149 Wisest Hope Quotes That Have Ever Been Said

Don’t lose your hope- it is a very important thing, just like the hope quotes tell you. Hope is a very precious thing to not have in you, it merely is not some wish that you have in your heart, but, it is something more than that- hope keeps you alive. For example- sometimes, everything goes wrong, and we still are living- that is all because of hope. For people who get this or for those who want to understand this, hope quotes are some words of magic that they want to squeeze every knowledge from.

So as to help you, we have gathered hope quotes from all over the internet, and even from sites like Tumblr. Here they go.


What You Deserve

hope quotes

What this quote says may be testified as a very simple thing but not, even if it seems simple, this still is a very strong thing that you do.

Light Despite Of Darkness

This is exactly what hope is. It is a light, that is shining out from the darkness, which after noticing once, you can easily follow.

Not Stop Questioning

Questioning also means having the passion for living life. It means, always looking for an answer( or a solution) on a question mark that life puts on us.

Take Time

Never give up hope quotes are to be taken it seriously. As this one says, it is short, and it is straight, things that are great, are not that fast to come, it will take time, you should learn to accept that.

Someone Still Can

You will need to remember this quote forever. Everything will turn out to bet he right way, everything is fair. It is not only you seeing what you are doing, so don’t lose your hope.

Some Good

Well, yes- everything good makes us fight for it. But, as we know, good things are rare still, and fighting to find them, that is fun.

Back To Normal

Just think about the last time you were depressed. Wasn’t it quite a while ago? You already know what I mean, right?

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

Three days- past, present and the future. And this quote has exactly how you should connect yourself to them.

Her Way

Understanding everything about hope- believe me or not, it is a quality that you possess.

A Little Tomorrow

Let me elaborate this hope quote further for you. You know that the a term called “correction” exists, right? And you also know that everything exists for a reason.

A New Beginning

Our life itself is a journey, and it may not end until we reach heaven gates. A destination in this world, it only exists in the journey and where you land is a new path. Also, take a look at these hippie quotes.


More precious than a treasure, something that we will always want to value for our life. This quote is heart touching.


Hope and forgiveness- these things always come side by side. You will need forgiveness if you want the hope to exist and vice versa. Understand that.

Trust It

Here, these four sentences in this quote- when some words combine to make there always hope quotes, we become inspired in such a way as we have never been.

Out Of Reach

Our world has been devised in such a way that we can gain whatever we want. If we say we can’t, then that’s our bad- we are very wrong. See, everyone who has ever been successful once used to walk in the shoes similar to ours.

Real Hope

When something hurts you, can feel pain, right? But, when you know where you can put your mind into, you will also feel a hope coming with that pain.

Nothing Ever Dies

If there are some hope quotes from your favourite movies, you will be moved, if I am correct. And also read the book, it’s awesome.

Allow Yourself

You know, what is very wrong these days? We people just tend to exaggerate on those feelings that make us unhappy. That is what we need to stop and notice the positives.

Single Thread Of Hope

Everything that is strongest, they exist inside your heart. Only some seem to grasp it. A single thread of hope- it is stronger than a metal rope.

Letter For My Dear HEart

Don’t only read what she said. Also, tell this to your heart everytime you can.

Education To Peace

See, there are connections between all these wonderful things. All of them are very important- we need all of them.

My God

Sometimes, we may have to realize that it is not changing, and also understand that if we are trying our best and don’t succeed, God will fix it for us.

A Little Voice

And that little voice said in this quote, is very loud regarding what it brings.

Caterpillar To Butterfly

See, this is what happens right before our eyes, and everybody knows of this. So, if a caterpillar is tuned into a butterfly by the God, why would he even neglect you?

Keep It Uptight

Your hope is already inside your heart, and you will not do so much to have it. And even if you think it makes no sense, just hold on to it, it is not so hard you see.


Everybody deserves to be in the receiving end of your wonderful love- and that also includes you yourself. Understand this, all right?

New Ending And Begining

So, whatever wrong happens this day, remember, you will always get another chance. Have hope, because things will change- they are supposed to. Also, take a look at our good morning quotes.

What You Need

Yes, you survived- but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t live. These are two things that matter, and if you have them, you live your life.

Believe In Me

Isn’t this all because of hope? You deserve to complete what you are doing- especially when you work so hard.

Hope To Fall Asleep

Look at it from two sides first, this quote is sad. But, it also says how hope- this wonderful thing is what you think of in your tough times.

Never Let Others

I guess you will never let it happen. Because, you already realize that you are the only one that has been working for your life, not others.


I guess you will do everything that has been told in this quote. Because all these words are equivalent to the thousands of hope quotes.

Four Letters

A clever arrangement of these words- they tell us what this thing called hope actually is.

Infinite Hope

Here, this quote tells us exactly what lives forever and what doesn’t. So, what we keep forever is all our choice.

Stop It

For us, this certainly has been a character that we are used to, that we worry a lot. We will need to stop that, and think the other way.

Never A Night Or A Problem

Get this, right? This one tells us the exact truth and how things have been happening till now. So, there is no reason for your tense.

Something THat Is  A Must

He can’t- he actually can’t. Ask people who know what hope is; then they will tell you it is just like breathing- it always keeps us alive.

Everything Possible

Just that you will have to be ready and willing to make everything possible. You already have that in you, you know?

Anchor Of One’s Soul

Hope quotes tell us exactly how it is- this one states the absolute truth. What it means that our soul goes wherever our hope leads us to- I mean we associate ourselves with something only if he hopes from it.

From Bob Hope

Well, I don’t think that we can call it one of our hope quotes. Trying to be funny, which I am not I know, but this is still a hope quote, literally.

Rest Will Fall In PEace

Do you love someone? Then learn to hope. You will need it a lot.

Start Of Everything

For, we know that everything big started as literally nothing, right? This one really is motivating.

Dream Of A Walking Man

We walk with a hope of reaching somewhere, don’t we? So, this quote tells it all.

ACtion WIth Hopes

This quote takes out all the confusions and doubts. Hopes without actions- and expecting that to work that is not just possible.

Never Do So

Every situation that you think is bad for you, there will be some things that are exactly your preference. So, never be demotivated if you see something good ended- there will still be another thing in the store.

Easter To Hope

Religions- they teach us to hope as well. We will need to learn to value our beliefs.

Something Falling Apart

We have read this exact concept in one of our precious hope quotes. But, this one elaborates that even more.

Stars Only In Darkness

Actually, it is because it becomes easier for us to see. Those stars are light- which means, if we are in the darkness, instead of depressing over that, we have an opportunity to get ours.

Those Who Wait

Yes, you will need actions to, but sometimes all of us have to wait. I mean it is almost everytime that we will need to wait for some time before something good comes along.

Come And Go

Especially those which only harm you. I know you are kind, but you don’t need to welcome every bad thing in your life.

Finding The Cure

Cure- we need it to make it alright. We want to make it alright because we think we could do so, and that exact thought of ours is hope.

Bear THe Best Fruit

You get its essence, right? Don’t worry; the world is not moving ahead of you- it is just that you are more productive at this moment.

Still There

There has to be- because hope is a very wonderful thing such that it will always be there for us when we are in troubles. Even when we don’t have any clue.

Beacon That LEads To Prosperity

Ask yourself- don’t you think every prosper people- they started with a hope? ANd see, where they got now.

Don’t Do So

You already know how precious one’s hope can be, and now you also know that you should never leave it, ever. So, this time I guess you know you should be taking never lose hope quotes like this in very seriously.

One Strong Mind

After reading all these hope quotes, I hope that you realized that you have a strong mind as well.

Listen To Me

And what he says is the only thing that is true. Be the one who he calls a child.

Why YOu Held

It was simply because of hope- there is something written in below this quotes picture that could mean this is for a specific context, but for us, it is not. Not just for your Valentine, this is one of those hope quotes for you from you.

One Thing That Is Activated

Do you want to activate your precious hope too? Then do one thing- read all these words in this quote, and tell this aloud to yourself. And definitely, you will have to mean what you say.

One Thing Stronger Than Fear

You have a thing called fear- and nobody wants to live with such a thing. But, you could overcome this thing from within you-you have some stronger thing.

Have Him, Have Hope

He only teaches us wonderful things- and hope is one of them. As long as he is means as long as this world exists, and that means we will have hope for eternity.

What Tomorrow Brings

Tomorrow is very different; there are so many new things for you. And who knows, one of them could even change your life.


And this is a very important thing. Sometimes, we reach to such a situation that we can only resolve to hope for something- but we will need to do that.

Human Wisdom

Well, yes, let us remember every quote told by the wisest people. What they say always come down to these two things.

Never Dead

And sometimes when we question ourselves that if hope even exists, for now, we will have to take a look at quotes like this. Hope, it won’t be lost- it is just in the higher level of our conscious, where sometimes even we cannot reach.

Doesn’t Mean So

Let us remember this quote and have hope for our life. This will make us very positive.

He Really Can

Three words- and they tell us so many things. They inspire us like any other inspiring quotes there is.

Emotional Positive Point Of View

I will have to say; this is a very creative way to put this thing into comprehension. Your dictionary has it all.

How You Carry It

When we are talking about our emotional weight, there is nothing that we can handle; our mind is made in such a way. JSut that we will need to know the appropriate and working techniques.

Use Great Words

If we can do so, then why not? After all, the three things including hope in this quote are very positive for us.

Be Gentle

Yes, you certainly are. You are so serious about living your life, and that also reflects for you even for searching for hope quotes in the first place. So, yes, you are wonderful and embrace yourself.

Lamp Lit Patience

Here is another definition of this beautiful and important thing. From all these meanings given about hope in these many different hope quotes, we already have an idea it is an incredible thing.

Not Worth Without It

Here is this thing that all these quotes have ever wanted to say.

Good Friends

So, remember to make some very good friends- for, you have always been looking for hope, haven’t you?

From Ashes Of Shattered Dreams

Actually, this thing is one of your last resorts- that is very strong. It exactly knows when to rise and take the fight over.

One Hope

This quote tells us more than it itself tells us. Hope is something that we always have- we are so attached to it, that we are unable to realize it to be a different thing.

Where Flowers Bloom

Flowers bloom in this world. And you already know what that means. This quote is very true, understand that as well.

Two Meanings

So, I wonder which one are you going to accept and follow.

Feathers That Perch In Your Soul

This is a very poetic and profound definition of the hope. If you understand fun, it is really fun reading words.

The Sun

Actually, both these things are almost similar. Both of them give us our lives- a reason to live.

Small Things

If there are words that make hope quotes and they actually come from MOther’s Teresa’s lips, there is no way for us not to follow them.

Ruin ANd Hope

After seeing this same concept in may of these hope quotes pictures, I hope that now you know what they actually mean to say to you.

Shape Your Future

You know what are good things, and what are bad things, don’t you? Especially regarding you and your future.

Take What Comes

Why not take this quote as a life motto? This is a life hack- like what they tell; actually, if you follow this, you will never be unsatisfied.

Only If We Believe

Because we are always working to make things better, even its thoughts make us motivated and willing to give more.

Just A Little Hope

This is a quote that realtes to every successful and happy person. And I hope that it means you too.

When You Least Expect It

Well, he is a busy man, you know? This is because he has to answer to many people. But he certainly does, so rest assured.

Beyond It

Well, without reaching a place, we will never cross it, right? This is exactly what this one says.

Funny Way Of Working Out

This quote is talking about that way which intrigues all of us.

Be Strong

This quote here tells you to be strong and also tells you why you should be doing it. I hope you will take its essence.

These Words

Those quotes inside this picture- they will make everyone happy once they read it. This will make anyone’s day for sure.

Where Prayers Begin

So, we will need prayers as well. Because they are also a method which will lead us to our goals.

Never Let Go

And every time you think of losing it; you might also think about that day- imagine that day and everything good it has. This is what I do, just to share with you.

What You Had To Give

You will have to give you a thing, and then you definitely will get returns. Be sure of that.

Great Hopes

And if you have great hopes, then you already know what type of man you are making yourself.

Natural Flights

Natural fights- this one is so natural if I will have to say. It exactly says how the thoughts of hope go in our minds.

Never Lose Hope For Love Quotes

So, if your love is true like it always has been, there is no point in losing your hope. You have not lost them- it is not possible, they will come back to you, don’t lose your hope.

Quotes about hope for the future- I hope you have taken them all in very seriously such that you let them change your life. You already know that it is very possible with all the power of hope quotes. There’s always hope- this is what all these quotes told you and you should believe in the words of the wise.



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