101 Outstanding Havana Twist Style for Dreamy Look


Havana twist is trending African American hairstyle that is recently featured by some very popular celebrities on the screen. Some popular media faces like Beyoncé Cole and many others have done this hairstyle. You can have this look from the combination of different twist and turns of hair design. By the sound, the name seems very romantic and if you have heard about this for the first time then you may have wondered. Don’t think it’s some kind of peculiar design, under the Google search engine you can find many Havana twist design, you may find it different because you are not yet part of this design. You can make the twist for both thick and thin hair, regardless of its size the design is more flexible for long hair and in short hair too. The Havana twist braids are trending in Pinterest and Instagram these days if you make closer look the curly hair are more popular in the web.


Why Havana Twist?

Havana twist is the best way to change your current outlook and feature a unique version of yourself in modern ways. This kind of hair design can make you look wonderful without much investment in expensive hair creams and other beauty products. It is the economic way to look great with very less effort. You just need to choose the right style and color for your hair, rest depends on handwork. By choosing the Havana twist you are on the journey to new fashion world where braids and triangle hairstyles count nothing. Although it’s originally of fiber, it looks so natural that even yourself will get confused at some instance.

When you ultimately choose to try ‘Havana twist’, you will surely forget other hairstyles for some days and keep in moving with it. It’s not just a style; it’s a kind of fashion addiction that will win over your fashion sense. The smooth and wonderful look in this style will make you popular among friends. The collecting of various styles may confuse you but just remember to match your skin color with hair and designing pattern. If you are able to see the harmony between skin-color and design, you can choose the best for you.

 How To Do Havana Twist?

  • Don’t leave the hair in the same design for too long
  • In every six weeks, keep on undoing the design for the best look
  • Make sure to get a stylish twist
  • Make harmony between your skin, color, and style
  • Clean the scalp before making this design
  • Avoid this design for baby hair, unless you are too desperate

Below you will find different easy Havana twist hairstyle to try this year :

Black Havana Twist

havana twist

The black Havana hair can give you the best style of this century as you will find yourself in changed look and new complexion.

Spiral Updo 

If you want to try spiral hair in the new design, then you can go with the trending style of updo hair, its the best Havana you can have.

Falling Twist 

The twist is very practical and beautiful in special ways, they add another kind of gleam in your new look. Just try it you won’t regret.

Knot Down 

This is the quick and easy hairstyle to feature in black color, for other color hair you can go for a different design than this.

Grey Rope 

You need to pay attention to the cornerback and middle of your hair to you are pursuing this Havana twist- don’t forget to make the tail.

Thrown Slip Hair 

Take two curls on the same side and fold them together using water for the messy look, then in half an hour you can get this design- wait till it risen in sun.

Down Knot Fall 

Duplicate the former Havana twist with falling lock and you will have your black fall down in some minutes.

Loose Pleated  

The loose plate Havana twist can be the best look for party time and when you are in a gathering, it makes you look noticable among the mass.

Falling Pastle 

The color is also important as much as the style, you need black color hair best making this design- the darker, the better.

Pulled Spiral Black 

Pull your hair as tight as you can and make it updo just like in the picture. If you have thick hair it is even better for this style.

Double Twist Updo 

The variety of braid ranges from single to triple twist, depending on the size of hair you can choose designs that suit your look.

Red Fall Havana Twist

This is stunning and fun Havana twist hairstyle did on spital hair. This style is also known as red spire as it suits best on red color hair.

Curvy Turn Knot 

havana twist

The knots are the best feature that comes under this hairstyle if you make knots out of any hair, it would make you look elegant.

Twin Braid Hair 

Are you looking new style for your twin sisters or daughters- then try this design, just make sure to leave mark on left and right each.

Snake Havana Twist

Hair falling like a jumble of snakes would surely give you daring look but remember to have the beauty tips before making this design.

Updo Junky Hair 

Sometimes hair feels like junk when you are not aware of best ideas to manage it- just keep it loose and don’t let knots too tight.

Wrap Coil Style 

It is the very interesting coil hair that features African look in the best way, maybe you will also find it similar to spiral braid.

Jatt Round Hair 

When you make updo at the top of the head and keep the other hairs falling down, you can have more daring look enough to scare children.

Puppy Head Design 

With this braid, it will look like you are carrying a black cat or puppy in your head. It’s just awesome- creature design in the head.

Wide Havana Twist

In case of wide twist, you can have colorful hair, the red, brown and grey work best in this design. Just don’t think more-go for it.

Short Cut Down 

In shortcut down Havana, you need to make long hair ar front and both sides above ear are trimmed in minimum scale.

Afro-Style Curl 

Have you ever noticed the African curl, aren’t they different than others? In this design, you need to make African curl for the best look.

Natural Havana

If you are offspring of African breed- You naturally possess the hair structure and skin tone to rock this unique design in natural ways.

White Twist Down

The Downfall is the best way to make any hairstyle great because when you have the fall, it makes your face like framed in the photo.

Zipper Curls Fall 

havana twist

So many different hairstyles come under Havana twist but if you are among those who seek for best, then always look or zipper style.

Curl in Red Lips 

In case of this style, you need to consider not only the hair but also the lips color. Make lips matching with hair design for a noticeable look.

Slip Tie Braidfall 

If you are looking for Birthday look, then better get this design for your upcoming life celebration because it is easy and stylish in a modern way.

Red Reptile Shape

Look closely, doesn’t it look like a reptile in the head? The small tail above the back neck and fish like structure in the head would make you man of the day.

Stylish Updo

While talking about Updo we have seen a simple strand of hair going upward in a gentle manner, but here we present you the stylish updo.

Messy-Mess Afro Style 

The beauty of Afro-hair lies in mess- the messy it is the beautiful it looks. So don’t worry about mess because of it the new beauty.

Pretty Havana look 

In simple style, some face look like Angel herself! Which means you look not only depend on hairstyle but also the facial beauty.

Small Braid Twist 

The small and slender braid twist looks more like queen style. You can make this in your small daughter’s hair too.

Wide Jingle Style 

Just the slight touch of jingle style would take your Havana twist in different level -making you unique from other people.

Cute Spire Coil 

It is the cute look that sure yields lots of wonderful compliments- this style best suit in a child or child-like face with naive complexion.

Thick Black Strand 

To make this hairstyle, you need a thick black strand of hair and let the remaining hair fall down in a loose way.

Stacked French Hair 

For stacked hair you need to follow simple steps; remember to leave the mess at back and tightly tie the front strands.

Jumbo Buffon

Buffon is usually big but not like this – don’t go for this style if you have a small face because it suits better in the big head.

Artistic hair

Among different platforms to expose art, the human head is also one of them as many designers are finding the new way to decorate hairstyles in an artistic way like this.

Round Havana twist

Sometimes your twist can be round in shape that would ultimately meet the strand of hair in the back side- long hair is better for this.

Scorpio Style Hair 

At the first glance, it feels likes the claws of Scorpio roaming around-this style will give you daring look.

Multi-fall Strand 

havana twist

In this design, the strand of hair is separately tied and each makes a different style to meed at the back end- it suits best on the Afro-American complexion.

Afro-Curl fall in Single Strand 

The falling curl swipes from one side to another making it look like the swing of hair, its best lies in the dark black color of hair.

Middle Length Black 

The make the Havana twist with middle length black hair, you need to find the specific design that would require less hair to fall.

Side-Rope Hair Design 

The range of black look great in this design, if it was red hair this style may not have that effect as it’s now in black strands.

Tight Romantic Updo 

The romantic Havana is braided up in three strands plaits and rest hair are left messy to fall down back for the wide franky look.

Hard Coil knots 

It is hard tight hair in a coil shape, overall this hairstyle needs extra care as you should undo it every week to save your hair from bend crashing.

Top Knot on Braid 

The knot starts from the bottom of the hair and goes up to make together all strand of hairs in a beautiful way. You must remember to separate the strand for easy design.

Pinky Strand Fall  

Though black suit more in these kinds of hairstyle, pink too would give a new taste for those who want to experiment with it.

Jingle Tails 

The grey color has just given extra beauty to this hair. If not for grey, the black color would have been best for this look.

Updo-Up Braid Design

One updo upbraid may attract another updo, in this way your friends may also feature the same style as you.

Warrior look Braid 

In Havana twist, you would look more like the warrior from old Hollywood movie, in this look extra daring is default choice.

Barbic Havana 

It gives you a barbaric look in modern ways- tries for new.

Short Knot Down 

It is a new Havana twist for having new look than your other friends.

Thick Curl Down 

Let the thick curl fall down for extra effect in your look – Thick is best for this.

Thin Curl Down 

Thin Havana suit better on slope face than fat look- make your match accordingly.

Mohawk Style Twist 

It is among the most underrated Havana twist hairstyle, best suit for African look.

Black Round Style

havana twist

The black round hair would make you look more amazing than Hollywood star.

Lavender Spiral 

Combination of lavender and spiral will give you this wonderful Havana look.

Braided Havana style 

Havana always looks good with braid – try this for an offbeat look.

Dotted Style 

The dots of hair decorate empty parts where your scalp is visible.

Braid with Hat 

Sometimes you need extra element like hats or earrings to best showcase the style.

Creative Hair Design

For this creative style, you need professional hair designer and artistic hand.

Coiled Style with Knots 

The coil and knots together can make stunning Havana twist for a new look.

Cutey loose Strand

The loose design would make your hair flexible for twist and turn as desired.

Middle Length Art Style 

The length of hair really matter in this style for the best can be done with middle length hair.

Colour Havana 

You can feature different colors in this Havana look, ranging from dark red to simple white color also work in this design.

Fall-Fall Strand 

The separate strand of hair fall like spring in this design- let it fall long for a beautiful look.

Hard Tied Strand 

Sometimes you need to make the hair hard tight for showcasing designs in the best way.

Cornrows Fall in Spire 

The Spiral hair always looks good in rows as it falls freely like the stream.

Updo-Buffon High 

The secret to this design is – Just put it high by making Buffon.

Thin Snake Trail 

The hair strand trails like the snake and marks the design in the head.

Knots in color 

If you want to experiment with style, try knots in colorful hair for the best look.

Design For Best 

The best design for Havana twist can always be best featured in spiral hair.

Multi-Knitted Style 

Multiple strands of hair are knit together to create one single design.

Havana Twist in Black 

The black Havana always look more elegant than any other color.

Black-N-White Twist 

Thsi black and white hair color can serve to create best shade design in hair.

Rough Shade

The shady hair is left in rough style for messy design- Sometimes rough is best

Thick Shade Hair 

havana twist

The thick hair is left free like this shadow of hair- the dark will suit best in this design.

Pinky Black Style 

The black top and pink edge in strand would give you stunning new design.

Spiral Ball

Have you ever tried ball hair out of spiral?? If not, go for this look.

Ghostly Havana twist 

In this Havana design, you would look not less than ghost itself lurking in dark- try this for a daring look.

Old Afro-Design 

The old hairstyle is new sexy these days- try this to revive you sensual vibes.

Sexy Curls 

Do you want to look sexy with your hair? Then try this design for a sexy look but remember to put something in your facial for extra decoration.

Red Flower 

Any hair design always looks best in flower shape- for more beauty you can add color to it, red or pink will work best for this look.

Tight Spire Fall 

havana twist

The spiral hair is tough tied and left free for the best look. You can also feature this look in information gathering for a lasting impression.

Candy Braid look 

If you color the hair like the outer layer of candy – Your hair looks delicious in front of onlookers eyes and attract more praise.

Thrice Tail Hair 

The ponytail in thrice fall would give you best look for party and wedding context.

Red With Earing 

Don’t miss the earing to decorate this air-bending look – sometimes ornaments add vibes in hair.

Brown Creature Style 

It looks like the creature trying to curl down for your head- -the hair seems as lively as small snakes- this Havana twist is best for the new look.

Bun-Bun Jumbo 

The jumbo hair needs extra care, so be ready to spare some time for beauty grooming.

Organic Fall 

Sometimes the design looks so natural that it can give you really look.

White Shade Style 

This style is the product of white shaded hair decorated in the black strand.

Sun-Kissed Spire Fall 

When sun-kissed hair falls in a spiral – no other design can match its beauty.

Thin Art Design 

You would need a thin strand of hair and creative artistic hand to make this unique design.

Cute Child Havana Twist 

This is the cute style of underage look- go best with black face.

Side-Faced Tail 

The strand of hair like fishtail is featured in one side whereas the other side is decorated by design of creative hair knots.

Barbie Coil Look

havana twist

This coil look would give you doll facials and make you look more artificial.

Selfi-Havana Look

If you are planning to add best selfi on Instagram, try this look and click yourself.

Simple Braid fall 

It looks so simple but takes time to decorate each strand separately.

Swollen Strand 

In this style, the hair is left so loose that it almost looks like swollen Havana.

Fat-Black Texture 

This style suit best in the fat face with black complexion.

Grey hair Down 

Let your gray hair fall freely without any design in the edge part.

Jumble Strand Down 

The jumble of strands are knitted and arranges together to make it like free fall- It suits best for wide head girls.

Twinkle Hair  

This hair will twinkle like a star if you add some ornaments in hair – Something like litter for extra effect

Red Shade Black 

It will not take more than half an hour if you have the creative hand to make Havana twist.

Crochet Havana Twist 

The combination of blue and black Design act effective for the new designer look.

Red Bun Jumbo 

This red Jumbo bun actually for fat face women with big cheeks.

Guerilla Style 

The guerrilla-style knot is long lasting hairstyle- you can feature this same hair for more than a year.

Colorful Tail 

Each tail of hair in a different color of covering is the new design in Havana twist.

Wide Sexy Fall 

This wide fall of hair look sexier in the sleeveless dress – cut you cover short for the best look.

Brown Falling Down 

When brown hair falls in Havana style it looks more than stunning. Therefore try this for heavenly look.

Spanish Updo Bun 

It was a part of the hippy culture in 90s Spain- So it now has emerged as trending style.

Pink Curl-Do 

Pink is always the best color for girls in any shape and sized hair.

Front Ribbon Hair 

This style remains incomplete without ribbon at the front to cover up the braid.

Mambo Blue hues 


Though it looks artificial in blue- So this is the best color you can have for a light look.

Light Black Style 

This style is not so difficult to duplicate but the color needs some planning and creative sense for the best look. So you can try this for unique outlook.


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