119 Expressive Emo Hair Options to Try For A Cool Appeal


You want to express yourself in ways that everyone will appreciate for sure. We try to create an image of ourselves and portray it to the world. There are a lot of people who do not want to fake things about themselves. They want to set be confident and show the real side of them. And the best way to do this is by getting the hairstyle that shows off your inner personality. Emo hair is thus gaining a lot of popularity. You can be the version of you that you want as you try on these hairstyles. There are no limits to it for sure.

You can see a lot of women wearing these styles and shocking and surprising us with them. There are a lot of colors on these hairdos, and we are amused by it. You can say that these styles are centered on these fun hues more than anything else. If you are attentive enough, you must have noticed a lot of sharp cut layers on them too. We know you are restless and want to jump into the section where we discuss these ideas. So without any further ado, let us dive into the images and the tips we offer!

Here are 119 fab ideas of emo hair for those who want a unique style.

The fun, youthful idea

The bubblegum hair on this idea should be enough to entice you towards it. But the light blonde shades in here should not be ignored as well. You can make some tiny space buns and put them on top to get this fabulous look for yourself. So you can try it out this season to get a hairstyle that no one can take their eyes off from.

The dark purple shades to try

Dark purple has a lot of curiosity around it. These are the dark tones that are not going to give you a natural appeal. Instead, it has a mysterious touch to it. If you want to experiment with something fun and distinct, then we suggest these hues. There is so much you can do with them. Take ideas from here to execute them as soon as you can.

emo hairSome orange tones

Emo hair is an excellent option of hairstyle on its own, and you can take it to the next level by getting that touch of warm orange to it. You can play with it and mix it up with some bright pink tones too. We are sure you would love to get this blend. With both short hair and long ones, they look spectacular so try it out!

Emo hair with a pop of pink

Are you a big fan of bright, bubbly shades? Then you need to work your way to these shades here. These are some fun colors here, and we know it looks fantastic on you once you get them on. If you have a fair to the pale complexion, you need to try it out for sure. You can adjust the intensity of these colors for a medium to dark skin tone.

The dark brown colors we love

Dark brown is the color to get if you are not sure about some bright, vibrant hues on your hair. Coloring your hair comes with its share of damage. So make sure you get them done with utmost care. It is flattering for all skin tones, and that is the best part about these hairstyles. If you are hunting for ideas, here are some to keep on the list.

Emo hair with a fun blend of colors

There is a lot of color options out there, and there is no need for you to check out only the pale monotonous tones. You can try out any fun shade that you want. Here are some rainbow-colored hair ideas if you’re going to get that vibrant tone on yourself. You can see the whole plethora of hues in the collection we have here.

Short choppy emo hair

If you are intrigued by the short choppy layers in emo hair, then you are going to adore these options here. These get the idea to the point and make us want to try it out as well. We are placing come short hair options for you here. So you can enjoy it to the fullest. The fun spark of shades entice us the most and are perfect for anyone who wants that pop of color.

Hot layers in emo hair

Layering your hair is an excellent way to even out the thick hair layers. You can enjoy a fresh look when you get these varying lengths on. If you are ready to try it out, then we are sure you will love these hues. The shoulder-length hair is best to show off these magnificent tones. Pair it up with some funky earrings, and you will look extraordinary.

Light blue-green tones

When you are not afraid of trying out some fun shades, then go for the lime green mixed with certain hues of blue in them. You can keep it closer to the lighter side if you want a fun look. If not, you can get it to look a bit darker. Here are some awesome ideas for you. If you have layers, these hues will show up even better.

Add some flowery touch

If you are wondering how to do emo hair without cutting it, then we will help you out here. You can get them colors in some vibrant colors. Keep them light and bright for a youthful appearance. You can choose darker shades if you want to add that depth to your hair. To get that bohemian touch on your hair, you can add on some beautiful flowers.

The bold touch of colors

This is a color that we are sure you have not seen in anyone else’s hair for now! The feel of yellow has a hint of green undertone to it as well. The braids and the hairstyle in itself are beautiful. You can see that they are an excellent choice for you. If that fun summer vibe is what excites you, then you can try it out for sure.

Blues and pink ideas for emo hair

Some color combination is fun, and they set your hair aside from everyone else’s. You can also try out these shades if you want that spunk for yourself. Keep them as dark and as light as you wish. We have options to try if you’re going to that medium, long length. And if you are interested in these short layers, then the one in the middle is ideal for you!

Braided hairstyles for a youthful appeal

Getting braids on your hair has never been this good for any hairstyle! These emo hair ideas are perfect for teens, and so are these braids. You can see how the combination of the two merge well and give that messy yet ideal style. Here are some of our favorite ways of wearing these styles.  You can check them out and take ideas from them as well.

Deep black with blonde

Ash-blonde is a color endorsed by a lot of celebs. You can see that there are some dark hues on the base, but these subtle shades of blonde top them. These are stylish and have that neutral tone to them as well. So make sure you get that fun appeal for yourself if you want to look fab! We have a couple of ideas to try.

emo hair

Try these tones of blue!

Blue is a color we see mostly on emo cut guys wear. But they are also loved by women! With the depth and intensity of these hues, you can look your best with a few coloring sessions. Pair with the pinks and lime green tones, and you will look pretty amazing. So choose the combination that works the best for you from this compilation here.

Edgy short hairstyles

Women with short emo hair will love the ideas we have here for one reason mostly. The edgy style of colors will make you look good, and it also keeps you from the hassles of styling each day. Here are some fun options to try. You can prevent the hair in some ashy blue tones. Or get the blonde color on with the tip on dark royal blue.

Some fun pastel hues

Pastel pink tones are perfect to go with a fun, youthful attire. So you take the emo hair and transform it into something as fun as these. You can keep them with the purple tones on top and also with some pink tinges as well. You can add on some shine on top to get that sporty vibe. We have three basic ideas to try out. Take your pick with them.

Long emo hair

Looking for an emo haircut for long hair? Look no more! For we have the best ideas to try out here. You can grow out your natural hair or add in some fun extensions to get this look. Put on some fun colors, and you can enjoy the emo hair look to perfection. The bold ones are listed here for you to choose from, so you need not worry.

Green tones with fun tones

These fall under the emo hair 2019 category, and we are sure you will love these ideas. You know that the green hues work out best for all skin tones. There is something fun in these colors, and you are sure to adore them. You do not need to get that bright tone on to look good. You can tone it down to a darker ashy shade.

The vast sea of shades to try

Do you want to try out emo hair colors? Then here are some fantastic ideas for you. The reds, oranges, blues, purples, yellows all work together to give you that unique look. Choose any style from this collection, and you can try them out soon. Take it up to your hairstylist and get them done to look perfect each day. You need to take care of your hair afterward, for sure.

Some blonde mix of shades

Blonde is a versatile color for sure. But they are great to mix with some other tones as well. If you want, then get them to merge with black, golden tones, turquoise blues, reds, and purples. Choppy layers can be added on to any of these hairstyles, and you can get it to look fun as well.

Dark hair ideas

Some hair colors are great to be mixed with, and some are best to wear on its own. You can wear these dark black emo colors to look exceptionally good. If you want to add that depth on your hair, then opt for these colors. Here are some excellent options we collected for the teenager in you. Pair it up with a beautiful shade of coppery red!

Platinum blonde hues

You are sure to have seen these ideas out there and wanted to try them out for yourself. You can wear these platinum shades of blonde to look good and also make a good fashion statement. The car ears added on to this style makes it different from everyone else. We find these ideas to be perfect for anyone for Halloween.

Tones of red

Red is a color of passion, and there are so many undertones to try as well. You can see the ever so beautiful cherry red hues out in this section. You can also pair with the darker tones to add that needed dimension to your hair. Add bangs and choppy layers to get your emo look to stand out.

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Rose gold tones on the hair

These are the shades that not most emo hair options have on them! You can get it if you want to show off your feminine side along with the touch of depth in it as well. The dark black roots form the perfect base for these hues to shine through. Get them on as highlights if you want just specks of your hair covered!

Best for magazines

Some hairstyles on the magazines are best to try out for a fun appeal and here are some that we are sure you will admire. If you want to play it dark and safe, then the ones on the top are best for you. But if you desire a bold appeal and want it to be fun and vibrant, check out the option on the bottom and try it!

Spikey ends

There are some nice spikey ends on this cut here. You need to make sure that your hairstylist is well trained to get you these sharp edges. You can also get the blend of these same colors if you want that emo hair. The blues are dark, and the reds have a purple tinge on them too. This is an excellent choice for many!

The young and fun styles

These hairstyles are usually loved and preferred by young women. They were very popular back in the 2000s, and they are excellent to try out now as well. You can get the sharp cuts on them and some fun hues on them as well. Here are some beautiful, extraordinary ideas that you can try out this season. The one on the bottom with the green is exceptional.

Some options with bangs

You can add bangs to practically every hairstyle out there. But you need to understand that adding them to this emo hair is what sets it apart. You can keep them long and bold. They usually are long enough to cover half of your face even. You can check out some fab ideas and select the ones that work out for you!

Beautiful hair accessories

In today’s times, there are so many fun accessories that one can try out. You can find ideas on any social media page and get them for yourself. Here we are recommending some of our favorite ideas for you to try. For the perfect emo hair, get these dark headscarves and add them on the top. You can also get a cap that works for you. If you want to be bold, then choose the peacock feathers!

Some light colors

Even though most people associate loud colors with emo hair, some soft hues make the cut as well. You can see these are some lighter shades in here and they are excellent if you want to stand out. There are some greens and ashy tones on here. You can also spot some pink to orange hues on these images. They are ideal for a summer vacation!

Stylish and trendy

You know emo hair is trendy, but you may not know how you can get it on! Here are a few ideas for those of you who want that oomph and flair to the hair without following a lot of steps. Head to the salon and get these chopped up layers on the top. Then you can start by taking these layers and coloring them out. Choose something bold or go for a subtle blonde!

The whole attire

You need to realize that it is not only about the hairstyle and haircut that you get on that makes it enjoyable. You need to take care of the whole attire if you want to look flawless. This begins with understanding the cuts and colors you want, and then it is all about how you get your clothes and attire fixed up.

Short emo hair

If you are one person who wants to get that short cut on your hair and get that fun idea, then you can opt for this look. There are some short layers on top, and they have these ashy blue tones on them as well. The colors to wear are the ones that set you aside from all. The small length can keep you feeling fresh and crisp.

The perfect everyday pose

When you are ready to get a hairstyle as expressive and liberating as the emo hair, you need to try out some poses with it to share it with the world. You can see the standard pose that everyone strikes when they have that emo look on. The choppy layers on are fantastic, and if you pay a close look, you can sport the beautiful makeup on as well.

The unique one

When you want to express yourself, it is best to look unique than to look ordinary. If you wish to an emo hair that impresses rather than make you feel pale and dull, then you can try out any of these hairstyles. You can see the colors are what set this look aside from everyone else. The detailed look is distinctive, and you can style them with flowers and also some sharp cuts on your hairstyle.

You can change your hairstyle, and as you do so, you will realize that something about your personality also changes and adapts to it. There are some great ways to get your hair to speak out for you. Get the vibrant shades if you are looking for a fun option. Go for these darker shades if you want that depth in your hairdo. No matter what your preference is, you will find opportunities in our article. You can characterize this idea with some blonde and black hair and with bold choppy layers. But now there is a lot of vibrancy in these styles as well.

These styles you adopt can define your personality for you. The years of the 2000s and the decade that followed had a lot of young women and men trying on these hairstyles. There are so many options now trending on the social media sites, and we collected all of them for you to check out. You may be wondering how you can get that style that amazes even you. If you have questions about how to cut emo hair for guys or girls, then you can find these answers up above. We hope you found this article helped you in some way. If it did, then show some love by liking and sharing it around.


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