90 Best Hairstyle Inspirations for Thin Hair to Make It Look Thicker


Have you got a flat, limp and thin hair that’s challenging to style? A great thing, you can change it from boring to stunning with the power of a scissor. Yes, the right haircuts could add some dimension and illusion of thickness to your fine tresses, so keep on reading for the 90 best hairstyle inspirations for thin hair to make it look thick.

Styling Tricks to Make Your Thin Hair Thicker and Fuller

  1. Think of cutting your hair to create more volume.

Have you realized that longer tresses actually weigh down your hair that’s why you lose fullness and volume you’re dreaming of? Some women even tried to grew their hair longer, thinking it will make it thicker. On the reality, the heavy strands actually drags your hair even more and you need to cut it since it already looks stringy and unflattering.

According to experts, thinner hair looks great with shorter lengths, and anything longer than shoulders will look unflattering. That’s the reason why going for shorter hairstyles like lobs or bobs are great.

  1. Consider a blunt haircut, but be careful on cutting your bangs.

To keep the bulk in your hair, go for a blunt haircut or a hairstyle with a longer angle to give the appearance of layers and movement to your thin hair. A great thing, it will still look modern and elegant since a blunt cut above the shoulder is universally flattering. However, if the texture of your hair is thin and fine, then opt for a bob haircut or think of getting some face-grazing sections on your hairstyle.

Some stylists even recommend cutting your bangs up to the crown to create thickness, while it may work temporarily to revamp your look, keep in mind that by getting some bangs, you’re only removing more hair from where you need it most. For a safer option, think of getting some strategic texturing around your face and you won’t compromise your hair’s volume.

  1. Play with your part and be strategic with layers.

If you’re a big fan of center part and sleek hairstyles, then it’s time to add wave and movement to your hair. Instead of a straight part, think of a zigzag parting that will make your think hair look more filled in. According to experts, a deep side part will be flattering to your think hair since it adds the illusion of fullness and volume.

Layers can add some volume to your hair, but you shouldn’t get too many of them. In fact, it can make your think hair skimpy, so better keep your layers minimal. Instead of going for a layered cut, go for a texturized cut that will give you a more voluminous look.

  1. Darker hair color gives the appearance of a thicker hair.

Do you know that hair color can add the illusion of thickness or thinness to your hair? If you got a lighter hair color, then think of making your roots a bit darker. Yes, a deeper root color will give the illusion of thickness and depth. Apart from it, the chemical peroxide in hair dye actually doubles the thickness of your hair by swelling the hair shaft.

If you like, tell your hairstylist to add some “shadow root” to your hair color that will reflect less light. Have you noticed that making your eyebrows a bit darker makes them look thicker than they really are? Coloring them won’t actually add volume but makes your eyebrows look denser. Also, you may experiment with your highlights by strategically placing them to your thin hair that will conceal thin patches.

If you wish to use hair extensions to camouflage thin hair, think again. According to hair experts, hair extensions are not good for thinning hair especially if you experience scalp exposure. Instead of hair extensions, women who experience thinning hair from the ear line yet with full hair at the top could use clip-ins.

  1. Use the right hair products.

To keep your hair healthy, think of paraben-free, sulfate-free, and natural hair products whether it’s a shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair oil, hair moisturizer and such. If you’re a woman with a thin hair, you should avoid smoothing shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, and silkening hair products. After all, any hair products with silicones and oils will drag down your thin hair even more.

Apart from it, think of volumizing hair products too. Volumizing hair products are not just a standard shampoo or conditioner as they actually expand your hair shaft that plumps your thin hair. Or, use hair-building fibers and powders to add some bounce and texture to your fine hair.

Do you know that the natural oils in your hair can actually weigh your hair down, giving it a thinner look? That’s the reason you should wash your hair everyday to remove the oil build ups.

  1. Be mindful of using heat styling tools and your blow-drying strategies.

Do you know that heat can actually strips your scalp the moisture and natural oils it needs? If your scalp is lack of moisture and natural oils, then you’ll compromise your hair growth. If you experience hair loss, avoid extreme hairstyling like chemical relaxers, high heat, tight braids, corn rows, hot-oil treatments, and such.

Overusing heat styling tools are one of the causes of thinning hair and breakage since it damages the cuticle of your hair and interfere with the oil production in your scalp. If you want to use a blow-dryer, think of a flat-wrapping technique for which you comb-over your hair from ear to ear and the top of your head is blown toward your face.

All-Time Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

A great hairstyle can make your fine strands look bouncy and healthy. In fact, there are lots of celebrities, fashion icons, and models thin hair, but they just know how to fake it with the right hairstyles. So, here are some of the simple, yet strategic hairstyles that will give your thin hair an illusion of woke-up-like-this volume:

  1. Angled or Blunt Bob

Do you know that shorter hairstyles are great if you’ve got thin hair? With shorter haircuts, you’re putting the weight of your hair in one place, making it look fuller. Bobs are some of the timeless yet trendy haircuts you can rock, but think of blunt, angled or asymmetrical styles that will create shape for your thin hair.

A classic bob may be timeless, but it can actually make your hair look flat since you already got that thin hair. According to hair experts, you shouldn’t use a razor or any thinning shears when getting blunt bob haircut. For a fuller look, leave the layering behind so you’ll have the most density and instant body without the weight.

If you like, you may even opt for a bob with a slight angle longer at the front and shorter at the back to create an appearance of weight and fullness. Apart from it, your hairstyle will draw the focus downward rather than the top where your hair is so thin. Remember, the thinner your hair, the shorter and blunter your hairstyle should be.

  1. Classic Lob

A classic lob is a flattering haircut that’s right above the shoulders, and it is not too long or too short. Do you know that classic lob can create the look of extra weight on the ends? Hair experts recommended styling your classic lob with a deep side part, and flipping your ends out to add the illusion of fullness.

If you like, you can even upgrade your classic lob with light layers. Do you know that layers could add some movement to your thin hair? A great thing, layers also frame your face without weighing you down. However, it is better to choose light layers with blunt ends instead of feathered style to keep everything proportioned.

  1. Choppy or Dense Pixie

If you’re aiming for an edgier, more modern hairstyle, go for shorter ones. Do you know that shorter hair is stronger than longer strands? Choppy or dense pixies, along with super-short cropped hairstyles are great to make your thin hair look thicker. If you wish to make those choppy layers add some bounce to your thin hair, think of using a light styling balm. It will actually add some definition to your short haircut without weighing it down.

Luckily, there are endless variations of pixies you can experiment with whether you like to make a casual cool, sexy, edgy, or punk statement. To make your haircut more feminine, stylists recommended leaving the top section of your hair longer around your hairline and ears. On the other hand, side-swept pixies will give you a straighter look. All you need is to flatten your hair around your forehead just like the retro hairstyles, and sweep it to the side.

  1. Shoulder-Length with Blunt Ends

Most of the time, women with thin hair are discouraged to get long haircuts because they can weigh down your hair, making it look flatter and thinner. But still, you can get a shoulder length hair as long as you keep it in the blunt cut style. Do you know that blunt styles can actually make your hair look thicker?

A great thing, you can experiment more hairstyles with shoulder-length haircuts over super short ones. Yes, you can still sport your favorite messy bun for a woke-up-like-this look or a high ponytail for an effortlessly cool look.

  1. Medium-Length with Thick Bangs

Do you know that thick bangs could add fullness to your thin hair? In fact, it can also serve as a distraction from your flaws, but just make it blunter as heavy bangs add density. If you like, you may also opt for a deep side part with shoulder length style.

If you want to frame your face, go for side bangs with a medium-length haircut, but make your hair texture a bit thicker with a texturizing spray. Also, long, blunt bangs add fullness and volume to thin hair. However, you should start your bangs from the top of your head instead of the front of your hairline to make the look work. It might look edgy and trendy, but it will surely look thicker and fuller.

  1. Long Hair with Layers

If you want to add some volume to your hair, add some layers that will also give some movement to your thin hair.  Medium length hair with long, choppy layers are great as long as you’ll keep them minimal. Do you know that adding too many layers to your long hair will actually do more harm than good? Minimal layers can actually hold shape, and highlights the volume of various lengths of your hair.

According to hair experts, shaggy layers will only make your thin hair look finer, so it would be better to stick to one length if you’re aiming for volume and fullness. A great thing, this hairstyle will also look great for women with thin, textured, and relaxed hair.

  1. Jagged Hair with Waves

Are you a woman always making your partings sleek and straight? Unfortunately a straight part can actually make your thin hair thinner. On the contrary, making your part a bit jagged or uneven will let your thin hair stick up more, concealing the area at your crown. It will give the appearance of thickness to your thin hair while drawing the attention away from your head. To make your hairstyle a bit more feminine, think of getting some curls or waves that will also add the illusion of movement to your thin hair.

  1. Messy Pompadour

If you want that edgy, rock star vibe, then opt for a messy pompadour. All you need is to style your hair with a bit of styling get, mousse, light wax and muss it at the front. It will make the illusion of a thicker hair with an edgy style statement, drawing the attention away from your thin hair while letting your bold personality shine. According to hairstylist, a little teasing at the crown will look great for women with thin hair while updo hairstyles give the impression of height.

  1. Messy Updo or Top Braids

If you’re a big fan of braids, then make the hairstyle work for your thin hair. A traditional updo can look too plain, flat and boring, so think of tousling your hair at the front or do some braids at the top of your head. For a thicker effect, add some blunt bangs to your braided updo that will break up your hair. After all, your hairstyle is meant to be fun and stylish.

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How to Deal with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is usually caused by genetics, medications, and stress. Some rare causes of thinning hair include pregnancy, lack of protein, dramatic weight loss, illness and such. If you got an excessive daily hair shedding, then you might have nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, or even illness.

Your hormones play a huge role in regulating your hair growth. If you experienced a dramatic weight loss, you’re more prone to hair loss. That’s the reason why you should avoid crash dieting and instead opt for a healthy diet with workouts and exercise. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can do to make your hair look thicker and lessen breakage.

  1. Change up your diet.

Do you know that our hair is made of protein, which makes sense getting more protein in your diet? Yes, you can actually indulge in fish and meat as these foods are great for your hair.

Instead of eating more rice and junk foods, think of complex carbohydrates that can provide your hair with the nutrients it needs. Experts recommended increasing some vitamins in your diet and eating healthy foods with ingredients like biotin, coenzyme, and zinc. Nutrient-rich foods like salmon that’s is high in protein and fatty acids, greek yogurt, walnuts, almonds, black beans and such are great too.

  1. Check your vitamin levels.

Do you know that your hair needs Vitamin D, Iron, and B12? If you’re deficient in these, then you’ll expect thinning hair. Apart from eating rich foods, think of taking some supplements to boost levels of vitamins and minerals that will affect your hair growth. Remember, supplements alone will not remedy hair loss, you must pay attention to your overall health, diet, and even the ways you style your hair.

  1. Think of effective home remedies for your thinning hair.

Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways to fight hair loss. Some women even use eggs for regular protein treatment, and olive oil to strengthen locks, including the roots. You may also apply aloe gel directly to your hair and scalp to strengthen and thicken it over time. For preventing scalp dryness, think of fenugreek seeds, Indian gooseberry, and castor oil.

Do you know that you can also use orange puree to improve your hair’s luster, making it look thicker? In fact, its acid breaks apart residue from hair products which normally interferes with hair growth.

Indeed, having naturally thin hair doesn’t mean giving up the styles that you love. With our guide, you’ll be able to rock the best hairstyles and make your fine stands bouncy and thick.


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