Four Awesome Ideas for an Unforgettable Bachelor Party


If your best friend is getting married soon, then as his close friend and best man, it is your responsibility to make sure he has an unforgettable bachelor party. The whole point of throwing a bachelor party is to give your best friend the opportunity to have the wildest time before settling down. If you want to go all out for your buddy and not worry about budgets or restrictions, then here are some four awesome ideas you should definitely take into consideration.

Keep it a Surprise

This is the first and most important thing. Some people prefer to keep their friends on the loop. But a really cool bachelor party needs to be a complete surprise. It’s not about keeping what is going to happen a secret, but it is also about keeping when it is going to happen a secret too. You can check in with your friend’s workplace or colleague just to make sure they are available on those days. Then you can surprise them randomly and whisk them away for the bachelor party. This is a great way to start off things.

Get out of Town

It’s very important that you plan this event out of town. Keep in mind that the groom-to-be might already be stressing about the wedding and everything else. So, as long as he is in the city or even near his home, he might not be able to relax completely. Of course, this does not mean you have to fly to Las Vegas. Think about a place that your friend would enjoy and where everyone can have fun. Once you figure out the location, you can book a private jet charter for hire and fly there with your friends.

Get the Right Vintage

When it comes to bachelor parties, there is obviously going to be alcohol involved. If this is the case, then you must definitely secure the right bottle for it. Since it’s a special occasion, you need to go all out. So, while you order all the shots and beers, remember to find the special bottle for your friend.

This would go well with your toast during the party too. You don’t have to worry about getting too drunk since most places where you can hire commercial jets such as Hawker 125-700A would also help you find the right pilot to fly you safely to and from your destination.

Invite the Right People

The last thing you want is for the bachelor party to turn into a fight or become extremely awkward. So, make sure you invite the right people. It’s always best to stick to the closest friends of the groom. If you are keeping the party as a surprise, then check in with their family to make sure everyone you are inviting for the party is on good terms with the groom. It would be very uncomfortable if you invite the wrong person or someone the groom doesn’t really like. So, make sure to double check the guest list.

When it comes to bachelor parties, planning and organization is important. But remember that a little spontaneity is not going to hurt anyone.


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