Easy everyday exercises to improve writing skill


Depending on one’s state of mind, writing can be an easy or a painstakingly difficult process. For example, there are days when even with random topics to write about, creative blocks make it feel you are pushing against a wall. So, do you blame yourself for lack of inspiration? Can doing a few exercises help you regain a creative flow?

For most writers, partaking in certain rituals would help fix things right away. For example, some of the most renowned authors have admitted to reading a few paragraphs of their favorite novels before putting pen to paper. What follows is often a magical flow of thoughts.

Others say they cannot put their fingers to a keyboard before taking a nature walk. In most cases of writing rituals, there is a strong link with exercising. It doesn’t have to be physically hitting the gym to make it count. Some mental exercises are all you need to improve your craft.

This post explores writing exercises that work, in particular, those that will boost your creativity many folds. Therefore, take a look at the next paragraphs to learn more.

·       Try out Word Association

The truth is that you don’t have to hit the road jogging or do a few sit-ups to power up your literary process. Sometimes writing per se makes for a very productive way of boosting creative writing skills. In this case, word association is a good starting point. It entails writing down any word that comes to mind and then following it with more that relates to it.

You can come up with as many random words as possible, with each taking a different twist or route. A good example is this: school, education, academia, students, lectures, lessons and classroom.

·        Proofread and edit other people’s articles, blogs, content…

Even if you are the best essay writer who will ever live, it is impossible to rid your own composition of all mistakes. There is always going to be an editor going to your work to make vital corrections, including giving an assurance of plagiarism free essays. Thus, another way of boosting your skills is becoming an editor, even if it is for a short while.

It could be proofreading a friend’s blog before it goes live or helping a student with doing plagiarism free essays. With it, you get to learn important lessons such as phrases that no longer make a good story, overused words, misspelled words and sentence structure. If you can identify all these mistakes and end up with a unique essay, rest assured of writing excellence.

·       Write-ups will show you beyond what eyes can capture

While you cannot rely entirely on writing apps such as Grammarly, GrammarBase, OneLook and Hemmingway to rid your paper of syntax mistakes, typos and poorly structured sentences, they are a necessary evil in this age and time. Uploading your article to Grammarly, for example, will show you a lot of mistakes eyes cannot spot, including clichés that you should edit out.  In retrospect, technology has come a long way in publishing, and using writing apps is one way through which you can become a highly skilled essay writer or an author.

·       Visualize your piece before writing it down

Visualization remains a vital mental exercise for writers who want to partake in the write practice. Doing it right, therefore, means apart from imaging a piece of literary or building a composition out of an image cutout, it is also important to put your feet into the shoes of would-be readers. You could begin by asking these questions: What will they need? What excites them? What are their reading rituals? Do they live a conversational, informative or formal tone?

Moreover, try to feel, smell, taste and see every detail of a write-up then go ahead and pour your soul down on paper. The result is often a very detailed essay. It is one of the most powerful creative writing techniques that can improve the skills of any aspiring novelist.

·       Make the most of word games

Whether you would want to improve your vocabulary or spelling, word games have never outlived their significance in a world where information is the most powerful tool authors have at their disposal. There is no limit to how many new words you can learn with this exercise. Moreover, word games help boost memory, which makes them a great brain exercise for any writer who wants to remain in charge of their own craft.

·       Read extensively

Any renowned author will emphasize that reading breeds a top writer. They are many ways it would benefit you. First off, it is a brain exercise that is comparable to none. With so many free papers online, you will never run out of count on how many articles you can save on your computer or phone for later reading. That is not to mention that with Apps like Kindle, Google Books and Mendeley, you’ve got everything at fingertips.

The most important approach to exercising your brain through reading is taking note of a writer’s style. It would help you come up with a unique blend of skills.

·       Watch a favorite documentary, movie…

Watching movies helps relax the brain. It is also an efficient way of exercising your way to creative prowess. In a movie, you can find a pickup line from where to begin a story. Also, it would help become a great narrative essayist who creates powerful scenes for paperwork and captivating writing plot. Moreover, watching movies often will help you realize originality.

·       Try crafting plagiarism free papers in a free flow

Sometimes the best way to becoming a top writer is by putting down everything that comes to mind. And, as you do it, try to remain original as possible. It will help you learn how to craft plagiarism free essays. You can use EduBirdie plagiarism checker system to check if you have a unique essay.

The Bottom Line

Writing isn’t for the fainthearted. You must be ready to adopt a few rituals of writing greats while also focusing on becoming a pro. Do not forget to pursue a unique voice or personality that identifies you to readers.


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