Health Benefits of Taking Probiotic Supplements


More and more people are turning towards probiotics for good health, and there’s a reason why. It is essential to understand more about probiotic supplements, especially with their increasing popularity.

Probiotics are helpful microorganisms or bacteria that are essential in improving our health, particularly the digestive system. We usually associate bacteria with causing illnesses; however, the body has both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are a good type of bacteria that maintains and improves gut health. Good bacteria are essential in fighting harmful bacteria in the body. They are found in foods like yogurt, buttermilk, sourdough bread, cottage cheese, kombucha, tempeh, fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented pickles, and miso soup, etc.

Probiotics can also be found in beauty products. The most common types of probiotic bacteria are mainly Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. Additionally, probiotics are also made up of good yeast. The most common type is called Saccharomyces boulardii.

Benefits of Probiotic Supplements

Not all probiotics are the same as different bacteria strains have different effects. For example, some bacteria strains may fight against microorganisms that cause infection in the mouth and cavities and don’t need to reach the guts. Here are some of the essential benefits of probiotics.

  1. They help with the bacterial balance in the body
  2. They can help in the treatment and prevention of diarrhea
  3. They can improve some mental health problems
  4. Certain strains are essential for good heart health
  5. They may reduce the severity of eczema and certain allergies
  6. They help reduce the symptoms of some digestive disorders such as ulcerative colitis
  7. They help improve the immune system
  8. They can help in weight loss and cutting belly fat
  9. They help treat infections such as UTIs.

Additionally, probiotics have been found to be essential in the treatment of several other health conditions, including vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, recurrence of bladder cancer, infections caused by Clostridium difficile, and pouchitis.

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Reasons to Take Probiotic Supplements

You should take dietary supplements if you want to improve or maintain a healthy balance in your body. Good bacteria is part of the body, and the balancing is happening all the time. Consuming healthy meals and probiotics helps keep the number of bacteria at the proper levels. Think of keeping your body in good condition. Good bacteria is essential for boosting your immune system. It also controls inflammation which improves your overall health. Certain types of bacteria can also help our body create vitamins, digest food, help your body absorb or break down medication, help in supporting cells lining your gut, and prevent harmful bacteria from taking control or making you sick. Probiotics also have control over specific bacterial strains.


Most probiotics available in the US are dietary supplements. For this reason, the companies producing the products don’t have to undergo evaluations and tests to ensure that the products are safe and promote good health. It is important to consult with your doctor on which probiotics will benefit you, especially pregnant women and children.


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