100 Finger Waves Hairstyles That Will Spice Up Your Look


If you are trying to get back in time and sport the finger waves hairstyles, then this is the article here for you. We are sure you will adore this collection if you care about waves and getting them on you. These were a significant style that everyone followed back in the 1920s. Women loved this hairstyle and wore it to look exclusive and glamorous. The stylists today are still trying to recreate these styles. So there is a high chance you will want to try them out. These are always used on magazine covers and are accessible on runways as well. We are sure you have spotted them on your favorite celebrity.

Adding the perfect 1920s waves is not a hard task. You can get them done if you are used to creating hairstyles at home. Even if you are not a completely talented hairdresser, you can find simple ways to get these stunning hairdos on yourself. All you need is to have some patience to work through them. Through this article here we are showing you ways to wear this look and also recreate it. If you are trying to get them done on yourself and are looking for ideas, we can help you out!

Here are some of the best finger waves hairstyles that you are sure to try and love!

Tyra Bank’s outstanding finger waves

When Tyra tries on a look, you can be sure that it is an inspiration for finger waves black girl can try on! Her look was stunning in here, and she wore it with perfection. You can look as flawless as her when you get the coils on yourself. There is a bun on the back, and the waves are sitting on the front well. The makeup in here has a grip on us that no other look can have!

finger wavesHollywood glam look

Who is not mesmerized by the glam of Hollywood celebrities! You can see that there are shine and glam to this hairdo in here. It is not only inspirational but is also equally alluring. You can try on this look if you are looking to recreate the magic of the 20s! Take inspiration from any of your favorite celebrity and sport it the way you like to. You need to make sure it holds up until the end of the day.

Zendaya’s finger waves

Zendaya is stunning in every way, and we are sure you are also awe-struck by her looks. She tries on new things all the time, and her hairstyles are different and unique yet subtle to the core. You can try out the classic finger waves she has in here. The sleek and subtle look here is perfect for summer days. You can beat the heat and look glamorous at the same time. We are sure you will want to try this one!

Adding some colors to your waves

You can make your hair look fun and add that oomph to it by adding some colors on them. If you are looking to see how you can do it, we are here to help you! There are a lot of colors here, and they are perfect for anyone. If you are bold and daring, then these hues are ideal for you. You can see that the one on end has no color to it and it looks dull compared to these majestic hues.

Best for magazines!

We know that these hairdos are perfect for the magazine cover! You can see that they are quirky and fun, and they have such a unique appeal to them. Here are some of the best looks we have seen on the covers of some glam and style magazines. You are sure to want to go through them. If you want a sultry and sexy attire, you can go for this hairstyle in here.

How to get them done

There are ways to get the finger waves on yourself. If you are looking at how to do finger waves with a curling iron, then here are some ideas for you! When you are looking to get them done well and fast, you are sure to need an iron. The heat settings need to be high, and only then will the waves last. Make sure to use some holding hair spray on to keep them intact.

Thin and short hair

When you have short hair, you can try on some fun and flirty hairdos! If you want the relaxed finger waves for short hair, then you need to try out this section in here. They are done well, and you can see how sleek and pinned down they are. If you want it to look even better, you can add a pop of color on them. Here we have the shiny hue of purple on the last one!

Dual colors to try out

When you are trying out new colors, you want them to be different and appealing for sure. If you have not chosen between colors, then you can try out dual shades for yourself. Here you can see them on these images. The combination of blues and blacks, black and blonde and also the mix of brown on here is admirable. You can try any of these styles here, and we are sure you will love it!

Vintage finger waves look

These are the classic finger waves 1920s gave birth to, and we are putting them on display here. There is a stunning look at all of these images. You can also see the vintage vibe in these hairstyles. The shine and luster in these hairdos are attractive, and we want to try them out today! The monochromatic images are what intensifies the look even more. We adore these hairdos and would love to see you try it out.

For long hair

In the lookout for finger waves long hair? Then this is the section that you can try out. You can try on these hairdos if you have a longer part of the hair. If you do not have such long locks, then you can try out adding some hair extensions. They can be colored as well. Take inspiration from these hairstyles in here and get them to your stylist today. We are sure you will love the way it looks!

Finger waves at its best

When you have short hair, you can try out this version of the finger waves. You can see the charm that it has in here. It is simple, yet has this alluring factor. What we love is the fact that there is an ease to these looks. If you want to sport something that has the elegance and chic factor to it, then you will love this one. Make sure you get them done well before setting them.

Yara Shahidi’s subtle look

If you are a teenager going through this article and looking to try them on, you need to check out the look of Yara in here! The ‘blackish’ and ‘grownish’ actress manages to make everything look effortlessly beautiful. Here is her subtle look that has the balance of the best. The curls on the base and the waves on the side are working out well. The natural waves in here are what makes this look a must try.

For special events

When you need to head out to a special occasion, you can try out any of these hairstyles in here. The way the hair is rolled up and pinned down makes for an alluring look in here. You can see the updos in here done by adding on some waves. Here we have a couple of ideas that you can get on board with if you are interested in an elegant hairdo. Adding flowers on the hair will make them unique.

The burst of pink

Here is a look that you can try out if you are a fan of the magenta pink shades! This look here makes us want to get out hair colored today. The dark base here is adding to the depth of the hairdo. There is an added dimension to the hair, and you can see how these waves add to the luxurious and fun look. We are sure this will be your choice of a vibrant look.

Get the exotic look

Here is an idea for the ones that are willing to try on an edgy look. The looks in here have the vacation feel to them. These are perfect for magazine covers, and we are sure you will love it. They are exotic and thrilling. The women are looking stunning, and we can admire the way their whole attire is put together. The ash blonde shades on the first one here is a trendy hair color.

Back in the day

Here are some of the best finger waves hairstyles that remind us of the era! These are some simple looks, and they have this charm to them that everyone can admire! There are not a lot of elements on this look, but still, they are breathtaking! The one on the bottom has this messy vibe to it as well. This look is getting popular as many think imperfection is what sets us aside!

Going strong on the runway

Models on the runway are sporting these waves, and we are in awe of the beauty of this look. You can try out the same if you are into this look. If you want to make sure that you stand out, then you can sport these hairdos. The addition of these styles on any clothes you wear can amplify it a lot. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired by for your next change of hair!

Stunning finger waves

We are astounded by these hairstyles in here. You can see that the hair in here has this sleek touch of waves on them. If you are willing to try on a striking look, then here are some ideas for you. These models are the ones that make it look extra special. The depth is captured nicely by all the photos in here. You can get inspired by them as you lay eyes on them for sure!

The blonde ones

We know that women are willing to try out new colors and trends to amp up their look and appear unusual. One of the most loved styles, in this case, is the addition of blonde hues on your locks. You can be sure that the hair has a flair and charm to it which comes from the colors. You can check them out and get inspired by them.

Elegance and charm

Looking elegant will no longer be hard for anyone! You can try out any of these charming hairdos if you want to look unique. The compilation here is the best of our most loved finger waves. We are sure you spotted them on your daily lived as well. When you try them for yourself, you can see they are comfortable as well. You can keep the colors and intensities the same as the ones we showcased to get the same look.

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Ashy Blonde hues

Ash blonde is the trend that gained popularity overnight. We saw celebs like Kim Kardashian and Pink pull off these stunning hairdos, and they are looking great in each of these images. You can try the same if you want to steal the look!

These are the shades that flatter everyone and look right once you match them to your skin. Get help so that you can balance them out for a sexy appeal.

Deep and sultry!

When you try out a new look, you also need to get the same attire. You can see that the clothes you wear and the makeup you put on has a significant impact on the way you look.

There is a depth to these hairdos, and we love the way it adds a sexy appeal to the hair. When you want to look extraordinary and sensual, you can wear these finger waves in here.

Outrageous look

If you think you would not be surprised by any hairstyles created from these waves, then you are wrong! You can see that the hair has this massive updo in here that can be ideal for long and thick hair. If you are looking to try out something extra, you can try this here. There is a lot of twisting and bending in this do, so we are sure you will need help to get this done!

Do it at home!

If you are not one to have time to get these hairstyles done at a salon, you can try them out at home. You can see that there are ways you can get them on at home. If you are sure you want to start a look at home, then there are many tutorials and informative videos online. Check them out and get started on the journey to look your best.

Simple and plain hairstyles

There are ways to keep your hair simple and make yourself comfortable. Here are some ideas for you that we are sure you will appreciate. The wavy bob hairdo in here is perfect for college going kids. There is an element of ease to these looks, and we are amused by it. When you cut your hair short, you will love this style. They are low maintenance and easy to style at the same time.

Soft glam finger waves

When you want a graceful look that has a touch of glam to it, you will love this look. These are the styles that stand out and make you look unique. The hairdo is perfect for weddings, and you can also wear it on a special occasion. The waves and twists in these hairstyles are intriguing to anyone who lays eyes on them. We hope you like the shades and options we have in here.

These beachy hues

The colors you use to make your hair stand out and show your inner personality off as well. If you are one to try out new shades, then here is an idea you cannot resist! The baby blue shades in here are perfect for all seasons. You can find these hues on your favorite Instagrammer as well. There are a lot of ways to make your hair look flawless and charming at the same time, and this is one of those!

Ever ready look

When you want to look unique, you can try out any of these hairstyles we have here. If you have a short bob, this is the ideal look to try out. You can see that the ends in here have this tight curl on them and they add a graceful touch to the hair. You can look your best every day when you have your locks made out in this fashion like the images here showcase.

Sleek and wet look

If you want a more elegant appeal, then here are some ideas for you. You can see that the hair is pulled on the back and there are pinned down to perfection. If you are one who wants their messy locks to stay away from their face, then you can try out this look in here. They are shiny, and you can try them out if you are willing to stand out. All love the wet appeal.

Gothic vibes

There is a deep goth vibe in these hairstyles. You can see that the hairstyle here is stunning and it is genuinely different from all other hairdos. Make sure you keep them on intact if you want the deep appeal to last. Here are some inspirations for you in case you wanted a different appeal. These are ideal for women who are young and are looking to stand out in the crowd. Check these out here to gain ideas.

Natural waves

If you are looking to try on the finger waves on natural hair, then this is the part here for you. We compiled the best of these looks in here, and we are sure you will love it. Make sure you keep your hair as subtle as you can and keep them locked in place. You can take help from your hairstylist if you are not sure how to get them done on yourself.

Shining through

The shine in this look is what sets is aside from all other hairstyles we mentioned in this article. The foil-like platinum blonde in here is luminous, and we are sure you will adore this if you want to try out quirky things. This is an inspiration for a lot of women around the globe. When you are looking to appear extra special, you need to try this hairstyle in here. This is sure to inspire young women. There is a craze to try on something unique currently anyway!

This article was aimed at helping women out who want to try out the classic look with finger waves. Even if you are not interested in trying on these hairstyles, you can go through this article for fun! We can assure you that as you go through these images, you will find yourself inspired and happy! We presented to you the best of these waves. Make sure you keep the look as close to the glam of that era as you can! That way you will appear as sleek and stunning as the divas of that era did!

We are sure you will try out the look for a themed party! And there are ways to make this look relevant for the current times as well. Some celebs can inspire you, as well. All you need to do is check them out and try to get them on yourself. Once you get the full attire, we are sure you will love them! These finger waves hairstyles are stunning, and we are in awe of the versatility of the look! If you want to wear these looks and have them on, make sure you share your experiences with us.


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