Homemade Party Games


A favorite pastime for many, playing homemade casino party games, is a great way to combine the fun of gambling and the company of family and friends. You can recreate the casino experience with real games that turn that New Year’s, birthday or dinner party into a unique gathering full of laughs for winners and mild discomforts for the losers.

Planning your themed homemade party games

You can set up a phony gambling environment in your home with craps, poker, roulette, and blackjack, all with prizes awarded to the highest winners. Put together the supplies, tables, chips, and dealers for your homemade party and have casino themed meals and drinks for your guests. The selection of games should also be simple and straightforward, such as the above-mentioned casino classics, and avoid games with complicated rules or instructions.

Selected games should also not come with expensive set-ups for the tables, wheels, or other equipment, and for quick poker instructions, you can hand out hand-rank sheets. Hiring dealers is also a better idea than having some of your party guests pretend to be serious croupiers throughout the party instead of mingling and enjoying the action. Chips in three colors improve the simplicity of the games, and inebriated guests can have an easier time tracking their fake monetary wins or loses.

Prepare and decorate the homemade party venue

No self-respecting casino is complete without a red carpet at the entrance, and your party guests will appreciate a themed entrée with velvet ropes and walkway side trees. The decorations must also include dice crafts for high casino theme transformation impact or homemade bunting to hang from ceilings and walls. Doors at your homemade party venue can be pasted with playing card shapes such as hearts and diamonds, and a centerpiece made from old cards can be set up with glue and patience.

Food and drink options at the homemade party

Since guests are going to be busy playing gambling games with their hands, finger food and snacks are the best options for a non-greasy and no-slippery experience. A red black and white theme can be carried forward with the foods and drinks you serve at your homemade party. Dessert can comprise of diced Jell-O shots that amount to sweet and cocktail ensemble with adjustable amounts of liquor while the cocktail menu can be casino inspired.

The dress code for your homemade party is completely by choice since guests can wear casual or formal gambling wear and hairstyles. Jeans and t-shirts best represent a laid back atmosphere, although a formal dress code of suits, ties, and tuxedos can add a touch of class to your homemade casino party-games undertaking.

Here are some games ideas for your homemade casino party;

  1. Craps

A favorite amongst casino gamers, craps involves throwing dice onto a table with sticks to collect the cards and dices. A pool table or any other recessed surface can be used for the homemade party, while dices can be fashioned out of wood blocks painted red and white with permanent black marker dots.

  1. Card games

Another casino favorite, the card games for your homemade party, can include one or more decks for blackjack and poker. Cards can be purchased or made with a computer running illustrator or Photoshop, and customization may include sticking photos at the back to personalize your homemade party experience.

  1. Roulette

A roulette table is a bit complicated to make, but the game is fun and involving that it shouldn’t be left out of your homemade casino party game’s itinerary. A circular board can be pasted with a printout of a roulette wheel, and a salt shaker placed on a lazy Susan can act as the wheels centerpiece while the pockets are weaved from pieces of wire. Use a marble for the roulette ball while chips can be fashioned for that authentic feel. It may not be exactly like online casino games for real money, but it will be fun just the same.

  1. Birdcage or chuck-a-luck

A dice game played like Sic Bo, birdcage, or chick-a-luck is a favorite carnival variant and is played with three dice similar to craps. A chuck-a-luck table template can be printed out and pasted on a flat surface while a tumbler may be cut from green felt to be stuck to circular cardboard of equal sizes. The hourglass shape is fashioned with the tumbler and circular pieces of 2 ft. long wires wrapped together.



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