braids making it exquisite, expressive and sharp. These are mostly worn by females looking to express themselves in a new way.

Interesting Dutch Braid Hairstyles

White Double Dutch Braids

White color has never looked this good. This brilliant combination of a neutral color and probably the most common type of Dutch braid (Double Dutch Braid) is a match made in heaven.

The hairstyle furthers shows how alluring the color white is. This might just be the style for you.

Side Dutch Braids

The origin of this looks stems from school (it has been dubbed the schoolgirl Dutch braid). The look is suitable for parties and events because of its trendy nature. 

Round Dutch Braids

This is one of the most easily accomplished type of Dutch braid look. All you have to do is to just braid the hair diagonally right across your scalp to get this particular look.

It is advisable to add some extra front bangs because it makes it look better. I call this extra bangs the sauce. 

Trendy Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Trendy Faded Green Double Dutch Braids

The look is suitable for the diamond, heart and round shape faces and it is regarded as the best look of Dutch braid for a wedding. Rock your trendy look to any bridal or wedding party. The subtle touch of green is what makes the hairstyle even more attractive.

Dutch Braids with Ponytail

This is one Dutch braid look that would easily go in a workplace. Getting the right look is usually overwhelming for working females. 

There is a need (rather unfair but remains still) for the females to get the right tone of attractive and professional – and the ponytail Dutch Braid look does this perfectly. 

Mohawk Dutch Braids

Dutch braids patterned into a Mohawk are always a nice sight to see. This is the right hairstyle if you are looking to change your look. This is the ideal summer look.

The Flower Dutch Braid Look

You can tell who this look is meant for from the name. The Flower Dutch Braid Look is one that can never go wrong at a wedding ceremony.

A bride with this look would get anyone and everyone’s attention especially at the reception.  

More Brazen Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Side Dutch Braid Look

Part your hair into three different sections and hold each section apart. After holding these sections apart, then twine them along each other in order to make the braid.

Keep on twining till the end of the hair, and at the end of your hair, tie the end so your braid doesn’t come off, and that’s all! Simple, right?

Yeah, a simple technique to give a tasty and exquisite look might just be what you need.

Green Double Dutch Braid Look

This is another hairstyle idea that features an elegant touch of green. The hair is braided into two different portions which are now tied together at the back.

The hairstyle is fashion forward because of the use of color. 

Double Dutch with Updo

This is another multi-dimensional hairstyle that incorporates several elements. The hairstyle features black and mushroom brown color. It is a double Dutch braid that is shaped into a classic updo.

You can easily wear to a corporate or workplace event and still rock to a friend’s birthday party. The result is spectacular. 

Urban Dutch Braids

This is a bold and impressive hairstyle that embodies the modern woman. It is casual but can fit in perfectly into a corporate environment.

The hairstyle is simple but subtle and bold without being too loud. There is no better way to cap off our guide than with this hairstyle.


Many have argued that the Dutch Braid is a type of hairstyle that can’t keep up with modern taste and fashion. Some have described it has not been trendy enough for the 21st century. Furthermore, it represents a kid hairstyle to some. Despite the elements of truth, the is not entirely factual. 

The Dutch Braid remains to this day one of the most popularly done hairstyle because of its versatility and flexibility. Moreso, the hairstyle has found a place in the heart of Caucasian women.

It is not exactly fashion forward but with the right set of clothes, you would look amazing, and yes, fashionable.

More importantly, Dutch braids have found way into urban culture and have inspired several looks by many females. The hairstyle gives you a template to be creative and still look beautiful.

Braids have become even more popular as a result of the fiercest and most popular women of Game of Thrones wearing the hairstyle.

Everything else falls in place with the right Dutch braid hairstyles. 


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