How to have an affordable holiday on a cruise and enjoy the seaside too


For many travel enthusiasts, a cruise and seaside holiday remains on the bucket list for way too long. In most cases, the reason behind this is that such holidays have a reputation to be only affordable to those with deep pockets. However, this does not have to be the case if you follow some simple tips on how to have an affordable holiday on a cruise or the seaside.

There are a number of advantages that come with a holiday in the sea. To say the truth, one of the most important bonuses of such a holiday is that no one will call you back to work just because there is an emergency – no way, you are in the middle of nowhere out there at sea and even the Internet connects disappears once in a while. The other advantage is that the opportunities for making lifelong friendships on such holidays are also immense. And that not to mention the general relaxing mode aboard. Ask anyone who has been on such a holiday and they will tell you how great the food is when you are relaxed without a single worry in the world.

Creatively make money

While you can indeed enjoy your vacation during the cruise, you can choose the other way and actually combine earning money and traveling. After all, without money, there is no way you will have a holiday (even an affordable one) unless you have won such a holiday in some competition or got it as a present. On the other hand, there´s no need to make the same office job or whatever you usually do also while you´re aboard. Making money can be a challenge but if you are a true holiday enthusiast, you can choose another option and, for instance, build a travel website and monetize it.

While no one is claiming making money by starting a travel website is as easy as walking in the park, the truth is that many people make a living from their websites or blogs. In this case, you don’t even need to make your living from the website; you are just looking for cash to take a holiday once in a while.

In order for your website to make money for you, you have to ensure that the content you produce is useful. As long as you concentrate on creating useful blog posts and encouraging your readers to share the content, you’re likely to end up building the kind of following you can end up selling to advertisers.


Like everything else in life, taking a holiday of any sort will involve extensive planning. But, how does planning help one to enjoy a cheap holiday either on a cruise or the seaside? Well, without a proper plan, you have no way of determining what exactly you will do to make your holiday as affordable as possible.

It is important to plan when the holiday will be. Just like everything else you buy, the price tag on any holiday depends on demand. When demand is higher, you are likely to pay more and when it’s lower, holidays are likely to be cheaper. Though cheaper in this case does not necessarily mean worse.

Part of the planning should involve investigating seasonal trends so that you can determine when prices are lower. Proper preparation will also ensure that you understand all the costs involved. It’s easy to be lured by the initial promises made by travel companies only to eventually find out that the cost is actually higher than what you are originally told.

Go on social media

The fact that you have a desire to take a holiday does not mean that you have all the time in the world to be looking for the cheapest available. One of the easiest ways of getting information on the go is to use social media.

Start by identifying the popular companies that offer holidays on the seaside and follow them. They are likely to advertise discounts and other tips that could make your next holiday much cheaper.

People also tend to give their own tips on how they ended up getting a cheap holiday. For instance, those with large numbers of followers can make money on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube through sponsored content. Companies usually follow such people and reward them when they write flattering posts about their offerings. You may actually end up not even having a cheap seaside holiday but one that you will not pay for.

Know where the cruse is heading to

How cheap or expensive your holiday will be will depends on where the cruise you want to hop on to is headed for. So, look at the currency in your own country and determine if it is stronger than the currency of most of the places that the ship will be docking in. Remember that in most cruise holidays, you spend some of the time in the ship and others exploring cities along the route.

Part of your planning should, therefore, involve looking at the prices of commodities and goods in the places where you will be spending your time. The prices of goods in different places depending on the disposable incomes of the people who work in such places. So, you may find that a ship headed for European shores may dock in cities that are expensive while those that stop in African and South American shores will get you into some of the cheapest places in the world.

Ask and you shall be given

Many people pay the first price they are asked. Well, if you are looking for an affordable seaside holiday, you may have to ask for the discount. It would be better for a cruise to travel with someone who has paid a lower price than to make its way with an empty cabin.

If the cruise will not budge when it comes to lowering the price, who says you can’t ask them for a job as part of your payment? You may even take a fulltime job on the cruise and have a lifetime of traveling to places you like plus get an inclusive look to the behind of cruise life on board.


As you can see, going on a cruise or seaside holiday doesn’t have to be expensive if you are creative. Doing your homework is important as it puts you in the know. Whoever said knowledge is power certainly had a point. Also, never just pay the price you are asked, meekly; negotiate a discount. If need be, offer your services as part of the payment. Here is to your next affordable cruise and seaside holiday.


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