102 Ghana Braids That Steals The Show


You know those gorgeous cornrow-ish braids that is almost unique to black females? Yes, that is known as Ghana Braids. The hairstyle is based on the premise of cute and chic, and for a very long time this has been a huge part of urban culture. The braids are indigenous to the African country of same name, but due to its protective nature and endearing appeal, it has found a home throughout the world.

The hairstyle comes in different style, featuring plethora of ideas, braided in several colors as well as in various size. One thing common to all Ghana braids regardless of style and size is that it embodies the essence of a black woman.

It started off as a form of style to protect the dark of hair of black females, giving them the opportunity to properly grow their hair out. But with time, the hairstyle has become a cornerstone of the urban fashion. Wearing the hairstyle now does as much fashion statement as it protects the hair – and this shows just how strong the Ghana braids wave is.

Over the years, the hairstyle has been known as different names other than Ghana braids – cornrows, straightbacks and banana braids are some of the popular names to refer to same thing.

The Ghana Braid Renaissance

Over the last few years, Ghana braids have changed significantly in form with many females adapting different patterns of the hairstyle – this is one of the most appealing attribute of the braids, as it can be made completely yours.

Deciding on which hairstyle to go with can be really stressful, but with the help of this guide, you can make an informed decision. We are here to help you with any hairstyle dilemma you might have – bad hair is not an option at all.

What Ghana Braid Style Would Fit the Shape of Your Face

It is important to note the face shape before choosing the form or type of Ghana Braid to do. The whole point is to ensure that the extension of your hair rhymes perfectly and seamlessly with your face, without either one overshadowing the other. Instead you get a complementary hairstyle and face shape.

Oblong Face

Due to the length of the oblong face, it is advisable to go with Braids with low bun. If you have an oblong face, keep the bun low.

Round Face

For all the gorgeous black females with round face, always go with the traditional straightbacks options. This would add some length to your lovely face.

Heart Face

When it comes to people with heart face, you have a plethora of options to go with. The shape of your face fits perfectly with any form of Ghana Braids, whether horizontal, ziz zag, low bun, straightbaks. Any!

Rectangular Face

For females with a bit of a rectangular shape (some seem more like a square), any hairstyle option is to ensure that sharp edges of the face are softened. Go for options that are circular or curved.

Here are some ideas for you to choose from. We are here to help you with those crucial hairstyle decision.  

Simple Ideas

Basic Braids

ghana braids

We are going to kick off with something simple. If you are looking for a casual hairstyle that could still pass for formal, basic Ghana braids is the option for you. The hairstyle is light and easy, with the cornrows made neatly to protect your hair without so much emphasis on fashion

Twisted Braids

This is one hairstyle that allows you get fully immersed in the Ghana braid vibe. Twisted Ghana braids are a great example of just how much the hairstyle can show the confidence of the person wearing them. Nothing screams bold and beautiful more than this.

Ziz Zag Braids

This hairstyle poplar among millennials or younger black females generally. It gives a chance to buck the trend of just straight thick/thin cornrows – this is another hairstyle that allows you become more of yourself.

Ghana Braids in a Ponytail

After making the Ghana braids of your choice, either thick or thin, the hair can be gathered at the back and allowed to make the shape of the tail of the pony. This hairstyle is rather simple, yet stylish and beautiful.

New Ghana Braid Looks

Ghana Braids in Double Ponytail

ghana braids

In this particular hairstyle, the Ghana braids or cornrows are packed into two separate ponytails and allowed to rest seamlessly on the shoulder. Another popular Ghana braid option amongst younger females.

Halfway Braids

This is a very feminine and urban look of Ghana Braids. For females who prefer to leave their hair open, free and flowy – halfway Ghana braids are just what you need. The hairstyle incorporates elements of long and thin braids which are worn on either side of your face.

Low Bun Braids

This has been described as the perfect hairstyle for black females with oblong face. The hairstyle is the definition of smart and stylish – the elegantly tied low bun is one that commands attention of the whole room. For females who need a formal look for their work, this might just be the one for you.

Ombre Blue Box Braids

If you are looking to make a fashion statement while protecting your hair, there is nothing better than the hairstyle that mixes the box braid option of cornrows with blue color. The color is sharp and easily noticeable, but in a pleasant way. Blue and dark skin have always been a great combo and this hairstyle cements that notion.

Medium Braids

It is not every time you have to go long, sometimes medium look does the job too. This is an option that puts the focus on your face as well as convenience, the length is just a little bit away from your jaw making it the ideal convenient option.

Summer Look

Double Cornrows Ghana Braids

This hairstyle is one that allows you be at your most creative self. A hairstyle for any season and any occasion, you would enjoy this Ghana braid look. The hair is parted in the middle and divided into two. Then the two portions are braided into stylish cornrows that look gorgeous as you down the hair.

Fulani Braids

This is one hairstyle indigenous to the Fulani people of West Africa but is increasingly becoming popular throughout the black community. Try out this look the next time you are looking to grow out your hair.  

Updo Braids

This charismatic look is one for the ages. It is beautiful, bold and screams sophisticated. The hairstyle is a great fashion statement too, as the weaved bun braids become the object of attention of everyone in the room.

Thick Braids

This hairstyle puts emphasis on the size of the hair –thick neatly arranged cornrows that are ranged in an appealing manner. You can do no wrong with this look.

Parted Ghana Braids

Another option that puts emphasis on style and sophistication. This is becoming the go-to look for many black females as it is the perfect blend of stylish and smart. Choose the parted Ghana braids today, you’d love every bit of the hairstyle.

Blue Ghana Braids

This is another braid where the focus is on the change in color – as the hair go down, the color changes from black to blue. The sharp tone might just be what you need this summer.

Basic but Stylish Ideas

Thin Ghana Braids

You just have to love these thin cornrows – neatly arranged, carefully braided and shaped in a stylish pattern. This is everything you want in a modern hairstyle.

Big Box Braids

The idea here is to combine thick and long braids to form an exquisite combo that would capture the attention of everyone in a room. It is suits for almost every face shape and perfect with any outfit.

Angled Braids with a Accented Bun

For this particular, thick and thin braids are alternated across the hair and then the thick braids are bundled into a bun which is then angled upwards.

Angled Braids with Top Bun

This hairstyle is similar to the last – the difference is that the thick and thin braids are not alternated. Here the thin braids come first and are closer to the head.

Trendy Looks

Understated  Braids

ghana braids

This is the ultimate simple and subtle look. This is a classic straightbacks cornrow which lets your black hair do all the talking. You can switch from corporate event to casual Friday, to Saturday wedding, to Sunday brunch – all with this unique hairstyle.

Purple Braids

In this hairstyle, the color of the hair changes from black to purple as you go down the braids. This would go perfectly during spring or summer.

Long and Thick Braids

From the name, emphasis is on thick and long braids. No added pattern, just some simple yet subtle good ol’ thick cornrows.

Thin Braids

This is the go-to option for females to grow out their hair – and nothing else. It performs the protective function of the Ghana Braids hairstyle but still looks good.

Powerful Fashion Statements

Long and Thin Braids

This intricate and stylish braid is the option for you if you are tired of thick cornrows. Thin braids are always exquisite, but when made long – they are stunning. Enjoy your days of thin cornrows.

Halfway Braids

This is a feminine look that makes you look gorgeous and beautiful. There is no doing wrong with the Halfway Ghana Braids.

Twisted Ghana Braids

This is one of the most popular Ghana Braids ideas among working class women – it incorporates style and subtlety. It is also a great option to express your creative side.

Low Bun Braids

The low bun is a great choice for any female – its ability to match seamlessly with the face shape and skin is amazing. You will love every single minute of you wearing this look.

Casual Look

Horizontal Braids

The horizontal Ghana braid is actually a variant of the curved Ghana braids style. The hair is braided into a curve pattern which are then portioned to one side of the head. The layering of the braids is what gives it the horizontal look.  


This is a classic look that can still compete with the latest in Ghana Braid ideas. They say black don’t crack but it is more like straightbacks cornrows don’t crack.

Basic Braids

Another simple Ghana braid option. It is perfect for people who are looking to keep things low-key. Its simplicity and subtlety makes it attractive and appealing.

Simple Braids

ghana braids

A smart choice for females looking for simple hairstyle option. Most times the simple option is the right option.

Latest Ghana Braids

Colored Braids

In this image, two different options are featured. One features black-to-pink braids while the other features black-to-green braids. A good choice for females looking to express themselves in a new and more exciting way.  

Combined Cornrows Braids

This is the edgy look for you if you are looking to change your style. Nothing screams more badass than a hairstyle that depicts high fashion and funky vibes.

Pulled Back Cornrows

Here the braids are pulled back to the back, away from your face. This particular hairstyle puts the focus on your face.

Cornrows Ponytails Braids

There is a lot to talk about here. The exciting neat cornrows and the neatly gathered ponytails. The patterns of the braids – everything about the hair is just amazing.

Unique Look

Twisted Cornrows Mohawk Braids

Talk about a fashion statement. This is the ultimate urban vibe right here. This hairstyle has everything going for it – there is the twisted cornrows which are amazing on their own. There is the thick cornrows which are shaped into a Mohawk. Big, Black, Bold, Beautiful.

Elegant Braids

Nothing tops elegance and this level of class that comes with this hairstyle cannot be explained with words. Simply put, this is beautiful.

Thick and Twisted Braids

If you are looking for the right hairstyle for the new season, then this exquisite combination is the look for you. The hairstyle ensures that the braids are made the focus.

Straightbacks Braids

Another look at this classic hairstyle. Sometimes, it is just better to go with the traditional look. Straightbacks cornrows remains a fashion statement till date. There is no denying the allure that comes with this hairstyle.

More Stylish Options

Low Bun Braids

We love our low buns and it is easy to see why. This gorgeous looking hairstyle embodies the modern black woman – creative, strong and beautiful.

Thick and Thin Braids

The image of mother and daughter sharing same hairstyle will certainly melt your heart but let’s focus on the hairstyle. We know that choosing a hairstyle can be hard and sometimes you just don’t know what to do. Sometimes, the best of both world is actually the best option – and this is one of those times.  

Ghana Braids with Patterns

This hairstyle features an intrinsic pattern that is both stylish and sophisticated. The idea behind the style is to shape the braids in whatever pattern you want. Modern Ghana braids are about creativity and this hairstyle lets you bring out your most creative self.  

Ghana Braids Is For Everyone

The whole point of the hairstyle is to do something that brings out the essence of being a black female. It helps protect your hair and also ensure that your hair keep growing out. The hairstyle has seen a lot of evolution over the years – the hairstyle ideas featured in this guide are inspired by several culture, urban trends and styles that are in vogue. This shows the adaptability of the hairstyle. Lately, classic Are experiencing some sort of rebirth (many are featured in this guide). This further proves the enduring nature of the hairstyle.

Black, Bold, Stylish, Alluring, Appealing, Elegant – Ghana Braids is all of these things.

ghana braids

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ghana braids

ghana braids

ghana braids


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