50 Hilariously Funny Quotes That Will Make You Die Laughing

Funny quotes- if you don’t need them at all, then congratulations- you are a very happy person living. Actually, those people are not even going to be here. But, for some sad people like myself, funny quotes are one of those basic necessities that I need. Be it to laugh at myself or be it to find words that represent the stupid people around me, funny quotes and sayings are very necessary to me. Because, in this lonely world, at least- there are some words that I could relate to. That makes me happy, that make me smile. And sometimes, they even help me to realize that I don’t need what I need- as long as I don’t need what I need. I just hope you understand what I mean.

Jokes aside, funny quotes really are something we always need to read. Something that we will need to read frequently. Because, we are busy people(are we, really?). We are tired most of the day, and we that some laugh is necessary, but sometimes we just don’t get anything that helps us with a laugh. And then there are these words, written or said just to enhance our smiles. And also that sometimes they motivate us- such as funny quotes about life lessons or some funny quotes written about school- so as to help us push ourselves harder. With a light heart and positive vibes.

So, here are some funny quotes that we gathered just for you. Go through them, and see how they relate to your life.

Change My Text

funny quotes

This thing is annoying for real. I mean come on, you use your precious time and words to write them a message, and there they are- replying out of nowhere just to make you work more.

Describing Not Insulting

Not a funny quote at all. Just something that is very real. These words in this quote are exactly what I want my best friend to understand. I mean what are you even supposed to do when their existence is an insult itself.

Sleep Like My Husband

Here is one- this one shows a mother’s love hilariously. Well, that is for sure, a mother is far more concerned about their crying toddler. Sometimes I guess they even hear voices that don’t exist- of their baby in trouble.

Flat Screen Mirror

This one is for every girl out there- is anyone interested? This quote is for real, every time some guys like me try to flirt, we come up with words like this.


Read this quote again- first, you could be asking yourself how could this even be stacked with other funny quotes and sayings- like this one only seems to tell about a specific person’s interest. But, then you get it.

As Your Last Haircut


See that footer on this image- you know what website this quote is from. So, did it inspire you? For me, not really but now I know what joke I am going to crack the next time I will be meeting up with friends.

Make Them Cupcakes

Short funny quotes are fun to read- but I don’t think this one actually relates to me. I mean I am not going to make them cupcakes of any sort, I am just going to buy it for them. Why put so much work in a workout when you can buy an enzyme that works.

When It Farts

I mean who doesn’t? If you can relate to this quote as well, then congrats- we have something in common. It is like even if we think that we are mature, there are almost no times when we don’t laugh at fart noises. Wherever they come from.

High Five

A high five with a twist. Seriously, some people really need that thing. As a note of your complete appreciation of their stupidity.

Forces Of Evil

What do you think about this wish? Lighthearted, but this actually turns out to be too heartfelt, if you really try to feel it with your heart.

Don’t Do It

Here is one, this time, take it as a gesture of my love. Well, this funny quote was found on the internet as well, but I just included it here to see how many people are common to me. I hope this quote made you smile.

Five Words

This one is very accurately. And for girls, if you realized something and found out how terrible your loving husband might b feeling all this time, here are some love quotes for you to say to him.

When You Still Have Teeth

Because after some time, you yourself wouldn’t want you to smile. This is not just a funny quote, take it as a warning. So, smile- it is not going to look beautiful on your forever.

Forget You Like

Here is a quote which the girls think are so relatable and cute. Well, if you want some tips on forgetting him, you have got the answer yourself. You only read on the night before your exams, right?

Gave It A Hug

Here is an excuse for you. But for me, believe me, this is really it. The floor sometimes becomes lonely too- it deserves a lot of respect and love from our side, for it still survives while everyone step on it.

Not A Mirror

A good comeback- I think sometimes this is all I can think of. This funny quote is good- and these words really are strong, but it is just like these words have already been old. Anyway, what’s classic is good, right?

Did You Die

First, this quote is not funny- seems like a joke made by a person who doesn’t know how to joke. But this quote is exactly what goes in your mind when you are in a situation like this. So, you are the person who doesn’t know how to make a joke.

Not Setting Alarm

Man, this one is so inspiring, takes me to my happiest times. AIt has been scientifically proved that ‘Alarm’- even the bravest people on our planet are afraid of this specific word.

Panic And Laugh

Now, there are priorities, right? Things that are funny while some things that are not funny at all. This quote gives an example of both of these concepts.

Ignored You Fine

You don’t need to worry at all. Because, the way I ignored you, that is sure to work. You will just need to have some faith in that. Some words that I really need to say to some people.


What do you think about this for one of our short funny quotes? Actually, if we really are to think a little bit, a caterpillar is exactly what most of us want to aspire to be. So, every time you see a caterpillar, you will have to know that he is the one who will eventually be living your dreams.

Far Up My Ass

Yes, sometimes we do want to see things from everyone’s point of view, but it is just impossible at times. Some people are built in such a way, so, what are we even supposed to do.


Old or crispy or not- this is something that always happens to me. Then I think it could be a medical condition, but I am too lazy to go and be visiting the doctor. And when I search the internet, it shows cancer.

That is Some Deeper THought

Actually, this is a deep thought in itself as well. This quote has got it right but at the same time has got it all wrong. Because, come on, deciding what you are going to eat later- this is a pretty huge decision to make and it is really tough.

My Perfect Man

Well. Why do you even ask from a perfect man? If some movies or books you read showed a perfect man, then those things themselves are imperfect.


This quote is true for most of us. These things are what we have to go through every time while taking a picture for Instagram. Instagram exists, this is a good thing, but we feel like we are blessed because there is something called photo filters.

Mixed Drinks

Damn, this has been put up in a really witty way. Mixed drinks that you drink about feelings- what are your favorite recipes? This one makes one of the best funny quotes about life and love.


How often you do it? For me, many times. Actually, I am not trying to overact saying things like that, but just that my ringtone is really good and sweet to listen. And then there comes the person who is calling- I almost hate some voices.

My Last Few Minutes

If you were confused about the previous quote, then here is a non- phone version of it. You already know this quote even if you have not read them before. It is like you frequently have to tell this quote to yourself many times.


Autocorrect and autocorrect- it sometimes feels like that thing is the one that is typing our letter. And you know about its a pain when English is not your first language, and you are typing some other language using English alphabets.


Well, at least they are good to have. But, I don’t know whether it is funny or sad- many people have never had the blessings to get a brain at all. So, sometimes you also wish like this.


At least leave someone to look after me- this is a must when you let me do something. This is what I have to say everytime I make a mistake. Actually, my mistake is their fault- just that those people are too dumb not understanding that.

When You Follow Masses

Take this quote in- soak it in your heart. It is one of those funny quotes that every kid needs to be taught in their school. And also for you, it is very mandatory that you understand what and who you are following.

Being Unique

Sometimes, quotes that are not supposed to be funny at all turn to be some funny quotes about life in general. These words are very true and profound- don’t get me wrong, but we just don’t use them in a context such that it inspires people around us. When our work has a lot of misleads, then it is only natural that we turn out to be unique at times.

Common Sense And Deodorant

Both of these two things mentioned in the quote are very mandatory to be used, right? But let me tell you a secret, one of my friends needs both of them. And guess what, it seems that he doesn’t even have the slightest idea what these things are.


Homework and assignments- and this is what you do. Actually doing this is also a homework as well, this is some sort of a common homework that students of all faculties do.

Not Shy

Sometimes, when some random people say you are shy, you just want to tell this straight to their face. Like come on, they are just some strangers- and they never know about you. They almost are from some other planet, such that they have never heard about your awesomeness.

They Think I Am Joking

If you are in this situation, then I feel you, my friend. What you say sometimes are very mean things- such that they are so mean even for being a mean thing. And for the people, they just don’t want to believe that you are mean, and that thing really annoys you.

Won’t Eat Yours

Yes, I know we are awesome. We gathered some great marriage tips for you. Yes, it is funny- laugh it off. But also don’t forget, knowing this could be a plus point- or even a lifesaver of some marriages, seriously.

Lists That I Have

I bet your one is also too long. Bucket list increases your work- that is for sure. And fucket list well, it is something that always motivates you- to do what you like to do. That is to relax and sleep.


And also that those tickets would be very expensive when you actually do that. Which means performing in your car. You do it with so much passion and confidence that if someone from the music industry saw you, he would give you a professional record contract right away.

Christmas Tip

It works- seriously it works. No, don’t laugh- I am saying it works. Now, this is not a funny quote- it only tells about a very funny thing that you can do but that will keep your kids in place, it will help your kids to behave in the right way.

Backward Day

Short funny quotes about life- they are really funny when you read them, but not so much when you actually realize that these words actually have been making your fun. Anyway, sometimes, you really have to wonder why a thing like this even happens. Everything is supposed to go right, and in the way, it should go, but just your life doesn’t.

My Dirty Mind

Like A Boss- when someone questions the state of your pure mind, this is what you tell them. For people who were searching for funny quotes with images, this one is a funny quote with a tip a solution to the problem that may have been bugging you for a while right now.

One Problem

Well, I should not be talking more about this now, do I? It is not just in America actually, almost all over the world- anybody could be the leading government personnel, and that is what gives us hunger and wars.


A step by step- you move on to the people closest to you- little by little. And you also say how you introduce yourself to them. This quote is a story of all of us. Those who know us, know us- and those who don’t know us- think other things which don’t even make a sense.

Starting Tomorrow

First, it is a good thing. Still, I am going to start it tomorrow. Also, I am not so good in ducking those problems, still what I am going to make sure is that I am going to go stand in front of the people I don’t like, and then taunt my problems. And then, I will duck my problems. I will be the winner eventually. You all are welcome to my victory party.

Human Brain

You know what, there was this sad quote. It said, ” the saddest thing about betrayal is,” ” it comes from someone that is close to you.” And, here this funny quote tells us about one of the saddest things in our life. Just if our brains worked in those times, this would be a blessing.


I know you do so like the person who told this quote. And for some people, this struggle doesn’t only come just once in a day. Those are the people who should be awarded for their struggles and contributions. Just that no one recognizes them, but I do, so don’t worry.

First Five Days

For real though, those first five days are so hard. Especially when it is Monday. You wake up realizing that there are five full days ahead of you, that is really sad. Still, you do it, these kids nowadays could make a book about the story of a warrior such as you.

Things He Should Want To Change

This definitely goes hard. Three things that you have always wanted to change about your girlfriend, aren’t these it? That third one at least is almost the hardest thing for you to do. Anyway, who expected this? Some funny quotes about Kid Cudi on life lessons.

So, did you dig these funny quotes? They were the best that our good big internet had to offer.

Have a laugh and share a laugh- that is very necessary for you and the world around you. It is true that there are so many sad things in this world, but it is even truer that we let them overshadow our happiness. Not laughing doesn’t necessarily mean that we are very sad. But, not laughing at all- it definitely means so. Hence, these funny quotes were not just to make you laugh at once, but also to help you remember how laughing feels like. (Well, also for me to make some money). So, root these quotes into some special part inside your memory. And think about them frequently if you will. And remember them and laugh like a madman in the street for no reason.

Well, anyway, to ask- what did you think about these funny quotes? Did you like them? Did these quotes at least make you smile? For me to happy- it is all based upon your replies to my questions(I am not trying to be romantic here), anyway, if you did I am grateful. Also, here are some other quotes like these hippie quotes. And till the next time, have fun and keep on laughing like you always like doing.



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