110 Flattering Short Haircuts for Round Faces


There are many haircuts for round faces if you go looking on the internet. But they can give you a case of information overload. Thus we compiled the hairstyles for round faces that are worth trying out and made it into this list here. Some hairstyles cover all hair lengths and textures. You can search for the ones that look the best on you. Make it your own and sport them as your everyday hairstyle.

When you have a rounder face, the ideal thing to do as suggested by hairstylists is to get them cut in layers or keep long sections near the face. That way, you can enjoy a contour that is natural in all forms. There is no need to wander anywhere else. You can find hairdos and tips and tricks in this article right here. Here is our list of 110 hairstyles for round faces that you need to check out today!

The longer section on the front

When you have a round face, you are always looking for ways to get some layers on your locks. They, in turn, can frame the face thoroughly and add that chiseled appeal that you want on! There are ideas to get this look on, and thanks to the internet, we can always find fun ways to get the hairstyle that stylists suggest. You can keep longer sections of hair on the front if you want the same effect for yourself.

hairstyles for round faces For a mature look

Are you looking for short hairstyles for round faces over 50? Then your search ends here for we have the best ideas here. You can pop on any of these hairstyles for a comfortable look. A short bob is an ideal look for sure. You can also try out choppy haircuts if you are pleased with layers! Here are a couple of ideas that we suggest you try out for an age-appropriate sophisticated look. The colors in here are also admirable!

The evergreen bob hairstyle

When you gain some weight, you can get a bit conscious at times. Then you start for ways to look your best and make the most of what you have! So you look out for hairstyle for round face to look slim. And thus we are here to show them off to you! You can try out any of these hairstyles to get a fresher appeal. The bob is a haircut that never seems to go out of fashion as it is!

The fun look to try out

There is some hairstyle for a round chubby face that our favorite celebs have sported as well. In this section of our article, we are going to talk about the famous singers and models like Selena Gomez and Chrissy Teigen and how they pave the path for stunning hairstyles. You can get waves, curls, and also keep it plain straight. It all depends on how you carry off your hairdo. Make sure you feel good in the look you have on, and it works out great.

Platinum blonde shades

The color game is a popular one right now. There are so many ideas for colors, and as women who are looking to try out something fun, we suggest you try the platinum blonde hues! The pairing of this lighter shade with the dark black on the back is ideal for a good transition. You can also keep the haircut short and layered if you want to make it enjoyable. Here is an image we compiled that represents the idea well.

Bangs to try out

Have you ever added bangs to your hair? If not, you are surely missing out on something fun. You can find ideas online and also come up with a different one for yourself. Here we are showing how bangs can be ideal for haircuts for round faces. They add a new dimension to the hair and make it look extra special. They also are great if you want to cut down on a bigger forehead and make it look smaller.

The fashionable looks

From these images here you can make out that the hairstyles sported by the women here were popular back in the day! The colors with blonde highlights and darker bases are still relevant till today. But the ones on the bottom here are hardly hairstyles we see nowadays. The trend is to get layers and keep them in the face for sure. But the ruffled look on top that adds the volume is no longer appreciated! Check them out for some fun times!

Shaved sides for a bold look

Are you looking to show off the daring side of yourself that you have hidden away? Then we are sure you will get the haircuts for round faces that have a shaved section on the side. We have Kelly Clarkson showcasing the idea for you, and we are sure you will adore the way her hair looks in here. The simple side swept look has the edge from the shave. You are sure to love this look for a fun appearance and an even bolder appeal.

Ever so beautiful hairstyles

Some hairstyles are suitable for all face shapes, and they are classic for a reason. They never seem to go out of people’s mind. You can look pretty whenever you try out such dos. So here is an idea for all you ladies that need to head out to a special event! You can add volume to the hair by getting the big, voluminous curls on them. We are sure you will find this to be a lovely match for yourself.

Celebrity haircuts for round faces

Many celebs are also blessed with round faces, and they carry it off well. We have Taraji P. Henson, Mindy Kailing, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Diane Argon, Chrissy Teigen, to name a few in this collection here. You are sure to have seen these women wear hairdos of so many kinds and they look stunning on all of them! So get your ideas from them and book an appointment today. Get the look of your dreams as soon as you can.

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for round faces

Bob hairstyle is a beautiful look. These are some ideal haircuts for round faces as well. There are so many options when it comes to the bob, though. You can try the short bob or opt for a long one, and the fun idea is to get an asymmetrical bob for an unbalanced yet balanced hairdo! You can keep one side as long as you want and leave the other one short. That way you can frame your face and get that chic, fun look as well.

Choppy hairstyles to try

There is a reason why these choppy hairstyles are still relevant to this day. There are so many ideas in here, and they work out great for mature women looking for hairstyles for round faces. You can add as many short layers as you want, and that makes it easy for you to get the needed volume. If you have thin hair, then you will enjoy this look for sure. Get them colored or enjoy the new trend of grey hair!

Sharp ends

The hairstyles and haircuts we try today are fun and funky for a lot of reasons. You can see how there are sharp ends on this one! The angle of the cut makes them look precise, and it makes us want to try it out as well. These layers fall on the face and frame it well. The bangs here also cover most of the face, and it balances the whole look together. Keep the ones on the front longer than the rest.

Short hairstyles for round faces

Are you looking for some short haircuts to try out for round face? Then you need to take heed of this section with images here. You can see the range from short and choppy to medium-sized bob as well. You can search for many ideas and find them good enough to try, but these are some that have stolen our hearts! You will spot celebs on these as you navigate through these hairdos. They are easy to style and give you an edge as well.

hairstyles for round faces

Take inspiration from Selena Gomez!

If you are a fan of Selena Gomez, then we are sure you are already familiar with these ideas. You can try to copy the pop star if you are looking for haircuts for round faces. She has tried it all; from long hair to short bob hairdos. You can curl up your locks and make them look polished as well. There are no rules when it comes to styling your hair and doing what you want to. So take the inspiration from the singer today.

Braided haircuts for round faces

One hairdo that works out for everyone no matter what your face shape is is the loved braided hairstyles. These are one of the first hairstyles that we learn to get on ourselves, and they are stunning. You can choose from simple forms of braiding like the three-strand twist. Or you can also try out a bit complex stuff and try out the French braids. Here we have Sarah Hayland with her dark hair and highlights on. This is a well-balanced look.

Event ready haircuts for round faces

If you have a big event to attend, then you need to look your best. Here are some stylish ideas of hairstyles for round faces that are sure to entice you. You can see how celebs are showing off their beautiful features in this look by keeping things to a minimal. Emma Stone here is giving us some major hairstyling goals. Her short and medium wavy hair has stolen everyone’s attention at red carpet events. You can try the one that Mila Kunis has on as well.

The thinning layers

There are some thicker sections of hair on the top here, and they turn out to a thinner look at the base! There are many elements of styling going on in this hairstyle, and yet it has this perfect balance to it. The blonde is shining off well and acts as the show-stealer. The bangs are exciting as well, and they frame the upper section of the face. As we move down, we can see a chiseled cut at the neck, and it makes a huge difference!

Long bob hairstyles to try

No face shape looks terrible in a long bob. You can see how the hair looks when you get them on as we have some variations in here. It works out for all face shapes for sure, and that is the beauty of the whole hairdo. The colors you add can make a big difference. Opt for darker shades if you want to wear a thinner look! When you are done, you can style it any way you want.

Framing your face

The way you place your hair on the front can make a big difference! From this image here, you can see the face looks chiseled and well-framed. If you keep them to a side, they give off a rounder look. When you keep them closer on the front, it gives off a slimmer look which is evident here. Check out any of these hairstyles, and you can try it out. If you add on some layers, then it makes it even better.

Layered hairstyles to try out

There are some short haircuts for round faces and thin hair. You need to add on some layers to make the thin hair look more prominent and thicker. You can add on some inward rounded up curls to the hair, and it can make your face look great. There are some ways to add on these short segments on to your hair as well. You can opt for two layers; one formed by the bangs and the other by the ends of your hair. If not, you can add as many layers as you want!

Straight locks

Do you have straight hair? Then you are sure to know how to style them to fit your face. If not, then we are here to show you. You can start by getting your hair straightened out. Then you can place it near to your chin area. Usually, round face shapes can be made to look oval by putting the hair around these curved sections. So here we are showing you a great way! Just get your hair styling tools out and work on getting that shape!

Middle parted hairstyles for round faces

If these celebs do not entice you to try out these hairstyles, then we are not sure what can! You can see some beautiful women in this portion here. We have Aishwariya Rai, Adele, Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, and Mila Kunis in here showing you how to get the middle-parted hairstyles for round faces. You can take notes on how these celebs style them and head on to your stylist today. We are sure you will not be disappointed by the way your hair looks in the end.

Side swept hairstyles to try

How many times have you had to push your hair to the back? Especially on a day when you did not want to be bothered at all? We all have been in such position ladies. We do not want to look uncomfortable when we get the hair swooned over to aside. There are some celebrity-inspired hairstyles out in this portion of our article. These are the looks that they wore to a red carpet event, so that is enough to show you how good they are!

For big foreheads

Are you one who has a high forehead and are not happy about it too much? Then here is an idea that can make you happy. Cutting the front section of your hair in long bangs and styling the rest into a bun is a great idea. It can conceal your forehead and make it look balanced. Not only that it also helps to give the idea of a smaller face and an oval face shape at that.

Medium to long hairstyles

Not interested in short haircuts for round faces? Then that’s ok. We have some idea in here for women who want to try out some medium to the long length of hairdo as well. You can find a match for you in these images here. They are a great idea if you want to make an impression without having to go through complicated methods. Some expertly styled hairstyles in here can give you an idea as to how good it can look.

Fun and vibrant

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. If you want to show off your adorable personality, then here are some charming styles to consider! You can add colorful streaks on to your hair or get to some stunning makeup ideas! The way you sort through these hairstyles can make you an expert in styling! Here we are showing off some hairdos that are ideal for teenagers who are always on the go.

Approachable hairstyles for round faces

There are so many ideas that you can go through to get to the one you like. But we are sure that there are styles that are not good for all of us. They may not suit us, or they may contain steps that are too hard for us to follow through. Here we have some approachable styles that you need to get on with to attain a relaxed outlook. They are not too detail-oriented and can give you the girl next door vibe.

Natural hairstyles for round faces

These are natural curls on a round face, and we appreciate the simplicity of these hairstyles. We usually tend to underestimate the hair texture that we are blessed with and try to change it up as well. You can decide to create different hairstyles with the locks you were born with to get a fresh, effortless appeal.

Easy and effortless hairstyles to try

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get a haircut that is easy to style and comfortable to carry as well. If you are to run a lot of errands, then you are sure to feel a bit overwhelmed with your hair. The idea is to get cozy in the hairdo. And not have it come in the way of your looking good. So if you want a relaxed look, try these short hairstyles for round faces and you are done!

Colored hairstyles for round faces

Want to try out a different color on your hair? Then here is your chance. You can try out any of these colors here and get the look that you dream of. The pale shades are perfect for any skin tone, and celebs are trying on the same, which makes us want to wear them even more. The waves on this look give it a bulk appearance and conceal the roundness of the face.

Are you still wondering which haircut suits for round face female? We hope not! For we put all the gorgeous trend-setting hairdos in this collection here for you to enjoy. Women tend to think there are not a lot of options when it comes to round face shapes. But we have more than a hundred perfect ideas to get on with! Do not listen to a lot of criticism and move on to the point where you choose things as you like to.

Feeling confident about yourself is also related to looking good. So as these are two things that go hand in hand, we suggest you make it a priority to get a beautiful hairdo on. Most of these hairstyles are sharp on the cut and have an angle to them as well. So do not attempt to get them done by yourself at home. Find a good hairdresser, and you can leave it to them to give you a flattering haircut!


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