112 Cool Henna Tattoo Designs for Women


Do you want to get on intricate patterns on yourself but are scared of the hassles and the pain? Then this is the best article for you to check out! Henna articles are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get that in-depth, exciting look with the intricate designs on them. There are so many celebs and stylists that are making this look famous. And we are also eager to share with you these ideas that can make you feel your best. Each henna tattoo can be made to look specific and detailed. These are the new hot trend to follow this season if you are into tattoos.

We all are intrigued by the ideas of tattoos. But one may feel intimidated to try them out as they are like a permanent ink on your body. They are symbolic and meaningful to the one who gets them. But one can grow to regret it if it does not come out as expected. Then there are ways to remove them for sure, but it can be painful and expensive as well. Not to mention that they are time-consuming as well. Thus it is the ideal choice for many to try on the henna tattoo. They are the answer to your prayers for a pain-free experience.

Where did the henna tattoo come from?

The art of henna is centuries old. They were said to be used by the Egyptians to dye their bodies, and it is also associated with Cleopatra! Though it is not clear who bought on the henna art to the world. It has been tied around Egyptians and Indians mostly. There is a lot of debate surrounding this topic, and the exact origin is said to be unknown, and all details are inconclusive. We do not know where they come from as of such. But we do know that there are loved and accepted by all around the globe!


henna tattoo

The Significance of Henna Tattoo on Indian Cultures

The other thing to consider here is the cultural meaning that is attached to these tattoos. Different cultures in the world attach different meanings to these tattoos. You may not think much about them, but if you dig deeper, then there are different meanings attached to the symbols used in this art form. For example, in Indian culture, henna is used for auspicious occasions. They are used on brides before they get married to symbolize joy and spiritual awakening. They are also thought to be a part of getting ready for the bride on her big day.

There is a big ceremony itself that is dedicated to an Indian marriage to the henna tattoo. They are called the ‘Mehendi’ service, and only ladies are supposed to engage in this celebration. The bride and all the bridesmaids along with the guests are colored in these henna. They also believe that the color of the henna shows stability. It also shows the strength of the relationship between the newlyweds. Here we have some stunning ideas that you need to check out if you want to get inspired by these Indian traditions.


Significance of Henna Tattoo in the Moroccan Culture

There is a cultural significance associated with the henna tattoo in the Moroccan culture as well. The tradition of henna here is also associated with weddings, and it is most commonly said to bring good luck when the bride gets it done. Many rituals need henna to be completed, and we are in awe of how many designs can be created with this dye! It is indicated that henna has been used on in any auspicious occasion such as births, battle victories, wedding ceremonies, and even religious celebrations!

Henna is thought to bring good harvest and sufficient rains. It is also believed that putting henna on the hands and feet can make one stronger, and thus, people who had difficult work would put it on. The Moroccans also believed henna could help ward off evil. Therefore they would place it on the doors. They thought henna would keep away the signs of misfortune and sickness as well. It helped to promote ethical and harmonious relationships, and thus it was used widely in marriage ceremonies. There are traditions to hide the groom’s name on the designs as well.



Use of symbols and their meanings in a henna tattoo

There are many henna tattoo meaning you can find. When you have years of culture and tradition attached to these henna tattoo ideas, they are bound to have some symbolic meaning for sure. You can see there are uses of animal and birds and these patterns are also added on to these tattoos. These are inspirations that are taken from nature, and there is a hidden touch to these as well! If you want to know how you can get a tattoo that has a personal bit to it, then you can go through this section here! We are talking about some symbols and what they show!

Henna tattoo is usually done in the palm of the hands and on the back of it as well. It is also ok to get it done on the feet. You can also place in any part of your body, but these are the most common. Getting henna on hands is understood as getting ready to receive blessings and warding off evil. It is said to connect the mind-body and soul of a person with the universe. And so we are talking about the most used symbols in this art form!

  1. The swans

These birds are not only stunning to look at, but they are also a great addition to your henna dreams. They represent success and beauty. It is also associated with the longevity of the relations. It could be since a pair of swans are known to mate for life.

  1. Birds

Use of birds in henna tattoo is nothing new. We have seen birds being used in the initial designs on many of these designs. They are said to be the carrier of messages from the divine to the people of the earth. They link the earth with the heavens!

  1. Butterflies and dragonflies

We all have seen how butterflies emerge out of their cocoons. How they transform into this majestic creature as nature takes its toll. And we are in awe of how they add beauty to the world. They are thought to symbolize the cycle of change and rebirth.

  1. Paisley designs

If you check out any of these paisley designs, you are sure to get amazed at the artistry. They have this beautiful droplet like pattern, and it is easy to get lost in them. They symbolize luck.

  1. Flowers

They represent joy and immense pure happiness. Thus we tend to add on flower petals and designs on the occasions of weddings.

  1. Peacock

These stunning birds are the epitome of beauty and grace. That is what they represent in the tattoos as well. They are most widely used in Mehendi designs.

  1. Leaves and vines

Henna tattoo that we get done on weddings is representative of good fortune. These leaves and vines mostly added on to the bridal henna reflects devotion and strength.

  1. Eyes

This is one form that you can be familiar with if you believe in the evil eye. It is believed to ward off the evil wishes diverting it back to the one who created them! It is thought of as a form of protection for the wearer.

  1. Human faces

There is an addition of human faces on the bridal henna tattoo, and they represent the bride and groom of the wedding ceremony.

  1. Reptiles

Most people use snakes and lizards on these henna patterns. If you want a tattoo that sets you aside, this is the choice! These reptiles are thought of as seekers of enlightenment!


Ideas to get on board with today!

There are many henna tattoos easy ideas out there. But if you want it to be different and unique, then you have to put in the effort. You need to see that there are a bunch of ideas that are meant to be edgy and give you a different appeal. This head tattoo here is undoubtedly one of such ways to get that appeal.  You can get henna on any part of your body. They have excellent properties on them that makes it best for healing as well.

You can also get it done with your best friend and enjoy that soulful connection. There are many ideas for twining henna tattoo here. You can get the same shape with different designs and enjoy them in the same area as this second image here. We are sure there is something for everyone in here. So go through them and find the one for you. You can see that the edge of the shoulders is also a great place to get these tattoos. You can get inspired by any of these ideas we have here and get them done as soon as you can!

Colors you can get from henna tattoo

There are natural colors of henna, but you can find other shades as well. You can get henna tattoo kits readily in the market and get them on yourself if you want that different color. There are a lot of options to choose from, and we are showing them off in this portion of our article here. If you check your Instagram account often, then we are sure you are familiar with the black henna. They are not going to turn orange but will give you an intense dye. They are usually thought to be a dangerous form of the color that is chemically made. Otherwise, you can also apply them on your hair as the natural henna is a good hair conditioner.

If you think black is too much of a color, then there are deep blues as well. You can find these colors on the counter of many Indian shops. You can also get your henna artist to get them made for you. There are also white, henna tattoo ideas. There is no limit to the colors here for sure. You can get on board with any of these fun shades and look your best! If you want to keep it all-natural, then you will end up with a burnt orange shade on your hands when done.


henna tattoo What is your choice?

When it comes to henna tattoo, there are a vast number of ideas and symbols that you can try on. There is no restriction whatsoever. And as you reached this section of the article, you are sure to have seen it for yourself. If you want an elaborate design, then it can get wild! You can start at your hands and have it reach your upper arms too! There is no need to get intimidated to try it out, and there are lots of women who get it for their wedding. And it can be a great addition to your beauty!

If you want to keep it simple, then make a design that runs from a finger to the wrist and calls it a day. You can choose to get it on the palm or the back of your hands. They are good either way. But you need to know that the henna on the palm will look brighter and the top will look a bit darker. We have also placed an image here that shows how your hands will look when you let the henna dry and then wash it off. The deep burnt orange is what you want in your palms. They are stunning to look at. Here are some other choices, as well. So take your pick!

Casual yet meaningful henna tattoo ideas

The best thing about these henna tattoos is that they fade away. You are not left with a burden if they do not come out the way you wanted them to. They are for casual entertainment if it does not signify anything meaningful in cultural terms for you. There is no need for you to get an intricately detailed design. You can get the tattoo to mean something personal to you. If you are thinking of getting ink tattoos and want to see how they look, you can get that trail with these henna tattoo before and then decide on a pattern.

We are presenting some good ideas that you can try if you want a minimalistic look. You can take patterns like this and head on to the professional to get it done. Nowadays, there is a henna tattoo that is formulated to come off the next day itself, so you do not need to be scared if it does not work out well. These are some easy breezy ideas for henna that we loved. And thus we compiled some for you to check out. They are not over the top so anyone can try them and then add or remove some sections too.

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Henna tattoo for tourism

You will find a lot of attraction and curiosity around these henna tattoo trend. Some people visit countries and get indulged in these trends. Most tourists are seen searching for henna tattoos near me sort of things to find an excellent place to get these on themselves. In Morocco and India, a vast number of tourists engage in these trends. You may be surprised at the fact that it has become a big attraction. Since these tattoos are a fun thing to do while you are on vacation and they fade away easy too.

You can spot a swarm of people on these shops that offer these tattoos. There are a lot of ideas that you can get for yourself, and we are sure you have seen in this article as well.  You can find kits to get it done on yourself as well. If you attend an Indian wedding, you are most likely to get it done as it is a part of the ceremonies itself. But do not worry, you do not need to go to a wedding to get it done. You can also find vendors on the street who will get it done on you for a few dollars only! So next time you are out on vacation, indulge in them!


Questions you may have about henna tattoos!

There is no doubt that most people today are well informed about henna tattoos. They are knowledgeable about the form of art. But still this is only surficial knowledge, and there is a considerable information gap to be filled. Especially if you are thinking about getting yourself these tattoos, you need to know certain things about them. Through this section, we are going to answer some common wonderings about it!

1. Are henna tattoos permanent?

The answer to this question is simple. No, henna tattoos are not permanent. As you wash your hand, the color will start to fade away, and with time, it will look less and less dark. They are wrongly titled to be tattoos since they are not engraved inside the skin like other ink tattoos are.

2. Are they toxic and have too many chemicals on them?

If you are wondering are henna tattoos safe? Then we have the answer here. Yes, henna tattoo is safe! They are made of natural ingredients in most cases and are safe for kids and even pregnant women. But you need to make sure that you check the ingredients. Since there are companies that manufacture henna kits that contain harmful substances and PPD at high levels. They can cause allergic reactions, chemical burns, and even sores and scars.

3. What do they smell like? Is the smell pungent?

The smell is something that factors in a lot. The henna smell is different for all people. Some find it to be pleasing, and some have described it to smell like gasoline. It is not pungent, but it has a different earthy smell to it as well if it is in the pure form.

4. How long do henna tattoos last?

They usually last up to 3 weeks after starting to fade from the first week itself. They are not permanent, and you can see it decrease in color intensity as the weeks passes by.

5. How much will it cost to get them done?

Henna tattoo can cost more depending on the size of the pattern you want to get on yourself. If you want more of the design, you will need to pay more. They can range from five to ten dollars for a smaller single pattern to about forty dollars for a more massive tattoo!

6. Can men wear henna tattoo?

Yes, there are many henna tattoos for men ideas out there as well. Men are also known to add on these tattoos for ceremonies in the Indian wedding as an auspicious omen.


The final words!

There are so many ways to stay true to our personality. One way to get the world to see you for who you are is to express it through your hairstyles and appearance. And the other way to be expressive is to use tattoos. Use of symbols can show off your feelings, and it also lets one know your state in that time. There are so many options to choose from which all can be customized to your needs. This is what makes these tattoos interesting for young people!  Through this article, we wished to educate you about the cultural significance of this art as well.

If you feel like this was an informative article, then our work here is done! We surely want you to check the designs and patterns we offered and get immersed on to these intricate detailing. If you have tried any of these on yourself, then make sure you share your experience in the comments section below. We sure hope that you have cleared your confusions about this form of tattoos and are heading on to get them done as soon as you can! Make sure you suggest others to read this article so that they can get their tattoo inspiration as well!


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