34 Good Morning Memes to Brighten Up Your Day


Good little things can instantly set your day in a great mood. However, most people find it hard to roll out of the bed and find waking up early in the morning a chore. Does the snooze button of your alarm only makes you lazier, making you get back to bed when it’s already time to get out of the door? If you want to brighten up your day with cute good morning memes, keep scrolling on our picks.

What is a “meme”?


In our digital world, it can be easy to share cool things with people around the globe in a few clicks. Some experts even claim that the more “memes” you know, the cooler you’ll be.

Technically, a “meme” is a viral news, ideas, human behavior, fictional characters, living persons, jokes, video, funny images, quotes, realization and such shared through social media—think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, blogs, forums and such.

When scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook, you might notice some funny and cute photos of cartoons, animals, or even babies with funny captions and verbal expressions. Some of them are videos that ridicule the human behavior too, depicted in more exaggerated illustrations. Most of the time, memes are created to stir your sense of humor, but some of them have deeper meanings and even philosophical content too.

In fact, you can create your own meme based on your interpretation. You just need to get a cute image then place some caption on it, and spread it on the internet. Do you know that most memes you can find in the social media are often copied, yet infused with some variations to make things more personal for the reader? Any person can write, speak, act, and reveal things to everyone with these memes.

Nowadays, memes are becoming a worldwide social phenomenon that’s quickly transmitted through social media platforms—so different person of different cultures are able to get the concept. More than just a means to entertain, a meme can even be a great way to spread cultural ideas, symbols, human behaviors, realization and such effortlessly.

Where does “meme” come from?

Everything has its own beginning whether it’s a fashion trend, culture, tradition, belief and such. For the “meme” term itself, it actually came from an Ancient Greek word mīmēma translated as “something imitated”. Originally, the term is related to our gene patterns in DNA.

No wonder, the term is perfect for the idea since most memes are imitated, but created with some variations depending on the writer, editor, or creator.

In the 1976 “The Selfish Gene” book by Richard Dawkins, he even elaborated the evolutionary principles of cultural phenomena, including these memes. Do you know that even fashion terms, technology in architecture, and melodies can be considered as memes depending on how they are used?

If you love a more scientific explanation, Dawkins even stated in his book that a cultural evolution is not based on genetics, but on the tendency of imitation for humans. That sounds more science right? But don’t worry we don’t need a degree in biology just to understand it.

To make things clearer for us, it simply means that the “meme” theory links to the creativity of us humans, since it can be altered to your liking while borrowing the same ideas of the meme’s concept.

In fact, he linked the term with a virus that spreads easily. But when it comes to “memes”, the explanation became more complex since people can respond to them and make it their own. In our digital age, it’s just easy to create, repeat, repost, and share things on social media platforms.

In his book, he even proved that in our society, you don’t have to be prominent or wealthy just to be an influential person, as small yet viral gestures can be passed on for generations. This is especially true if your memes include something that will enlighten one’s mind, contribute to the world’s culture and such more than just being entertaining.

Who uses memes?

According to studies, the majority of Internet users that’s active in creating and sharing “meme” on social medias are the Millennials—persons that were born between 1980 and 1994. It’s not surprising since during those years almost every home had a computer and internet connection. Also, the way people go to work had changed—thanks to the freelancing works and online jobs—so they had more time on social media.

However, the users active in these memes are not limited to Millennials. In fact, the Generation X—persons born between 1965 and 1979—and Baby Boomers—persons born between 1946 and 1964—find these memes entertaining too.

On what age have you learned to use a computer or got your own social media account? Do you know that even the Generation Z—persons born between 1995 and 2012—are now partaking on these memes? Yes, these folks are still too young to make an impact.

How these “memes” became popular?

Internet has a lot of form of communications—you might be already familiar with emojis, stickers, and gifs. Internet, particularly social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, made the way for “memes” to be more viral. Most of the time, “memes” expose comedic truths on human behaviors, promote humorous realizations, and even shocking curiosities that people find funny and relatable.

Because of these, most readers share “memes” very intentionally. It might not give you some money to share and re-tweet, but promoting these humorous messages can make other people smile.

A great thing, the functionality of social media made these “memes” more popular. For instance, in a Facebook post, you can easily post a “meme” and “tag” your friends to see them. Once a “meme” post was shared by a “facebook friend” it will eventually be all over the Facebook, including the linked social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Do you know that memes can also be a way to spread political views to the world? In fact, these “memes” are the ones more serious people notice since they are deeper and not just an entertainment. With social media, “memes” are shared with thousands or even millions of people, getting the fun from it.

What are Good Morning “Memes”?

Most of the time, good morning memes are inspirational, nothing more than good morning, or even a humorous attitude towards waking up. If you like to be amused in the moment your alarm clock ticks, then good morning memes will give you some fun to start your day right.

Most of the time, good morning memes have a very basic or straight-forward message as “Good Morning”, while others involve the challenge in waking up each morning. Remember, a good beginning makes a better ending, so it’s better start your day right with a good morning meme.

How to create good morning “memes” from scratch?

“Memes” are more on visual, captioned with witty text, and a good sense of humor. A great thing, anyone can do it effortlessly, all you need is some guide to make it unique and original.

  1. Do your research.

Depending on your personality, you can choose good morning memes featuring nice landscapes, cute animals, blossoming flowers, humorous people, movies, television series, and even current events. If you like, you may even say “Good Morning” first, but follow it with your favorite line from a classic film, song lyrics, catchphrase and such that will support your meme.

If you still lack inspiration, simply check the social media for ideas. Most of the time, you can spot those fashion trends, celebrity gossips, entertainment topics, sports news, and even cute pets that can give you some concept on your memes. The key is to opt for a concept or a subject you’re familiar with, or something that you can relate you.

If you’re just a beginner, you might find it challenging to make your “memes” viral. There’s a learning curve in it, but you could also opt for something that aligns to current events, recent news, or even comedy to make your concept more effective. If you have a lot of experiences in life that you want to share with others in a more humorous way, then a “meme” is a great way to start.

  1. Collect your materials.

Do you want to make things original by capturing your own photo, or want to use funny images online? The key is to be observant in everything whether you’re listening to your favorite song, watching a film, or scrolling the cute animal photos.

If you provide your original photo or video, there’s a chance for it to be viral, since people like fresh and unique photos. If you want to create a “meme” for your business, then use the photos of your products and services.

  1. Compose your “meme” content.

Do you know that the attention span of most readers is pretty short? That’s the reason why “memes” are best when they are short and simple. You don’t have to use elaborate words just to give an impression as simple and basic words will do. You just need to find the right expression and deliver your thoughts in the way you want them to be.

  1. Create it with the right tools.

Depending on the type of “meme” you’re trying to create, you might need some photo editor, gif editor, video editor and such. If you like, you may also search for meme-generator apps that will let you upload the photo and put your messages instantly. You don’t have to be an expert on a design app or Photoshop, but you can let your artistic skills and creativity shine.

  1. Share it on social media platforms.

Social media is the home of these “memes” where they can grow. The key is the perfect mix of a humorous image teamed with a witty description. If you have good followers on Twitter and Instagram, then you can surely share your good morning “meme” there. If you have a personal blog where you can share your “meme”, make sure it’s optimized for social sharing.

Remember, the more people who share your “meme”, the greater the chances that more people will see them, giving you new supporters and followers.

How to create a more effective and interesting “meme”?

The “memes” might be as simple as a cute photo teamed with funny descriptions, but there’s more than that.

  1. Have a good sense of humor, but be respectful when making “memes”.

It might take a skill to create the sense of humor that will allow a photo or a message to fly. “Memes” are typically used to entertain, but they can be more appreciated if they are more thoughtful than insulting. Remember, not everyone will like your meme, along with your thoughts and beliefs, so it’s better to be on the safe side.

  1. Create concepts based on established successes and current trends.

Playing with “hot topics” will make your “memes” go viral. They can be more valuable if they have witty connotations that are linked to politics, social issues, current events, celebrity gossips, and such. However, the downfall of getting hot topics is being a copycat—and stealing another meme won’t make it stand out from the rest.

According to the experts, the best way to make your “meme” effective is to use a content that catches your attention instantly.

  1. If you’re using “memes” for a purpose, know your audience.

While some political related memes are appealing for adults, playful jokes will be more appreciated by younger audiences. If you intend to use “memes” to promote your business, then it should be related to your brand and to your customers. Be creative on making your “meme” by including your brand logo, product photos and services, or tagline that will surely catch attention.

Do you know that “memes” can be a quick and inexpensive way to bring visual awareness to your brand? Yes, they can generate buzz around your products—there’s no need for expensive advertising.

  1. Set a reasonable goal when creating a “meme”.

Whether you like to entertain others or promote your brand, you should stick with your goals. Your strategies and messages should align to your goals for you to create an effective “meme”. This might also mean that you should not compromise your identity and goal just to make your meme viral. Before creating a “meme” think first what impression it will give you, together with your brand.

  1. Be patient and give some time.

Do you know that the real currency of the internet is the time? Yes, only the time will say whether your “meme” will go viral or not. As long as they are relevant and “hot” then they can have a longer life span. If you try too hard, you will only hurt yourself, so just do your part and let it go.

Where do “memes” go from here?

Just like anything, a “meme” can be out of control and dangerous. Most of the time, they are “inside jokes” but they can be effective on spreading conspiracy theories and influencing others too. Do you know that when it comes to politics, “memes” related to politicians are becoming more popular during the election? Sometimes, they can even hurt one’s reputation—a weapon that can influence people’s thinking.

According to the studies, the politics are deeply influenced by online culture. Why? Some people are actually using “memes” to spread awareness or to grow prejudices. In fact, reports even reflected the effect of online influence on the result of the election where politicians were supported or attacked by these “memes”.

If you want to raise human rights violations or environmental concerns, “memes” can be used too. Do you know that other people even spread their insights about their religious beliefs through “memes”? Yes, a simple “meme” can actually influence people by supporting or attacking a certain belief.

If ever you’re one of those naughty friends, you might capture your peers on their most candid yet unflattering poses, and posting them on social media with captions. However, you should be careful as there’s a fine line between humor and sarcasm, and you might not want to offend your dear friend, and make him look bad on the eyes of other people.

Do you still remember the time when there was a debate whether comics are wholesome for young readers or not? Comics often portray heroic acts whether punching bad guys or conquering the villain of the story—and it actually took decades before the parents accepted the literature for their kids. Nowadays, comics, along with action and superhero movies are very popular.

Humor is a really powerful tool for persuasion, and “memes” are full of creative possibilities—anyone can be a creator, and any concept can be popular on the social media. Each of us must only be responsible on creating and sharing them to contribute to world’s culture in a more positive way.

With these good morning memes, you’ll be able to start your day with a smile and a grateful heart, making things more productive and enjoyable.


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