80 Good Quotes To Read For Some Motivation And Fun

Good quotes for you to have a good time. Actually, these are good quotes that help you to have a good life. When we are looking for quotes on the internet, there are quotes talking about many things, and sometimes, we don’t exactly know what we are looking for. Well, all of us have been in those situations and here, let us bring in quotes talking about various things and call them good quotes. Good is good, and when we are talking about quotes as well, we can say that good quotes are exactly what we need to read when we don’t really know what we should be reading.

So, here are some greatest of such good quotes that we brought together for you. Take a look at them and tell us which of these good quotes are among your favorite?

Happy And Excited

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These two feelings of being happy and excited- they take us a long way to be living a good life. If you always have those two things in you, it means that you will always be positive and you already know how much being positive can contribute. Look at these positive quotes.

Take Time

The indeed, take time. Good things are good- they are called good because they are better than anything normal. And it is only a normal thing that comes soon enough.

Only Two Kind Of Days

Happiness- being happy doesn’t take a lot.  Being happy is possible if we want to be happy. It is as simple as that.

Deep Roots

Deep roots- make sure that you are safe, become assured on what you are doing and there is no way anything should be shaking you off that. Because you are firm- and that is all that counts.

We Still ExistWhat is wrong with us these days is that we seem to generalize. Every person can’t be the same, so if there are some fouls of a person, that doesn’t mean everybody should be so.

Kinder Tha NecessaryBeing kind- it is not just a quality, but it is a necessity. To live a good life means being kind and being treated kindly. So, make sure that there is enough kindness.

Your Choice

This quote is so true. Our attitude is nothing natural- we make it like we want to. And if we can make it good, it’s not practical for us to look at doing bad.

Everything Art

A motivational quote for the entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Especially for ones who are starting, understand, this is an art, and you can be the best artist.

Chances That We Didn’t Take

This quote goes really deep. we know that once in our lives, probably in our deathbed, we are going to reflect back to everything, right? And then, there could be some of these instances of not taking chances that might hurt you.

Be Thankful

Being thankful- also mean deserving what you get. And that is how the God understands you could be given more.

Bank Account

Good quotes- there had to be some quotes that could motivate you in your day to day life, right? This one is for ones who are dieting- do it, people have done this thing successfully.


Every quote from Bob Marly could be listed in our good quotes. For this one, all are very familiar with this thing, right?

A Good Teacher

Here, this quote lists all the qualities of a good teacher. Of your best teacher, to be specific.


No matter what, good people always hope that good will happen. To everyone, that is. That’s why they do everything to keep everyone happy as they can.

Library Card

You will need some laugh, too, a pickup line as awesome as this can be taken as a good quote, too.

Calm Mind

Here is another of those good quotes to live by. Always remember that everytime you are on your best, that is because your mind is calm.

Little Of Good

Droplets make an ocean, right? For doing good, we should not be worried that what we do couldn’t make a difference. BEcause doing good means doing all we could, and that is enough.

Put Up Rain

For good things, you indeed will need to work hard. Meaning that you will need to do something that will make you worthy of feeling good. This quote gives an amazing life lesson.

Because IT HAppened

Even in some things that we can say we see no happiness, there indeed is some hidden in them. Like, an example is in this quote. What a great way to say these words of goodbye.

Are They

So, if you sometimes be in doubt if a person is worthy of your time, you will need to take a look at this. Don’t feel bad missing them. Because, if they don’t want to be with you, they are stupid and it is not your loss.

Unique And Beautiful

This is why grandparents bestow all of their love to their grandchildren, being sure that not a tiny bit is left behind. And this quote doesn’t only talk about grandchildren, you could replace that word with people and it will still be right.

Courage That Is NEeded

We see there are so many things wrong with the world that we are living in, aren’t we? Sometimes, this place becomes so messed up that we could even be ashamed of calling it our home. But, you know what- if we still can love this planet even in this state, we truly become wonderful people, knowing all about admiration and affection.


You know that you don’t have to worry, right? But, it is only that everytime something not so good happens, we worry automatically like it is an involuntary response. Anyway, if we can think about it even when we are in a state of tense, we will understand how it only hurts us even more. This thing is like a friend in disguise.


Let some of our good quotes speak something about you. Because I know that you struggle- every day, and still live your life despite all your weaknesses and shortcomings. And still somewhere, someday, you still manage to be someone’s role model. I am not just saying it to make you happy of something, know these words.

A Father

Fathers are awesome, hence, everything they say, they say it for a reason. They want nothing from you- they just want to make sure that you don’t lack in those things that they do as well. Hence, they give their all, just for that.

You Are Still Happy

Let me help you realize that- think about the thing that you think you need right now. Now, think about some time before when this thought never came into your mind. And also tell me that you were perfectly happy then- even without this thing you think you need so much.

School Life

Let us take ourselves back to our school days. Most of us hated those days when we were living them, right? Now, things have changed, and they only remain memories. Some memories that will make us smile even when we think of them. This quote is nostalgia; I will have to add.

Three Ingredients

Mix all of them- in your desired amount to make your treat- something very different from what everyone else eats. All of these things are very important, and if you do not lack in either one of them, then you could mix it up and live your life just how you want it.

Great Day

Kind of funny, yeah, right. But, it also says about a thing that two miss the most. Which means rest. Some of us became so busy and focused on our work that we almost forget what having fun means. And if you are also in our team, then I guess this quote helped you remember something. We will need to give ourselves some rest, sometimes- it is as important as our work.

REason Of My Smile

Well, a good quote when somebody tells you this. When people say such deep things, there is no way they could fake it. Words that have so much affection and appreciation- they could make anybody smile.

My List

Don’t let everything bother you- if it seems to, forget about it- you won’t need it. Like this quote, there is something that you want to do in your life; it is fine you make a bucket list out of them. But, then there are some things that you don’t like at all, this also means you have the entire privilege to keep them away.

Behind The Happiest Smile

For most of us, this quote is exactly relatable. Smile- sometimes we are not necessarily happy when we do this. But you know what, there is a very good side to it. Because people who do this are string people, tough enough never to be broken and still understand that they can smile despite all the hard coming.

Always There

Let some of our good friends make our good quotes. Good friends- they are not called good friends only because they are good people to you. Having a tagline of friends, they think about you- they think about you frequently and you can rest assured that they will support you whenever you want them to.

Take Both Of Them

We have a brain, and we have a heart. One of it feels and another- it decides. We know that we could do the other way, but that is not so good. Meaning that they could do each other’s tasks, but they are not so good at it. So, be specific to what you are doing and use your organ assigned to it.

Most Room

Things that you consider the smallest- well, you will never know about that when you keep them in your heart. It is like, our heart has more dimensions than this world has. Which means those qualities of the things that can’t be seen in this world, will get a place inside our hearts.

A Friend

Do you have a friend? Or are you confused if you have friends that are worthy of being called your friends? Then, take a look at this quote. And if your answer comes back positive, I am happy for you- and your friends too.


This little thing- people have realized its existence from the ancient days. It has always been there and will always continue to be. Karma- it may be of your advantage or your disadvantage- you could turn it to suit the way you want it to be.

Total Control

You can alter them, diminish them, or you could make them huge- whatever you want to do, you can do with these two things. And another thing, in your life, you also know what is good and what is bad. Mixing these two qualities of your reach, you can be living a life what other people dream to do.

This Good

If you want, you can easily do so. A good quote saying yo to be amazingly good- this is also the key to every success there could ever be. ANd for that, just work hard- even if it is hard, you just keep on working hard, and you will bring this quote to life easily.

Good relationship

If you are in true love, you are very much familiar with these words. This quote really tells us the truth, and also tells us the need for how to build a good relationship and keep it going on.

A Bad Girl Side

Coming from a girl, this quote is true, maybe? I couldn’t add a ‘so’ in front of it because I am not a girl of course. Anway, this indeed makes sense.

People And Their Thoughts

More the people know you, more they will know your inner characters. And also, there is a difference between the people who think they know and those who know they know. A quote representing all of us.

That You Build Yourself

Limit- or some other words like that, they don’t exist at all. You can even look at how our universe is made. There is sky- even that doesn’t end. And our world is no different at all. Living in this world, you can do anything, and there should be nothing blocking you until you impose them on yourself.

Don’t Regret It

You had that thing and that made you smile- even if that could have been for a short amount of time, you already had a plenty lot to take from it. And even if you think you lost it, hope- you have won, so why would you even want to regret?

Good Speech

For people having to speak on a certain day, this is an interesting quote for the day. Well, this could be funny, but it makes sense. And not only about speech, it realtes to everything that we say. A person like Winston Churchill wouldn’t just say random things to make people laugh; all his quotes are profound.

The Best Preparation

I hope you are preparing for your best. ANd after reading this quote, you also know how you can do it, don’t you? Our tomorrow is not some sort of a story written for us. We shape it. And we can do it in a good way or even make a mess out of it, we will need to be very careful in that aspect.

What You Do From Days

DIfferent times- you relate yourself to those days in different ways. And that also means dealing with them properly; you can’t afford to make a mistake. BEcause it is all for your happiness, and you can’t manage to get yourself unhappy, you see.


For some of us, we have heard two things- patience is key, and another is that if we keep on waiting, there is nothing good going to happen. Anway, this quote right here holds an answer to that- it gives the exact definition to patience, just like all of us should be knowing it.

Good Guy

So, if you have found a good guy and you are sure of that, make sure you won’t let him go. BEcause that is just plain stupidity. For some girls, they are not just as lucky as you to find one. Keeping that in mind, you should be learning to value what you have.

A Good Fall

Short quotes tell a lot if we are willing to understand what they say. Sometimes, we forget to appreciate ourselves, complaining that we are not perfect and ever realizing where are actually. But one fall- sometimes, is all that takes, and we will realize how much we have already given.


In the house with your family- that is the safest place where you can be. There is no shame, lots of love, people exactly know what each other are, and there is nothing to hide. So, one going home to eat with his family, that’s really relaxing.

No Good

Well, this is true, sadly. We have been reading these good quotes, and we indeed become motivated for a while. And inspired as well. But, you know, it is just like how it goes. Still, we can try. Anyway, this quote sums up most of our lives.

What To Expect

Expect the former, and then the later just comes along with it. There is nothing much for you to get everything you would expect.

Good Manners

What we wear- well, dresses are our own choices, right? But, this quote focuses on a deeper aspect. What we wear or stuff like this, for some people, it is okay with whatever- they are just so busy with other important things that they don’t have time to think about their clothes. And actually those people are ones who have got the best fashion sense, they exactly know how to dress.


You should be reading more good quotes about life and other inspirational quotes like this very often. Happiness- every one of us wants to have this feeling, and it is something we can transfer to everyone, we should understand that very well.


What she said is just so deep. Things that we do for ourselves- many times, we just focus o them so much that we just have no time to realize what we break to build something. This one realtes to many things, like relationships.

A Good Time

Ask a person who truly can be happy- she says it all. And she is exactly right. Life- if you are made to live, then live it free, just like how you want to. For more quotes like this, take a look at these hippie quotes.

My Decisions

Do you relate to this one? If someone asked me about me(which never happens), I would say definitely yes. This one sums up my quality and what I have to offer when we talk about one of the most important skills that I need in my life.

Find The Other

Good quotes are better reads when they talk about love. Especially in such wonderful words.

What You Need To Do

Some great rhymes, and some great sense. If you do your best, then that is everything you can give of you. And after you have done so, nothing will change if you worry, everything has been stretched to the maximum.

Changed Into A BUtterfly

Have hope- things will turn out to be your way. For help, take a look at these hope quotes.

Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud

Could you do so? For making someone happy- that is one of the most wonderful things that you can do.

Dance Like Nobody Sees You

First, it seems like this is one of the good quotes for girls, especially those ballerinas. Or male dancers, of course. And you might also take it in such a way that you think that it tells you to have fun like the best you can do. Nah, just substitute the word dance with your passion, and you will get it.

So, what did you think about them, were these good quotes really good? Let us know and till the next time, have fun.


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