85 Most Famous Hippie Quotes That Tell About Freedom And Love


Hippie quotes- they are fun to read, of course. Everyone has got a hippie in them, and everyone loves to be so. People’s view towards a hippie that has changed over time as they have slowly come to realize more about freedom and love. More and more people appreciate the way that hippies live, so, hippies quotes are something that inspires a lot of souls.

So, if you are looking for hippie quotes, then, we got you. Below are some of the most famous hippie quotes that have ever been said.

Kisses, Swims, And Conversations

This quote also means that life is for everything that makes you happy. Those things that people may keep themselves away from because they were “taught” to not do so.

Flower And Rock And Roll


When this concept of a hippie came out, there were some people still questioning rock and roll. For that music was supposedly ‘loud’- but, what they didn’t realize is that only the softer people who cared about their world would listen to such music for a change.

Being Happy

Be happy- and that is all there is to it. Because we have been born, and everything that we do, we do it too long to be happy. And this is only of the very basic hippie quotes about happiness- be happy, that is all you will need to do.

You Can Shake The World

Well, yes- sad by Mahatma Gandhi, still one of the hippie quotes. Being a hippie doesn’t only mean leaving everything behind just to make oneself happy. You can make a difference in the world- in a simple way, with just some heart, just like Gandhi himself did.

Like Or Love

Well, yes people will love you. At least those people who understand you will love you. And the quote is very inspirational, not only as a hippie quote.

Footprints and Time

If all of us did so everytime we were with nature, wouldn’t this planet still be very green? Hippies are nature lovers- this could be a request for every other people, but this is some kind of a slogan for them.

Free Spirit

Nothing there should be taking control over your spirit- this quote is true. Right now, our world system has been devised in such a way that we let ourselves be controlled. But once we understand that, and then let no one do that to us again as said in this quote, that is the happiest we could get.

Flowers In My Hair

It is about preference and what we consider valuable. For hippies, anything is not about price; it is all about the value of something and what it means to them. We don’t need any expensive things- we only need the things that we like, and if we have, that will make us happy.

Herb And Alcohol

Good for people appreciating this quote, herb(marijuana), is being legalized in many countries and states all over the world. Compare these two, weed is way ahead of alcohol regarding being a safer thing.

Free Because I Am Running

So, here, Jimi Hendrix also gives you a hint- what should you be doing if you want to be free. Yes, there are people who will try to gain control over you. And if you are not willing to be controlled, this also means that you should be running away from them.


And also a hippie’s mind this is. Religions are just people’s different way of following the truth- the truth of the God and his teachings. If we take all those religious books there is, and keep them side by side, we may find different stories, of course- but there are going to be the same morals in them.

Don’t Let That Destroy your Peace

Your peace means your happiness- and their behaviors are what they do. Meaning that these two things are very different from each other. So, you should never try to connect those things; it is just like this quote said from the Dalai Lama.

Where You Want To Go

Once you are free and exploring, this is what will happen. Everything will be easy, and as you are always willing to experience new things, any road you take on, it is going to be okay with you. Your destination is just more journey- so, you will never be lost.

Stars And Ground

This means that you always keep yourself near to nature. Means that experiencing everything that nature gives you- and not leave anything behind. But, this could also be taken in another interpretation. The sayer wants you to go along with your journey- dreaming for big, but not forgetting that you are still walking.

Bong To Get Along

For those people who are like hippie quotes are all about drugs, if you take your time and realize this, you will definitely understand this is real. Okay, this could e a lighthearted one- one of the funny hippie quotes, anyway, it is more profound than how it actually seems. Sharing a bong also means being willing to share a love- and now you know what it means.


Here is a perfect definition of a hippie girl in this quote. Well, yes- she is pure in her heart, it is delicate. But, she is also brave enough to ask for her freedom, and then get it. And with that, she gets the world more than anyone else.

Never See Me Again

Be it a hippie or not, this quote is true for many people. There are so many people who live, just because they can travel- some such that they get jobs so that they could save some money to go to a new place. There would be billions of people always traveling if it was free, of course.

A Genuine Interest That Is Needed

We know that kids are always happy, right? No matter how boring it may be, they will always find a thing that will make them happy- as they are curious about everything. And to be frank, it is not so tough to be like that.

Where You Belong

Hippie quotes about happiness- they bring a motivational chill in our spines, this for sure. You belong where you can be wild- be yourself and not care about anything. And also in a place where everyone is like you, that’s where you belong.

Love Your Mother


See, someone put these flowers for their mother. Love your mother- only three words- and they tell us so many things. If we love your moms, unconditionally and with all our heart, this is the most wonderful thing we could ever do to her.

Hippies Instead Of Cellphones

This quote is something that some kids of thsi generation will soon come to find out if they are clever enough. Growing up with cellphones- means dedicating all of one’s freedom to that small screen, and actually getting nothing out of it. Real happiness, which you will learn with hippies is very different from any virtual happiness you could get from a phone.

Not My Story

Well, yes, there will be some people succumbing to what they think is reality and talk as if they know everything. And this quote is just for them to listen, something you could say out loud for the people questioning your freedom. Also, you know what, you will need not to worry about those people at all, say this and tell them to find their way.

Something In You

Thre is something in all of us, that can change the world. We will need to find that specific thing that is for sure. And an easy way to move to find it is free of course.

Cosmos’ Child

Look at the stars- you and them, are not so different. All of us are some parts of the universe, so, we share the same thing, that is energy. That common energy makes us one; this is what all the stargazers realize.

At Ease In Muddy Water

A lotus flower itself has its own signification. This flower grew in muddy water- remains to be beautiful. So, it is also a symbol of purity, beauty, and innocence.

War Is Not Healthy

Big and powerful people will always be against free-living- ask why? They are the ones that start wars, and to do so; they will need people who think that those people are true. Let hippies rule this world; they will never spend money on killing other people while there still are some kids starving.

One Short Life

Read this quote; this says all you need to understand about your life. You have a short life, don’t waste it- never do so, doing things that hurt you.

Some Filled With Dirt

Two ways you could take this one, in a straight sense and a metaphorical one for inspiration. First, it means you should travel, and another means that you should sometimes be taking harder paths to get a strong outcome.

Keeping YOurself Mysterious

Show your body- that is all you can show. And for people who understand quotes like this, they know the true definition of being attractive, and they also know what attracts people in a real sense.

In Your Heart

Eith your belief in it, or you don’t, right? I hope you do.


A classic one. Being barefoot also means being what you are- how nature made you. You will never need to add on to that.

Normal To Magical

Here is a quote from a hippie. It is called magic because it is not normal, right? So, if you want magic, it is easy for you too.

Beautiful And Like The Sea

It is just what all of us want to be like. Beautiful- the sea indeed is beautiful, and you also know that it is free. It goes everywhere, and there is nothing that can stop it.

Journey Not A Destination

A quote that all of us need to understand so badly. Our life leads us to our death; this is our destination. But, what we do till then is what counts.

With Kindness

For dealing with unkind and mean people, this is a very effective weapon. Because, this is something they will never have- so, they don’t even know how they could be dealing with it.

My Prayers

Some hippie quotes we found on Tumblr were really good. And this is one of them, and these words are some prayers, actually, some wishes that each one of us has.

And Dream On

Those keep calm quotes were once very famous, right? Anyway, there a great one of those quotes that will change anyone’s lives.


Some of us, we have been searching for ourselves everywhere, but still, we haven’t found anything. So, I guess you should take a look at nowhere.

When Mind Is Blind

We don’t have to see things that we don’t want to see. And also, we can’t conclude everything we see is true if we are not using our mind.

To Believe In Tomorrow

Many small things we do, they show our faith. Believing in tomorrow- this is what every hippie do.

Positive Vibes

Simple and one of those short hippies quotes- radiate positive vibes. This means releasing good energy, and energies make up the world.

Take A Walk

Do so, and you will get to know that everyone has a little bit of hippie in them. Hippie quotes in Tumblr are awesome, aren’t they?


After all, for us to realize, there is no reason for us to be free. Because we are supposed to be free, this quote puts it out in simple words.

For Little Things

So, what do you live for? Do you want to familiarize yourself with these things told in this quote?

What I Can Do

Some things can never be done for people. Don’t worry about that. Just make sure to do what you can do.

Promise And Peace

Hippies are people who care about other people. So, in many wishes, they have, see that they pray for everyone.

Be What You Wish

Do you want to see it? Then be it. It shouldn’t be more complex than this. You certainly can if you want to.

Good Things

That is why they are even called good things. Well, if we also look at our life and see what we consider good things, we will see this quote is true.

When She Finally Learned

A story about her in this quote. And you know, if you can get what it means, even you can be like her.

A Good Girl With Bad Habits

Bad habits- something people explain and being good- something that you do. Now you get this one.

One Life Given To Us

Man, this one is epic. One life right? All of us has that. We have seen people who could make it right, while some other couldn’t.

Inner Compass

All of us have one and you too, so don’t worry. But you will need to know where it is, and when you find it, just move according to it.


There is everywhere. And it is practically impossible to be everywhere. Still, being familiar with this quote means always being ready for an adventure.

My Business

Things will end, that is for sure. So, why would sadness even matter? It is just like she says.

Hatter And Alice

If this quote defines your current life, then, of course, you have a great one, good for you.

Through Dirt

Hippie quotes are one of those which will give more than a lot to learn if you are willing to. Every beautiful thing, they have struggled to be how they are.

Nothing Worth It

This quote means, keep yourself away from it if it doesn’t make you happy. There is no point in perfusing your time in something that can’t give you should smile in return.

Raise A Hippe

And yes, you will not need to raise a hippie. Just make sure that your kids can think like a hippie. And be filled with love and blessings and also be capable of asking their freedom.

When You Believed

Let me ask you this again. And your answer will definitely be yes. Also, you know what? You can also do so- I mean believing in everything again.

Sun And Flowers

Read more hippie quotes about nature, and you will be a nature lover like you have never been before, this is for sure. Sun and flowers- beautiful things from nature which you always want to be with.

Live Your Own And be Happy

Here is another quote that says the same thing. And with so many words telling you that, I hope you already understand till now how important is it for you to do so.

With Kindness

Everything- yes, do everything with kindness- you will always need to do that. Because that is how it can be made simple and it will make everything productive.


Get its essence; peace is not something that lies somewhere so that all of us have to find a hard time finding it. Peace is just something that lies in us, and it is a way for true happiness.

Person You Were Yesterday

From this moment here on, try to make sure you are better than what you used to be the last day.

Time You Enjoy Wasting

Wasted time- it means the time that you didn’t do something that made you happy. See this creative hippie quote.

Why Be Rude

Funny, and very true at the same time. So, what do you want to be, rude or nude?

Love Life

Your life deserves to be loved- and if you don’t do so, you can’t just expect it to love you. But if you do so, you will find these words exactly relatable.

Less You Care

Have you seen people who don’t care at all? Aren’t they the coolest ones? And ask them, they are always happy.

Door To My Soul

Hope, peace and rock and roll- these words make true hippie quotes about music. I mean rock and roll made hippies because this music has positivity written all over it.

Forest Not  A Temple

Get this quote as well. And also try to grow as much as trees as possible.

With So Much Love

One method you take- make sure it is the best method. And that one you love with your all.

How To Be Beautiful

After this quote, I hope you will never struggle to be beautiful. Actually to find that you re beautiful.

Spend It, Happy

This is what every hippie do, spend their lives happy. Something you can also do if you want to.

Think To Be

Your thoughts transfigure into reality. So, if you want to see a new you, this means you will need to have a new way of thinking.

Hippie For Happy

And if you want to be a hippie, this is what you will need to know. Be happy, and you can easily be one. This is exactly what every hippie quotes have told you.

Those Who Couldn’t Hear Any Music

So, first- have fun with what you are doing. It will be making you happy. And if people are questioning that, just don’t worry, they know nothing about happiness.

Run Away Together

You will deepen your bond with your friends if you understand hippies quote about friendship like how you need to.


Hippies quotes- they are more than just some words that have been spoken. They tell a lot about true happiness and freedom and also give us a clue how we should we be living our lives. These hippie quotes are all about love- loving everything we love and doing everything we love. So, those hippie quotes were not just for you to read, but also to motivate you always.

So, if these hippie quotes were exactly what you were searching for, I am sincerely happy. And ill whenever, have fun and be free.



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