9 Flattering Short Haircuts for Round Faces


Your hairstyle can make or break or look—so you have to make sure it flatters your face shape and personality. Short hairstyles are on-trend, but some women believe that they’re not the best flattering options for round faces. Having a round face doesn’t have to be a challenge when it comes to choosing a hairstyle, so we rounded up the best flattering short haircuts for round faces, so you’ll always look your best.

How do you know if you have a round face?


The first step to styling your hair right is to make sure your face is actually round. Characterized by a softer jaw line, women with a round face have equal dimensions—the face is as long as it is wide. To avoid confusion with a square face, the latter has strong, angular features, while a round face has soft, non-angular features and full cheeks. Also, round faces tend to have less-pronounced chins but wide hairlines.

If you’re still unsure whether you have a round face or not, simply measure your face across the top of your cheekbones, across your jaw line, and between the widest points. If the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal, then you have a round face. A round face can be your best asset—just be mindful on how you style your hair to bring out your best features.

What kind of short haircuts to go for if you have a round face?

Never underestimate the power of a haircut as you can change the focal point of your rounded features and perfectly complement your facial structure. The great news is almost everyone can get away with a short hairstyle, whether you have a round face or not. However, not every short hairstyle is great for you as some can even make your face look wider than it is. When choosing a short haircut, always opt for styles that will give you the illusion of having an oval face shape. You may even play with volume and textures that flatter your round face, or experiment with straight tresses, or look chic with curled, lustrous hairstyles. If you’re considering about making the short hair plunge, here are the best haircuts you should try:

  1. Tousled Medium Length Bob


The bob continues to be one of the trendiest hairstyles of the moment. Some say that round faces don’t look great with a bob haircut since it can highlight the roundness of your chin, encasing the head like a helmet. You might want to avoid jaw-length bobs, especially if you also have a short neck since any blunt cut at the chin will accentuate roundness. But as you can see with Emma Stone’s haircut, she has a round face but looks great in a tousled medium length bob, so think of it too. She’s one of the celebrities that made the bob hairstyle popular, and the rest followed the suit.


Just opt for loose, textured waves that flow down past your cheeks to open up your face and make it appear longer. If you’re still on doubt on sporting the look, you may keep your bob longer than the chin. Also, stay away from a bob haircut that’s all one length that will only highlight the roundness of your face. Instead, go for a layered bob haircut to give definition and structure to your face. Like Cara, you may think of pairing your bob with side-swept bangs to create angles on your jaw line and lessen the roundness of your face. However, a medium length bob works best on straight hair, and women with super curly hair might find it unflattering for them.

  1. The Top Knot


If you want a sleek yet effortless hairstyle, go for a top knot. Remember, you goal is to elongate your round shape that you can easily create by adding some volume on the top of your hair. The top knot may be closely associated with a messy bun that looks undone. But to keep everything polished, pull off the hairstyle without looking sloppy, unless you’re heading to the gym. The trick is to loosen the top knot just a bit for some height, but not too much as it will look messy.

This hairstyle can also be ideal if you have a double chin—keeping your hair around your face above chin level to draw the eyes upwards. For a sleek and polished style, think of prepping your hair with thickening spray before securing it into a high ponytail. When all is set, simply twist your hair tightly and pin it in place. Like Chrissy Teigen, you may even wear a top knot with bangs—but keep them longer on the sides to frame your round face into an oval face. This hairstyle will balance your round features, and make the stop knot style work for you.

  1. Pixie with Bangs or Waves


Pixie is one of the most popular short haircuts, but it typically doesn’t flatter a round face, so know how to make it work for you. To elongate your round shape, you may go for a pixie cut with side bangs or waves, and skip thick and flat bangs. Like Kate Mara, go for a flattering pixie look with graded cuts and feathery finish to balance the roundness of your face. You may even add some volume to your hair with a mousse and a blow dryer, and rake your fingers through it just to add some vertical lines and make it edgier. Remember, any round face will look slimmer if bangs are styled asymmetrically to one side.

  1. Mussed Up Hairstyle


A mussed up hairstyle is flattering for round faces since it pulls the hair up, elongating the round face while adding some height and volume at the top of the head. You may go for a messy or fringed look for a safe look. Like Kate Upton, you may even curl the front part of your hair, and back-comb the rest. The trick is to twist your hair up, secure it with bobby pins, and pull out some lose strands to give an effortlessly cool look. By adding some height at the crown, you’ll make your round face longer, and proportioned.

  1. Straight and Full


Streamline a circular face with glossy locks straightened to perfection. If you have straight, fine hair, you are lucky. One of the reasons why a straight haircut works best with round faces is because the hairstyle gives your face a slim look. Just give the impression that your hair is really straight. Remember, never ever add any volume to the sides of your face, as it will only make your round face look wider. Instead, flat iron your hair and then add serum to give that extra shiny look like Olivia Munn did.

If you have a naturally straight hair, then this hairstyle would be easy for you to maintain. Just add some volume with a hairspray so it won’t look too thin. Also, if you have fine hair, keep the layers longer—over-layering can make it appear thinner and sparser. However, don’t go for heavy straight bangs, as they will only create a horizontal line that widens your face visually. Also, if you are curvy, it’s better to avoid compact and sleek hairstyles as they can totally spoil your look. Smooth and straight hair is a dream of many women, so take advantage of it as women with a round face look great in them.

  1. Slicked Back with a Middle Part


For guys with a round face, a slicked back hairstyle works best, but for you, do it with a middle part. Like Miranda Kerr, the middle part will balance the slicked back hairstyle by adding some vertical lines to your face, making it look longer. In fact, it will highlight the proportionate perfection of an oval face. You may even soften the look of a slicked back with a middle part hairstyle by parting your hair just slightly off-center.

Thick, straight hair in a slicked back with middle part hairstyle part creates a gorgeous silhouette that frames the face. That’s the reason why wavy hair looks fresh and innocent with a middle part. If you want a more angular face, you may even keep a little bit of hair surrounding your face like Jennifer Lawrence did. Remember, the more volume you create, the more it will balance out your face. However, if you have a thin hair and want to get a sleek hairstyle without looking flat and lifeless, think of teasing the roots of your hair first to give it a little lift.

  1. Side-Swept Bangs


If you want a new haircut and new bangs, then try this look for your round face shape. Just don’t go for straight front bangs that will only cut off some of the length that you’re already lacking. Instead, go for side-swept bangs whether it’s long wispy or asymmetric. Like Emma Stone, you may go for long wispy side-swept bangs that you can even tuck behind your ears, but be careful so they won’t add too much width on the side of your face.

If you like bold bangs and face-shape flattering bangs, eyebrow-length brows bangs can be great. This will work best if there’s a slight subtle side-part on your bangs that are slightly layered starting at the eyebrows, so you’ll create a strong diagonal line that really lengthens a round face. In fact, the eye-brow length side-swept bangs will show off your gorgeous eyes while making your face look narrower. Remember, your goal with bangs is to find a style that makes your face appear more oval, so be careful on selecting them.

  1. Low Volume Filled Curls


Do you know that curls add natural lift to the hair and help lengthen out your round face? All you need is to place them strategically. Create a fierce statement with polished low volume curls. Like Adele, you may go for low volume filled curls to balance the roundness of your face. However, this can be a high maintenance hairstyle—you need to prep your hair, add movement to your tresses with a hairspray, and blow-dry your hair. For a more glamorous look, you may even go large on the gloss, and give your locks some dewy glow with a hair spray.

If you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin and longer. However, if you got coarse or curly hair, rethink your quest for short hair. While coarse hair needs length to weigh it down, curly hair tends to frizz up when cut short and make hair look too triangular that would be unflattering. On the other hand, if you have natural wave in your hair, allow it do its natural curl as gentle waves can still deflect the roundness of your face.

  1. Edgy, Punk Cut


No longer the exclusive territory of rockstars, edgy, punk haircut will create a bold statement and turn heads. It’s one of the most dramatic styles you may go for, and it’s more about your character and attitude than your face shape. You may think of all things undercut, asymmetrical and strikingly colored to give your hair some transformation. Remember, if you want to conceal something, accentuate something else.

Kelly Osbourne’s edgy punk cut, featuring half shave and half bangs, indeed made a bold statement. Whether you wish to copy your favorite star’s haircut, or simply want to break out of a beauty rut, edgy hairstyles are here to save your beauty game. However, the key here lies in your personality and your hair texture. This edgy cut is challenging to maintain. While fine hair will fall flat without some products, curly hair will pouf up if cut too straight. You do not have to be a rock star just to get the hairstyle, just be bold and experiment on your looks.

So, embrace your round face and put your face forward. Yes, there are a lot of rules and guidelines you can follow, but the hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable and confident is more important than what’s trendy.


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