GM Diet – The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Diet Plan


“I wish I could lose some weight.” Millions of people echo this common sentiment across the world and they try their best to shed those last pesky pounds with their following this diet and that. But do they get the desired results? Well, no! Because more often than not, they give up midway! The diet then goes for a toss. So we all crave for that one diet that will help us get the desired results (read reach goal weight) in a very short time! Is there any diet that promises that? And, more importantly, delivers too? The GM Diet ( does just that, it helps you lose those stubborn pounds (as many as 5-7 kilos in a matter of a week!)

Yes, I am sure you would be wary of such a diet that promises such a great deal in such a short time. So we decided to find out some of the advantages and disadvantages of the diet and then leave it to you to decide for yourself whether the diet is suitable to follow and whether it caters to your needs?

GM Diet – Why it Works?

Though there is no substantial scientific evidence to back up the efficacy of the diet, there are pretty simple reasons, which makes the diet work like a dream! Take a look at the following aspects at what makes the diet tick?

  • Substantial intake of fruits and vegetables – Most weight loss diets encourages you to up the fiber intake. The equation is pretty simple, more fiber equals more weight loss and the GM diet coerces you to double your fiber intake in the form of fruits and veggies. Most fruits and veggies are very low in calories and which helps create a calorie This helps you to lose weight.
  • Say no to sugary drinks and other processed junk- While following the GM Diet you have to say no to sugary drinks, alcohol, packaged foods and refined oils and the unhealthy fats. The fact that you are encouraged to have mostly unprocessed food makes the journey of losing weight that much easier!
  • The diet isn’t too restrictive- The thought of having only fruits (the first day) and only veggies (the second day) may intimidate at first but you get to choose the meats, fruits, and vegetables according to your preference. So, the diet plan isn’t that restrictive as you may have thought at the beginning! Less restrictive means easier to follow.
  • It aids in detoxification- The insane amount of fruits and veggies helps your body to detox naturally. Also, you abstain from having processed foods for a week! This accelerates the process of detoxification helping you to cleanse the system of the accumulated toxins. So you get to feel healthy while you lose the extra weight.
  • You are encouraged to have more water- One important aspect of the diet is that you have to have clean and pure water every, single day. This boosts your metabolism and also keeps you energized. This will also improve your weight loss efforts to a great extent.


Disadvantages of the GM Diet

Is there any disadvantage to the diet at all? Yes, there is certainly, let us find out what they are.

  • It is not validated by any research- The GM Diet is not backed by any scientific research and that is perhaps its biggest disadvantage. So, for some of us, it works great for some others the results may not prove to be that great.
  • Lacks important nutrients- The GM Diet may leave you feeling deprived and hungry because of the lack of macronutrients the diet fails to provide. The diet also provides very low amounts of protein.  That’s not all the diet also lacks in other nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, calcium, essential fats and so much more.
  • Weight loss is temporary- The biggest grievance that people may have from the GM Diet is that the weight comes back! As with this diet, you lose more of the water weight than the fat. When you reduce your calorie intake drastically your body burns fat with other sources of fuel. This initiates break down of the glycogen levels. Glycogen is an energy-storage molecule found in the muscles and your liver. This energy storage contains a lot of water and when this storage is depleted your weight drops. But this kind of weight loss is temporary and you gain back all that weight you had taken so much pain to drop.

So Should You Give the Diet the green signal?

In the end, the GM Diet is more of a quick fix, you can earn lasting long-term weight loss results with a balanced nutrition plan and exercise, not with yo-yo dieting. It does encourage you to change your unhealthy eating plan and have more of fruits and veggies. But the healthy eating plan along with exercise has to be continued to get sustainable results.

Also, how long do you have to continue with the diet? Should you continue with the diet if you do not get the desired results? That is the most important question to ask. You have to, I repeat have to give your body a break after seven days. Ideally, you can follow this diet once a month, and then when you get used to it, you can increase the frequency but never one week after the.

Learn to listen to your body and the way it tries to communicate with you, if you feel too tired and weak, stop right there and continue with your regular eating ways. If you are suffering from any underlying medical condition, do consult with your physician and then go ahead with the diet plan. If you have a short-term fitness goal, you can try this diet and remember always keep yourself hydrated. Staying hydrated can drive away hunger pangs and also keep you energized during the entire process of dieting! Best of luck for your weight loss regime! Stay focused and committed!


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