How does utorrent work?


Utorrent is a program that lets people share and download files of all kinds. It is owned by the BitTorrent Inc. company, with more than 150 million users worldwide. The first letter in its name, the “U” is taken from the Greek letter mu, and it is usually referred to as the SI sign for micro. Micro because it uses up quite a few resources from the pc that is running it when compared to other such torrent sharing programs and clients.

The history of UTorrent is similar to the start of many great things in the past. The root of this now famous and world-renowned program is in frustration. Serge Paquet and Ludvig Strigeus were fed up with the sharing programs that were available at the beginning of the last decade. So, around the year 2004, Paquet suggested to Strigeus that he could develop a small, more efficient BitTorrent client. Strigeus wanted to make the program as simple as possible, with very little features. But, soon he grew frustrated with his lack of progress and lack of time to fully immerse himself into this passion project. That meant that he stopped working on it for almost a year. But, as with every inventor, there was an itch in his creative brain that he simply couldn’t resist scratching. He resumed the work on what will eventually be UTorrent close to the end of the year 2005. Finally, at the beginning of September fo 2005, he launched a beta version of UTorrent and began getting some serious feedback.

After half a year of feedback, Strigeus was approached by a company named PeerFactor SARL. After the initial contacts, Strigeus signed a six months contract with them. He was signed to develop software that was similar to what UTorrent was doing, but it was officially called a software that will distribute new applications through the web. The application of said software wasn’t intended to worldwide peer to peer but instead used only in their cooperative setting. But the story fizzled out, and Strigeus and that company didn’t resume their cooperation after the said six months have elapsed. Some speculated that the allegations that went against PeerFactor SARL, in which it was stated that they were planning to use this new program to spy on its users, was the drop that made Strigues cut ties from them

A year later, in December of 2006, BitTorrent purchased UTorrent. A year later, they remodeled it, and since 2007 it has had the same, firmly, friendly Utorrent portable free download. One thing did change. UTorrent was open-sourced in its early days, but since 2007 it is a closed program, developed exclusively by BitTorrent Inc.

If you are new to the world of torrenting, there are two very important terms that you must be familiar with before you start using such a sharing client. They are a seed and a leach. Without knowing what these two are, you will probably encounter many frustrating episodes of not downloading a certain file as soon as you would have liked.

A seed is someone who has downloaded a torrent file, but unlike somebody selfish, he still keeps it active in his Utorrent, so that it allows and helps others download the torrent that he has already downloaded. The best data transfers are done by hardworking and unselfish seeding. There is an unwritten rule in the torrenting community. It states that you have to seed as much as you have leached. Or in other words, you have to let others download from you as much as you have downloaded from them. It is like the Christian Golden Rule but remodeled in the digital age.

Leach is a term with two broad meanings. The first meaning of the word is someone who is currently downloading a file via a torrent client. But it can also have a negative effect. If there are too many leaches compared to seeders on any given file, you might have issues downloading. The word is also synonymous with torrent users who only download or leach, but almost never seed the stuff that they have downloaded. Similar to them is a Lurker, a user who only downloads files but never contributes to new content.


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